What Is The Ruling Of Praying Jumuah Prayer At Home Virtually – Shaykh Abu Eesa

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What is the ruling on praying the Juma prayer at home? virtually.

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So, you know, back in the good old days, if anyone would say that you need to pray behind a TV or something like that, right where the prayers being broadcast from Mecca, Medina or even in your local Masjid, people will slap you, they will literally give you a topper, they will say, Are you Have you lost your mind? Do you want to now make the offer on a TV as well? Because the heart is being shown you want to do this? Yeah, it was a moment of ridicule. And somehow less amazing, Danny, when an emergency situation occurs, rather than where, you know, yes, agreed, everything goes up in the air. And you know, it's an extraordinary scenario, that we sometimes almost lose our minds. And

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we start to have discussions that we would never possibly have even thought and it's almost considered to be a valid discussion. And I just want you to know that not every discussion, and not every difference of opinion amongst the scholars is a valid one. And that's half the skill. By the way, half the skill of the top student of knowledge is to know what is an act of love, which is set up here and which is correct, which is valid, which is what actually had has some basis what any position and opinion of a scholar is to be considered what is a mistake. And obviously, the scholarly community will know that this discussion wasn't even a discussion until one of the major

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scholars made a statement and he was a slip up, basically, he really didn't come across in the right way. And then he then rectified what he what he what he meant. And effectively, he effectively gave the permission for people on the way by way of the internet to follow prayers elsewhere, like the drama and so on. So you could literally at home follow what's going on? I just want you to know why this theory comes from the idea is, is that it is all it is permissible, actually, according to all of the schools of thought that you don't have to always see the EMA as long as you are part of the same congregation. And what they differed over was what does it mean to be part of the same

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congregation? What does it mean to have the rose to be continuous? Like, what if a person you know is in a Masjid that's an L shaped and you're in this part here where you can't see the Imam? You know, no one would ever disagree with that, because the Lions have continued up to you. Okay, what about the nature of the lions where they're broken? And so there's a line here and then you know, your way back 10 meters back, but you're still in the same space, all the scholars will consider maybe some sin, maybe some dislike Yanni, if you did it intentionally, let's say you didn't do intentionally then they'll say dislikes, but the validity of the prayer is dead, the prayer is

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valid. Then they said, Okay, what about if you can, what about if you're just outside the masjid in his courtyard? So there's a lot of detail. I don't want to go into that in logical progression. For example, there's a whole huge chapter which I covered over months, discussing this issue of distance and so on. But this is not the same as you being a complete different road, a different Street, a different area, a different city, let alone being on a by means of the internet. So let me just put that to bed. We're not going to give that any the time of day. I don't if we're going to say the vast majority of scholars, it is not permissible for you to pray behind your internet or your

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transmission of anybody of anything. Your prayer, obligatory prayer sooner prayer, Juma prayer, nothing like it. Get out your mind. No, every discussion is worth having Allah Subhana Allah knows best. Subscribe to this channel, share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at faith. IQ does that