Mohamad Baajour – A Simple 4 Word Duaa That Shakes Mountains

Mohamad Baajour
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Not everybody is gonna like you.

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Not everyone is going to love you. You will find people that do not like you.

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And this happened with the best of people. This happened with the messengers.

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I let him salatu Allah.

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There were people, not only they do not like them, there were people who hated them. They had enemies, they had enemies, but that's not the issue. The issue is how they were able to defend themselves from these enemies. Allah subhanho wa Taala taught them some words.

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with these words, they were able to be protected from the shayateen from the shayateen of human and from the shayateen of jinn.

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This drought we learn tonight was the last words from our beloved

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Rasul Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. As he was going into the fire,

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they made a bit of fire and the fire was so horrific, that if a bird passes half a mile away, it will get roasted. They took months and months to make that fire. And as they were throwing Ibrahim Ali his Salam in the fire, he said this.

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This was set by our beloved Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after the Battle of Muhammad when the Mushrikeen threatened him. Yeah, Mohammed. Islam is going to be eliminated.

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Islam is going to be ruined.

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And Allah revealed as concerning that Alladhina Cardella humaneness in the nurse aka Gemma will let them fasho home, preserve the home Imana walk all

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people Allah told us in short, LM Ron, people have told the muslimeen at that time, everybody has gathered to attack you to ruin you.

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That statement, increase them in Iman.

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And then they said this has been Allah when malware kill

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husband Allah when Mel Joaquin were the words that Ibrahim alayhi salam said and because of these words, the gnar became peace and cool. And because of these four words, when the Sahaba said these words what happened four words for rewards fun colorable Be Fugly min hola fam caribou dinette and let in min Allah wa FADEL, well mem says from SU What toboa Duan Allah, for things happen to them because of these four words. Allah subhana wa Taala sends His blessings upon them. Allah's Grace descended upon them, let me ms en su know Han touched them and they gained the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal husband Allah when Allah will kill anytime somebody commits them against you has to be

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Allah when ml Joaquin anytime you go to court and you're feeding the people has to be Allah when ml Joaquin Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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one time he was feeling uncomfortable. So the Sahaba told him why you're feeling uncomfortable yada so Allah, He said, How can I feel comfortable when the man responsible when the angel responsible for blowing the horn his lips already in there and just waiting for the order? How can I feel comfortable? So the Sahaba felt

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like going through a rough time? If a source is not feeling comfortable, how could we feel? So Dr. Salah What should we do? He said Kulu has been Allah whenever Malwa kill Allah Robina Turkana, imagine if that dua to be said, when it's raw feel is blowing the horn. So you could imagine what kind of horror is taking place. And that was the order for Salah Salem, to the Sahaba to utter the statements when we are in such a state.

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So anytime you feel somebody has to be Allah, when am I lucky? What does it mean has to be Allah? Allah is sufficient for me.

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Allah hiya Quan. Just let's live that statement. Allah is sufficient for me. In this life, till the Day of Judgment, there will be a battle between Huck and battle between right and falsehood.

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And you know who's the winner? The winner is the one whom Allah is on his site

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has to be

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Allah Allah is with me,

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has to be Allah. If Allah is with you, what do you care?

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In terms of Allah, Yun soracom.

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Whosoever put Allah first Allah who will put Him first,

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when he metalworking and who could be any better than Allah, to put full trust in? Look at the statement has to be Allah. When ml Joaquin, Allah is sufficient for me, Allah is Allah Who will be careful in Abda isn't Allah sufficient for us? Whenever metalworking and what the best, the best one to put our trust in is Allah. So yeah, one very simple we all know it but maybe we do not know what it means or we did not know when to say it. Anytime you're going through any kind of hardship has to be Allah when am I lucky? Allah sufficient for me, somebody wronged you, somebody accused you of something you did not do, even if everybody gathered against you just like they gathered against the

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Sahaba they said has to be Allah when a mill were killed, and Allah gave them those four beautiful, amazing rewards. Husband Allah Who and ml were killed. When the people gather just like in Europe right now. That new, whatever governor, he said we are going to eliminate Islam has been Allah whenever Milwaukee we are going to close the massage it has when Allah when men were killed, we're going to put you all in camps and we're going to get rid of you Muslims has when Allah when men were killed, say it from the bottom of your heart and Allah subhanaw taala is victory will take place because I can look here better coffee come tonight is the night of Juma a lot of follow up on

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a treasure in sha Allah at 6070 in

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Luna Island

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water he wants to label this nema.

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In Medina you know no one wants to level

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up. Nia

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mother Molina What levena You do? Meanie now? Mina TV a while at MCC decibel found.

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Danna Oh, man, movie

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