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Gavin Mcinnes Takes on Muslim

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Mohammed Hijab

Channel: Mohammed Hijab

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went down to

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drive something into a mosque. So it was it was the same spot.

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Do all your Gavin McInnes the store allegedly, allegedly, Rebel media.

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So tell me, we got a debate on the go between you

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Why don't you grow the mustache? It's so much amplification the beard a big mustache really helps to find a face to dunk like Christians is awful left opposed to shadow.

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Is that

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Is it all right? You know what do you know something funny now, let me tell you something about going out there every time there's a terrorist attack and I see the picture, I think grow it out. Do you know what it is? Yeah.

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Me naturally I thought even grown by nothing It takes

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just didn't happen overnight. Did you go to the logon?

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Yeah. What was that? I mean, I'm in the band, The Rolling Stones. I play bass. Okay, so what's the what's your? What's your

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question? I'm not sure if you have one. But why is your take on Islam? Not a fan? Okay, why don't you What's your issue?

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Ron is proportionately violent. Okay, good. Very nice. So

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no, time? No, no.

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rife with contradictions, because it was written by conflicting tribes. So every time you say it says everyone's friends.

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It's difficult to make claims about the honey, when you haven't even read the frog. Now, let me tell you.

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I've never not read the Koran.

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I believe the first one you open the cloud, like the first chapter was a cool one. What's the contents of it? I don't want to disparage that didn't say the wrong thing. No, no, don't say

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murder. None of that worry about it, though. I

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cannot recommend

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two thumbs up.

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Do you do you defend my rights to freedom of speech today? No. Freedom of speech is only for non Muslims. Looks.

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Good. I admire your honesty.

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I'll defend your right to say anything you want at your own event. Okay, so that's what he told me. You can do what you like.

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You here today?

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Okay. As soon as you open up, I know what you're doing. A million times. It's pedantic. Okay. The problem is in the Muslim community, there's a disproportionate number of criminal acts going on. There is a disproportionate number No, not just roaming everything. And I think it's linked to the inbreeding problems in Islam. Okay. Very nice. You know, it's really interesting you say that, because when Hitler was right in mind

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when Hitler was using

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one of the things that he would use in the formation of Jewish people and

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now it seems like inbreeding is one of those things.

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What are you talking what percentage of American Muslims think suicide bombings is justified? That would have to be determined by whatever you're doing.

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Sometimes, you just never know what your

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majority I'll give you that. Well, I mean, according to one study that's been done yet.

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50 million, right.

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A mother like a sister.

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You'll find

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pretty boring.

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A woman

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a woman

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Yes, yes, yes, yes.

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by the way, I love you guys.

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By the way, by the way

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I was invited today