Umm Abdullah Explains Herself to Mufti Menk

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You haven't pinched anybody's monies right? I mean, I get what you're saying, and and you fulfilled, whatever needed to be fulfilled. And the balance is what I'm asking you about. Where did it go? What the charities commission? Because I mean, what role did you play later on? Ever since the first the money I've always been cooperating with the charge commission even after I left has always been cooperating with them. And so not very recently, a couple months ago, they asked me for permission, the remaining funds can be sent to a reliable source to the Rohingya refugees, and I gave you permission for that. So Hamdulillah, I am happy to do that. Then the money for where it was intended

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to go, it has gone to that it has gone to the Rohingya refugees for the remaining. That's what I wanted to know. Because I mean, people donated for Rohingya. I just want to myself, and you're giving me this opportunity to clarify things. So I just wanted to clarify with you to say, did that money actually go to religious now you're telling me that the 68 you guys took it personally, and you fulfilled it and the rest of it, charities commission, you were cooperating with them? And they asked you if they could actually give that money to other charities.

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So I want to come here, what a catch all. How are you guys doing? So we just see this woman now, who has been trying to condom Muslim community into thinking that she's a pious woman, woman niqab. Her and has been, has been ex husband has been at the boy, the boy who has before that, you know, trying to be Rocky, you know what I mean? And then a mess and a lot of money going on the handle and his wife goes to the clubs at night, taken off, niqab and grinding other men clubs, is the kind of level of hypocrisy that these people are offering on us at the same time trying to be pretend to be pious people try and pretend to be religious people, you know, trying to con us. Come on, please. And now

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you come in, and you're trying to

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pretend that you've that now you're going to watch what you want to come back on the public scene, become a public figure, again, missing the land light, or, you know, you think we're going to trust you and I forgive you. Now, if that's something that you cannot recover from, or would you respect, and no, we're not saying you cannot be your repentance is not accepted. We're not in a position to say that, obviously, if you've repented a lot is between you and him.

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But we are in a position to say that we're not going to be taken for a ride again, by you. Or your ex husband, or, or, or the other woman who is also video going outside the clubs. And while SARS been was with her, you know, to outside the clubs enjoying themselves was those men were around her, you know, eyeing her up as you want to put it in that language. And maybe even doing more was the day youth was watching on the day with her son at the boy.

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And now they've come trying to come back, you know, crocodile tears. This and that, you know, make justifications.

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we've come a long way, haven't we, we have come a long way as the Muslim community we are not to be tricked twice. And this is Hadith, which I'm now going to explain the context of because this man in a battle with the Prophet mamzer sallam, he, basically the Prophet was merciful with him when he first caught him.

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And then he caught him again. And then the Prophet master Selim said,

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lay although in my routine, that the movement is not to be bitten from the same hole twice, avoid now from the Sahara, in the desert, and I see an individual, if I see a holder, and the lizard comes out of it, you know what I mean? And put my hand out, and then the lizard bites man, I'd be a fool. I'd be an absolute fool to put my hand in the same place twice, and the Muslim community will be absolute fools to be exploited again, by given these people's views, or following them on Instagram, or indeed, contributing to anything they do or say, which has any financial

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kind of implications. So with that, I say Santa Monica Mountains lowercase m, by the way, and this is yes, something on so tell the boy that you're finished. And not only are you finish where you're going to stay being finished, don't try and make you don't try and

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Don't try and come back because no the Muslim can we are not gonna allow it.