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Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the possibility of having multiple powerful, knowledgeable entities within the universe. They question the existence of multiple Gods and the importance of believing in a problem. The discussion touches on sports entertainment and the potential for distraction from other people.
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So look, as we said before, number one, the universe couldn't have come from nothing. Yeah. Number two, the universe has created itself. Because it's a contradiction. It's like something being there and not there at the same time, therefore, something must have brought about the universe. Now we have to ask ourselves, what is this something? We say that something has created capacity? Because obviously, what the universe into existence, has will, has power has knowledge because the universe exhibits the effects of those things. And so we call that God. Yeah, we call that God. You don't need to call that God for now. But having said this, Now, the question is, can we have more than one

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though? The answer is no, because you can't have more than one powerful, you can't have more than one knowledgeable entity. So because otherwise it outstrip one another. So there's only one God. Now this one god that created the universe has certain messengers and prophets, like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and we believe the final prophet messenger was Prophet Mohammed, and send books by for example, you the Torah, and BMG in the gospels, but those books haven't survived and they've been corrupted. That's why you have different translations, different versions, different manuscripts, all kinds of things, as well. The Quran delivers in perfectly preserved, and it's the final message

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to humankind, guidance for human beings. Does that make sense? Yeah. So we say, as a final messenger, and that you have to believe in a problem. Yeah. So

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how does that sound? You know, I agree with everything. You agree with everything. So if you agree, that is only one God worthy of worship, to do that, and you do agree that Prophet Muhammad is His messenger? Yep. So we would say, okay, you know, that's, that's a slump. We trying to do well.

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I think we're

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pitch sports entertainment today.

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I told you

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to look up.

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I'm john cena.

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the base.

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