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AI: Summary © The historical context behind "cents" of fear" in English is discussed, with a emphasis on the deeper meaning behind the phrase and how it relates to the concept of fear. A woman namedyoon is also mentioned as supposed to become a loyal friend and receive a reward for doing good. Pr practicing and learning to handle one's actions are emphasized, along with a website to donate generously. A woman namedyoon is also mentioned as supposed to become a loyal friend and receive a duplicate reward.
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Today's topic is Dawa inspiration, inviting people to Allah in Surah number 41 sort of facilites ayah number 33 Allah subhanaw taala says, Woman axon kolam min manda illa Allah, wa mula Solly Han. We'll call it in any mineral Muslimeen.

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Allah subhanaw taala says that who can be more excellent in speech, whose words can be better than the one who calls to Allah, who does good deeds, and says that I am from amongst the believers. I am from amongst those who submit to Allah.

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In this particular verse, Allah subhanaw taala reminds us of the very important aspect, teaching and responsibility that we have in our religion, a very important part of living our faith and living the Quran. And that is to call people to Allah. Dawa. That will literally means to call out to someone and Dawa it Allah means to call to Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala reminds us that whose words are more excellent who is better in speech than the one that calls to Allah? This is a rhetorical question Meaning nobody speech is better than the one who is inviting people, calling people to Allah. That that is one of the most noble things that someone can do. And that is to

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reconnect the creation with its creator, to help people reconnect to Allah subhanaw taala reminding them of Allah, telling them about Allah, calling them to Allah, helping them reconnect to Allah being a means a conduit of people finding their faith in their Imam and their belief.

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it doesn't just simply stop there. Well, I mean, I certainly haven't, but then also doing good deeds. Because there's equally a warning in the Quran limita coluna, mulata falloon? Why do you say that which you do not do yourself? That's what Luna, NASA will vary within Sona and physical, do you tell people to do good and then forget about yourselves. So you have to practice what you preach. And a lot of times people have this conundrum. People ask this question that, well, if I'm not really practicing everything I should be, then should I not preach, then? I'd like to look at it the other way around. Why don't you start practicing more to match the level of what you are preaching?

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And then thirdly, what color in the middle Muslimeen, which has multiple interpretations to it. But one of the ones that is very beautiful that I'll share here is that the person says I am from amongst those who submit to Allah, that a person is humble. They don't think they're better than anyone. There's no self righteousness. But the person humbles themselves and says, I'm just a believer, I'm from amongst the community, of the Muslims, I belong to the ummah.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the next verse, well, at least I will have said I do what I say.

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This is very interesting, because Allah, normally to translation is good and bad are not equal. But that could be said, as well as this that will have to do with Signia good and bad are not equal. But Allah says, well, our tester will have an adu Wallah, a Saikia.

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There's repetition of the law, the negation here. So that's why the Scholars explained that the translation is not all good is equal, not all bad, is equal, and good and better, obviously not equal. What does that mean? What that means a lot explains to us and next part of the verse in the far bility. He said, that always respond and react to everything in every situation with that which is better that which is more excellent. And here we learn a miracle of the Quran and a miracle of the prophetic conduct and the prophetic behavior. What is that for evil lady bein Kobina who are Dawa Khanna who will be going HMI then all of a sudden, the person that between you and then there

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used to exist severe animosity, and enmity and hatred. Gotta know who will even help me with that person all of a sudden will become like your most loyal devout friend and ally. Well, might you not call her Illallah Dina Sabado Allah

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alternate goes on to say that this is not possible for those except for those who practice patience. This will require patience and resilience. Well my good luck haha Illa de hatin Aldine that if you are able to practice this, then you have received a great reward and a great portion from Allah, what you Megan's 100 Necromunda shape on in this one for sorry Bella and then Allah goes on to say that if shaytaan tries to get in your head and tries to get in your way, then take refuge with ALLAH against a pawn in a horse in your alley. Because Allah subhanaw taala is all hearing and all knowing. So this message here in the Quran is about Dawa, and preaching. And something I wanted to

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mention that is very beautiful. This comes with a lot of responsibility. As the verse explains, you have to do good, you have to be humble. You have to remember to always take the high road you have to respond in a better way.

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But as they say the juice is worth the squeeze. It's worth the trouble. The prophets Allah the sum tells us a Daniel Allen Haley Caffarelli that the person who leads someone else to good is as if they did the good themselves. That a person who calls others to Allah in calls others towards good things.

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They get the full reward of the good that will come from that anyone that will follow their advice anyone that will heed their counsel, and the good that they will do, that person will receive a replica the reward replicated for them as well. They are mean lady and young cousin Judy him che it will not take anything away from the reward of the person that did good, but you will also receive a duplicate reward. So this is a way for a person to be able to expand so much good in their lives as Allah tells us, hello De Luca malati Jarratt into G Caminada. Vienna Lim that this is the kind of trade this is the kind of business that will save you from the very painful torment of the life of

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the hereafter. May Allah subhanaw taala always make us a means of good May Allah make us amongst those people who spread good and share good and our means of good and may Allah protect us from ever becoming a means of something bad or evil. BarakAllahu fecal Gerakan Allahu Kaitlan was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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