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Everything that happens in your life you take a nice picture of it and push it up. Doesn't it happen nowadays? Watch out Be careful. People are suffering and struggling Why? Lie? No Huck you need to know this. The evil eye is the truth. The Hadith says you are inviting people to have the evil eye on you. Look what I ate. Well, I've seen people's profiles every meal they change the picture. Why? Because I had turkey Wow. Did you have Turkey, they say I had this lasagna. And you need to know how to pronounce it as well and how to spell it as well.

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And I had this and that. And this is the juice I had in the drink I had and this is where I went. And this is the hotel I stayed in. And this is how beautiful this was. This is the dress I bought and this every single thing and everywhere you dress your child and the picture is up and you dress another child and the picture is one lie there is a lesson go back to Surah Yusuf. There are two times that we learn the lesson in this surah in this regard. One was when the brothers were all entering into that particular palace or into the the ministries in order to get their food the father says enter separately. And one of the reasons mentioned in the books of the scene is so that

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the people's eye does not catch you all and does not affect you with the evil eye. That was one of the lessons that we learn and here as well. The father says Lata pasado aka Kala aquatic do not relate this dream to your brothers. Do not relate it to your brothers. Why? Because they may plot against you out of what it is clear out of jealousy. And the Hadith says in Mel Casa de Koolhaas Anna Kamata, Coronado haka, indeed, jealousy would eat away at your good deeds in the same way that fire would eat a dry log. And we know this. So my brothers and sisters, Think for a moment before you upload your pictures. And before you actually put your food and everything else, you know, we

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are not saying that you should divorce yourself completely from technology. But what we are saying, make good use of it. make the best use of it, but do not use it to destroy your own self. You can you can tell genuine people, sometimes some goodness you've been in, but it does not have to be everything. Because let me be honest, you send 123 10 pictures, and some people who see it are wishing for it all their lives working towards it and you have it with so much ease. Do you think they will be able to digest it they will come a stage in their lives when they start feeling something towards you. Look at this person, they have heaven on earth and they don't know the

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problems you have in the in this dunya Why don't we put a profile I'm not encouraging it. But I'm saying Imagine if we were to put up profiles about the bad things that happened in our lives all the time, we would be living in gloom and doom. But man is such by nature. He wants a good picture of himself out. He wants a good picture everyone we want a good image. So there's no harm in portraying that good image but it does not need to be the finer details of your life. Leave that between you and your loved ones and those who shared it. And sometimes if you really want perhaps once in a while, you may want to share it with the selected few May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a

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powerful and a beautiful lesson.