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First of all, you have the seller, okay? When we say the seller, I'm talking about the first kind of 300 years.

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of them you have Hannibal, like, for example, I have a double humble his son, Abdullah, you haven't Hillel, you know, I'm trying to say you have

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Lucozade Mata, you have people like, you know, a caveman.

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How do we, you have so on and so forth all written tracks and treatises on as well as the fact

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of the Ashanti move, Asha is the early Asha is the precursor to the Ashanti movement for people like him collab. And how does mahasi Okay, now these individuals came, they predated our hustle ashari, as you know, right. But they were precursors to him. Now, the question is, to what extent was there a differentiation between the early habila and the early aside or the precursors to the ashari movement? Now, what I would say is that at that point, the situation was a little bit more hazy, okay. Although I'm it's not as simple as you think. There are some things which the humble is were very clear about in terms of smells effect. Okay. However, even within the Hamblen school of

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thought, there's color, like for example, Apple Yalla, and ignore appeal. He and even Josie, there were different to the rest of the nebula. And likewise, a balaclava, Kalani, okay.

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was different to a lot of those who came after him including a geranium as it is my opinion. Therefore, there is a spectrum of belief when it comes to this mouse effect and the extent of typhoid slash is bad slash that will whatever it may be, you want to call it so the column is not, okay. This was the Ashley's think. And this was the nice thing. This is what these are shot is taught. This is what these are shallow, concise. Exactly. So for example, if you if you if you have studied ashari aqeedah, you would have studied something like a sunset, or anessa Fish Creek, you would have studied la County's giocato hate, you would have studied those things in detail. But

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those things are based, as you know, on the column of a lot of the time of joining and he's shed. But now the question is, is LGBT is a shed? Is that consistent with now the pre ashari hightest mahasi b and a column the argument is, is that the early Ashley's will estimate the food

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and then the later ones might have adopted giving the meaning?

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early ones, the late ones that did the exact opposite as well. Right. So of course, of course, let's say Dasha is different in many in certain things. However, they've agreed upon negating the fact that Allah has a physical limit. Yeah. And so have the authorities and humbleness. So is that your position? Yes. So Allah does not have no no one says that Allah is physical from the Muslims.

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Thank you.

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I have no need to discuss with you.

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No, no, no, no, no. The word physical is something which no one has said.

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Here's what we say when they say when they say the manner of yet means. The hand that we all know a hand that grabs is that not a physical heart?

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I understand this. I understand your concern here. I get it. Well, here's what I'll say that no one says the word physical what they say? Like let's say let's use it. Let's be frank. Let's be frank and open. Yeah, let's use the most common example, which is ALU. Okay, let's see. Let's use ALU. Let's say a not Allah. Where is Allah? subhanho wa Taala. Okay. Now, the Ashanti creed, is there. Would you say that there's one answer within the Ashley's intellect question. Lisa McKenna knows a man. Would you say that? That's the standard answer.

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I would say that's false. And I'll give you the, I'll give you the I'll give you the evidence for this right now. Okay. As we said before, I will hustle Rashard. He's written a book called abana, which is disputed, I'm not gonna go into it. You know why? Because I know there's going to be column in manuscript and makuta hasn't been mis cataloged is it been mitsuba to him, and it's not meant to I'm not gonna go into color. However, I could say that his students, like he had a student called

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genius. Who did do nocal of his column in a banner, which was concurrent with the naskah that we have, I'm not going to go into that he got a book called Mr. colossal Islam in and he's booking metallocene Islam in he talks about an author or al Hadith and he says that this was the the film called the correct one and so on, and they say this is bad. On the issue of aluna if we go to a hadith mo huseby, and they will collapse, what do they say about all they do is better value and they use different words in that or have certain thoughts. For example, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, they don't use those calamp they use other words. Yeah, yeah. And you mustn't use colwood.

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Tyler Yes. Allah Yes. How to kill him. Oh, yeah. So they use that to to do his best of color. Now it's not the food because if it was the food, they would have to use exactly the same color. Now so for example,

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How does mahasi be? An even column? And how does the Mojave has a keytab code for him? And he does. He says that Allah is for cops he bet in Roman hulking. ismar back in one Min halki He didn't say a ramen. Oh ALLAH says stoer which would be the food because the food you have to use the same color. And how does Mohammed Now listen to this very important. Now, Abu Bakr Baca Lang has a book called a template, you must be aware of this book. Yes.

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Okay. You came in, you said, you said that.

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A very important concept is a precursor to the cause Ellie's books, because obviously I buckle and he came before me. By the way, I read a lot of a shoddy stuff. Yeah. So

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now we had the makuta which is a manuscript of Tim eat that alcocer Yeah, kelston he, he did nephew listen to this very important accounts that he was like contemporary 100 years or whatever it was 79 years ago. He said that because there's a coil of even taymiyah and those guys saying that Abu Bakr Lenny's allies above his throne, that's what he says. Now, even taymiyah saying, alas, above his throne.

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Sorry, obviously that's his position. He's saying that he doesn't know who he's doing knuckle of

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a buccal battle and he's saying that he's the he's the closest to us because he says Allah is above his throat in what 10 feet. The total the manuscript that was was gotten now from Tommy has in it that Abacus battle and he says that Allah is for corruption, etc, etc, etc. This is not just so the Ashanti movement, the early ash IRA, in my opinion, they had a different understanding of its metals different than those who came after them. And likewise, some hanabi la like Abuja, Allah and inoty has very tough we do if you call it

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even wheelie type tendencies. So the issue is not his will definitely say, and here's what the ashati say the issue is this. What did the self say? Because my argument will be this. Now you must have read. Yes, you must have read halco if I love it, buy a bottle Buhari. Buhari wrote a book. He's on Jama other column. Listen to this very important Colombia. Al Bukhari, the oma has agreed upon Buhari.

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He's got a book called Hong Kong. What do you mean by a green Yani in that he's he's not someone of deviancy? Yes. So no one will say that Buhari is a deviant he's suddenly now what is his position of where is Allah? The very important question. He brings up well, in Hong Kong, I bet of the salaf Sofia salary and bla bla bla all of them saying that Allah is above his throne. Okay, I would say the exact same thing.

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Yes, but he uses different words. Hmm, very important. So he doesn't say the same laughs of the Quran, which is a ramen

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etc, because that would be the fleet economic qumola but this is not the fleet because he's using it. Now that when the sellers did this, they use different words. So they said something like, la here's how to kill him. Or they would say the fact that a lot of bad you don't mean Hulk a photocopy be there at all this column is in there. So in Hello class, I live I buy alcohol he he puts together this column, which says on Allu because there's things while I write that book, Buhari wrote that book because he wanted to show he wanted to show what his aqidah was because people were accusing him of being like saying that the Quran is created, etc. He said no, I don't believe in that. I'm

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with Ahmed. And this my belief so he wanted to, to a to legitimize his son, Satanism, if you like, and and align himself with Ahmed and he wrote this book as a compiled version of upwell where you can ask the question, what are the narrations by Buhari collated because that is the best muhaddith of all time. So his narrations are gonna be so high. And moreover, you don't need to

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know because there's more Lacasse inside of the column and what has the difference? Sorry, sorry to cut you off. The difference is that because he was mentioning his contemporaries, the difference is that he's talking about people that lives in his time. Yeah, the difference is that when Bahati you can't have more luck, because you know the issue with body is more Lockhart Yeah. Which by the way if Nigeria last colony done was to love it. There's a book that imagelist Kalani, for example the Hades of music so to be controversial, but Lacuna Coil is the Hello Hello, hello, compromise. If he's very well known, there's going to be people of you that are going to do halaal do salad or

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something which is not Haram. And he mentioned four things. One of them is Mises music. So Allah has led you and then has him and him not to be an affair to Malala Matt said that Hadith is what suspended therefore music is what halaal because that's the only advice you have for music sake. It's hot. But then what if Nigel Escalante, he mentioned that he is Fatah Berry. He mentioned that actually we do watch some of that Hadith, particularly through a sirkeci you and

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Yeah, you don't believe

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the only thing is it's not something that's physical.

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Baba, here's what I want to say to you. The point is Al Bukhari which goes against what I would say some Mutasa been saying, okay, from the Chinese I'm going to be very clear, just like this Mutasa been from the taillights, because that's what they are. Some people they follow tame Edom Tamia as if he's in Mombasa, trust me in

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Sunni Islam.

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He makes mistakes. And this is gonna be shocked. He believed that he made tequila when he claimed No, I don't know.

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I think that he made mistakes when it comes to issues when he repented in public. Do you believe that?

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to be genuine? Yeah, I don't think even Tamia? Yes.

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Once again, yes. This column is quite such a

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glorious, yeah.

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I don't know. I don't know what. No, no, I don't know. No, really.

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It's not my carry. I don't care about his website. If you say to me, even taymiyah I'm not here to defend him and Tamia. Sorry, I'm really not. I'm not saying I'm not saying that. I love even taymiyah. I think he's a Muslim, I assume the Muslim and the one who made many arguments, which I think a lot of nationalities would disregard, because of maybe a polemical position, just in the same way as many attorneys would disregarded as early for a political position. But what I would say is, he made mistakes, and that's something that you won't hear many people saying, for example, we've made mistakes. And yet, for instance, in the humble if he mohalla, three talaaq, and one

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mejlis. That's, that's killer. And so

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maybe, maybe we are sorry, just to finish off, what I was gonna say to you, is this, the end that allows us to call is that if you look at the column of the cell, if I'm going to sound a bit like shamcey, isn't it? But when I say setup, I'm not talking about Ruby on metallic. Okay, I'm sorry, I'm talking about the actual self, self assala. I'm talking about the Sahaba and those who came after them, and those who came up to them. If you look at the column of those individuals, including al Bukhari, who done compiling, including heartbroken many who had mistakes as well, I'm not gonna say, you know, it was a man who had his mistakes is almost saying it. But if you look at that

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column, their position is he left the later Ashley position on issues to do with my opinion, that is that is in the sense that they would say allies above the Throne, you wouldn't say, allies above the throne in Colombia is different. If you're an Ashanti, you'd use the same exact color of the Quran. But if you if you say that Allah is above the Throne, yes, you're making a statement, whereas Allah, is that a legitimate question? So obviously, I shall use a nice llama can Rosa man.

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But then the sellers didn't say this, the seller said, that allows above the Throne. The Sahaba said that. And so the people that came after them and the people that came after them, and that can easily be shown. You see, I'm saying? So that's why I'm saying that the question of this Dutch acquisition, and this is actually and this is no, no, there is a nice intersection between the two. And there are people with maturity.

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Do you believe that they literally believe Allah was physically above?

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Say, I like this place? But

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Allah is

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that in reality, both opinions are correct. No, no, no. They're not correct. Let me explain why. Because when they

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place, meaning, Allah has no fixed physical abode. No, no, no, but let me explain. Let me explain. Now that even according to us joining now, you must have read the works of joining because he's, yes, I'm luck. Oh, and my opinion, he is that shocked? Me. He's the turning point, sir. He's a shock to

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me. now.

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Come here, just to find out what you believe the last time but yes, your answer suffices for me. Yes. Okay. Right, because that

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opinion is not required for you evil. Wait, yes. I wanted to hit Yeah.

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Of course, we

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need to be discussing disagreements for 1400 years, right. Yeah, exactly. I've been doing it for years. Yes.

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You're more knowledge than me

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and we shouldn't be discussing these topics. I went against my own will so last time to consolidate our I shouldn't have discussed in the first place. So I just wanted to hear what you believe because he claimed to be an athlete. And now I understand you claim to be I claim to be someone I genuine when it comes to our car and I claim to be someone who tries to follow the Sahaba Why? Because the pronouns are Salim said hydro Quran cotney familia de Luna now

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that is also I so when it comes to Messiah smells effect. For me the best and safest opinion is to go to what the rules said I literally go to those books. I don't care what Danny even came up came he died 728 eight we know we know he died 728 A

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is not really relevant. Exactly Strickler was happy.

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Thank you