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How did the female companions respond to the initial commandment of the Hijab

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Abu Bakr Zoud

Channel: Abu Bakr Zoud

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Episode Transcript

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I showed you a loved one. And she says that when the hijab became obligatory, because of course the hijab became obligatory when we saw our salon was in Medina before that, observing the hijab wasn't obligatory. So you can imagine they were Muslim woman walking around the town with no jab, they Harris is uncovered. And the job that the Muslim lady wears today wasn't what they were wearing before the obligatory of the obligation of the hijab. So when the obligation of an hijab was revealed, I went to law soldier and commanded the dasia must be observed, and that this command became spread in Medina. You know what happened? This is what happened. I showed the Amman one as

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she says that the woman scheppach, Namu, Puna, Fatah, Hamas, nappy, her

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look and I want you to focus on the obedience in the quick submission. I shall be a loved one and she says that the woman Shattuck nama Rupa Han Shukla, meaning they took a part of the clove, and they rip the part of the Ecole, and they covered their hair with it. So Pamela, as they went to a select in a Muslim, they rip some of the colon and back in the time only we're not speaking about a closet, they didn't have a closet full of clothes. People own the pair of code two, three, perhaps Macs. So the woman went out of their way to rip a part of their clothes and to cover the hair. Why? Simply because in the vehcile model, alayhi wa sallam commanded it and they quickly rushed to it

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without any delay, without any excuse. They didn't come to the Miss nosara Selim Allah so Allah, please give us a day just so we can buy some material or so we can make some material so we can put our hair just give us a day or two, and shall be patient with us and we'll do it. But they rip their clothes to put something on their head rushing to the obedience of law. So again, so now when they did that, it wasn't a matter of what they put on their head. It wasn't a matter of what they want, how it looked like and how beautiful or not they didn't care about that. The matter of the fact was rushing to the obedience of the commands of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam