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Jumuah Khutbah By Sh. Mohammed Mana at IIOC on January 20, 2017.


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The speakers discuss the importance of balancing authority and respecting individualities during a virtual meeting. They emphasize the need to be mindful of what one is doing and encourage attendees to participate in a panel discussing the needs of Hispanic communities. They stress the need to be prepared for any challenges faced and acknowledge the need to be prepared for anything possible.

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You know from the Rila

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national minister you know when I still feel who wanna study

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when I wrote to be law him in shallowly and fusina woman, Dr. Marina

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manga de la motorolla. Farah mobila

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warming up further

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Why should you? You know, in a long walk the hula Sheree Kara

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shadow Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa watashi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira

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Yeah, you Hillary and I'm no longer happy to party moeten Illa to Muslim moon

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Yeah, you Hannah sutopo Bakula? de la comin FC wahida

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wahala amin has Oh jaha Baba. I mean humare Jaiden Kathy Yong Hwan, Isa

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la la casa Luna be here we'll have him in Allaha kennerly malapa.

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Yeah, you're Latina. I'm an otaku. Longo Baku, Poland sadita

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como de la Koo Nova con, woman nuclear learn how

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we begin by thinking in praising Allah the Most High the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

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We seek His help we seek his aid we seek His guidance.

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We seek His protection we seek His refuge from the evil within ourselves and from the evil consequences of our poor choices.

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We bear witness that there is no one and nothing worthy of worship except Allah exclusively alone. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam is his last and final messenger.

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We begged a lot to shower, Mohammed's a little longer it was settled him and his family and his companions and all those who follow his tradition with peace, mercy and blessings until the end of time.

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It is very important as we always need to do on our gathering here on Juma on Friday, that we renew our taqwa of Allah, that we renew our awareness of the fact that Allah is fully aware of our thoughts, statements and actions at all times.

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And we should make sure that the Angel of Death does not come upon us except that we are in submission to that which is pleasing to Allah and protecting ourselves from earning his displeasure.

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What's on many people's minds and what's on most people's minds today is a particular event. Maybe some of you had been following it on television, or hearing about it, or discussing it with one another. And that's to be expected. And many people come to the sermon expecting to hear more about this topic.

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Because there's a desire to always have relevance.

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When I first returned from Medina last year, early, early last year, I had a layover in a city before I came to LA.

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And it was the day of Friday. So I stopped and I made Juma with a community in that city. And Lena was a very prominent speaker.

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We've had him here before.

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And he was saying that a young man came to him complaining about the quality of Juma photos. And he said, You imams I'm tired of your Juma photos because they're not relevant.

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And relevance is very important.

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We should not be people that are naive or that are gullible, that are unaware of what's going on around them.

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But sometimes, in our effort to be relevant, we get so caught up in the actual events that are taking place, that we forget the punch line. And we forget the moral of the story. And we forget to connect things to history. And we forget to look through things from the lens of what Allah and His Messenger have told us.

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And so oftentimes, in our effort to be relevant, we end up becoming irrelevant, because we get drowned in the news story, and forget about what's really important for our hearts and minds and the health of our families and communities.

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And so, because

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inauguration is on everyone's mind today, it was on mine as well. But when I stopped and thought about inaugurations, the first thing that came to mind

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was the inauguration of Abu Bakr, Siddiq, or the Allahu taala and

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the closest companion to Prophet Mohammed Salah longer it was seldom when Prophet Muhammad Ali salaatu wa Salaam was in his last and final days before he passed

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He took many decisions and gave many responsibilities to Abu Bakar to highlight and show clearly what his role is amongst the other companions. And so after he passed away his salatu salam, the companions gathered in a place known as 70 foot when he started, and they consulted with one another. And they came to the conclusion that they would like

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to be their representative and their leader after Mohammed Salah Lombardi was set up.

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And so on the following day as Abu Bakar came and gave his first sermon, if you want to call it, the inaugural speech.

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And he rose up to the member to address the companions. He was described as walking up the steps with his shoes with humility.

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With tears, he was not happy

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to be thrust into this position. He was not excited for the power that he would have.

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Because that is how believers react when they are put in a position of leadership.

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I remember in Medina, one of my professors who had taught us

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after a few years, he was appointed to be the Dean of the College. And so one morning I passed by the office, and I gave him saddam and I said, Just want to congratulate you on your new position. He said, Son, you shouldn't congratulate me You should be giving me condolences.

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The responsibility and the burden has only gotten heavier now.

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It's more difficult. What I will be questioned by a lot about is now more.

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And so whenever workers stood up and spoke to the companions, what did he say?

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What were his words? First, he stood in front of them. Hemi De La Hoya athanor. Early, he began by thanking and praising Allah.

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And that's why we begin our sermons,

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showing gratitude and praising Allah and thanking Him.

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And then he said,

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NACA will lead to early

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wellness to be at home. I have been put in a position of authority over you. But I am not the best

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amongst you.

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but it wasn't an act. It wasn't the humble card. You know how they say sometimes, when a person is praised, they pull the humble card on, oh, no, no, it wasn't an act. When he would stand before these companions and look towards them, he believed sincerely, these people are better than me.

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And that's the kind of mindset that he dealt with people with a God who literally was to be hated. It's not because of my knowledge, or my power, or my ability, or my wits or my this or my that no,

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you have put me in this position, but I do not consider myself to be the best amongst you.

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So then what does he request of them?

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For in, sent to

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uni, we're in to for all the money he requested of them, that if you see me excelling if you see me doing well and doing good, then support me, helped me. And this is following in the command that Allah gave the believers in the Quran. What are our know our little bit, do a taco

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one, cooperate with one another for that which is righteous and good and beneficial, but do not help one another for that which is sinful, or evil.

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I told them if you see me doing good support, and he helped me so the good can flourish. So it can continue and benefit more people. But if you see me doing wrong, don't stay silence. Correct me, set me straight for a wee morning set me straight.

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And this is also in accordance with the commandment of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he was with his companions, and he told them on sort of a haka, volume and owner of lumen, give victory to your brother, whether he is an oppressor or oppressed.

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And so the companions were baffled. They said, okay, it's obvious we know that we will give him victory when he is oppressed. But how can we give him victory when he is the oppressor, or sort of like instead of longer, it was seldom said that by correcting him, stopping him from his oppression,

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you are doing what's best for him. And that is the type of support that is needed.

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So do not just be complacent, don't sit by the fence or the sidelines.

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When we see a good jump forward and be a part of it, and when you see wrong, be a part of the effort to stop it.

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For innocent to for no need to factor we money and then he said something very beautiful and we can contrast the words of this leader with the words of others. He said a Slidell Myrna will caribou piano.

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He said truth.

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Truth is an Amana it's a trust. It's something you're entrusted with. You've got to protect the truth.

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And the opposite while caribou Fianna lies.

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That which is a lie, it's untrue. That is deceit. That is treachery.

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That is a backstabbing.

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Because it'll always come back to harm.

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As the last set of the hypocrites, you hide your own Allaha will levena amanu well may have their own 11 fusa home. Oh my Sharon. Allah said, the hypocrites they try to cheat a lot and those that believe. But really, they are cheating themselves first and foremost. And they don't even feel it.

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But standing up for truth,

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and pushing away lies and deceit and treachery is the first principle of leadership. And so in these few sentences, Abubakar is teaching us profound lessons of leadership. And then he said

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earlier when he applied to law soda

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obey me so long as you see me in obedience to Allah and His Messenger

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for inner city to la hora sudo.

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but if you see me disobeying the line is messenger, then your obligation to obey me is no and void.

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Allah commanded us in the Quran, appear Allah will appear over sooner, what will Emery mean? Come, obey Allah and obey the messenger and those that are in authority over you.

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The scholars have said the verb LTU was not repeated a third time because obedience to those that have authority over you is contingent upon your ability to continue obeying Allah and His messenger.

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Obey Allah and His messenger and those are authority over you.

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And then you know, he said,

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it also naughty Camille Herman qumola. Stand up and make your prayer. That was the end of his sermon. Our sermons are so long we keep going. But in his eloquence in just a few words, he laid down for us some of the most important principles of leadership and commemorating that perhaps we also should shorten our multiple opodo Cody Hello istockphoto la Hollywood como Lisa Ariel Muslim minimalism infested Pharaoh who will follow him repent to Allah He was the most forgiving, Most Merciful

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hamdulillah he was the WA Salatu was Salam Ala Moana via vida Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa said limited Sleeman kathira. Mr. Barrett,

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when we hear the topic of leadership, and when we hear about these great leaders of the past, and their justice, we often feel that that's talking about someone else.

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And we think about others that our imagination thinks of when we hear the word leaders for leadership.

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But also realize that a lot of it was sent to Mohammed Salah send them set the record straight for us when he told us and gave us a beautiful metaphor could look on the line, or could look on the spoon and look at every single one of you is a shepherd. And every single one of you will be asked about your flock.

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And if you think of the job of a shepherd, who is trying to rally and keep together sheep, a very innocent, gullible animal just looking for some nice grass or some nice water. And that might lead the animal to a place of harm. The job of the shepherd is to make sure that he's vigilant, careful, watchful over the flock, protecting sometimes running to the right sometimes to the left, you might need to be in the front or the back. Being careful when you see when sheep going away. Bring it back know which of your flock are weak and are more susceptible to swaying away. Because if you lose one of those sheep, when you come back,

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you will be held accountable for that sheep that you lost

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and so the amount

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have leadership and authority that each one of us has varies from person to person, but be very confident that every single one of us has some amount of authority, and we will be asked about it.

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No record will go unsettled before a lot. And so we have to make sure that we exhaust everything in our ability, that whatever is under our authority, we take care of it. And we are prepared to answer the questions that we will be asked

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How about with regards to leadership that is at a level above us? How should we be? Well, just like in everything else, we should be balanced, and nuanced, and moderate, and careful, the profits are longer, it was seldom said, and zero NASA men as 11 put people in their respective positions.

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towards some leaders, we find some people going too far.

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And raising them to a status that is far beyond what they actually have.

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A leader is a leader, but they're not a prophet. They're not a messenger. They're not a saint. They're not infallible, they're not godly or divine,

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but they are a leader. And on the other extreme, we find people that refuse any

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acceptance of authority, and both sides of the spectrum lead to imbalance. But we should be balanced. If a person is in a position of authority, we should respect that position that they have.

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But also we should remember

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that we live in a country. And we are part of a national community of an end of a society that gives us the right to speak out when there is injustice, and to voice our opinion, when we see that there is something harmful for the society at large. And so it is part of upholding justice. And it is part of giving victory to anyone who is in authority to make sure that whenever there is an injustice, that we stand up, and we speak, and we do that which is within our ability, keeping in mind the principles of wisdom, and of respect. And so that is our obligation. And that is the mindset that we need to carry going forward. But no matter how big any leader is, or how powerful

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they might be, let us always be connected to the King of kings, Allah subhanahu wa tada because every leader in every king will perish. And when there will be none living and remaining except Allah who is a human that ever living who does not perish. He will call out as he told us in the Quran, Lima Neil Maluku, Leone, to Whom belongs Dominion on this day. In Alma, Luke, where will the Kings be on that date to answer

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they won't be able to answer and Allah, the answer will come from him. And by him, Lila hilman, Corleone, Allahu Akbar, on this day, Dominion belongs to Allah alone.

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And so let us never lose hope in Allah, and in the mercy of Allah. And let us always remain connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But let us not become naive, or gullible or unaware of what happens around us. We ask Allah

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to grant us the ability to behave with mercy, and to think with wisdom, and to communicate with eloquence, and to stand up for justice. We ask Allah to allow us to see the truth as truth clearly, and to follow it. And we ask a lot to allow us to see falsehood clearly as falsehood and to abstain from it. And we beg a lot to protect us from confusion that might lead us astray. As we come to a conclusion, Today, I would like to, on behalf of the Islamic Institute of Orange County, and on behalf of the outreach committee, and their coordinator, brother, Jeanette, I would like to thank our dear guests from the Breyer congressional church that came and joined us today for this Juma

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prayer. And they wanted to stand with us and be present with us and express their support and their solidarity. And we thank them kindly and dearly for that. This is a gesture, which is very much appreciated and accepted. And you are always welcome in our community whenever you wish to visit in the future.

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There coordinator is Mr. David and community of Reverend Rick some of them have joined us

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Today, and so we are very happy to have them with us. And we are always happy to have people from other communities and other religious groups, be with us and spend time with us. So we can communicate, and we can speak to one another and learn from one another. And On a related note, tonight's ffm program will actually be dedicated to discussing about a specific ethnic group that is coming to Islam, and they are joining the Muslim community in large numbers, and that is the Hispanic community. And the program has been titled with a question, why are so many Hispanics coming to Islam? An important question that we should ask, and we will have a panel of speakers from

00:20:46--> 00:21:26

this community, which is the largest minority here in America. And how the irony, it's interesting that in the recent days, there were many statements that were distasteful and disrespectful towards Muslim, and Hispanics. And so now when you have Hispanic Muslims, what an ironic situation, but we will have this program tonight so we can hear from them and discuss with them what the needs of their communities are. And so this is a very important program. I encourage all of you to attend and to spread the word and that will be our usual appointed time after a shot which is at 730. Tonight here in the MPR. Everyone is welcome. And you are encouraged to invite your friends and family

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members. Open it if it has an appeal appeal. It hasn't worked in Arab enough. We beg Allah for the best of this life. We beg a lot for the best of the hereafter. We begged the Lord to protect us from the torment of the Hellfire by the law in the law it would have been ideal if Sony were either in a horrible way in her annual fashion you will, it will be Buffy it will come Lola come to the Quran was called la hora Allium Angelina is called come with wash Kumara near me here Allah He has it come. remember Allah He will make a mention of you be grateful to him he will increase you whether they could lie about the remembrance of Allah is the Greatest Allahu Allah momento scenario and

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Allah is fully aware of what you do. Welcome is sada.