Mirza Yawar Baig – Ramadan Reminders – Day 11

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © Shara filmbay has called for action rewarded for good actions, but emphasizes the importance of fasting in Islam. The discussion shifts to alcohol and the emotional state of people who are fasting, with emphasis on the reward for fasting and the difficulty of returning to normalcy. The speaker also discusses the benefits of physical fitness when breaking a fast and the heat and cold water that made them hungry and hungry. The audience is encouraged to seek their reward and make their lives worthy.
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filarmonica Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara filmbay. When mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah highly highly who so seldom the Sleeman kathira in the theater of a model of 11 sisters in a beautiful Hadees Narrator In Buhari

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about what are the Lana reported, that also sort of Sallam said, Every action is son of Adam does shall be multiplied a good action by 10 times its value up to 700 times a lot rather than a said with the exception of fasting, which belongs to me, and I will reward it accordingly.

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Now, we should also say that Allah subhanho wa Taala he said, first of all, that every good action is rewarded, there is nothing, there's no good action

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which is which goes without reward, plus for her data or goes unnoticed. Allah subhanaw taala notices Allah knows and Allah will reward every good action. And last right that I said, Oh my God, the Father who I should well I'm sorry ha, the one who comes to me with one good deed I will reward him guy will give him 10 likewise, so, you want to 10 and as the other I had inserted bacara, which we know are must work that I said rewards, one is to 700 and again beyond his whatever he likes, may be reserved. So Rosa Rosa Sallam said every action of the bunny Azzam of the son of otherworldly savages, human beings, will be multiplied a good action by 10 times its value up to 700 times.

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Then he said Allah says, are so mu Li wanna GB,

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except for fasting, Allah said, which belongs to me, and I rewarded accordingly, fasting is for me, and I rewarded accordingly. For one we shall continue reserved there because one analysis because person, a person

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abandons his desire

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and food for my sake. So Allah said, fasting is for me, and I will reward it, because a person gives up their food and drink and desires for the sake of Allah Spanner. And then he says, there are two occasions of joy for a fasting person. One when he breaks his fast everyday in adductor and the other when he meets his Rob gela jello. See, the version of this

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is saying that for a passing person, there are two types of happiness. One when he breaks as fast, and the second one is when he meets Allah subhana wa danijela.

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We are mere laws rather give us the desire to fast as much as we can, more and more and then he continued and he said, at the breath, I'm a fasting person. Now when you are fasting, the your mouth sometimes smells a bit odd.

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It's not because of lack of oral hygiene is because the stomach is empty. And so sometimes these

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gases are something they come about. So it's not a very pleasant breath. But I'm said that in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala that breath of fasting person has fragrance has the fragrance of mask made it is something we did last month that it

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appreciates, and this is in body. Now. Many things to see in the Saudis are number

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one is that the viscera instead of reaction multiplied, but fasting is one thing, which Allah subhanho data said he will reward. And as I mentioned yesterday,

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we don't know what that reward will be accept, or other how much that reward will be except that if Allah said I will reward then the reward has to be in keeping with degrees and majesty of Allah.

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And that's just one time in your mind. This is the reward for one fast.

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What is the reward for somebody who's fasting regularly?

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Every Ramadan and then feel fast throughout and remember, I made this statement. So Willie, we're an RGB with regard to any fast novel for whatever. Ramadan fasting obviously has more value, but this issue of fasting itself is so important in Islam.

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And then this beautiful Bashara to say that a person who has

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and the reason why the reason for this special position of fasting is because a person is giving up something with the with the desire which is part of their makeup, which is something

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That is also as I said, it is hard I mean nothing, we are not giving up something which is haram. Obviously, if you are giving up alcohol for the sake of Allah, then you must give up haram anyway. But here we are not talking, we're sticking with even halaal hamdulillah long as he's doing physical and I'm not sure how to reward.

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And I always said that person has two times of joy when he when he is breaking is fast. And remember, think about this. You know, sometimes, depending on where you are now, one of the benefits of fasting in hot countries where the day is very long is you're very thirsty. And at the end of the day when you are when you break your fast when you you know drink something, it's it's so beautiful, so wonderful.

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Now I remember once I was in Jebel and this friend of mines I originally wanted to arise where and so he said, Come with me. So I went with him. It was it was it was in Ramadan, I was fasting.

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So we started this master car and we were driving through the third desert in India. Now it was hot. I mean, I cannot even describe for you how hot it was. It was like sitting inside a furnace. These are the non AC guys no air conditioning in it. The engine is getting hotter, hotter. I'm sitting there getting absolutely roasted. We eventually reached as well. And then I'm waiting for the sun to to set.

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And it's a very long day. It was summer, it was desert and the sun wouldn't set and eventually Finally, I think I don't seven 730 or something like

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that when the sunset. We were in this narrow lane and there was a

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soldering shop. So I bought fan diode is orange drink. So I asked him to give me a bottle of under the guy gave me

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ice cold water bottle of Fanta out of his year of freezer with

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ice in it.

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So I drank one last one, I want to give a second one I drank a second 1/3 1/4 1/5 1/6 one. I asked him again, give me another bottle, the man was angry. He said You're crazy. So you will kill yourself. He said we have drunk six bottles of this tea one one more bottle, he said go away, I'm not gonna give you I will not give you I said I'm going to be worse I don't care who he is, I don't care if you pay me or not, I'm not going to give you a drinking this thing. You know, like, there's no tomorrow you will die if you didn't like this. Now, I am begging you that that time when you are fasting where it is very hard has been a long day. thirst is so severe. So when you drink something,

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you drink some the best Rico pours his blood water is cold water. But you know, maybe assumptions I'm like, I drank this orange,

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not juice, but you know, beverage,

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and so on. So you feel so happy to see 100 hours of hard luck. This, you know fast, I've done is feel so nice. Now is as I'm saying that this and when you meet a lot of Hannah's

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mother's joy that something that we have withdrawn our lives, to try to live our lives to please Him. And now we are before him a time when we are expecting him to forgive us and expect him to watch us hamdulillah we meet him with this with this with his benefit. And this is why I'm here to to seek your reward you you supported me, you enabled me to do something which please do so please be please with me and please reward the dharmic so then he said so there's two times the person is a fasting person is happy hamdulillah May Allah grant that to all of us. And the final part of that is the resources themselves, they the even the the breadth of the person, which normally would be

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unpleasant in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala it has the fragrance of Musk, it is something which is which is valuable which allow us to appreciate and these are the symbiotic ask us rather to enable us to

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to seek His pleasure and to spend our whole life doing only this to seek the pleasure of Allah. Nothing else is worth nothing else. This life is worthy only and only if we earn the pleasure of Allah Samaritan otherwise the life of animals you know you drink and die, but to earn the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala Alhamdulillah that that is what makes this life worthy and worth living. You ask Allah to make this Ramadan of yours the best of a lot of your lives and Geron to give you many more in good health aneema Asana will Karim, Allah Allah He was happy with me

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whatsoever it will work out

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