Common Mistakes During Ramadan #17 – Losing Motivation

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Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim

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common mistakes that Muslims make during the month of Ramadan and their fasting.

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From the common mistakes that Muslims make during the month of Ramadan is losing motivation after the first few days and wanting to wait for the last 10 days to do more and more good Subhan Allah the month of Ramadan is not meant to be a month, where we begin strong fall asleep and try to end strong. It's meant to be as the prophets I seldom teaches us about general things in our life and connection to Allah, that some of the smaller things that we do consistently over a long period of time is more beloved and accepted by Allah Subhana. Allah to Allah has a greater power in my life in your life than the one big thing that we do as a one off, and therefore kind of begin the month of

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Ramadan with a spirit with an energy and a strategic plan of fulfilling day to day objectives that arrive and calculate and end the month of Ramadan on a crescendo on a higher level of rabada rather than you have a elevated upright status for the first three days. And what we see in the messages after the fifth or sixth day that there's a plummet in the numbers of people joining us Gemma and in the enthusiasm that are times that we find. Now of course there will be the normal physical constraints that we have. It is normal after a couple of days of fasting that you become more now. So part of the way that you and I can help ourselves in this common mistake is to make sure we are

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hydrated well and that we're not eating the excessive fatty foods and delicious sweets that we love that kind of keep us stuck down to our couch. You want to be light and you want to be mobile for the month of Ramadan and for your Sadat you want to be well hydrated and being a person who is light on their feet in their Eva is going to carry you through as you move forward in the days of the month of Ramadan. Number three I guess an attachment to this as a word of advice that to eliminate this common mistake is to surround ourselves with people who have this same objective. Try to set up a network with like minded beautiful, pious people who are going to motivate you to come to town that

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you carpool together that you nominate who is going to drive one week and another person another week or another day that you share the burden of motivating each other to that which is higher inshallah. Subscribe to this channel, share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at faith IQ is like a low high dose and I want you to cancel