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Blood Brothers podcast

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is production

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you're not making no commitment on camera today of any shape or form when the remote a sense that there will be some level of conscientious reining in of certain styles of engagement.

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Because you might get it wrong, not

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100 you might get it wrong twice as I basically said, If I depends on how wrong I get it like, you know, you know,

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I can't tell you I can't see until you die. I'm not gonna make mistakes.

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If I wasn't a boxing ring, I can't tell you that I'm not gonna get here.

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I prefer the shower one.

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But all I can say is all I can say, is this. What I can say is I'll try and remain as principled as possible. Shawn, sticking on the Islamic principles, taking advice, you will see retractions for me in the future, and if you don't necessarily have insincerity, one thing that the materialists, they never, not very rarely ever do, you know, is retractions and that's one of my clearest evidence is that they're on one path.

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I am going to offer retractions I am going to make mistakes. I am going to come back and trying to mend them. I'm still young, and

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I've hit

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29. Yeah. So, you know, I there's a reason why the border starts at 40, by the way.

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And you know, it's interesting, because even Aristotle said that if you want to start being a leader, I should start at 35. You shouldn't lead the country before favor. And also, interestingly enough in the American Constitution,

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you can't be a president unless you're 35 years old.

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You know, there's a reason for that. But the point I'm making is that you can't be the reason is had Isabella I should the who are by law or by an Asana, you know, the Quran says that when he reached his prime, and he wished four years old, so asking me as a, you know, not even 30 year old to do the actions and behaviors of someone who's 40 and above. I think

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I will not be able to meet that promise. Especially when Moses Ali Salaam in the crisis,

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you know

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10 out of Fela, Bella How should the whoa at a novel hookman wild man, when he reached his prime, we gave him healthmap wisdom and value and knowledge. And we know I should do is four years old.

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So I'm not going to be given that if Moses wasn't given at 40. I'm not going to be given out of 29

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Blood Brothers podcast