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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of understanding and embracing Islam, including the Hadith, which is a message of peace and light. They also mention a principle from the Prophet sallua that highlights the importance of learning to avoid mistakes and mistakes, as well as the meaning of "handy" in Arabic language. The importance of following Nestle's teachings and not just being a source of light and life is also emphasized.
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In the hamdulillah in Madhu who want to stay in a home and I still feel we're not all to be learned him in short all the unforeseen was a year to Lena Miyagi Hiller who Fela mobile Allah who want a little fella her the Allah wa shadow

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Allah wa the hula Shari Keller was shadow animal Hamedan Abdullah who was solo Yeah, you holiday in man otaku la haka to a party he was terminally ill to mostly mourn.

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Yeah Johanna Sutopo Rebecca Mala the Halacha Kumi Nevsky Wahida Wirkkala coming has Abuja with them in Houma Reja Liang Cathy on one is

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what type of law validators Luna be one

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in Allah Hakuna Alikum Rafi Eva

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au Halloween Taku law How are Kulu a woolen studied useless la comme la calm ya ll feel like home dono back home. One a huge lake Havasu LA who forgot the frozen Alima

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in US dapple Hadith Nikita, Allah wa Iran had you had you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa early he was salam Warszawa UMO the motion data to her Wakulla Mahadev 13 bit what could be the atom Bala Wakulla Bala let him finish. All praise is due to Allah. We praise Him we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge and protection in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray. And whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, none can guide

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it very witness that Nan has the right to be worshipped. Nan has the right to our ultimate love and devotion, but Allah alone, who has no partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is His servant, and His messenger. Indeed, the best speech is the book of Allah. And the best guidance is that of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was seldom and the worst thing in the religion are the newly invented matters. For all the newly invented matters in religion are considered to be innovation or bid, and every bid is misguidance. And every misguidance leads to the hellfire.

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We said last week that Insha Allah we will try to talk about Islam from a fresh perspective that is at the same time original, that is at the same time, based on the texts, the words of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, and the words of His Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and the words of the companions and the great early generations of this ummah, and also, with more explanation from the words of the great scholars of Islam, that were upon the truth throughout these ages.

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So that to see, as we said last week, how Islam, how Islam is a source of light into our lives, it does bring the light into the life of the individual and the life of the communities and the life of countries and nations. And Islam does also bring life. It brings meaning to people's hearts to people's lives. It puts your life in context. And it fills it with the richness and relevance, relevance to Allah and relevance to mankind, and relevance to your time, and also relevance to the purpose of your creation. So Islam does put your life in context in that sense, when it brings about light to your life. So it removes the darkness brings about life into your experience in this world

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so removes the death because sometimes people go through this life in a state of death, and a state of darkness and Islam removes all of this. And as much as you take of the pristine and original message of Islam, as much as you take from it. This will be proportionate to the light and the life you will be experiencing and enjoying and benefiting from in this life.

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And we said Islam will also shower your life with mercy because it is mercy from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah verse you will start to realize and we'll see how the guidance that's in the Quran that's in the Sunnah. That's in

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The example of our early generations you will find that this is actually a Mercy of Allah it will make you feel the Mercy it will make you live the Mercy it will make you enjoy it and it will make you a source of mercy to the people around you. So you will get some kind of proportion by the promise that is given to the Prophets also lumwana arsena que la Ramadan Delilah mean as Allah subhanaw taala tells him, he says we have only sent you as mercy to mankind. So the more we follow the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the more we live Islam the way the Prophet SAW Salem taught it in all its freshness, in all its liveliness, in all its light, we will get

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certain of a certain portion of this mercy in our lives, and we will be a source of mercy to the rest of the Creation in sha Allah. Otherwise, we will be the source of doom and gloom in people's lives. Even though sometimes you might claim that this might be Islam, but it's our deficient and false fond and faulty understanding of Islam, or our inappropriate implementation of Islam, or certain principles in of Islam, where they are not meant to be implemented. Rather, there are other principles of Islam that are more suitable to that specific situation.

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And I will start today with one beautiful principle that has been widely misunderstood among the Muslims widely misunderstood and widely mis implemented.

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And it comes from a Hadith from the Prophet sallahu wa salam and it's based on the principle that we all have to understand when you have a problem and that you are trying to fix that you're trying to deal with and you've, you've been trying to implement whatever advice you get, you've been trying to implement probably the Quran and the Sunnah there, and you don't seem to get results.

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You need to think about the reason behind this, why isn't this working out? And sometimes it might be the alphabet that you've learned you've learnt it wrong.

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The very alphabet that you learned to use this language you've learnt it long wrong the people who taught you that language, you did not understand what they said, Oh, you got something wrong. And you like for example, you pronounce the letter for example, meme, you pronounce it as ain

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you pronounce it as a in your language will be faulty because the very alphabet of what you learn the very basics of what you learned was wrong was wrong. So no matter how many words you try to pronounce how much you practice, you will also you will always as you practice, increase yourself in that mistake.

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And you will get more grounded that mistake unless you take a step backward, and you will realize that you've made a mistake or misunderstanding with the principles.

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So today's Hadith that we will deal with and today's beautiful principle is a very wonderful principle that the Prophet SAW Selim used to explain Islam in its entirety. It's a word that speaks for Islam. It's a word, rather a concept that represents Islam and all its beauty and all its light and all its vividness and all its liveliness.

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It's the Hadith that is reported, collected by Imam Muslim reported by Sami Tamimi, daddy Rama Allahu Anhu that he said Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a deen on Naseeha

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a dean honestly, indeed. The dean the religion of Islam is not see her. So the prophets Allah Salam summarized religion, the religion of Islam, the way of Al Islam. The promises are summarized in one word nicely her

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one word thusly her, which is commonly translated into English as advice, but this is not I wouldn't say a faulty translation but it is an inaccurate translation and the rest of the Hadith we'll demonstrate this to you.

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So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, do not say how could an early man

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call and Allah

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will your will surely he will law he will he Kitabi whatever surely he will he met in Muslim in our unnati him the prophets Allah Salam said the deen is nothing to her. So they said nicely how to whom?

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Nicely how to whom?

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Who should be the recipient of this nicely how? The Prophet SAW Selim said Allah,

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and his book

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and his messenger

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and the Muslims

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The ones in charge of them and the general masses of them among the Muslims laymen Muslims. So if we were to translate the word nicely here as advice how would you apply it to this hadith? The deen is nicely here to room to Allah can you give not can you give advice to Allah?

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So you see, advice does fall under the term lessly how but it's not the meaning of lessly Hmm.

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So what is the meaning of loss at hand when we understand what Nestle means we understand what Islam means. Because the Prophet SAW Selim said Islam is mostly how Islam is nicely handsome, if you Inshallah, we will just delve briefly into the meaning of Nasi hat and we will talk about it for the next few weeks in sha Allah, to show you how beautiful and how shiny Islam is, how empowering it is, as a way of life that awakens the beauty inside us and connects us to Allah but keeps us relevant our times,

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doesn't take us away from our immediate reality, but it makes us a shaping factor, it empowers us to shape our present reality and play a major role in setting things right. And in minimizing the negativity and the damage that you we might be living among. And this is how Muslims should be.

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So what is the meaning of nicely how that we are supposed to have Naseeha were supposed to have mostly had to Allah. And we are supposed to have no say head to the book of Allah to the Quran, we are supposed to have Naseeha to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and we are supposed to have not see her to all of the Muslims, all of the Muslims.

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And we are also supposed to have a level of Naziha as Imam Ahmed indicated to all of humanity and to all of the creation of Allah subhana wa Tada and thus, we become irrelevant to everything in existence. And this brings liveliness into the life of the Muslim.

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So what is Nestle her?

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What is the meaning of Nestle her in the Arabic language? Now see her means purity.

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Now see her in the Arabic language means purity. So what is Islam about? Islam is about purity.

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Islam is about being pure, in your hearts, pure in your intentions, pure in your thoughts, and pure in your actions. That's what Islam tells you. And that's what Islam in its entirety is all about. Islam is about purity.

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And guess what, that's only half of the meaning of Naseeha

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because the other half of the meaning of Naseeha in the Arabic language is Goodness, goodness. So, honestly her in the Arabic language holds two meanings, purity and goodness.

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Purity as in the Arabic language is a sofa or a sofa or one

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a sofa or one. This is why the Arabs as in the sanil out of the best are the number one authority on the Arabic language the meaning of the words of in the Arabic language

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and mostly how it is a soft

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one who is the purity the ultimate level of purity and transparency.

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And the Arab say NASA her Lhasa Lou, NASA Hassan who that means honey has become purified when they describe it with the word dusty how it has been purified, all the impurities have been taken away have been filtered away from the from honey so it became so pure and transparent. So the scholars like an enamel cut Barbie and his commentary on Sunon even earn some EBITDA would, he says and honestly he means

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so far. We'll be we're sorry era T Jha halaman Suhaila that your heart is pure towards other people. That that your heart is pure towards Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that your heart is pure towards the Quran, that your heart is pure towards the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. That's what it means, pure of words, pure of hatred,

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pure of grudges.

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Pure of envy,

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pure of jealousy.

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Pure of selfishness,

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pure of any evil intention or thought about the other person that you are dealing with.

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That's what Imam Al Hatami says in his commentary. And that's the meaning of NASA, so honestly has a way of life. It's not an action that you do, on and off. It's not an action that you do only with certain people. It's a way of life, it's a state of mind.

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It's a context for your life, it's the purity. It's the purity. And this is how we can understand the Hadith, then the sonic second meaning in the Arabic language for the meat for the word lessly. Her

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is, goodness,

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goodness, and goodness is a dynamic concept. So purity is a description of your heart, as we said, your intentions, your thoughts and your actions. Goodness, is more of a dynamic.

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It's more of a dynamic concept. So it describes how you approach other people. It's about it's not a self description, but it is an active process that you get out of your way to bring about goodness to the lives of other people, to bring about love into their lives, to bring about light into their lives, to bring about goodness into their lives, to bring about good intention in their lives. That's what it means. So purity is more is more of a static states. It's a description of who you are. It's a description of your states, but ultimate goodness, which is the second half of the word Nestle head, that means you actively exercise this purity and you make it an external reality,

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through your attitudes, through your intentions and through your actions. And this is where advice came into the context.

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Because in the early times of Islam, in the times of our early generations, the self of this ummah, when you really cared for someone, you would give them sincere advice from your heart because you care for them. Because you care for them.

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And this is why an imam one of the greatest Imams of Allah, sunnah Ibnu Nasir al middle was in his book to Lima, Andhra salah, he wrote a beautiful book about magnifying the importance of Salah and prayer in Islam. And he talks about this hadith, he talks about nicely in detail. And he says, and honestly you have to arena you have to be little man Suhaila, who men can

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not see her is that you hot cause for the other person, it curves for the recipient of your Naseeha whoever he is, your hot curves for him. And thus that reflects on your attitude and your actions. That's what Nestle is. So if you were to take this meaning of Nestle, which is purity of your heart, purity of your intentions, and thoughts and actions, and then ultimate goodness, active goodness that you bring about goodness and joy and happiness and guidance and lights into other people's lives. If you take this meaning of Nestle, then you can see how it fits into the head into the Hadith, how the religion of Islam is mostly her and the word Naziha encompasses everything in Islam

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as Imam and no always says in his commentary on this hadith.

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So let's see how to Allah is that your heart is pure to Allah.

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And is that you bring goodness actively pursue goodness in your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala so that purity in your heart reflects to Allah in the sense of love to Allah, in the sense of worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala alone without any partners, that you dedicate your life for Allah.

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You devote everything in your life for Allah who gave it to you in the first place.

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And that you obey the commands of Allah that came in the Quran and the in the oath and in the authentic sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. That's mostly how to Allah. That's mostly how to Allah in brief. Now see how to the book of Allah is that you open your heart to it. So you have a pure heart towards the Quran, you will commit so your heart is thirsty for it. It knows it's from Allah so it can't wait to grasp it, to get hold of it, to open up to it, to learn it to internalize it.

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So your heart is pure towards the Quran, and your heart is full of intentions to implement this Quran and improve

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He said and live by it, so you are happy with it.

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And then the act of goodness, the active side of Nazi how would the Quran is that you learn it, you learn how to recite it, you learn how to understand it, you learn the Tafseer of it, the meanings of it, and you try to arrive at what Allah wants from you the intents of Allah behind every word and every verse in the Quran, and you try to live by that. So the Quran becomes a way of life for you. A source of guidance. This is when it becomes a source of light and life into your heart.

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And then we'll see how to the prophets of Allah where he was seldom is that your heart is full with love to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam,

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you feel the connection to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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you feel his high station with Allah subhanho wa Taala you feel his sacrifice, you feel is concern for you as a human being even though we live 1400 years later, he cared for each one of us and he was concerned about about us and one day he was with the companions with his companions and he said

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late any other equation?

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I wish and I hope to see my brothers and the Companions asked him onto your brothers. Are you talking about something else? Somebody else do you have other friends somewhere else? They said unto us hobby you are my companions. What can acquire any Lavina earn and will be what? Amuro Guney but my brothers are the ones who believe in me even though they've never seen me with their eyes. Yeah, what do I have? Oh, hula we are on a BLE he won either one of them would wish to lose everything, whether it's their family, their will, their possessions, their possessions, just to see me just to see me

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to that connection to the profits or loss and that appreciation of a sacrifice that love for him and you're making salah upon him sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa Salam is part of Nestle hat and in the act of goodness, is that you learn his example. You learn his sunnah you learn his guidance, you learn his wisdom. And you follow all of this to the best of your ability. And it's not you follow him in certain things, but you follow Him in everything he came with. You don't follow him like in his manner of speech in his manner of dress in his manner of dealing with others in his manner of dealing with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada you take each one of those and you implement it you

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don't pick and choose, you do everything the porcelain came about with came with, because that's his sunnah. His sunnah includes everything, even his attitude to people.

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And then you'll see her towards the Muslims in general and this is what I will talk about Inshallah, in the subsequent part of

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the west of Omaha.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina, Muhammad, Muhammad Ali, he was a big man. And you see how a small Hadith from the Prophet SAW Selim is so powerful and profound, and it constitutes a way of life for us to follow. It's not just one word. It's not just one act, given I see her give advice. It's much bigger than that. And this is why when you give someone advice or a recommendation, if it doesn't come from a pure heart, it's not Nestle. Ha. It's not. It's not. And this is why one of the great Imams of the Muslims Imam Ibn Rajab al Henneberry, the student who remember Ben Tamia, he wrote a book about this alpha obey in the nursery hottie what a year, he

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wrote a book a whole book, because he saw some Muslims trying to put other Muslims down.

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He saw some Muslims, exposing and criticizing in public and attacking and, you know, assassinating other people's personalities because of certain flaws and mistakes they had, or certain disagreements they had with them. So they were exposing them in public in the name of defending Islam, and protecting the true message of Islam. But a person like this and Scotland like this, with deep insight and wisdom and knowledge about people he knows these people are basically satisfying their selfishness, their own personal ego, but they're covering it up with a facade with a with a with a with a false shape, or a false layer, claiming that this is what Islam is and this is not see

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her. So he explained in detail and he talked about certain incidents. He said, The whole book is titled

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The difference between Naseeha and trying to make people feel shame and putting them down,

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and for obeying, and mostly happy with you. So if your advice doesn't come from a true concern for these people that you will love their guidance, and you'll have goodness for them and you wish you can guide them and you're not happy with the fact that they will get the negative consequences of what they are doing, if it's wrong, if it doesn't come from that pure heart, that love for them, that concern for them, that mercy for them. If it doesn't come from that position in your heart, if it doesn't come from a purity in your heart, if it doesn't come from a true Nestle has stayed mostly in your heart. It's not advice. It's not not so yeah, it's not. It's more of a slander. It's more of

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it's character assassination. It's more of a satisfying your ego. So let's see her has a bargain and have I have it has an internal and has an external. If it doesn't meet these two conditions, it's not necessarily her. If it doesn't come from a pure heart. It's not Nestle health. It's not.

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It's not if you don't really care for that person. It's not this way Imam Shafi Rahim Allah may Allah have mercy upon him, he said, Man over two I had an inlet and NATO and you'll hear Allah who will help guide Ali Sana. He said, I've never had an argument or a debate with someone except that ALLAH he I wished at that moment, that Allah will bring the truth through him, not even through me.

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He doesn't care where the truth comes from, as long as it comes. That's what we want. It's not about me getting it. It's not about you getting it. It's not about me being right and you being wrong, because that's what she found pleased with us.

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So Imam Shafi who would argue with someone or have a debate or have a discussion, and he would wish that he would go wrong, and the person or the person would go right because he cares for other people as well. He cares for them. It's not about me being right. This is a high station, that's what Nestle has, and this is how we should be.

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And Charlaine the next few quarters we will be talking about the meaning of Nasi has a way of life. So we will be talking about in detail, how we can have nicely how towards Allah so we how we can live a pure with a pure heart and a pure external towards Allah subhanaw taala. And you can see how this process or this concept is very dynamic and powerful, and powerful and empowering. And we will see how to get how to have proper Naseeha towards the book of Allah, and then towards the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Islam, and then towards the Muslims in general. And then you will see how Islam is very simple and beautiful. Islam is very straightforward. Islam is very beautiful. And if you look

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at the makinde period, at the early stages of the prophets that hour, it was all about explaining this purity and goodness and this humanity of Islam.

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So the Prophet SAW Selim in the early stages he called people to to hate to the Oneness of Allah, the worship of Allah subhanaw taala alone and all the scholars and I will, we will explain this in detail. All the scholars regardless of their background, by the way, the Imams of 100 Hadith, all the scholars and all the times, this is what I've been told me it establishes in his book, God either fill in my head but a principle in love. He says that all the Muslims regardless whether they were upon the Sunnah upon the truth, or they were even following innovation in beta, all of them the Imams of Al Hadith, the Imams have a tab in in the Imams of the matassa. With her and the Sophie's,

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they all agree on one thing, that the essence of Islam, that the message that the Prophet SAW, Selim came with, that the religion of Ibrahim alayhi salam is love and hubba. And that's the essence of worship. And he says, That's what all the prophets and messengers came with. And that's what all the scholars of the Muslim ummah agree upon unanimously. So you will see how Islam is so dynamic, and so full of love, and full of mercy.

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And these are things I was called as new as a rule of thumb, but it seems sometimes we got so much into the technicalities of our religion. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring us back to the beautiful concept of nausea, so that we leave Islam as a way of life, not as lip service, not as something we just preach and profess and contradicting our attitudes in our hearts and in our actions. And in our daily life. It is something that we live from our pure hearts and we embrace and we live by, and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins along McCullough the Nobunaga, Islam itslef and FE Emelina. With a bit of damage, I want something a little calmer, Catherine, I also

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remind you as well, to have Naziha meaning have good hearts, towards every Muslim on this earth. As much true they have, have a wish as at least good for them, wish guidance for them. Really be concerned make dua for all the Muslims from the bottom of your heart that Allah guides them, and that it comes from a concern that it comes from Allah, not from a sense of arrogance, and haughtiness, because that's the portion of

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Shavon in our heart, sometimes we ask Allah to purify our hearts from this. I'll also remind you as well, I second the dua for our sister that is,

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that is having this. I mean cancer is having this tumor and suffering from her illness, may Allah subhanaw taala forgive her sins and may Allah subhanaw taala give give her complete healing, and she felt like complete recovery. And we extend this to every Muslim to every Muslim all over the world regardless who they are because sometimes people are unable to approach sometimes people they don't want to make it public. Well, but make dua for every Muslim that Allah has given every Muslim that is going through some hardship, or through some illness that Allah subhanaw taala brings them away, a way out, that Allah Allah, Allah heals them, heals their hearts and their bodies. And we ask Allah

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subhanaw taala to put baraka and blessings in our hearts, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring ease to the Muslims who are suffering all around the world and to bring a state of goodness to this ummah. Zakon locally on Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam Subhanallah because it is if one was salam ala hermle Selena, what did it mean?