Ramadan Therapy 2019 – Dua 11

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Prophet’s ï·º Dua that equals the reward of freeing 10 people from bondage

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother Abraham with another Ramadan therapy Allahu Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala make this month Shakira Baraka Xiao Hai you are shot through Memphis where she felt a month of benefit and a month of healing. Love them. I mean, we're in do number 11 and hamdulillah. we're progressing with the month of Ramadan and as you and I know when feel and say to each other, it moves so quickly We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant us his Shiva and its forgiveness. In this blessed month of Ramadan. I have a special gift for you today. This Hadith is from the motha of Lima Malik. It is an authentic Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam. And this statement of the prophets lie Selim is one of the most used powerful Vic an elevated forms of asking Allah subhanho wa Taala. For his love protection for his healing for his forgiveness. For the removal of our scenes for giving in charity. It is something that is from the Joa the comprehensive drought of the profit center. But also the root statement of this drama. You'll use it on the day of alpha. You use it when you're standing on a sofa, you'll do use it when you're standing on the mountain of Mandala. You use it as you enter into your city after a trip. It is a drug that is used regularly in the repertoire of the invocations of the Prophet Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I will forever The Allahu annual reports that the prophets of Allah Han he was a lemma on men corner the prophets are the one who says the one who repeats this 100 times 100 times fee in his day 100 times a day. Make it your habit that you do this. It doesn't have to be all in one go. Some can be in the morning some can be in the afternoon some can be in the after the prayers. It is a regular habit to make this plentiful. Men Karna La ilaha illallah wa Devo luxury Kala la Holy Moly when I will hand wahoo Allah coalition Kadir, the one who says La ilaha illallah wa hola Sheree Kala level Monaco Allah will hand wahoo Allah kulesza in kadhi The one who says this

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100 times in their day, cannot lie who

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actually rehabbed it is the equivalent of freeing 10 slaves. Imagine the law that there are 10 human beings whose rights life has been usurped, taken their power of decision, everything removed from them, they have nothing. In their own command, they are owned as if they are beasts of burden. And by you entering into their life You gave them freedom 10 human beings that you freed from bondage

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La ilaha illallah wa who la sharika The Holy Moly Kala hamdullah who Allah coalition Kadir is equivalent 100 times a day is equivalent to freeing 10 souls from bondage, where cootie but let me add to hasna not just that so the first thing 10 souls are given freedom that are given their life. Number two, you are given 100 has an 100 blessings from Allah, what more he is and who may say and you in from your account. 100 sins are forgiven and expiated important. Allah the prophets I said let me says Maria, meaning it's wiped out it's like it never happened never existed. It's been erased expunged, completely extinguished. Mohit I know me at MIT to say yeah, we can at level heroes

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and mina shavon young me he back and this will be his protective armor, his shield from the penetrations and the assault of the shape on throughout his day. So Pamela let's recount the blessings La ilaha illAllah hula hula Sheree Kala level mulqueen I will come to wahala coalition in Cuddyer. What does it give you? You free 10 slaves you've been given 100 blessings. You've been freed from 100 sins as if they were wiped out that they never existed. You've been given hills and misshapen you've been given an armor a protective shield from the influence from the touch from the harm of the shape on Yomi he valic had UMC until they come to their retire to their bed well I'm yet

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to a hadn't be awful me manager be he in a hadn't Amina extra extra room in extra mandelic and there is no one who will meet a law for that day. Who is better than them, except somebody who has said it more. So Panama

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La ilaha illallah wa rahula sharika lahu mukalla hamdu hawala, coalition, Katia, free 10 slaves, raise 100 levels, freedom from 100 seems like they never were committed, and the armor and a protection and the shielding from the Shaitan and his evil influence, and you are protected until you go to sleep until the next morning. Having said that, no one will be better than you. Blessing number five, no one will be better than you in the estimation of Allah, except someone who has remembered a lot more using this particular drug. ask Allah subhana wa Taala to heal us from our sins to remove 100 of our sins today to elevate us with 100 has enough to be from those of us that

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Allah blesses us to give freedom to 100 slaves the reward in that to protect us from the shape on in our families and our children in our home. A lot. I mean, a lot make this month of Ramadan, a month of healing and a month of love and a month of recuperation and our abstinence and passed for a loss of Hannah winter Allah is something that is means of our Eman to increase in our taqwa to regenerate, and that we meet a law on a day that is the best of days which is our day to return to Him Allahumma amin so your brother you have Rahim with another Ramadan therapy was sent them on ECAM waterfront Allah He or volcat