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Pretty cool attack, forget about the word terrorist. We're not gonna use that word in 1946. Right before the mandate was referred to the UN. Yeah.

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For the British Mandate, sorry, the resolution. Okay. He went into King King David hotel. They went into the basement of the hotel. Forget about they called them they didn't call they did call Well, no problem. They called them they didn't call them. The Jewish library says they call them yeah, I read it. I read the Jewish library, the virtual the Jewish Virtual Library. So I saw the recount begins as they call them, whatever, no problem, they call them, as they call them. In whatever case, they went into the hotel and 92 people died because of the barrel bombs that they put in place in the shootings. That happened. Okay. So who were killed, some 27 Palestinians were killed. And the

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rest were British people working in that hotel. It wasn't it was okay. Some Jewish people were killed as well. So I just want I don't understand because this is the thing. So I've come to you. I feel like sometimes you do have a bias. I come to you and say to you consider that this was a terrorist attack. You're saying that this they're not terrorists, why they're not? Because you know what the interesting thing is Sorry, just to add to it, that this same begin in 1946, who orchestrated this terrorist attack, and who allowed 92 people to be killed. It was the same begin that became the Prime Minister. So I became the president, Prime Minister, Prime Minister, Prime

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Minister of Israel in 1948. No.

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Sorry, begin. Was it nice? Yeah. Just

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begin. Yeah. became prime minister. Okay. Now, it's as if it's as if it's as if you have Osama bin Laden, and the 911 attacks Exactly.

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Exactly the same comparison. Why not tell you why. In 1946?

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In 1946, yes. Well, I just finished in Europe.

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I'm talking about the Holocaust.

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Yeah, 6 million Jews. 6 million Jews have just been slaughtered during that period. So you can kill the innocent. Listen, please, please listen. The British and by the way, just make my point. I let you speak and I didn't interrupt you. Yes, 6 million Jews were slaughtered during that period. The British close the doors of Mandatory Palestine to Jewish immigration. They limited to 10,000 Jews coming in and increased immigration of Arabs that Israel. So Arabs migrated on mass from Lebanon, Syria, the surrounding states into Mandatory Palestine attracted by the affluence that the British and the the I don't know, I don't know. Okay, fine. It's a fact you can Google.

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This is my perspective. This is my Jewish narrative. In response to locking the door during the Holocaust, the air gun inside, pushing hard back against the British who were pushing hard against the good. And the good hit the headquarters at the British military, which was at that time in a King David hotel. It was the military. Hey, Jerusalem. Yeah, in Jerusalem. I've been there was a beautiful hotel. Now. Is that the renovated? Yeah.

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And in response, they hit the CODEL they want them they bang up in advance and say we're gonna hit it. ISIS ones are

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gonna do you compared sama bin Laden? Yes, I am plays into an industry killing 2000 civilians. Yes, yes, as an equivalency. He wasn't responding to the cause.

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The Jews response 3000 so he responded to the Holocaust, seven 750 people responding to the Holocaust, trying to increase Jewish immigration into alarm so you're saying that you're saying just because they're responding to the to do that? No, I'm saying by the way for your

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military forces not to military forces as a hotel which means people in the hotel I was noticed it

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wasn't the hotel the British took over it and made it a military base. civilians killed people that were working for the British government. So you're

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not a civil servant can be killed.

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This is ridiculous. Okay, you have to you have to you have to

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be respectful on your face. No, I'm trying to be respectful. It was it was funny now sorry. I apologize. I apologize. Okay.

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If you have two military forces, the air gun the the Israeli military force, and the British who are fighting each other, and they're hitting the British are killing Israel, good fighters and the air gunner responding by killing British fighters. That is not a territory that is to military forces, was not even recognized by

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Ghana, Ghana, Ghana.

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condemned the attacks, so I don't know why you can't do the same thing. They said the Haganah, Ben. Okay, so you have to understand Jewish politics. I'm telling you

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clearly. Yes. the Hagana were differentiated from the gun. Yeah, the Hagana they condemned the attack. I want to say one thing really, really clear. I support any violence. Well, you asked me if they're terrorists, and I said no. Okay. No problem. But you you accepted that that was a you justified the attack. No, no, I gave the context of the attack and said it's possible to 911 577 is

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completely incompatible. So why because it was no because you've got two military forces fighting.

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Perfect, perfect.

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This is what I wanted you Okay. That guy that has no problem.

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That was the guy winch lyric baby.

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lyric be okay. He was killed by I forget the guy's name. Yeah, that guy that

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he killed. He killed Lee Rigby? Yeah, yeah. Okay. lyric v was a member of the British military. Your your, your

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premise. Was that okay, it's justified that the Ergun attacked the King David hotel because it was one military force against another air gun was not a recognized military force within the Jewish community. It was a splinter group that even the Hagana they'd condemned the Haggadah was more mainstream.

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By the way, and this is in the Jewish library, the Jewish virtual library, they will tell you that they will agree with website Yeah.

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It's a website, but it's actually it's respected by a lot of people you know. Anyways, having said that, having said that,

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so the Hagana sorry, so the elgan haven't finished my favorite. So hey, what you've said is that you consider that not a terrorist attack. So do you consider lyric by

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lyric be being killed by that man at the velodrome terrorism Yes. So he was different between lyrik being killed Absolutely. And this guy is being killed on two of them in the in the hotel was Michael's I'm not gonna try to pronounce his surname Yes, Novation. political in nature. No. But what was his motivation? He wanted to kill the guy because he said it afterwards. He had the applause of his hands. And he had the knife. He said that because you guys are my country, the same kind of logic you've just used actually. So what was my logic? You said because we've been killed in the Holocaust? 1946. Yeah. Then it justifies x y Zed.

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Revenge. Revenge. He says logic was to revenge. Revenge. Okay, so what was it about? As I said before, Jewish image Jews have been massively persecuted to this point. They've been persecuted in the Arab world. They've been persecuted.

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Listen, listen, listen, at that point, British locked the doors. And if they hadn't locked the doors, millions of Jews could have been saved. We can agree with that. Yeah, Holocaust.

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avian conference and these things that I'm saying if if there was there was a Britain hadn't locked the door, Palestine their own doors. So Britain was awarded the mandate on the condition they create a Jewish national home there. Yeah, we agreed that that was above that thing. Okay. That's why, by the way, they weren't in a position to my opinion. They weren't in a position like the colonial masters at that time with them in front.

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Yeah, they weren't What do you not believe that they were colonial colonial masters. It's just the language is so what you don't believe in, though colonists are not what they call this or not? Did they not have an empire was another British Empire at that time? What time are we talking? You said? 1917? Yeah. So I said at 19 cents, there was a Colonial Office, when the mandatory funding was granted was in 1978, Mr. Botha declaration, the mandate was, was granted 1940 to 24. Yeah, I thought it was earlier than that. But whatever could be any rate, Britain how the Colonial Office in Parliament, it was 70

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until the 40s or 50s. Yes, john created because it was the year after. When was the 1919 No,

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no, no, it was anyway. date. Anyway. century Yeah. At any rate, the point I'm asking you is very simple, straightforward question. But this is why I think sometimes you do have a bias. Sorry, I started bias. Okay, no problem. We'll have a bias bias an unfair bias. You have a double standard always inevitable. So I do believe you do because this is the thing. The justification I biases this, my people have been slaughtered. Okay. Almost every land we live, okay. My only bias is Jew survival. That's my bias. Okay, well,

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that's why I believe it. Are they expensive, expensive anyway, you've just said no, because

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I'm asking you. I never said I support the King David for one.

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Don't say it again. I said it's not an act of terror.

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What Why is it not? Why is it not?

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It's just

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you call it?

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It's just a difficult question for you to answer for.

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Me, so lyric with terror act because they killed a play that killed someone from the military. But then when Jewish people kill British military soldiers, the same exact scenario is British military soldiers who are acting in their opinion in a colonial way. He would say that

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that's the thing. Joseph, Joseph. Joseph. Joseph, sorry. This is an important question. It's really

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in 1946, there was a there was a terrorist attack. King David drew Eastern Jerusalem, whatever it may have been. Yeah. And 92 people. So it was Jerusalem, no problem. And 92 people were killed. Yeah. Of the many civilians of them, Palestinians of them British people that had their headquarters in the in the, in the, in the hotel.

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Now, you said was Mandela, terrorist? That's a discussion. No, no, no. Don't waste my time with this South African policy.

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I'm asking you to

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reply to that question.

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King David hotel attack is not a terrorist attack. He stated it is you believe me? I said yes. He said, No, no, I said leaving, it was a terrorist attack. And the King David wasn't

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No, it's not the same.

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Muslims just being killed in the Holocaust and British

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Muslims to prevent them from getting in. So okay, so hold on, you're saying that justification is the death of other Jews elsewhere? No, no, no, I'm saying, and it is very, very black and white, just like those.

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You see how that doesn't make any sense? Because that's exactly that. Was Mandela, not a terrorist? Oh, don't forget, that's a different question.

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When I asked the question, you don't answer for

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me, and so I'm bringing in something else, which is because you and I must get

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away from the question.

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Please, no problem. Yeah. Okay. Well, I'll say to him here, here. No, yeah. If you're saying that what differentiates because this, I'm just following your argument. You're saying what differentiates? Can you just answer my question? Every question.

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Not leaving the topic. I'm just trying to add more context. I'm just saying.

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You can't just ask me ask me ask me. I'm surrounded by people who are hostile to Israel.

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If anyone says anything to you, yeah, I'll give you protection. No, probably listen to the dynamic of the conversation. Yeah, just just listen to the dynamic of the idea of the dynamic and

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the dynamic of the conversation. I say something, then other people jump in and say answer the question, do this do that? I have? I have I believe I've answered it several times by Joseph, no problem. I'm just saying you said that. I'm answering your answer. To my question.

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I'll be completely honest with you. My knowledge of South African politics is not that good. Tell us I can't answer the question. Because I don't know. There is a discussion Did

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you know, I'm aware of the fact that he took out arms in these things. And

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for me, I don't have enough knowledge of that department of stuff to make a judgment call on that. So I'm not gonna I'm gonna abstain from making it. I don't need to get it all right. Why'd you educate yourself to such a depth about the Jews, but not other conflicts, like in South Africa, South Africa? I mean, that is why when people talk about apartheid,

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so that's a completely ridiculous thing. I don't have knowledge of everything my friend.

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apartheid, apartheid Israel, have you seen Israel's an apartheid state? research what apartheid is? And

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then you understand what the conflict was that you were in South Africa? Yeah, you must understand that.

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Yeah, no, no problem. And what was

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the most people say?

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Most people say he's not why are we talking about Mandela? Why are we talking about? Why are we talking about leaving?

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Are we talking about leaving

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This is actually bullying.

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you leaving me and I bring apartheid? Yes.

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Joseph, say what you wanna say Go ahead.

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Use an individualist when you're outnumbered. Don't worry. Just what do you mean?

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Give a woman to say whatever he wants to say.

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You've got to try and provide context and comparisons Yes. To say is there an equivalent

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that I did the exact same with South Africa. Yeah.

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And you said no, no, no, I don't want to talk about

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my knowledge of it is not good enough for me to make a judgment call on us on that particular topic of wherever Mandela was it was a terrorist or not. I don't know, why do you and so many other Muslims concern yourself so much with the Israel Palestine conflict that, you know, dates and fatalities of something that happened over 80 years ago? Or 70 years ago? Why not? Why did you know? Why do

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Muslims? What you just said doesn't make sense? It makes absolute sense.

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I'm well aware of English history as well. I can give you the names of all the kings that existed from William the Conqueror until the present day, if you want.

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Every single Muslim in this path has an opinion on Israel Palestine. If you have an opinion, very few have an opinion on Sudan.

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Because it's Jews involved? Well, I mean, I'll be honest with you shouldn't be

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shaking your head. But why what's the difference between this closure of Josie vs.

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Iraq? Nice, nice. You're right. Maybe we should I spent some time talking about

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myself, which is the border of Burma. Yeah, yeah. I try to understand that conflict, more Central African Republic, you're right. There's a lot of things going on that Rwanda is not a Muslim country, per se, but 94. The crisis Rwanda is very much not in the minds of many people, including yourself. You have never mentioned Rwanda. You talk about genocide. But when was the last time you mentioned Rwanda, so I don't talk about genocide. I talk about the Holocaust, because that's fine. But the

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Holocaust affects your people. You've just given the answer that you're criticizing.

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I'm saying my bias and I said it consistently. I'm Jewish, and I care about Jewish survival. The Why are you asking me why?

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Okay, so you're saying basically, you're interested in Palestine or the west bank or Israel color, what you want is because you're Muslim. Yeah, that's part of the reason. But also, why is that? There's so many I don't know why you're asking me about this. There's so many Muslims. Because there are so many Muslims and most Muslims don't give a damn about Indians get so much. I asked most Palestinian most Muslims today to explain the Eritrean conflict or to explain the way Eritrea is not a Muslim majority countries. It's got a large Muslim, maybe about 70%. Christian.

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about 30% Muslim official size.

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Is it? Is that messed up? Okay, maybe he corrected me on that one. But according to the official stats, it's like 70% is wrong. Yeah. Okay. He's right. You know, maybe you're right. But

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you didn't tell me probably how many Palestinians live in the West Bank, you can probably tell me so much about the Palestinians. You don't even know that Eritrea is a Muslim majority country.

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This guy's a what you call it? He's Eritrea. Yeah, that's what I'm saying, according to the official stats, is not Muslim majority. That's what I'm saying. Right? Who cares? Anyways, this is the point. This proportionate amount of interest in the Israel policy, I would agree with that. Yeah, I Muslim aid flows.

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This is the problem. Yes. This is no problem for me. There's only one Jewish country in the world, a tiny speck of land.

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for Muslims. Joseph, on that point, I would like to declare that I agree with your point. Okay, thank you. Now, let's move on to what I was talking about before. You segwayed into all these kinds of non issues, huge issues, because

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if you can't keep the logic, no problem.

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Here's the statement I made which you took a particular offense to, and I want to reiterate it not just to cause offense to you, but to cause

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friends here? Well, I just want some time, you know, you're gonna throw the cats in with the pigeon. You're going for the casting with the pitcher. All right, listen.

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My point is this. We're talking about the inception of Israel in 1948. I'm saying to you, and I've presented this counterfactual history of imagine in 100 years time, someone from, say, for instance, the Islamic State survived. And you know, someone, the great grandchild of the Islamic State came here and he's justifying the existence of the Islamic State and that person from the IDF, she said, you know, she didn't really have the reservation with him. I was gonna say to as follows.

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If I say this to

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the statement I made was that in 1946 1949 46, there was a terrorist attack. In fact, there had been campaigns throughout the 40s by this group called the Oregon which is a terrorist organization. And then it became absorbed into the as the country became absorbed into the IDF. And the bigger the government, actually the Israeli government. I said this was terrible.

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About to, let's say, for instance, Osama bin Laden blowing up the night.

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Okay, fine. Sorry, I shouldn't say this. Maybe the numbers are a bit disparate. So I'll say look, seven million just slaughtered no problems. comparison between Listen, listen, I'm saying to you, Jews were fighting for their lives

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the issues of Palestine with the issues of Germany. No, I'm not why are you? Why are you doing this? There was mass migration not talking about Germany. on this issue, there was mass migration into Mandatory Palestine at a time when Britain lock the doors and Jews was slaughtered in the Holocaust. This is very, very clear. It was not to do with Palestine because the Arabs were allowed to flow in and the Jews were locked out. While

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the Jews were fighting the British.

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were fighting the British. So do you accept that you believe that there are freedom fighters? So I believe the Ergun were fighting for I don't like the term freedom fighters. Were they terrorists or freedom fighters? I wouldn't use at the time I say they were a paramilitary force. What were they doing good or bad? I think they were doing a mixture thing. There are good people that did bad things.

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here if I said the same kind of thing about al Qaeda, because there's no comparison there is good and

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Most of the

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fighters had just escaped the death comes of Germany. They just escaped after al Qaeda, Al Qaeda Islamism. They want to conquer the world. Let's know.

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If you think

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fighting for their survival, and this shows the perversion, right, if you're gonna believe the same thing.

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Or they provide

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the Haganah considered a terrorist organization or they provide a gun in the gun. We're in a power struggle and internal power struggle. No, but hey, look, my position is that the gun is which has become really the Israeli government. And the Hagana didn't? Well, it did. Why not in the same way as

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I'm not gonna hold on, hold on. Let me just let me. Let me let me say it depends on what time we're talking about. Here was the one leader for the whole time.

00:22:31--> 00:22:33

He was the Prime Minister. And so he was

00:22:35--> 00:22:38

fine. But hey, the point I'm making to you is as follows. Yeah.

00:22:41--> 00:22:50

If you're finding it so hard to call this, this organization that Oregon a terrorist organization, because they fought for Jews, basically.

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The Jews, never Jewish terrorists, for Goldstein is a Jewish terrorist. Bartelstein went into the cave and the Cave of the patriarchs in Hebron and gunned down Muslims, that prayer, that is an act of terror. There is a huge going into a hotel is not an act of terror and blowing people up. He was a military base, it was the headquarters of a military force. Okay, then they went to military force and then got shut down as All right. Any civilian death is tragic. Is that terrorism or not? I'm explicit guns and shooting them. Again, again. So is that right or wrong? It says, Oh, no, even policies are just literally going round and

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round every time you don't like my answer.

00:23:33--> 00:23:36

And again, it comes down to motivation, leave, Michael.

00:23:39--> 00:23:47

Michael wasn't escaping a holocaust. Michael wasn't fighting for the survival of people. He was fighting for the Islamic State

00:23:48--> 00:23:51

that existed, Islamism he was fighting.

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00:23:58--> 00:24:12

religiously motivated, religiously motivated, was politically motivated. When Tim was when he came out. He said he had a knife in his hands. The problem is hands bloodied. And he said, the reason why I've done this is because Britain is these countries and that country in Iraq and asunder

00:24:14--> 00:24:27

me I believe, given the right context. Sorry, Joseph. Well, given the right context, you yourself might be tempted or swayed to do the kind of things that everyone was doing. What are you talking about it? Now she said, that's like me saying, Oh, you might be a terrorist because you're a Muslim.

00:24:28--> 00:24:29

disgusting thing to say

00:24:35--> 00:24:39

to I devote all of my time trying to build peace and bridges that's like my entire state

00:24:40--> 00:24:43

that believes that there's no borders of Israel.

00:24:44--> 00:24:48

I'm saying the borders have never been agreed by either side. So it's okay. Watch the disposal.

00:24:50--> 00:24:51

Whenever I said that, he

00:24:52--> 00:25:00

said that the borders are defined by the wars are one. So I'm saying in the context of how nation states are born. That is the history

00:25:00--> 00:25:03

The nation. So hey, this is the problem. I want to say to you listen,

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I'm not going to accuse you of being like, you know, a Jewish superior supremacist, because well, you guys did not i'm not going to. Okay, fine. We'll go into because some, some some of the Jewish community just like we have some people have other communities, they say look, they say actually, the Gentiles are not the chosen with a second rate and these things and we are the chosen people. It says that in the Jewish community, you don't know that. I'm asking you who say name one name one Jew that says that what? What you just said that the Gentiles as a secondary? Yeah, actually, as part of the law, which was Israeli?

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Israeli law is not Judaism.

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They're not the same.

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Yeah, I was gonna say Judaism is a Jewish community. Okay. Okay. Okay, fine. You did?

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Okay, no? losses. There's not equality between Gentiles.

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What does it say? You're telling me Hold on a minute. Wait, you don't want to go this?

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I do. I do want to go. Are you telling me right now, in your opinion, from 1948? Up until 2018? Which is what? 60 years? Exactly? 6070 years? 70 years? 70 years. 70 years? Are you telling me that entrenched into the Israeli law every given time and practiced by the Israeli government? was an equality between Jews and non Jews? Is that your opinion? I asked you to give an example where it is? No, no, no, no, that is my opinion.

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I'm really happy you're

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given Exactly.

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Give me an example where it is.

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So instead of just installing, okay, I am going to give you an example. Here's the example.

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Example one,

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according to almost all mainstream, left wing news outlets like Harris, and I've made this point before, it's not the case, that there's not been an inequality between Jews and non Jews. There has not even been an am asking for a state law.

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Let me finish one economist and it says,

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I haven't finished my point.

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I had this by the way, my premise wasn't the laws. I said, the laws and the government's actions. That's why I said, Give me an example. I'm giving you an example right now.

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First, the law. Okay. Is it Oh, yeah, no, no problem. Immigration, immigration law was put down and other than when it was put down, that any Jew in any part of the world has the right to sell Israel? And how does that Israeli Arabs?

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because that gives enhanced immigration status to Jews over non Jews? Again?

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You said?

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Yeah, they're not called Israeli Arabs. They don't. They do call themselves who calls themselves a personal friend of mine who serves in the Israeli government? Okay.

00:28:32--> 00:28:34

They call themselves Palestinians for the most part.

00:28:35--> 00:28:36

For the most part.

00:28:41--> 00:28:42

I've spoken to them myself.

00:28:46--> 00:28:52

Okay, no problem. I'll ask Can you give me one? No, the right source, it goes back to

00:28:54--> 00:29:15

the rights explicitly emphasizes that Jewish people have a right to return to so they have a right to be in Israel, wherever they are in the world, over and above the right that would otherwise be given to a Muslim for example, again, so you have this religious discrimination. It's not religious discrimination is a form that you can be secular, non religious, Jew and still

00:29:16--> 00:29:34

discrimination. Yeah. I think discrimination is we don't like that, because it's based on urine third, which is our definition. You agree that this is a discriminatory law, again, within Israeli society, and you asked me to provide one law and I've given it to you. What are you going to say about this? I'm trying to respond. Yes.

00:29:35--> 00:29:41

Within Israeli society, there is not one law that discriminated against Arabs. I've just told you why any any.

00:29:43--> 00:29:51

Any Jew who lives outside of Israel is not a citizen of Israel. We can agree that Yeah. Any Jew that lives in Israel.

00:29:52--> 00:29:53

They have the ability to

00:29:54--> 00:29:57

religious discrimination based on ethnic religious groupings.