Devils in the Shadows – Philly for Palestine

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Bismillah in the Name of Allah, Almighty God, the Most Compassionate is the matches in His mercy and flows in his justice and perfect in his wisdom.

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Who sometimes allows for your passes a little bit of a grace period, enough role for the bride that comes before the fall enough role to judge themselves with in the end.

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Praise be to God who in the process of that grace period showcases the faith of true believers, and chooses from amongst us honors who amongst us who we elect to be martyrs.

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And then when that plan comes full circle, he snatches those tyrants forever, in a way that only the almighty ever can.

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Upon that greed, we as people of faith lose. And upon is God willing, we will die. And the Lord of mines, brothers and sisters, respected clergy, friends,

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people of conscience everywhere, welcome to the streets.

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It is not just our constitutional rights, but rather our moral obligation to assemble here

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and call ours

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the devil in the darkness.

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Some of those devils that lurk in the darkness claimed to be Jews, but rather they are promises nationalists who have nationalized their religion

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on racist grounds and the farthest thing on that basis from being a true Jew.

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The very very first book to be the book of Genesis. We're in the father of the Prophet Abraham Peace Be Upon entering the promised land and purchase,

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not so not massacred and occupy, purchase a key to give his beloved wife Sarah, a dignified graving.

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Though those who don't follow his path are not true Jews. They are not followers of Moses, they are not the heirs of Abraham. And among those who lurk in the darkness as devils as well are those who claim to live for Jesus Christ, peace and blessings be upon him who claimed to be Christians or Catholics, who may even nod and give your

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next month. When we say put Christ back in Christmas. I want you to ask the church fathers in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. Why they just canceled Christmas as of yesterday,

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due to the atrocities and the massacres of the people in Palestine.

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You may hear them say, to deceive you, with their devilish toes, grooming you your heart for Jesus. And I got to ask, Is there room in their hearts for even Jesus Christ, please be upon him when he too was driven from Palestine as a refugee.

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Then some of those who work in the darkness may claim to be Muslim is that a Muslim by definition is someone who submits entirely consistently lovingly trustingly to the will of Almighty God.

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But sometimes we can't hear that plane because the actions are too loud. And it seems there is their comfort, or their status or their roles or their security at the expense and over the role they climb.

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For with a god hippie worship and bow to

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and among the devils that lurk in the darkness, or those who claim to be Democrats

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don't only choose to not represent their constituents, looking at you Fetterman looking at you while looking at you

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You are an equal now that will go down in the trashcan of history

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for supporting what so many among the you guys as a human rights have unanimously agreed is the only remaining apartheid state the furthest thing from the rule of law.

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A place where Palestinians are second class citizens at best forget with an equal right to vote, not even a right to pull water from a well under their feet.

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And I think you're right in conclusion that the act is up, and the smoke screens are thinning. And people are beginning to wake up and understand this they start on sensor

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and that the so called Democrats, or Republicans or elected officials have had 75 years since 1948. When this actually started to figure it out. If you don't know that, how can you be a leader? And if you do know that, how can you be a human being?

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And many times and with this I will close many times in these moments it initially felt like we're fighting for a free Palestine. But as we begin our journey now of the uphill climb after telling them we see your true colors, we see your devilish ways we see that you don't represent those who voted for you. You represent those who bribed you. I will love you. I will donate to you to deceive us into thinking that you represent us.

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Praise God for freeing us when we thought we were free

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No, hold your lease and we don't wear leashes we live for God. For Justice or true. We've been liberated at the hands of Palestine.