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Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be centered around a discussion about the Muslim community's actions related to suicide and the inbreeding problems in Islam. The speakers discuss the use of thumbs up and the idea of "right in mind" in the discussion. They also mention a study that suggests that 50 million people die due to suicide.
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went down to

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drive something into a mosque. So it was it was the same spot.

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Do all your Gavin McInnes the store allegedly, allegedly, Rebel media.

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So tell me, we got a debate on the go between you

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Why don't you grow the mustache? It's so much amplification the beard a big mustache really helps to find a face to dunk like Christians is awful left opposed to shadow.

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Is that

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Is it all right? You know what do you know something funny now, let me tell you something about going out there every time there's a terrorist attack and I see the picture, I think grow it out. Do you know what it is? Yeah.

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Me naturally I thought even grown by nothing It takes

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just didn't happen overnight. Did you go to the logon?

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Yeah. What was that? I mean, I'm in the band, The Rolling Stones. I play bass. Okay, so what's the what's your? What's your

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question? I'm not sure if you have one. But why is your take on Islam? Not a fan? Okay, why don't you What's your issue?

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Ron is proportionately violent. Okay, good. Very nice. So

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no, time? No, no.

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rife with contradictions, because it was written by conflicting tribes. So every time you say it says everyone's friends.

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It's difficult to make claims about the honey, when you haven't even read the frog. Now, let me tell you.

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I've never not read the Koran.

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I believe the first one you open the cloud, like the first chapter was a cool one. What's the contents of it? I don't want to disparage that didn't say the wrong thing. No, no, don't say

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murder. None of that worry about it, though. I

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cannot recommend

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two thumbs up.

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Do you do you defend my rights to freedom of speech today? No. Freedom of speech is only for non Muslims. Looks.

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Good. I admire your honesty.

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I'll defend your right to say anything you want at your own event. Okay, so that's what he told me. You can do what you like.

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You here today?

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Okay. As soon as you open up, I know what you're doing. A million times. It's pedantic. Okay. The problem is in the Muslim community, there's a disproportionate number of criminal acts going on. There is a disproportionate number No, not just roaming everything. And I think it's linked to the inbreeding problems in Islam. Okay. Very nice. You know, it's really interesting you say that, because when Hitler was right in mind

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when Hitler was using

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one of the things that he would use in the formation of Jewish people and

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now it seems like inbreeding is one of those things.

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What are you talking what percentage of American Muslims think suicide bombings is justified? That would have to be determined by whatever you're doing.

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Sometimes, you just never know what your

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majority I'll give you that. Well, I mean, according to one study that's been done yet.

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50 million, right.

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A mother like a sister.

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You'll find

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pretty boring.

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A woman

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a woman

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Yes, yes, yes, yes.

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by the way, I love you guys.

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By the way, by the way

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I was invited today

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