Abdullah Hakim Quick – The Oppression in the Sacred Months

Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including the sacred month of DH and the importance of not overestimating the length of time. They also touch on the issue of oppression and the need for people to control behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of fasting, learning from Elders, respecting each other, and taking time to learn from them. They also mention the potential danger of the cell phone causing cancer and the importance of learning from one's elders and taking time to learn from them.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa t battling would have been without ridhwan illa Allah God me Why shall one La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lah wa shadow, Mohammed Abdul hora Sulu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam early he was happy woman to be done what he was tending to be so nutty. Isla Yomi Dean was Southern Sleeman kathira. A my bad appraiser due to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

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And surely the best reward ultimately, is for those who have Taqwa.

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And surely there is no animosity, except for the oppressor.

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And I bear witness that Allah is one and has no partners.

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And Mohammed, ibn Abdullah is his servant, his last message, may Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, to his companions, to all those who call to his way, establishes sooner, to the Day of Judgment, as to what follows.

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I begin by reminding myself

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and you of the importance of the consciousness of a law,

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that our existence on this earth is ultimately dependent upon the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has revealed His power, His glory in many different ways, some that are not visible, and some that are visible, and right in front of us.

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Those issues surrounding us, the air that we breathe,

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the sunlight coming in our atmosphere, we take it for granted.

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But without these elements, our existence would come to an end.

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And allow supernote Allah has given us the understanding, to be able to grasp things that are in front of us, parts of creation, that have been given to us. Allah has revealed his words kalambo la, el mundo de la Mohammed Salah he has revealed upon end

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the last Testament in it, there is knowledge of critical importance. In it, there is wisdom, that if we as individuals, that if our communities if the Muslim world, would take it to heart would deal with this court and not just as a book, not just as something to recite. But as guidance from the Creator of the heavens in the earth.

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Then we would find in sha Allah, and amazing change in our lives.

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And this book was meant to deal with real issues, to deal with time. And as we pass through time,

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as we pass through the months of the year, Allah subhanaw taala measured the Quran gave us guidance that we could keep ourselves in tuned with the universe. We could keep ourselves on the straight path

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and insert tober verse 36, Allah azza wa jal has told us

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in the editor shahadi en de la nostra Shanthi ki tabula yo Macaca summer Watashi wa out main house out of Baton hora

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de la cadena kya for that tadley movie in and for SQL, Allah. Allah has revealed insert the Toba Verily, the number of months with Allah is 12 months in a year.

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So it was ordained when Allah created the heavens and the earth.

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Of these 12 there are four months which are sacred

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or battle hora they are sacred months. Then Allah said, that is the right religion. So do not wrong yourselves. Do not oppress yourselves.

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Prophet Muhammad SAW seldom was reported to have informed his companions that these four sacred months

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these months are the cause

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The doll head job Muharram and Raja

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and the sacredness of these months,

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as reported by Abdullah but they are baths is that it is a special time in which the room that we do the sins that we do are magnified,

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they are increased

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and the good that we do is also magnified.

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So, it is a time when we have to be aware of what is happening around us. We have to be aware of what we say

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and what we do.

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And this is part of the Divine balance that Allah azza wa jal has made in the year with Ramadan. And then coming show while it's coming, it's moving. And now we are in dough cada Alhamdulillah we have entered into the sacred month of Dhaka

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and this month, is a time it literally though cada is literally the month of sitting Alka it is the one who is sitting,

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it is also the time of settlement. So the sitting is not a negative concept. It does not mean you become lazy. But the sitting here means we drop a political agenda.

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If there is fighting going on. If there is warfare, you drop the warfare in the sacred months.

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If there are disputes, arguments between individuals during this sacred month, you drop it.

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It is a special time and when we are imbalanced like this,

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the balance itself would cure many of the problems that we are having.

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But the verse also continued and it said for that tadley movie in unphysical.

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Allah said, Do not

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oppress yourselves.

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Do not harm yourselves, do not cross the limits in dealing with yourself vote as an adult. That bone oppression

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should be wiped out we should focus on oppression

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and make sure that we are not involved in oppression during this month.

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Last weekend, I had the opportunity to make Juma

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in the fattier Masjid in Istanbul, Turkey.

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And this temple now is one of the centers, the heartbeat of the Muslim world. So many people, so many movements moving throughout the city.

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But what we can see is that one of the greatest obstacles in front of the Muslim world, it is not our numbers, we have a huge amount. It is not our wealth.

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We have some of the richest

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people on earth.

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It is not our age, we have young people, we have a strong history.

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But the issue is

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what is our relationship with each other?

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What do we do with the wealth?

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What are we doing with our youth?

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And so, the issue really is an internal issue

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and the new Turkish Government

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trying in its way to make compromises trying to give place to people of different movements, different religions, trying to make a balance, but the challenge there and all of the Muslim countries it is a vole

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it is oppression. And this is the time when we need to start thinking about oppression on different levels.

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oppression can be broken into three paths. There is Dolman Beynon, insan

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ouabain or B.

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There is oppression between the human being and his Lord.

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And this has been described the worst form of it as inserted to look man, we are told that shirt itself is the woman in

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the shirt color

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as the court and said

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That polytheism

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to worship other than Allah, to associate partners with Allah subhanaw taala, to deny the Creator.

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And this is not just denying the fact that there is a creator, but denying the fact that the Creator

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is the key guide to our life

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that we submit to the creator in everything that we do. This is the worst form of oppression.

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But there is also the

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bane of insanity. ouabain enough, see,

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there's a type of oppression between the human being and himself

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that we could become oppressors of ourself. And this is one of the worst forms.

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It can happen in our food intake, it can happen in our lifestyle, opressing ourselves.

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It can happen in our political setup, in our economics.

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And this is the one that the Muslim world has to look at, we can no longer blame people on the outside,

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we have to look inside

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and analyze what we are doing.

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And the last, of course, is determine bainer incense ouabain unece. And that is oppression between the human being and other people.

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And oppression is not just to use a whip or a weapon, it is going over the limits. When you go over the limits with another individual, you are pressing that individual. The worst form, of course, is to oppress that person by taking their life, taking their wealth, taking their honor. But oppression can come in many different ways. And so in this sacred month of dhoka,

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this is the month of settlements, the month of treaties, making treaties, making peace.

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This moves us into the other sacred months.

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And it is critical because right now in the world,

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going over the limits, or a type of corruption, a facade is all over the planet.

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there is corruption in the food that we eat.

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there is corruption in the water that we drink,

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there is facade in our political systems, our social systems. Now they are even saying that there's a good possibility that the very cell phone that you use, can actually be a cause of cancer or cause a problem in our mind.

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And to keep the rays of the cell phone away from yourself, what is this? This is going over the limits to make money.

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The rays were not supposed to come that close to our face.

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But in going over the limit to make money, the human being commits bull,

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a form of oppression and we are all suffering underneath this. And so it is a time of making treaties,

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a time of settlements. And we need to ask ourselves now that Ramadan is a distant memory

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we need to take a type of account of ourselves

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how is our Eman? How is our faith which rises and Lewis How is our faith since the month of Ramadan

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what is the state of our rabada

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we cannot expect our rabada to be the same level because there is tada we have

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but our desire to worship Allah subhanaw taala and he better is not just making salaat

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he better is any way that we do things for Allah azza wa jal in our life.

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What is the condition of our limbs after Ramadan? We learned that fasting is not just a physical fast,

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but a higher level fast was fasting with our eyes.

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Fasting without tongue is

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what is the condition of our eyes?

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Do we still lower

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The gays as we lowered in Ramadan,

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the fitna the temptation now with the warm weather,

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and within morality on the rise becoming the new norm

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in morality, it is a test

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of Allah gave us Ramadan this year

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in the heat in the summer.

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So part of that fitna was taken away, but now it's gone.

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So we need to review our eyes. Can we not reboot?

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Can we not go back to some of the beauty of the month of Ramadan?

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and begin to lower our gaze?

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Can we begin to go back to the beauty of Ramadan? and not allow our eyes to be watching things? Which are not permissible to Allah subhanaw taala?

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Can we begin to go back to the beauty of Ramadan

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in this sacred month to control our tongues.

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A fasting person would think twice before they would swear and say bad words.

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But now that Ramadan is gone, can we not reboot ourselves? Go back again.

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And think how we can still control our tongues.

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How we can not be involved in lying in scandalizing in backbiting, in any negative activity that comes from out of the top?

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We have to ask ourselves,

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what is the condition of our hands? Are we still free as we were in Ramadan giving sadaqa?

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Did the South Africa stop?

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Or can it continue? This is our chance. Because we are in the sacred months. We are in a time now where we are rising up though kada don't hit

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back up again. That's allows blessing to us. So let us take advantage of the blessing.

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To return to the beauty of the month of Ramadan.

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We have to ask ourselves, what is our relationship with our children? children? What is your relationship with your parents?

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Can you be as kind to your father and mother as you were when you were fasting?

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Can we be as gentle to our children as we were when we were fasting.

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This is the test and a lot gave us the kada

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meaning the time relax, sit down, analyze yourself, make peace. And this is a crucial point. If I have done something to another person,

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if I have an argument or dispute, this is the month of the settlement of disputes.

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If there is a war going on,

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not physical war that can be a war in between individuals stop the war,

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call a truce.

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And that is something that our Muslim world needs. Because the greatest wars that are going on is between factions within the Muslim world settlement how to come to a settlement which means sometimes we have to agree to disagree.

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That sometimes is a difference between us. But we still accept each other as brothers and sisters. But that means controlling our anger,

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controlling our emotions, and be ready to make peace and to make settlements. And one of the greatest

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blessings that we learn from fasting is that the higher level of fast is where the person was not only fasting with their tongue or the stomach or the limbs, but the heart of the individual was fasting.

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That we tried to now see unity between ourselves

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that color is not a major difference between human beings.

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Language is not a major difference between human beings. Your body structure is not a major difference between human beings. Because the reality is, we are all Ottawa, we are souls

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and this body will leave us soon.

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What is left is your soul.

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And there is not an Arab soul and non Arab soul.

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There is not a Canadian soul soul or American soul,

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Egyptian soul, Pakistani soul.

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There is not a male soul and a female. So it is all raw.

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And that is some of the affairs of our Lord.

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And so the heart, the very essence of the individual. And I want to leave you with some advice from one of our great scholars and thinkers. Check out Hassan bursary, Rahim Allah,

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one of the great minds of the Muslim world.

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And he talked about the heart, because this is our essence now, and this is the time to start thinking deeper than we thought before. And he said,

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there are six ways that your heart can become corrupted.

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This is a deep thinker. Now this is not the average thing that you would think.

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Six, number one,

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committing sins, with the hope of repentance.

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What he meant is the person who commits the sin and says, Well, I'll commit the sin

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in Sha ban, because in Ramadan, I'm going to get a repentance from Allah.

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So he commits the sin with the concept. He can always make Toba Allah Karim.

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Allah will forgive me, this can corrupt the heart of the individual. If the sin happens, it happens. But we should not be playing around

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with Allah subhanaw taala number two,

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seeking knowledge

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and not applying the knowledge.

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So he seeks knowledge he seeks knowledge, they memorize the Quran, they seek knowledge of Hadith, but they don't put it into their life.

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Number three,

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practicing Islam practice without a class without sincerity.

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We do doing rituals without the sincerity of doing it for a loss of autodata

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ritualistic faith,

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this can destroy the heart of the individual. Number four,

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eating the sustenance of Allah without appreciating him,

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you eat the risk, and you don't appreciate your Lord, You should be thankful every time we drink water. There are Muslims right now who don't have clean water.

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Think every time you eat food, there are Muslims under the gun right now who don't have it. So appreciate Allah subhanaw taala for what you and I have. Number five

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of the ways where the heart can become corrupted, not being pleased with a loss decrease the cutter of Allah subhanaw taala when it comes not being pleased with it, not accepting it. This can destroy the individual from the inside. And number six, burying the dead without learning from them

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making janazah with a person and say oh martial law. That was a very intelligent system very intelligent brother.

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But you didn't learn from them.

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So we need to take the time respect each other, especially our elders, and take time to learn from your elders.

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Take time before it is too late.

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So hunter law we are in this month of toccata it is the time of settlement

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of breaking down disputes. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the blessings of the sacred month of

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May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to live on to do hedger and Mahara. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the sacredness of this month and the whole of the Muslim world. May Allah subhanaw taala enable the Muslims to make settlement between themselves. May Allah subhanaw taala enable the Muslim to accept balanced leadership in the Muslim world. Amen. May Allah forgive us for the wrongs that we have done after Ramadan and help us to improve ourselves for the rest of the year. Aku Kali was stopped for lunch.

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Welcome when he saw a Muslim Mina medical leave them istockphoto inaho over for Rahim

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