Tom Facchine – These Two things are NOT from ISLAM

Tom Facchine
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The problem with red pill is that it assumes that men need to trick or dominate women. When it comes to mate finding they assume that the primary sort of metaphysical vehicle in forming gender relations is evolutionary biology. Right and so that is predicated upon scarcity of resources is predicated upon materialism all things that contradicted the last time Tata promises or smoke for the time will father bowtie. And as we said earlier, he promised that we seek out their spouse to get Sakina to get tranquility and peace. This is a very, very different sort of gender dynamic than what the red pill movement teaches. When it comes to feminism. The biggest problem with feminism is

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two things autonomy, which is literally the opposite of Islam, because it's time of submission and not autonomy, and then the patriarchy the idea that, yes, women suffer depression. It's horrible. We hate it. What's the source of that oppression? Is the source of the oppression patriarchy? If it were, then we know that women suffered depression in Mecca before the coming of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Sana, what was the flavor of the oppression that was responsible for the oppression of women? Was it patriarchy? or No? If it was patriarchy, why didn't Allah subhanaw taala name it as such? Or why didn't he solve that problem with a type of intervention like feminism advocates for which is

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namely, the removal of males from positions of authority, and the replacement with a certain amount of female representation does not the intervention and the last prompt automate, he rather sought to redeem and assign as a religion of redemption to redeem those who were in power even if they were males by making them worthy of the power that they held, right instead of a bureaucratic intervention, which is simply removing one and replacing with the other. So these are again, like within two or three minutes like these are some of the most problematic things were at the root at the root. These are the things that are not in line with Islamic teachings.

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