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The video you're gonna play video to start with all real life

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you do actually cuz I when I said that brother goes to god

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dude What do you want me to do the salon de Sullivan Show? A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Everybody.

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Riley como Salaam, we all smiley we all got big smiles on their face while fasting on a hot day as well. But I think this was a big because we've all been refreshing a certain link for the last two days.

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Have you guys seen the fundraiser? No? Yes, I've been looking at it almost, I suppose a few times a day and Mashallah, last time I checked this evening or this afternoon. I think it was around 46 and a half 47,000. Yeah, it's $47,000 humbler. And

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we have a lot of new viewers. So I'm just going to run through the story. Again, if you guys don't mind intro so people know exactly what we're doing why I have a flag of someone underneath me. This is definitely one of the most amazing stories you guys are going to hear about a Muslim in an island that you've never heard of before. Okay, so basically what happened is that IRA at our organization was going to do a mission. And I was working there. And I went on a mission, we wanted to expand to the Pacific Islands. And because we were given power and a lot of the more big countries, so we thought, you know, what, why don't we go to the Pacific Ocean. So you know, on on the world map,

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when you look at the world map, you see countries everywhere you see UK, Asia, India, then you see this big ocean on the map, right? That's what we look at, we tell people and the kids that are, you know, the most of the world's ocean, it's only one foot land. But that ocean actually has small dots in it, right? And those small dots are countries. So we picked one of those dots, which is called Samoa. And we just thought, you know what, let's go and get down there. We picked two places, Samoa and Tonga. And so we're into some more before we went the brothers were seeing that got the coolest like the night before this and why you guys doing some more islamize band and some more? What's the

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point of going we were like, What? Oh, my God, that's crazy. But we thought you know what, let's just go out and work on by let's keep going inshallah, right? So when we're going there, the only thing we found was someone called Dr. Stan Lee on an article about Islam. That's all we saw nothing else. So when we get there, we know that there's one Masjid in the entire country, right? So me in the brothers and advocating a call and you start driving, and we drive for 14 minutes and you finally reach a Masjid. Nima. Grip time is painted green, and there's a few lights on. And there's a grave outside. And it's how we write. So it's also been a look, don't be surprised if this must be

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something crazy, or some some weird, different sector you've never heard about before. Because we're like in the middle of nowhere right now. Okay.

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So we get there. By the way, from London, it takes about 45 hours to fly to somewhere like in different flights. So we get there. And then we go in. And then we see a few brothers sitting down. And we see someone and then we say we're just going to pay mortgage and they're like, Okay, no problem. So we're starting to go to the bathroom shopping. As soon as they finish I'm listening to them talk on the phone. And I'm like this these voices are way too familiar. I've heard these voices before in this style. Turns out the two Blakey brothers were there from New Zealand, they had come from New Zealand for their, their little mission as well. And basically, so someone sitting on the

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chair, and I went up to him and I said, Are you Dr. Stanley from the article? You say yes, I am a good to me and he said Salaam and I met him and I was like, Oh my God, he's uh, you know, you're lucky you came now and these brothers were here, because this very rarely people come and visit us. And we will ask why this amazing, hard love put the Muslims together in a little island like this in the middle of the ocean. And so anyways, we stayed there. We met Dr. Stanley, Dr. Stanley, what I see now you will find it hard to believe. Okay. He has three PhDs in accounting, management and

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law. Yeah, or something like that three PhDs. He has three black belts in three different martial arts. He was the first Muslim in the entire country of Samoa. He has translated the entire Quran into Simone. He has built the only and first Masjid in Samoa. And all this, he's done himself. And on top of that, he's fought Brustein one to one when he was in Hong Kong many years ago. So his stories are crazy. And you know, I almost like when I was telling the other brother with me, Melo who was doing the filming, he was like, I'm giving you a look like, he's like, come on. Yeah. I was like, trust me. So then we went to film and his little office next to the masjid and all of his PhDs

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and certificates and his black belt and everything was stuck up on the wall and it was absolutely incredible. Mashallah, so, his story now gets a bit sad right now when you saw his Masjid. It was like a broken down Masjid. That move was made

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Till the windows were broken, it was not in a good state. And then basically what happened was that we did our mission obviously with him. And once he accepted Islam he was like stoned, and like arrested by the police just for being a Muslim. Yeah, they really didn't like it and didn't know what this was they like we're going to stop it now reminds me of the Sahaba at the time of the Sahaba in countries like this. So anyways, he went through a lot of hardship we establish a Masjid he built it up and everything and unbelief does the vow. He speaks to people who write articles in the newspaper. And so when we saw his Masjid, you know, he's built himself is like broken down. The

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windows were broken, copper was donated by another Masjid. All of this kind of stuff dirty wouldn't be a broken toilet broken. And you have to understand that this tin roof, you have to decide what tin means. In a country that's as hot as someone that gets 14 hours of sunlight. A tin roof will take all the heat and start to burn like metal. You know, when you touch metal, or when you get in your car and a holding just a steering wheel is boiling. That's where the roof becomes its tin. And then when you turn the fans on, it literally felt like I thought someone came above my head, took a hairdryer and turned it on. Yeah, that was like What is that? Because it was like hot edges coming

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in which you turn the fans off. So when there's no Muslims, and there's worshippers here, and everyone, you're struggling, basically and you're drenched in sweat, you can't do anything. And so as we were trying to help him now he's been promised money from macam. Medina, 1 million, 2 million Malaysia 300,000. They said, Go find the land. We pay the money in 3d, don't worry. He quickly when he found the land, arranged he spoke to Malaysians is I'm ready three days and the mobile no response, no funds, nothing. He goes back to the people he's gonna buy from He's like, Look, I'm a manufacturer. I told you three days. They didn't send me the money. It's fine. They're very happy.

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He's like, why are you happy? I thought I was gonna buy it by telling you No, this is Don't worry. They're Christian. they've offered us double the price, we would sell it to them for 3000 they bought the land erected of massive mega church. So this is the state of his Masjid right now. And the Muslim so I would tell everybody that Allah is showing you this live right now you're literally watching them, of the millions and billions of Muslims out there. You're watching this. We went from London to this little island 45 hours away, they 14 hours ahead, which means right now there is basically 12pm on ej that's how far they are. This is the monkey that pays the first project in the

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world are one of the first because there might be two or three like an island in New Zealand, but most likely, the first modules are pretty special, and you have a chance to donate to them on the day of arafah there is no day in which more people are freed from the Hellfire in this day. And this might be the thing that saves you child Harlem because it's soccer and you building a house for the sake of Allah who builds a monster for life this world alone will build a palace from in paradise. The link is right above civil launch slash only most go to the link we want to raise 50,000 I know it sounds like a low but I know it's possible with everyone you just have to have the

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right mindset and trauma and we'd have hit 100,000 and he told me that you know people have promised money they've said this and that and he doesn't know he literally he still doesn't know because I want to hit a good number and I'm going to go back to you and say look at the Omar because he thinks the shakes and the people and businessmen will give him money I said let the average Muslims come and watch what happens so long good concepts only most go in the link and donate now inshallah subwoofer the boss What's happening?

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Well, hamdulillah it's a it's an amazing story, you know, to accept Islam and then literally be stoned by the people because they're so averse to having Islam on their island, you know, and then being arrested and then have trying to have Islam banned, then the government trying to ban Islam. I mean, what a struggle really. And I think on reflection, we should obviously think very lucky. think of ourselves as being very, very lucky Alhamdulillah we've not had to go that through that type of struggle. I mean, one of the things I just like to say very quickly, obviously before we do get well into it is that I appreciate some of the brothers and sisters might be saying oh my god, these guys

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already did a stream they already raised like over $30,000 now it's just literally just shy of 47,000. But obviously I remember last time speaking to you, Isa and 30,000 was just really the cost of the roof. So if we can raise a little bit more in Sharla today, what it means is that the roof can get done, the windows can get done the carpeting can get done, the wahoo area can be completely revamped. They can get proper microphones and speakers for the masjid. And is there anything else that's immediately needed that would get done as well as our or is that pretty much it in terms of the building works? Yeah, absolutely. So basically, a lot will be done. So for example,

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Just the roof is 20,000 pounds. Right? So we just almost raised that last time. Is that? Sorry? pounds? Right? It'd be about about Yeah, it was about $38,000. So

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how much was it? It was, I don't know. I think it's about Yeah, about $40,000. On the law, we reached out after it kept going humble so that we've done that. But you have to remember that once we've done the roof, right, that's just the first thing. All the windows, the flooring, the will do area. I mean, we, some of us, we change our kitchen or children, you know how much it costs, it can go to 1000s of pounds you to say for years to do something like that. This is an entire module is the house of law. So what we want to do is, unfortunately, it's so sad that they have situations where they're leading the salon, and he says, I hate the beeping of the machine. And I've sent my

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grandson to go and get put some more money because the module is run out of electricity. Yeah. Because there's such lack of funds. So I thought that they go 14 hours of sunlight. Okay? What if we put solar panels on the roof, okay, we don't need a big minaret or dome or anything, we just put solar panels, it will provide them electricity forever, you understand. And shoreline will be natural, and be friendly with the environment. And so if if one person today gives a bit of money and one solar panel was bought from your money, imagine that panel generates electricity and lighting for the masjid that supports the people praying on in their brains alone. They're always

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and you get the reward for it inshallah. So it's incredible. So, so like Chauncey question about our boss, we fix the roof number one, okay, that's just one problem. So then we fix the windows are broken, fix all and because they get damaged in the cyclones, right? Then we, you know, allow the brothers to be able to go to a coffee shop and say that, you know, we would like to buy a copy for machinery. Now they can afford to do that. They can't even think about going to a shop, right? So they have a nice coffee, they have the windows fitted, they have the solar panel providing electricity, then they fix the blue area, then they fix the toilet area. like can you imagine a

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priest or someone and they have come to the masjid and he says I can use the toilet, and he goes to this dankey doc broken room. Yeah, with no water or anything. It's crazy, guys, very embarrassing, actually. So we have the ability to help them inshallah. And also, not just that there's a, we can also basically help them with a lot of the structuring in Sharla. So guys, all of you will add to the module inshallah Slash only most. And you know, what's interesting about this story, this story of Dr. Stan Lee reminds me of the idea that we have to do what we can with the resources we have. So with somebody in his position, an average person would have given up, they would have

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said, There's no one here to support me. I'm only in the Muslim, the only Muslim on the island, the government wants to ban Islam.

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I don't know what to do, and you don't just give up. But here's somebody who's dedicated his life, his wealth, his sacrifice, his sweat, his blood for the sake of Allah. And he's done what he can I mean, that must, for us, when we go in there, we look at that. And we say, That's not even a proper structure. That's not even good enough for bringing people in, we need something way, way better. However, compared to nothing, that's amazing. It's amazing that he managed to put together something like that. And like, you know, he was mentioning before that there were people who came in and it was very, very hard. And it was very difficult. But just look at if people are interested to learn

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about Islam, and they willing to come to the center, and it's actually hot, and they still willing to sit there while they're sweating and learn about Islam, without proper ventilation without even proper lighting and all the rest. Imagine if it was a brand new spanking center, state of the art, you know, solar panels, very good ventilation, people can come in people can learn about Islam, Dr. Stan Lee is actually a daiya. He is going to be funded by IRA to actually convey the message of Islam. So we don't need to do that. And so look, it's 100%. All that all that we need is the support in terms of the mosque itself, so that he can actually use it as a vehicle to call people to Islam.

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And many, many people are from across the world. Joining us right now, some people from Bangladesh, some people from other parts of the world and I just wanted to give a small message out. You may be thinking there's so many causes in the world right now. Why should we donate to this? My answer to that is donate where you can. If you happen to be watching right now. This is a message from Allah clearly that Allah wants you to hear this. And on the minimum you should do is share this message and recognize, yes, we must give to the poor and the orphan and the widow at the same time. We must give to

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People who are advancing the Prophetic Mission who are spreading their time, their energy, their effort in trying to convey Islam to the best of their capabilities to their populations. I mean, Samoa is a remote island with hardly any interaction with Islam, 98%, Christian, mega churches everywhere, strong Christian background, and here is a person who's standing up for the sake of a lot on their own. And we must support this person. And brother, but I just wanted your thought on this. Isn't it difficult to stand up on your own when you have nobody to support you?

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It's extraordinary. It's like climbing a mountain, isn't it? You know, when you've got no support? And when, and as you've explained, when you look at the odds that this brother, you know, Dr. Stanley had to get through to get to where he is today. It's extraordinary. And and you're quite white, most of us would have thought, well, even if we never gave up on Islam, we would actually say, Well, I can pray at home, you know, why do I need to bring people in and convey the message of Islam? Why should they, you know, translate the Koran into Samoan, you know, they're not really interested. And so when we look at the the journey that he's gone through Alhamdulillah,

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you know, he's at a position now inshallah, hopefully, with this funds, where there should be quite a major transformation going on. And one of the interesting things, of course, is that he's not just an imam of the masjid. He's not just somebody who's translating the Quran, into Samoan, but he's a die, he's there to talk about Islam, to to non Muslims, and to have non Muslims coming into your organization where they feel like, Oh, my God, the whole Muslim world is so wealthy. You know, that's the perception that there's a lot of money and of course, in handler there is that look, this place is completely broken, broken down, broken apart, and then we've got all these lovely churches

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all over Samoa. So we would have a bad impression, and even the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, was very careful about PR, you know, PR is also, you know, being conscious about the impression that you're going to give by doing certain things, you know, and, and, and receiving people in a certain way, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam often would give the best food, not often, but always gave the best food to the people that came to meet him, and would give them the best accommodation, and they would be honored, and they would feel honored, they would feel respected. And so of course, we need to be doing as well, when non Muslims come into our mosques, you know, we

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want to obviously honor their presence. They're our guests. And we want to give them the facilities, at the very least the level that they're sort of used to, you know, we're not talking about extravagance, here. We're not talking about, you know, rare Italian marble walls or things like that, you know, but we're talking about a clean, tidy environment that's hygienic that's fresh, you know, because this is part of our religion, you know, hygiene and Kenyan cleanliness is part of our religion. So it is very, very important he he is a dye he's Mashallah active in spreading Islam, in Samoa, and I think the beautiful thing about this mustard and donating to this mustard is that this

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is going to be the first established must have in Samoa.

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And as a consequence, you know, whatever springs out of this mustard, whatever comes out of this, imagine other diabetes other must have come out because the the oma grows and Samoa, then inshallah people who donate will get a share for everything that happens afterwards as well, not just what happens in this mustard, but actually what happens, how Islam is transformed, you know, within within some hours, it is a fantastic opportunity. And I think when you look at, as I say some of the struggles that

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Dr. Stanley had to go through, they really are extraordinary and the fact that he's been let down by a lot of people who promised him money. I think Isa said last time that there were some people they came from certain countries, I'm not going to name them because perhaps it's not nice too. But you know, they came they raised the money they even did a fundraiser apparently they did manage to raise a lot of money, but he got none of that. So hannula you know, so you know brothers and sisters, I know that you Mashallah contributed a great deal on the last stream for the same cause. But we've come to you on the day of RFR and again, you know, insha, Allah tala, you can only only just give a

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little bit and do that if you can recommend somebody or encourage somebody else to give, even sharing or liking the video or just passing the video on to somebody else. You know, is a handler much appreciated. You've got the PayPal link above me. So that's how you pay on paypal. And the The link is above support, how to pay there as well. I think launched

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Good, I can't see it because we've got the little live icon. Good link there. So please do inshallah, you know, just click on the link, and whatever you can give, you know, it's a very, very good cause Mashallah. I know sometimes, you know, brother asked me today's You know, there are so many other very worthy causes, how would you prioritize? You know, like so for example, there are people who are starving people are dying, shouldn't I give them my money? And I said, Look, that is really very much for you yourself to decide. But there's, there's no problem in allocating certain amount of percentages to different charities in relation to how you prioritize them. So of course,

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if there's an imminent issue of people dying and starving, we did a Yemen stream with

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you know, so you can sort of allocate it in that way inshallah, but I think do give, even if it's just a little.

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Absolutely, absolutely. And, you know, we have to remember what is today, today is the day of artiphys, the day in which Allah forgives sins of mankind. And it's the day in which many, many, many people are calling out to allow this locating to Allah. And additionally, we have to remember that after every fun Salah we are supposed to remember a lot. Now, what's very important is that today, we want to actually increase in our duckweed or in our stock for in our remembrance of Allah. And what is essentially a boss, by the way, is a mosque, a mosque, we've just, we should go quick question, or comment, ego, I'm hinting at them on the video call, everyone talks about partying some

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point and talks about their role, but never talk about the specifics of the finance. So specifically, the finance is that basically all the money that's raised is going to go from loans good to tenfold, which is a charity in Australia that's regulated by the Australian Government. So you try and do something funky, they'll shut you down and start investigating straightaway. And that money is going to go to doctor standing in Samoa. And we're going to make sure that you guys inshallah see how the funds were used, how they were spent, and how the budget was built. So, you know, before people I mean, to be honest, it's not good to think like this have this kind of

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negative mindset. It's a good, it's a good question, rather. And I think, sometimes it's nice to clarify these things. I mean, the other thing is, if you go into launch good page, where the funds have been collected, you can actually see exactly how much everything you can actually fundraise on launch good if you're not verified. And yeah, but the other thing is brother what they can do is because obviously, we intend to do a follow up video with Dr. Stanley and we are actually going to ask Dr. Stanley, Dr. Stanley, how much money have you received? And you can by all means, check it against the launch good to ensure I like that is exactly what Dr. Stanley has received not only that

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in Sharla but I think brother Isa has said that we're going to do follow up videos when the construction work is going on, whether it's photographs or whether it's videos and when it's all done inshallah we will present those videos to you as well. We appreciate that there are obviously sometimes certain charities that say that the money is going here or there and it doesn't end up there and I think it's good to be cautious inshallah. But from our side as you can see there's a lot of transparency here there is an amount of money that's being raised on a platform and then you can we are going to a question until ask Dr. Stanley and you will be able to confirm that with with with

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Dr. Stanley inshallah I think he said that will be a very nice thing for us to do. I was actually thinking about making a small follow up video. So when Mashallah Dr. Stanley is presented with this chair call he's presented with the money

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that he acknowledges that the amounts that he's received we can obviously show the the fundraising pages as well. So people can also be rest assured inshallah so next time when we do raise again people can give inshallah with confidence as well you know, I think yeah, I mean look you know, we don't we don't normally do this, but definitely inshallah with this we I mean, we said this in the live session anyways I'm hopeless about Ramadan inshallah increase him you're exactly asking about we actually going to make videos there right. We're going to make you with Dr. Sunday we're going to show the changing we're going to show that because we actually enjoy that as well we work we do

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videos and we have YouTube channels, right? So we have follow up videos inshallah and you never know maybe they might want to expand more, and they might want to do more inshallah, we'll show everything so he tries to be really good but not as good as basically verified everything it goes to tenfold, NGO amazing charity, check them out, tenfold dot NGO and they're going to receive the phone inshallah and they will basically go and make sure that even when it goes to dr sorry that there's no people from the committee or anything like that I can influence the money. It's actually going to be that we're going to go with Dr standing to the solar company.

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As the builders and will pay off this checks and how the receipts and everything, everything will be on point in Sharla but let's not focus on the final few hours of the HR, the purposes Some said there are no DS that are done out the in these days that these are the most beloved these to another adult in these 10 days. I mean the last day and we on the day of alpha and we in the last few hours if you have not given yet or if you have missed out or if you've given you said you know what I want more reward. This is your chance. You've you're seeing a mustard on an island in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific. Just imagine the reward you can get right you can donate and fix the machine

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has broken build it in Sharla and share the reward every time someone pays a lot for Joe Doha us or Madrid Isha Santa Juma breaking their fast reading core on every letter of crime recited inside imagine you can share in the reward fixing the masjid not only that you build a house for life in this world and inshallah we'll build a house for you in paradise. So guys just think why are you watching this on the last day of the ledger on the deal of at this time and the rewards are still available slash only mosque The link is above somewhere launch slash only mosque or you can pay pal but you have to write the reference because it's a big charity we will

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know what the moneys for inshallah, when the sorry when the payment is made via PayPal. Yeah, will that show on the launch good website or will we have

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an offline method and I will try and add it. Okay, okay, inshallah, that'd be good. hamdulillah Yeah, inshallah. And and you know, there's a lot more

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what just building the masjid right. We're also planning on inshallah starting the first time ever

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for like kids in the masjid. And you guys might think, what are you talking about? Isa? What do you mean cron lessons for kids? Guys do you know when there's a new machine and when is the first machine in the country like is our Muslim was so new, they don't have concepts like us above all lessons for kids that they don't even think like that. So many people don't even come to the modules few of the Samoans and few of the businessmen who live there. So this is the beginning you will be in your money inshallah we'll be introducing these things. So we're going to start the first lesson we're going to start people breaking it if they don't have money to have it off everybody at the

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margin, but inshallah we will end this show this is such a great opportunity to reward that incredible

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use of our you

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back again and shut up pestering our Mashallah people who view our channels and they might feel like Oh, these guys just keep asking for money, what's what's going on? But we do feel very passionate about this cause because we feel that much less the first mosque and then you know, what potentially could come out of it for the whole of Samoa there are a lot of very practicing Christians there. And brother Isa You know, when he when they did the the Jesus exhibition Vishnu Mashallah very well received one brother took the Shahada as well, so it's an opportunity Mashallah to expand you know, you know, and relay the word of Allah subhanaw taala the Quran and, and and do the devil work then

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Sharla. So, by the use of Jazakallah for for for coming down and joining us

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for inviting

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for the east is very motivating.

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Very nice. Oh, we did a few of them

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tweeted me during the daytime, that's why I watched and then at night I was motivated.

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You know, I'm Ashleigh How long ago? Did you you know, revert to Islam? 2014 I think it was 2014 much less than six years. I mean, what in terms of having that support? Because we discussed this last time as well with brother Martin, you know, for new Muslims coming into Islam. how crucial is it to have this Masjid have this at our center? Have somebody you know scholarly who can help with many issues that arise when you first come into Islam? how crucial do you think that is very, very crucial for me. When I first reverted I did quite privately, and I didn't really have like a at our center that I went to or anything like that. And for the first few years, I was very like, lost in

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terms of what I needed to do. Like I didn't know how to pray properly. And there just wasn't really like

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much motivation independently, I just knew that I believe in Allah subhanaw taala, I believe that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was a prophet. And the Quran was the word of God. But in terms of like, figuring out what my obligations were, and you know, what was necessary for me, I was pretty lost. And it wasn't until I came across a data center or an education center specifically for, like, teaching you like the basics in, in how to pray how, in aqeedah, and things like that. It was at that point where I had a huge boost in my Eman like, and you know, that I started to really figure out what it was that I needed to do. But it was, really, I would say, it's pretty much pretty

00:30:45--> 00:31:15

much essential because I wasn't fully improperly practicing until that point. And while you're just kind of on your own and floating about trying to figure out what to do, it's very, very, very difficult to establish yourself independently. And having a teacher having, you know, that support group or that support network really, really does help. Which obviously, kind of highlights the importance of this particular project that you're collecting for now. It's the only mosque on the island.

00:31:16--> 00:31:28

You know, if you think in terms of the potential of people do you hear the stories all the time about the people who revert in the middle of nowhere, I've heard you brothers mentioned these kind of stories a few times in like South America and things like that.

00:31:29--> 00:31:53

And if you like, you get these kind of things happening in places like Samoa, if there is if you've done the groundwork, and you made the effort to set up somewhere for these people to go if they do happen to you know, find Islam and you know, the guided towards taking the Shahada. If you've already done the groundwork, and you set up your foundation, like, you know, Allahu Allah, the kind of

00:31:54--> 00:32:34

things that could go from there, which makes a massive difference if there was nothing there at all. You know, you might have the odd person taking the Shahada, but there's not really much they can do with that necessarily, independently on their own without that support group. Yeah, it's a massive opportunity. So people are asking launch good or PayPal, it's entirely up to you but longer is a bit better, because it's being tracked there properly. Well, we're just gonna play a video now inshallah. And for those of you who watch because you've got a lot of new viewers inshallah and watch the video the masjid but yeah, guys, look, don't you know, there's a concept called FOMO.

00:32:34--> 00:33:14

Right? I'm sure you guys have heard of it. There's this FOMO in like a trading or like stocks or businesses. And they say FOMO happens, right? It's called fear of missing out to everyone jumps on something. Now, most of that stuff that happened and is nonsense, right? We're here FOMO is real, right? Because you're literally gonna miss out on the hedger was we know that once that sun goes down. This is not like Ramadan, where the Knights are so blessed right? Here the day is the most blessed day and today's offer, right and the reward, imagine that the deeds that you do the most beloved to Allah, and you know, as the people being freed from the Hellfire, right, and you know,

00:33:14--> 00:33:50

charity wipes away your sins, and inshallah you have a punishment for you and Jana, and you get continuous from my brother Bob said, he corrected me said, Why are you limiting it to 25 years of getting rewards he said, for as long as people are in this module, you want to get the reward their kids and their kids and their kids. Now, if we look at countries like in the UK, or like, say, Nigeria, Pakistan as much as they are there for like, 90 100 years, right? So who do you think build those like someone who is in their 30s 100 years ago, donated like in a Juma for that Masjid, and now they in their grave? Because they like 130, but they still get 150 now, but they're still

00:33:50--> 00:34:34

getting the reward, every Salah every call on everything going on, I'm someone who has a country of 200,000 people only, like 190 imagine there's 1000 Muslims that those 1000 So how does that grow? Like in terms of population, those 1000 becomes 2000 5000? How, what's it like in 40 years? You know, it's kind of reminds me of snakes and ladders, you know, that game used to play as kids, you just take a few steps. And before you know it, you just go up this ladder, all these levels, you go above, right, and that's kind of like the human story. You have a small idea, the idea germinates and then it grows, and then it just explodes. And what we have to understand is that Islam in many

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

of these places, is very much alien. So, you know, if we walk out on an average street in London, and we say, do you know what Muslims believe about Jesus? Chances are the average person in London will be up to say a profit, right? You believe in to be the profit, standard, the standard thing. Also this is understanding that Islam is a continuation of Christianity and

00:35:00--> 00:35:25

As you know, people have this sort of understanding. So there's this link. When you go to places like Samoa, which is 90%, Christian, they have no idea. They literally have no idea, this move, then this move behind the houses of faith is like eight nations there, then then there is about Islam. And if you think about Islam, the largest religion in the world, Islam having a core of our freedom, which,

00:35:26--> 00:36:03

in the miracles of Jesus, you have to believe in the miraculous birth, his miraculous birth, you have to believe in him coming back, and all these types of things. These are perfect opportunities to call Christians back to Islam. However, nobody knows about them. And we have to remember something. I mean, I'm not fundraising, and no one here is fundraising for a mosque. We are fundraising. So as somebody who's excellent at giving Dawa, they have a mosque, and that's a very different thing to just fundraising for a mosque. We're fundraising essentially, for our center. We're fundraising essentially, for a fortress of Islam, a place where new Muslims can come and learn

00:36:03--> 00:36:41

a place where we can advance the Prophetic Mission. People have accepted Islam there. And look at the end of it be realistic here. Dr. Stanley is somebody on their own who's managed to achieve all of these things? Imagine if we give that passionate person more tools. Remember, you can give 1000 people who are not passionate tools and they'll do nothing with it. You give one passionate person a spoon, and they'll do something with it. They're passionate they want to use the tools to the maximum ability they can. So that's what we're fundraising for today. Please go to launch forward slash only mosque and you saw what I'm going to be doing with the money and why is it so

00:36:41--> 00:36:48

important? So basically, before before I get into that some more inshallah we're gonna play the video for everybody so they can see where the money's going

00:36:50--> 00:36:50


00:37:08--> 00:37:14

Patrick's should work together with the Muslims because they respect Mary the mother of Jesus.

00:37:37--> 00:37:46

Oh Allah, we save this house from a cyclone. This is the only face that you are wishing please Allah do that for us for our benefit.

00:38:06--> 00:38:08

Cuz I'm singing this question

00:38:11--> 00:38:22

because that was structurally and they've got like some strange roof that just absorbs and brings it down there 14 other somebody 85 guests

00:38:25--> 00:38:28

in here right now, and they're pointing a swing as well.

00:38:47--> 00:39:10

This is the state of this machine. It's the only machine in the entire country now yesterday we had so many more muscles come to the market as well. They were sweating and dripping with sweat, because it's so hot. So if we help them for short amount of money inshallah they can fix this. Make it easy for the worshipers and easy for the people who come and visit inshallah so brothers sisters, click the link and donate and support as much as

00:39:22--> 00:39:26

you know, you saw that video when you had the swear.

00:39:27--> 00:39:35

I was honestly thinking when you're Muslim, and you're sitting in a mosque or the fault you're like, I'm gonna go print another mess. What's the next time this is ridiculous?

00:39:36--> 00:39:54

Firstly, is the only most secondly, what do you feel when you use these non Muslim to sitting there who are interested in Islam by basically faking in this environment? How did that make you feel as a Muslim? No, it was it was embarrassing, because you know why? Because uh,

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

because you know, the churches are so big in this place. mega

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

Churches and these guys know nothing about Islam. And then they finally get invited to modular come to a module to see Muslim and they're like,

00:40:09--> 00:40:45

when are we going to the mosque because right now in the sauna because literally, they're boiling in their drenched even nibbles. So you know all this becomes wet? Yeah, all of this sauce can become wet. And because you can't turn the fans on, this is the irony you turn the fans on becomes 10 times worse. So it was very sad. And like I was thinking that if the Muslims knew about this and the soldiers there, they would come together and they would give them on some holla to build this. Yeah, this is the first one of the Firstly, only the first hand only. Am I the only one who can't hear support? No, no, we can

00:40:47--> 00:40:48

just even come back.

00:40:50--> 00:40:51

Yeah. And so I

00:40:52--> 00:41:34

imagine this is the place, right? Where the only place where a law is worship on the island, from the perspective that you only established house of worship. And this is the state my phone so I found a Samoan person. Yeah. And if I want to find out okay, I'm in school, they talk about different religions. Okay, so I go and I say okay, let me go see the mosque. say I've been going to church all my life. I've been going to mega churches. ventilated, nice food, nice environment. Everyone's nicely smiling. A very big environment. Churches are competing with each other in terms of how big they are. And then I entered into a building that looks like something from Resident

00:41:34--> 00:42:13

Evil. Yeah, it just looks like a dark place. Not ventilated at all. It's not open all the time. And it's just very, you actually think yourself, like, what type of people is Muslims? Christians are rich Christians care about their religion, they care about the way their religion is portrayed the way their religion looks? I would think Wait, Islam, people are kind of backwards. People don't really care about the future of their religion. I mean, we're competing with mega churches and you know and you know, some who you mentioned about the Christian and you know that the box Yeah, sometimes he said that there'll be like 20 pounds for the week inside that box. And what can you do

00:42:13--> 00:42:41

with 20 pounds on layer and mower and these islands they're very expensive. Yeah, they expensive so but we're not asking for anything extravagant. We just want to help them fix their Masjid. So guys go to law slash only Moscow you can do paper or write the reference. I got some really good news Mashallah the donations I mean flying in 10 pounds five pounds 100 pounds 200 pounds, may Allah bless all of them. We just had one person today $900 Mashallah should be

00:42:42--> 00:43:19

much less wonderful. Now, I've been checking the launch good site for the page for the charity and Mashallah, we're just shy of $50,000 that's just on the launch good. So the Pay Pal I don't know if it's been added yet or will be added later or whatever but Mashallah. It's, it's, it's doing really, really well. And I think, I know that we've reminded the brothers and sisters many times, you know, the importance of giving sadaqa what's the benefits for giving psutka Alhamdulillah. One of the benefits is that we're told that on the Day of Judgment, we mentioned this last time a few times as well. But on the Day of Judgment, you know, when there'll be no shade, you know, your son will

00:43:19--> 00:44:03

become your shade, Mashallah, on the day of judgment, so hon Allah And on that day, what we wish that If only I'd given a bit more, I would have had more of a shade Subhan Allah, so this is the time to give, and these are the days to really multiply and magnify your, your giving. So in whatever inshallah you can do, as as you said, you know, he said, we're not looking for extravagance, we're not looking for chandeliers and Italian marble, we're just looking for the carpet, windows, you know, roof that, you know, can stand up to the cyclone, or whatever they have there, they the bad weather, and, and have an impression. So when people are interested in Islam,

00:44:03--> 00:44:43

they come. When a person feels at peace, when they feel relaxed. You know, when they feel comfortable, they're more likely to be able to concentrate clearly on the message that you're giving. And when I mean, we've, we, you know, even amongst ourselves, we know when we're reading our Salah, in a very hot place, in a very stuffy place, and we're uncomfortable, it's difficult to get the horseshoe, it's difficult to get the attention in the right place, right. And so inshallah, this is what we want to do. We want to try to have an environment. So when people come into that environment, and they're interested about Islam, that they feel relaxed, they feel calm, you know,

00:44:43--> 00:44:59

they feel comfortable, and more susceptible then to the 100% message of Islam. Yeah. 100%. That's very true. And you know, I mean, the fundamental thing is that we want people to be able to pray this alive at least in peace without sweating and being drenched in

00:45:00--> 00:45:37

But because the files don't work and they have a messed up roof and the windows on the and the wooded area, so some of the stuff is just basic and inshallah whoever donates today inshallah, just think of this right? Today you can donate. It's like, you know, when you buy something from a shop, you go and buy something for 50 pounds, and then you have it and it's nice and then you wake up the next day and it's nice and then after a month, or whatever, it's the you're used to it right? And then it's gone. Okay? But with this, it's like buying a house, okay? If you have enough money will give us all mine to buy a house, and you buy your house and you get rent from that every month. You

00:45:37--> 00:46:22

get that every single month, okay? every single month. So with this Masjid, when you support this Masjid, every time someone prints a lot, every time someone walks forever, as long as they're doing that every day, even if you're buried in your grave and the lower your grade and put the model over you. The deeds are coming to you again and again every time so it's like an investment. So just think of it that way and not just that you're doing an investment on the 10 most blessed days of the year, the last one and the day of alpha and the last few hours of this day because after the blessing of God because the day not the night, so guys, please inshallah build a house for the sake

00:46:22--> 00:46:28

of Allah inshallah mobiel house will you paradise, you will give sadaqa joy, the continuous reward your reward if every time something.

00:46:30--> 00:47:08

Every time someone does, we'll do every time in a new wooded area that you have to build. Every person who reads the Koran. Everyone who benefits I personally, I went to Hajj after I went to the Juma Masjid and he was talking about the importance of this a normal for the reminder but you don't know the impact it has on people their mom doesn't know I haven't even told him yet. But imagine the benefit that's just from Joomla and you will share all of that and now's your time you miss out is gone. The legend is over the day of RFI is finished and it's the link is launched slash only mosque go there and charge on it and brother boss I think we got we've hit a barrier on we've

00:47:08--> 00:47:14

broken a barrier hamdulillah we've been checking Mashallah we've hit over 50,000 now on the launch.

00:47:15--> 00:47:51

On the on the on the page, I just wanted to remind the brothers and sisters that when you do go on to the launch good, don't meet don't panic because even though the donation start from 100 pound 200 pound 300 pound, but I'll do that as well. But when you look above the box, the box the box above the $100 it just says choose an amount so if you click on that, you can sort of pick any amount that you're comfortable with so don't don't panic if you go to that page because I think last time we did have a lot of people who were saying oh I went to the page but it starts at $100 I don't know what to do. So just be aware of that that just a

00:47:53--> 00:48:01

few 123 whatever there is there is another box where you can choose a slightly lower amount. It's not $99 then

00:48:03--> 00:48:03


00:48:05--> 00:48:36

yes 100% inshallah So guys, please do something amazing happened last time. And this is a lesson so people who have 1000 they give 1000 I said this last time as well. There is people watching this right now who is blessed with housing in the back and they can give they know they can give 1000 because the less put them at that level and they can give sadaqa others they know they can give 100 so those who can give it you is your relationship with Allah we don't know that. We don't know how much you backhand and what levels are must put you in this life.

00:48:37--> 00:49:06

100 others have five one brother said I only have 87 p in my bank account. Can I donate it? Yeah. And so Paula imagine there would have How have you alone make that for him? And because people had this mindset where they're like You know what, I want to help this much because this is such a unique opportunity I must get in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific island in the whole country so more than you get share. So many people donated last time martial law that we won the launch good

00:49:07--> 00:49:47

challenge for that day. And Majid gifted us 5000 US dollars as opposed we didn't even try and be one on one So guys, let's do that today. And look don't let shutdown distract you as soon as I say that you're going to say yeah, Mashallah. Everyone's gonna go and donate now. That's gonna happen again. No, you're part of that. Why would you want all these other amazing Muslims to have this opportunity reward? And you're always you're always the bystander. Forget normally I'll just wait yeah, even though you have my I'm not talking about people who don't have the money yet to come people who can give sadaqa inshallah so don't hold back guys. Don't slash only mosque and just don't

00:49:47--> 00:49:59

procrastinate. Just go and do it now in Sharla. Yeah, even like you were saying, even if it's just a poem, because I think especially after like 10 days of this kind of stuff, people get a bit exhausted with charity. Yeah, of course. And again,

00:50:00--> 00:50:31

It's understandable but like, if you're feeling this exhaustion, then like, may Allah bless you if you decide to overcome that still and even if it's only a pound even if you felt like I've given a lot, even if it's 50 p it's still something and it's the last day and like you know, you'd never know that that a small amount as it might be my way so much for you on the Day of Judgment just be so glad that you did it in that in the last moment like it's what nearly eight o'clock now. So we've got over an hour until macro finishes.

00:50:32--> 00:51:03

Really Useful words is that if you don't feel like giving anything just give a little bit give something or share and the reason for traveling everyone in Sharla just gives even five pounds 10 pounds whatever they you know they think Okay, you know what, I've just I know you've donated last time I know that I've donated on other streams charities What have you as well, but Okay, you know what, okay, I'll put five pounds now just imagine that if there's like 10,000 people have viewed the video and they all get five pounds you know that's

00:51:05--> 00:51:08

even pounds you know even a pound

00:51:10--> 00:51:14

but let me just put this clarification here right because because

00:51:15--> 00:51:21

this is where people who that's where you can give right it's not it's not for you guys who Mashallah

00:51:22--> 00:51:31

has blessed you with hundreds and 1000s you can give 100 just for people because like I said your level you know your level with a lot you're about to give a

00:51:33--> 00:51:35

brother or sister just give 900 right now so

00:51:37--> 00:52:19

don't don't use that don't use use those trick against you. Yeah, that you got 100 pounds. So inshallah definitely get involved and get a share in the reward. Definitely inshallah, because the opportunity is great. And you know, we're in you know, this is the day where the most people are freed from the hellfire. And I'm not saying this might be, but this is a very noble act building a Masjid, on the day of fire in such a remote location. You might want to question yourself, why am I watching this live? I have all the other people and why did these brothers go all the way from London to some more film these videos? Come back put you on YouTube do alive during the hit. And I'm

00:52:19--> 00:53:01

watching you right now. Ask yourself right. There's gonna be people who are going to donate and they're going to have a share that people are not right so allies chosen that so you decide inshallah, if you have the ability which one you're going to be inshallah, so I'm going to be on 50,000 I think causing close to 51 actually will 51,300 How much was it on the last time I was on the bus? So last time when we when we first started this screen when I realized that I've only been on one at a time I think Oh no. So you mean the last stream? Oh yeah. For this one? Yeah. So this is the second one So on the first one Mashallah, we had a target of $30,000 and and Hamdulillah, we

00:53:01--> 00:53:28

actually did hit the 30,000 because one or two of the brothers and sisters at the end, we were around $400 just under $500 short, and Mashallah we did Alhamdulillah Allah bless us with a 30,000 with the Mashallah the generosity and all our brothers and sisters. And then the video was then viewed by quite a lot of people afterwards, I think and the amount went up to about 45 $46,000 before we came onto the scene.

00:53:29--> 00:53:51

So now we'll handle it being on the stream, we've Mashallah managed, or Allah has of course, given us another four or $5,000. Now I do want to ask whether he said the Pay Pal amounts that are going through PayPal, they won't actually show on the loans, but they will be separate so we can add them and show them together just to

00:53:52--> 00:54:07

try and get them to add it offline. But we have the paper I think for the people to the people like his brother above brother boss, you just visit that link slash 10 fold NGO. Okay, and you have to write the reference paper is about

00:54:08--> 00:54:11

1000 I think we've got so far Mashallah. So it's pretty good.

00:54:13--> 00:54:17

Can we remind the brothers and sisters that they must put that reference number in at the end

00:54:18--> 00:54:31

because if they don't put that reference number in it potential go to another charity. So for them to record it under this particular charity, it is crucial that you must put this reference number at the end in

00:54:32--> 00:54:32


00:54:34--> 00:54:58

There's usually fees with PayPal like when you make a transfer to them. So is it better off to do it with the launch? Good? No, I think with with me but because the charity, there's no fees with these guys. I think Yeah, humbler? So it should be fine. So interesting. There's a very interesting comment here by a PS, he says or she says although I'm French

00:54:59--> 00:55:00

I think

00:55:00--> 00:55:10

Think Australia, Australia, Asians and Simone's would do much better with a religion like Islam and secular by acknowledge the positive effects of Islam has on a societal level

00:55:11--> 00:55:27

as a non Muslim seeing it so what what what stopping them from taking something that is beneficial than for themselves? Of course 100% Yeah, that would be the best thing to do right Yeah, why is beneficial take it for yourself as well inshallah.

00:55:29--> 00:55:49

Definitely inshallah. Okay guys, so basically look, there is about one hour left for for now inshallah we really want to hit this target we really want to reach the target that we have today inshallah. So guys go to launch slash only more. So for those of you joining us, inshallah, let me just explain to you what's going on. There's a Masjid just mean, you know, boss

00:55:54--> 00:56:37

is back. Okay, so there's a mustard basically in Samoa, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. So when you look at the globe, you see all this ocean on the map. on there, there's tiny dots, which are basically countries. We went to a country called Samoa and we found one mustard in that country, the only mustard there. And we went there and we met Dr. Stan and Dr. Stan Lee was stone arrested for accepting Islam. He was the first Muslim to accept Islam. He has three PhDs he owes three blackbelts is translated into Simone Mashallah. He's fought Bruce Lee, and I've seen all the certificates and stuff it's incredible right? And he has gone and debated all the major Catholic priests on TV and

00:56:37--> 00:57:16

radio and they literally resigned after the debate him right. And he's an all this stuff. And you know, they still don't like Muslims or Islam and stuff like that. And he's fighting this cause himself and keeping to the modular keep moving forward. And to other Muslims on support him, the people have promised and money is never come through. And we said to him that look that the Muslims, I told him, I said, Look, Doctor, just listen, trust me, wait till the average Muslim. See this. The mums the daughters, the uncles, aunties, the brothers, the uni students, or the Muslims, watch what happened, and he doesn't know what's happened. He's implemented this up and 30 years. Now, imagine

00:57:16--> 00:57:38

what he's going to see in Sharla. And imagine you guys were the brothers or sisters or uncle's Auntie's, or the students I was referring to when I had that conversation with them, because if you donate, you will be a part of that inshallah. So guys come in inshallah and not just donating just so he knows and he gets happy, but it's a sacajawea like brother boss said in your grave budget.

00:57:39--> 00:58:20

Issue every time it's please pray, the good deed comes to you every time it comes to every coma, every false book in every good that happens in the budget, usually in the room, and then imagine going to john and seeing a palace in paradise. And you bought that Palace on the day of arafah on a live feed on YouTube with technology from your fingers, as per the howdy because a lot is tells us the truth and he sticks to his promises. He's the most just he said that anybody? You know, Hadith is anybody who builds a house for a lot of monsters in this world, Allah Paris from Paradise inshallah. So, you want that? Don't try and distract you don't procrastinate, go to lunch, good calm

00:58:20--> 00:58:29

slash only most right now and donate inshallah, or give to the PayPal link, and inshallah you share all of this incredible reward. You said, about how's you guys fostering?

00:58:32--> 00:58:33

The silver leaf stage

00:58:34--> 00:58:38

is going pretty good. I'm just waiting for food time now.

00:58:41--> 00:58:43

I wanted to just say to you that, did you

00:58:44--> 00:58:53

find out about the background of how brother Stanley came into Islam? How many years ago he came into Islam? Surely, it was

00:58:54--> 00:59:38

about 80 years ago. So early 90s, or the 1999. And what happened was that I think there was an Arab or someone who came to work in some or, or do something somewhere. And she basically was like, going back and forth with them. Right. And they were like, debating and arguing. He was trained as a missionary, by the way. Yeah. Dr. Stanley was a trained missionary. He used to work in the church. He used to be used to work in the government. He was massive. Dr. Stanley guys, would they would be private jets that would be sent from New Zealand to pick him up and fly him to New Zealand to sign these trade deals with Pacific Islands. This was his level right? Guess what happens after he

00:59:38--> 00:59:59

accepts Islam? This is the Sunda we know this. This happens right? Straight down. Everyone hates him against him. Just like the professor, someone who was talking to the Jewish needy, right. And he said that, you know, he said, I'm ready. I know you're a prophet. I'm ready to accept it. So I tell you people he said watch what I tell them. Watch what they do. So he says the person I'm hiding behind still

01:00:00--> 01:00:33

Right. So you write any such as people who am I? He said, you are the leader of our leaders, you are the best of the best. You are the truthful of the truthful. Yeah. And he said, I have followed Mohammed and I'm a Muslim. And they said you the worst of the worst, we don't trust you. We never trusted you. And so I look how it changes, right? Because the truth, truth against falsehoods, and he was in his positions where he would get some private jets. And then look, he accepted Islam. And look what he went through, but he's still moving forward. And he's happy and he's building modules and he's doing his vows because he knows the truth. But we we we have now an obligation or like a

01:00:33--> 01:01:09

duty towards our brother to help him look where he left and look, he's with the Muslim and still his Masjid promise after promise after promise, we will send you money, we're gonna send you money, nothing comes through but we can be those people inshallah No need to make him happy but also share him that reward inshallah. So guys just think about it inshallah, you can be part of that and you can share that award for the only muster then you know, what, this month we're discussing with a boss How will be the beginning of many machines, right? This is one what's going to happen 100 years from now, there'll be 10 2030 machines well, where did it start from? What inspired people which

01:01:09--> 01:01:37

muscles were there who then became businessmen inside their businesses and then move to another part of someone you know, I'm going to start a machine and they remind remember that from your donation on a day like this, so guys, don't hold back inshallah, donate now. The days of the hijab, the day of arafah inshallah slash only mosque controller, you really want to get to 100,000 Today inshallah I know it's possible. We have so many Muslims watching, please, please, please go and support the masjid inshallah. inshallah.

01:01:40--> 01:02:07

Yeah, I was just gonna say, is there a possibility of you maybe sharing your screen and showing people how to donate via the launch? Good paid? There's a few comments saying that we're getting a bit confused, maybe, maybe show them how to? Yeah, I'll do that. Now. inshallah can explain it, why the ISA is showing them and once you click on the launch good, there's a series of boxes that you see are in fact, you see, sorry, you see,

01:02:09--> 01:02:18

you see contribute I think assign called contribution just shows the hits here. It's called support. Right. Can you see the screen right? So you can go here and you can select the

01:02:20--> 01:02:21

sub being shared? Yeah.

01:02:22--> 01:02:27

I think the admin whoever's Okay, okay. It's gonna it's gonna be done now, inshallah.

01:02:29--> 01:02:34

My screen is my screen sharing as the main screen. Yeah, please, main screen.

01:02:38--> 01:02:38

Zoom in on

01:02:39--> 01:02:40


01:02:46--> 01:02:46

Well, you

01:02:48--> 01:03:32

know, we've lost them. Is that one of the interesting things brother, he said. He said, you said to me that the government literally tried to ban Islam in Samoa, and it was Dr. Stanley who went to court. Yeah, took them to court to fight the government to basically stop them from trying to ban Islam in Samoa. Is that correct? Exactly. 100% guy sounds like Muslims. Yeah, bro. He is a Superman. He is. You know, the people when they say one person is worth 1000 people. That's him. 100%. So he is amazing. And we can imagine, look, we're supporting his budget. I this. This was built by him on his land, by the way. So look at it as you go to and you can click on Support. Okay,

01:03:32--> 01:03:34

once you click on the support sharing, I don't think

01:03:36--> 01:03:45

it's the option on the furthest right. So I think he's maybe selecting one of the middle of the left options. I believe it is neither, it's fine. I'll just walk people through.

01:03:48--> 01:04:04

No problem, shall we just walk people through it in Sharla. Look, guys, just go. Just go to the link. You see a green button that says support. You can pick a sheet, a piece of XML or you can type your amount just click on the box and you can type wherever you want to donate inshallah. We're going to show a few pictures now in Sharla.

01:04:05--> 01:04:10

And I'll walk you through the new quite, quite interesting inshallah.

01:04:15--> 01:04:18

Let's see the donations we have so far. How much do we have?

01:04:20--> 01:04:30

Okay, Marsha. We almost have 53,000 martial arts. So we've got about, we've got about 5000 we've done about 10% we've got another 90% to go inshallah, inshallah is going to happen.

01:04:43--> 01:04:59

So rather than sisters, just to remind you when you click on the launch good link, on the right hand side under where the net the amount is for the money, there's that green button called support. As soon as you click on that button, support

01:05:00--> 01:05:50

A box will appear and at the top it says click any field to edit. And so the first box is if you want to add a different amount to what is below, but you have got $100 $200 and $300 on the boxes below. But if you want to click on another amount then it's the first box where it says just helping choose an amount tech next. So when you click on that it will actually allow you to enter any amount that you want to enter so it could be $10 2030 $40 or whatever and then you simply continue with the the Facebook login with your email, sign up with your email. So what you can do is if you're not already signed in to this to this site, just sign in so but or sorry.

01:05:52--> 01:05:53


01:05:54--> 01:06:31

So what would you do you'd log in with your email with your signup sorry, you would sign up with your email. So it will ask for your email and just I think probably a password or whatever. So you can just make up any password and now once you're logged in, you can then continue to the payments page where it will just allow you to take your debit card credit card details and you can even do without without logging in as a guest if you want to. Okay as a guest Okay, so if brothers are still the sisters are still struggling please just leave us a comment let us know what's happening and we will try to talk you through it inshallah. inshallah, definitely Okay, so Mashallah, we got a

01:06:31--> 01:06:52

comment here is Dr. Sally British or Samoan? He's actually Simone, but his parents are originally were British boatbuilders they used to build ships, basically. And they came for now they bought, they bought Christianity as well. And they were they were preachers to Samoa this summer. They weren't Christians from before. They used to, they only

01:06:53--> 01:07:18

they only basically, they would be believed to be deficient religion only recently, they became Christians like not that long ago. And now they're all Christian, Christian, Christian country. So Dr. Stan is pretty small, because parents parents are always originally British. So as you can see, in this picture, this is Dr. Sunday. And you can see, he's obviously wearing the Samoan skirt, basically to the web, which is the equivalent of balloon D.

01:07:20--> 01:07:21

And basically,

01:07:24--> 01:08:01

and then you can see at the top, the roof that I keep referring to, you can see it's tin, it's wavy, is that just a sheet of tin, you know, you see this in villages or like in documentaries are really really downtrodden areas. But the machine literally has that at the top. That's why it's in such a bad condition. And even those windows that you can see these little old sliding windows use of You must have seen these in some classrooms or like old buildings in England religion, these windows that you'd like to shop, and they're all like that. Well, I used to live in a bit of traveling. And when I was in Malaysia, I had a little hot that I lived in. Yeah. On this beach in Malaysia, the

01:08:01--> 01:08:07

silent team and the windows were like that. Yeah, they would slide out sometimes. Yeah.

01:08:09--> 01:08:43

A lot of the things, they're broken here, or they're missing, and they have tornadoes and stuff here as well. And if you look, basically it is AC is there, right? But the ACS are pointless, because when you close these windows, a lot of them are missing, and they don't even close properly. So it's not safe as well, anyone can smash these two and come into the masjid, right, there's no protection or anything. So we want to basically, you know, at least give the machine proper windows that will protect them. But you have to remember that some more because in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there's so many cyclones that come through. And he said that things have been destroyed in the part

01:08:43--> 01:09:04

of the cyclone, but the merchant still stands. And you can see it's not some solid margin. And the other structures are more solid than the modules that are not protected. And he goes out, and he puts his hands up and it says MiG tau because if you stop this, then this is the only place that you get worship. I know obviously there's some people who pray in the house, sir, but this is the masjid, the house of worship, right? Where people pray and this is the boy

01:09:05--> 01:09:46

we want to actually just say something that we've got a brother on the screen, you know the message. It's Preston Garvey and he says that I'm not a Muslim or religious but I appreciate what you are doing and I made a donation please keep up the good work. First of all, we want to really thank Preston for making this contribution. It's very, very kind of use a very nice gesture Thank you very, very much and I'm sure that Dr. Stanley when he realizes that it wasn't just Muslims, it was non Muslims that actually contributed as well. I'm sure it would give him a lot of pleasure and it would please him but I think this is also a good motivation inshallah for us Muslims as well.

01:09:46--> 01:09:59

Because this is the house of Allah, this is a Masjid and you know, of course primarily It is our responsibility. So inshallah I hope my brothers and sisters I know that they can be fatigue because we give and we give

01:10:00--> 01:10:44

So much and we think what you know, these brothers always asking for money for something or other but this is such an amazing cause. And you know, we've got brother Preston here who's contributed as well. And so I hope that spurs on a lot of other Muslim brothers and sisters and they really start to contribute Mashallah Alhamdulillah we've already I think, hit a good six or $7,000 from where we were, it must donations are coming in. So, we have much less very, very, you know, very grateful for all of the presence of start contributing inshallah, but remember, this is an amazing time attribute. These are very, you know, we as Muslims, we regard these at the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

01:10:44--> 01:11:29

said, the best 10 days of the entire year, you know, we have the best 10 nights in the in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And then these 10 days of the ledger are the best 10 days of the entire year. And today is the day of arafah is the day that people raised their hands to Allah subhanaw taala and they asked a lot to shower them with his mercy with his kindness. And you know, hamdulillah What an amazing way of well, you know, why is doing you're the wild wild spraying and supplicating Allah subhanaw taala, praising Allah, Allah is that we put our hands in our pockets as well. And we give a little bit in South Africa. And remember, Allah loves the person who gives sadaqa so much so in

01:11:29--> 01:12:16

fact, that Allah describes this giving of charity, in the Quran, how it's compared to a corn, you know, a seed of corn, a grain of corn, and how he expands into set of 10 times and how is it how it's multiplied into 700 times. And Allah is just explaining to the people that when you give a lot will multiply, what you give, Allah will transform that very small amount that you gave into something very, very significant. And I think last time we did mention a brother He said that just imagine if we could actually see Allah Ramdas mercy showering down upon us, as we give this money. If we could really see this, we would give everybody will give everything we wouldn't leave we would

01:12:16--> 01:12:18

empty our cupboards in our houses we would

01:12:20--> 01:13:03

because of the quantity of the mercy Alhamdulillah that Allah would bestow but so it's a fantastic opportunity my brothers and my sisters we've got Mashallah non Muslims. I think last stream we had non Muslims contributing, we had a question. Last last screen where a brother asked that my friend that is non Muslim is watching this and he would like to contribute, is it okay for him to contribute? And of course, it is okay for him to contribute, because it's a very, very worthwhile cause. It's a cause that will actually you know, gel and create harmony and inshallah tranquility and peace through the practice of Islam inshallah, in in Samoa, so it's a fantastic opportunity, my

01:13:03--> 01:13:30

brothers and my sisters, we're very, very excited that we are here with you hamdulillah and that we are all inshallah collectively with allows grace Allah's mercy can hopefully make a difference, inshallah, to Samoa, and to the Samoan people in sha Allah. Definitely, also remember, you can give money to share the link to pass it on to friends, you know, whether that's on your social media accounts, or

01:13:31--> 01:14:11

via WhatsApp or just telling someone that's in the same house as you to, to check that out. And try to think of it in terms of the butterfly effect as well. So if you imagine, like you're planting a seed here, and so as the description you gave there, you're not just gaining benefits in the afterlife, but there's going to be inshallah, there'll be all sorts of benefits happening in Somalia. And if you imagine that, you begin something here how grateful future generations might be just moments like these, like, you know, the, the starting point of something, maybe massive inshallah on zero and 100%. Now, they might look back and keep you in there.

01:14:13--> 01:14:47

Like, even if something special comes out from the youth that maybe develop in smaller, you know, you may end up with the next big shift that comes out of this. Yeah, you know, a lot of people from these countries, they actually try, they go out, they go to Australia and New Zealand, because some of these items are not that developed. But even in Tonga, a lot of them convert and they leave, but they leave and they're Muslims. And they go to Australia, New Zealand, and they like are Muslim, which is amazing. So guys, you know, and you so I'll let you tell us about this. What's the reward if someone accepts Islam in this Masjid?

01:14:49--> 01:14:59

Like, what's the reward for the donor? What do they share in once that person takes the sharp little sharing the fact that they've been guided and then obviously, every prayer that they make every bit

01:15:00--> 01:15:41

charity that they give, you know, every bit of knowledge they pass on, if they themselves, give Dawa and guide other people to Islam, you're going to share in that. And it's just this massive Domino effects, isn't it? Like everything that they do, you share in a reward with that. And so this is like one of the best things you can do. And if you have, even if you've contributed just a pound, you're gonna share in some of that reward. And so it's worth it now. Like, I think we've got a long left till sunset in the UK in 25 minutes, or just under 45 years, less than an hour, three quarters of an hour. You know, in these last moments, if you were to give 50 p a pound to pound, even if

01:15:41--> 01:15:48

you're exhausted, if you were exhausted, it's more reason to give it because inshallah you'll get more benefit from that you'll get more reward, because you did it.

01:15:49--> 01:16:12

When it felt bad, or when it felt like you were being hurt by it. And you know, yeah, yeah, brother boss. Can you expand on that please, you give us a reminder about donating when it hurts. What does that mean? I mean, I heard a very nice lecture, it was given by brother Asim Khan chief Asim Khan. You know what, can I just interrupt you because he has just happened? Yeah.

01:16:14--> 01:16:16

Unbelievable. Give me one second. Someone

01:16:17--> 01:16:19

just donated $5,000

01:16:24--> 01:16:27

god bless them they mean

01:16:29--> 01:16:41

you know, donating an amount like that like 5000 Yeah, that is literally like fixing a large chunk of the wooded area literally the wooded area can be built like all the tiles can be done

01:16:43--> 01:16:50

with your money apart a few solar panels on the roof it's such a massive amount right? And may Allah bless you in increasing honor. So

01:16:52--> 01:17:02

we're gonna go to the shift and Dr. And this much honestly guys, this is going to be such a transformation you watch how many people come to the module and how many people returned because we don't want to

01:17:03--> 01:17:42

have the chandeliers and stuff but you want to have something nice something air conditioned because it's a very hot country nice cop a very beautiful inside. And then you come back and people accept Islam and all you need is one person to accept Islam because of you the promises until you do it one person accepts Islam for you is better than the whole world and everything inside it. But today if you say you know what, this crazy guy he starts shouting constantly on this live if I listen to him now Yeah, you will basically get the reward inshallah of the whole world and everything and because people accept Islam, you will build a house for mine, this one in charlo the hospital

01:17:44--> 01:18:23

you will get rewarded for every dollar as a Muslim Isha. Shanna paid in the masjid every Juma paid in the budget every year given every facet Ramadan broken. Every letter of the Quran read the prophet SAW Some said 10 rewards for each letter Alif Lam Meem Alif is one llamas one beam is 130 anyone who is the color in there, you get the reward for anyone who gets influenced. Like I said, I did 100 because I went to my football and I had another you know what, I just scraped whatever savings I have. And I was like all of it on the love. I went on a hike, but it was inspiring to make a big difference in people. That's just one aspect. All of these are yours and wipe out your sins.

01:18:23--> 01:19:00

And it's a southern Nigeria and you will get in your grave for as long as people pray and do good in that Masjid, and anything that inspires from that and you know, someone goes and changes from that and they go back to their family and their families change and their kids implement that it's continuous rewards today you can do this and forget about honesty on the Day of Judgment you're going to have a non stop fountain or like a genius you know thing coming to you So guys, launch slash only mosque, donate the inshallah if you want to donate papers above use of stash tenfold inshallah and put the rest year for YouTube or Masjid some more inshallah.

01:19:01--> 01:19:42

But let's let's let's let's hit our target inshallah I know we will 100,000 inshallah, because everyone's here is Aloha, it's the last day this is the day where the most people are feed for jahannam What if you could be freed from Johanna from Harlem but sadaqa is a very noble actress especially for someone who struggled so much and is in such a remote part. So don't hold back guys on the and you know, what brother is that you know, the the amazing thing here is and then not only that we're in such an amazing time which is the 10th you know, the 10 best days in in the in the whole year for blessings but one of the things that Mashallah you touched on the system is just much

01:19:42--> 01:20:00

like donate to this money family, you know, mela inshallah give, bless all of the people that have donated and Sharla all of the people that have wanted to and perhaps even been unable to remember inshallah, we studied afia on all of their families and all of their inshallah you know, and take away any calamity

01:20:00--> 01:20:12

from them, one of the things I just wanted to actually clarify also is that Allah Subhan Allah to Allah, you know, his, his khazana or his treasures are unlimited.

01:20:13--> 01:21:00

And so when you know you lend somebody 10 pounds, and they give you 10 back, or if they're really rich, maybe they might give you 20 back, or they might give you 50 back as a as a kind gesture. Remember, you're you're giving in the path of Allah subhanaw taala, whose treasures are unlimited. And when Allah gives in Allah is the most generous, and when Allah gives, when Allah rewards, you know, it's something that's beyond our capacity to even read, understand. Now when when we, for example, give Dawa to somebody, and they accept Islam, we don't share in a small part of what they might do, we get the full equal reward of everything that they do. So hon Allah, and then if their

01:21:00--> 01:21:42

wife takes Islam as a consequence, everything that she might do, you will also share in that and everything that their children might do, Allah is giving is unlimited, and upon your sincerity and upon your, you know, upon what you might be going through in terms of how difficult it might be to give them money. Allah will give you even more reward as a consequence. And I think you were touching on the story that I mentioned last time or the ISA, about giving. And, you know, I heard a hookah from Asim Khan. And he was saying that he amongst a group of friends, they were talking and they were discussing with one of their friends and they were saying, you know, how comes you have

01:21:42--> 01:22:12

Mashallah, what appears to be quite a nice lavish lifestyle because we know what you earn what your job is, we know what we are and what our jobs are. And you know, you always you always Marshall, assume that you're doing really, really well, you know, always going on ombre, you're always living very well, Mashallah. And he said, Oh, it's because, you know, I give sciatica. And they said, Well, that's not unusual, because we all give Southern guy he says, No, no, the difference is, he says, I got until it hurts.

01:22:13--> 01:22:57

In other words, I keep giving, and I keep using until it starts to really hurt me. In other words, he doesn't just reach into his pocket and pick up the coins and just throw them in the box. You know, he, he takes out money that folds, you know, you know, he's giving until it starts to hurt him. And then he said that I've noticed that since I've been doing that, so hon Allah, Allah has promised, of course, it's always true because Allah has promised that not only will we give you the full benefit of that in this world, but we shall give you the full benefit of it in the hereafter as well. So Mashallah you benefit in the dunya as you benefit in the arcanum Mashallah, so that's what

01:22:57--> 01:23:39

this brother said. So I think when we when we give, you know, our Eman should be that I'm only giving out of that which Allah has provided for me in the first place. So it's not my money that I'm giving out of it's not I earned it. It's mine. me know, Allah says in the Quran spend out of that which we provided for your allies reminding us, you know, where did all this money come from in the first place? It came from Allah, Allah gave it to you. And so when you're giving charity, don't think of it as a favor. Think of it as an opportunity. And think of it as giving back something that Allah gave you in the first place.

01:23:41--> 01:23:42

You know,

01:23:43--> 01:23:45

you've inspired me to donate again, honestly, he

01:23:46--> 01:24:29

was a very helpful and you know, Cipolla, you know, I have noticed this I've done this myself as well you know, when you give when it hurts, right? Oh, man, it hurts bad. Yeah. Because and giving when it hurts is like when you have say 100 and you give like 60 Yeah, you've given like almost majority of it. So from what you can give obviously, you also take care of your family and stuff. Reasonable inshallah, but you will get so much more back in China and this guy's if anytime you want to do that, test that out in the day of the last 55 minutes, guys, donate and build a house in this world and build a hospital in paradise. And this donation is not a one off thing, where you just pay

01:24:29--> 01:24:43

for food and someone eats it and that's it. So you give it a Bill's a Masjid and people praying there people need corn in there. people accept Islam and then you keep getting the reward for it doesn't the three things come to an end? One of them that doesn't come to an end?

01:24:44--> 01:25:00

Everything comes with it except three things. One of them is your sacajawea the Prophet says I'm saying this. The promises also says that your charity does not decrease while secure, fearing anything. Just give it inshallah and you're doing in a time where the LED done is the most beloved

01:25:00--> 01:25:38

Ready to align these days in shaba slash only mas controller we want to get to 100,000 I know it's possible that the 5000 coming almost hit 60 is going to come in and between 7080 and go all the way through inshallah. And guys, those of you who can only give like you subsets who can only get one pound five pounds, give it that's all you can get give it because if we have lots of donors will win the lunch good challenge today, which means they will give us $5,000 I get it two days ago, and that will go to the masjid. It goes straight into the fundraiser that you're doing. So you can basically give a pound and inshallah Shanna will have 5000 being given. But if you give 100

01:25:38--> 01:26:06

give 100 and try to give 1000 you know your level with a lot how much of us giving you guys to go and donate now inshallah. You know, the other thing is much love brother. So, you know, can you imagine that in a few years to come when the machine is all done and it's finished and the Imam stands up and he says, look, for 30 years, we've been struggling. People came, they promised us money. And then these young boys, and this old man, you know, Hey, wanna scream, you know?

01:26:07--> 01:26:15

Orange, like, you're Donald Trump, you know? And, you know, and hamdulillah you know, look at our magazine. Now, you know, we've we've

01:26:16--> 01:26:41

had the viewers that viewed in England and America Marshall all over the world. And they contributed, can you imagine that the was that the supplications that these people inshallah we give? And not just to us, I hope in sha Allah tala but all of the people that have contributed, imagine how many years that conversation will be had, you know, and, and, you know, obviously, we're going to send the links to, you know, brother,

01:26:42--> 01:26:57

Stanley, and you know, when he shows those links to people, when he shows the adverts that were done, when he shows the streams, can you imagine all of the people that will ensure a line shuttler give us the law? And you know, one of the things I always say he said is that you know,

01:26:58--> 01:27:06

some of the olema some of the scholars you know, they say that anything they do in public in terms of good deeds, they've actually they write it off

01:27:07--> 01:27:43

the reason why they write it off is because you know, while I am Allah knows best for your intention, you know, sometimes the arrogance comes in sometimes ego can come in you know, anything could happen so they actually write those off that what they what they say is that the DS that you're doing secret they regard those as better because that way there's no sort of you know, ego involved people are not looking at you thinking oh you're doing a wonderful job brother advisor brother Isa, brother use of coming on the stream you know, raising all this money for a MOS you know, may Allah inshallah save us from that may alarm purify and keep our intentions purified

01:27:44--> 01:28:32

last one was Allah pleasure but one of the things that gives me a lot of you know, inshallah a lot of contentment is that I hope that brothers and sisters with their sincerity with their love, you know, that they might pray for me and inshallah that might be my reason for salvation. Even though I cannot perhaps be confident about my own deeds or confident about what I might be saying why am I doing but inshallah life there are 1000s of brothers and sisters out there inshallah praying you know for us you know, maybe that will be our means of salvation inshallah you know 100% 100% inshallah guys the you know, the it's amazing how much reward there is in Islam that Allah gives to

01:28:32--> 01:29:02

people like you just do one thing and then you share in so much and even says that you guys someone too good you get the reward of that good without anything being taken away from him so he has it you have as well it's like copy paste right and stay there and stay where you pasted it doesn't work in real life, but it works within the Arcola and South Africa and stuff like that inshallah. So guys, anyone new joining, just to reiterate for you guys who are fundraising for Masjid in Samoa, Samoa is basically in the middle of nowhere. I'm going to show you guys right now and

01:29:03--> 01:29:43

basically, we basically fundraising for this module inshallah so that we can fix their module they have a tin roof it's boiling you turn the fan on, heat starts to come down. I was drenched in sweat all the non Muslims that are talking to me they're soaked in sweat. It's so embarrassing, you know, because you can't turn the fans on and just so you damned if you do damned if you don't, you can't turn the fans on. You don't know what to do it you open the windows is blistering sun outside right 14 hours a day and and it's crazy. It's so hot so we just want to build a roof for them inshallah fix and we will do area rebuild the toilet area, allow the brothers to walk into a carpet store and

01:29:43--> 01:29:59

choose the carpet for the masjid. Right now the economy afford to do that because it's just this is another money and we want to fit their company work. They rely on people donating their profits right within the module will make up of a member even the bookshop is old, broken wooden shelves everywhere with old

01:30:00--> 01:30:05

Books literally, you will pull out a book and say, oh my god is the original manuscript for the hieroglyphs

01:30:08--> 01:30:09

black and white

01:30:10--> 01:30:52

30 years ago, so I said, you know, why don't we just get them you show you know shelves will be like 30 pounds and he spent like $2,000 or something on books and talking these books is everything they have Bukhari multiple copies so slim books about Islam about Akiva Islamic stories books, kids who just fill up their bookshelves, right Quran as well for the non Muslims to come down material that inshallah obviously I will do but there's so much opportunity you get rewarded from people reading and learning you rewarded from the football you get rewarded, and that electricity inshallah will become automated for the module. So once we put solar panels, it will pay for itself and all they

01:30:52--> 01:31:27

can turn the light on as much as they want. They can do whatever they want because it's connected by the solar panels to natural energy inshallah. So, there's so much opportunity in sha Allah and you guys can share their awards go to lunch, crypto conference, only mosque remember, it's the last hour on the day of arafah in the 10 most blessed days of the year more than the last 10 days of Ramadan inshallah and more people no there's no date on in the year that more people are freed from the Hellfire than today and sharpei Allah makes this a means for you guys for that inshallah so build a house online this was

01:31:30--> 01:31:34

just trying to point out to everyone there's also the sun's starting to set

01:31:35--> 01:31:40

and the sky will start to get dim See you in the moments where

01:31:41--> 01:32:22

if we get another video inshallah ready very soon because I know that I liked the video where you were giving my shout out to the brother with the Jesus exhibition if we can get you guys video for the for the brothers and sisters that are just tuning in. But basically a brother Isa went all the way to Samoa to find this very tiny little Masjid. The only massive in Samoa. He met Dr. Stanley. I think Dr. Stanley as you've mentioned, he's got three Mashallah PhDs, he's got three doctorates, you know, He's, uh, you know, martial law, you know, also got three black belt in martial arts, martial law. And I think when he was young, he's actually sparred Bruce Lee. So that's probably every young

01:32:22--> 01:33:01

man's dreams to handle, you know. And then when he accepts Islam 30 years ago, you know, you said that he lost his job, which was a very prominent job in the government in the government lying on a private jet to New Zealand and what have you on government business? And as soon as he accepts Islam, you know, obviously, a lot of opposition, you know, what's this crazy religion, you've just joined Subhana Allah, this is how people think. And not only did he lose his job, but because, you know, he was an outcast. You know, the only Muslim on the island, they would actually stone him swannanoa you know, and they would, they would assault him. And after, you know, many years, the

01:33:01--> 01:33:48

government tried to ban Islam on some of the islands, Samoa, Dr. Stanley went to the court, he fought to save, you know, Islam on the island, and so he would not be banned. And Al Hamdulillah he won. And for 30 years, he's been struggling to try to, you know, establish this mustard properly, in a way where he can, you know, hold, you know, congregational prayers properly with with it with with a large number of people so it's comfortable for what do etc, etc. The place really is just a glorified shanty town type of, you know, structure, it's got a tin roof, the windows are literally falling off, some of them have fallen off their little panes of glass that were very office style.

01:33:48--> 01:34:30

You know, in the 60s, you had these offices with these little sort of glass that would sort of, you know, like little like blinds almost like venetian blinds, you know, they would actually, they're not very secure. The air conditioning doesn't work very well the tin roof really heats up. They don't have fitted carpet, they got donations for the carpet that were blue area is really neat of a revamp, because it's unhygenic it's all broken, apparently the toilet and the widow area, they don't all have water. So it basically really needs to be done and we need to support our brother in the summer we need to get this massive inshallah, we're not talking about extravagant changes, we just

01:34:30--> 01:35:00

want to get it to a level where it's Mashallah a place that's clean and tidy. You know, smelling nice. So when people come in who are interested in Islam, they get a good impression of what Muslims do and what how Muslims are in our religion. We just we know how important it is to wash and keep oneself clean and smelling nice with each other with perfume etc, etc. Brushing one's teeth, all of these things are Mashallah mentioned within our religion because in cleanliness

01:35:00--> 01:35:51

is is is next to godliness we, you know, even in the Quran Allah talks about, you know, purification, you know, and being pure. And so how can it be that our place of worship our mustard is not pure is not clean, it's not tidy, you know, so inshallah with your contributions and your help Mashallah last stream, Allah blessed us with with your contributions over $30,000 The goal was $120,000. But since the streams were put on to YouTube, it Mashallah gained another 15 or $16,000. And today much, I think we've gone way above, you know, I think a way above 55 60,000, let me just say it's over 60,000 martial. And now, I'm just going to refresh it to see exactly where we are. So

01:35:51--> 01:36:39

we are now at $59,968. So that's just literally shy of $60,000. And obviously, there's a little bit of more to add from the PayPal, so we probably have hit over $60,000. Now, I think brother, Isa mentioned that, you know, when you're in the grave, that there is still benefit that comes to you. And we believe we're told we're taught that three types of benefits will still be received by the deceased. And the first one is if you have offspring, that you brought up in a good way and they do good deeds. So if your offspring are, you know, doing good deeds, they're pious, Mashallah, they're observant of the rules and regulations of Allah Subhan Allah to Allah, and they do good deeds and

01:36:39--> 01:36:59

inshallah, that reward you will share in you will receive an equal amount of that reward for what you did in inspiring your children. And the second one is that if you leave knowledge behind, so if you leave some knowledge behind like Dr. Stanley Mashallah, he's the first person to

01:37:00--> 01:37:45

translate the poor and into the Samoan language. So even after he dies, every one that reads the pot, Alan Samoan, Dr. Stanley will be in his grave, and he will be receiving the rewards of that citation. So if you need any form of knowledge behind, you will get reward for that. And the third one is sadaqa sadaqa jariya. So, if you do you do well, or you build a mosque, or you do something along those lines, then the benefit of that will still reach you in your grave. So So panela, all of the other doors of earning rewards will be closed, but these three doors will remain open till the Day of jump till the Day of Judgment, till your will pay ama So just imagine the hundreds of people

01:37:45--> 01:38:10

the 1000s of people that may read salave'a, the hundreds of people in sha Allah that might be inspired to accept Islam there. The dozens, if not hundreds of mosques that may open and branch out as a consequence, and just imagine will be dead in our grave. And if insha Allah, Allah accepts our efforts and accepts the money that we've given in sha Allah and inshallah Allah, Allah will

01:38:11--> 01:38:52

then will be receiving the benefit of that. So it's an extraordinary, you know, it's a fantastic opportunity, Mashallah, it's the the blessing, a blessing day of the whole year of the day of arafah. That day, when Allah showers his blessings, and frees the people from the torment and from the punishment, so my brothers and my sisters, even if you can just give a little even if you have given before, even if you gave in the last stream, even if you've given in another stream that was on today earlier, because I know brother Adnan and brother, Ali Tao who've just joined us they were doing a stream for orphans Mashallah even if you've given on that stream, then please just give a

01:38:52--> 01:38:53

little bit give something so we

01:38:55--> 01:39:09

have something, anything in sha Allah. So brother Ali, you've joined us from another stream, you're on a screen with the brother of the Nan It was a charity for the orphans, I believe. Is that right? Yes, that's correct. I've been on a lot of streams of righteous deeds and

01:39:13--> 01:39:16

streams, this these are streams to purify ourselves.

01:39:17--> 01:39:24

When I'm talking righteous deeds, I'm not talking about myself. I'm talking about those who are giving for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah

01:39:25--> 01:39:27

wa alaikum. Salaam, Allah tala.

01:39:28--> 01:39:59

You want to just give information to the brothers and sisters of the street that come off so that way they can watch the recording afterwards. Maybe they can give a few pounds. Well, so yeah, so that is specifically a humanitarian cause? That's for Somali orphans, in Somalia, of course. And yeah, it's quite interesting charity. You know, I was watching one of their videos where they started off. Well, what was told is that they there was a classroom it was actually in the open outside under a tree and they were learning lessons from there now. hamdulillah because the funds that they raised, now they have a money

01:40:00--> 01:40:41

They're a school and the teaching of the very sport where they used to be a tree and spangled law where we used to teach and spell and now they've got a place where there'll be learning and Somali people Mashallah they know for the people so Hamza is really amazing he was doing that here for a couple of hours. So do check that out and show off to this one. So brother anyway, can they watch that stream? Is that on your channel? It's on my channel. Listen, that channel is really streamed it so it should be non Rashid channel and also Alec Tao is that right? Yes. hamdu lillahi wa badali Jazakallah khair for joining us Mashallah. I don't know if you know that target was $120,000 but

01:40:41--> 01:41:01

last stream we've wanted to hit $30,000 Mashallah, Allah blessed us with $30,000 last time But since then, Mashallah the people watching the stream on YouTube it went up to about 45 $46,000 and now Mashallah, it's gone above $60,000 and hamdulillah.

01:41:03--> 01:41:06

donated over 5000 $5,000 Mela

01:41:07--> 01:41:10

and accepted from everybody that has been donating

01:41:12--> 01:41:56

to my studio. This is for the massive in Samoa. So basically you know, we've explained that they've got a tin roof that literally radiates a hot baking heat that sort of comes down onto the mustard because there's no proper insulation and what have you Yes, and when the fans are turned on brother as I was explaining that literally like people opening hair dryers so the heat they've got no fitted carpet, the windows are broken, you know, they get obviously cyclones, tornadoes there, whatever, and the structure is somewhat damaged. Also, the blue area is completely need of revamping. And we know when we go to masses and we do weather in a market that's not very nice. What do area i'm sure

01:41:56--> 01:42:00

brother you serve and yourself, you know, you feel quite nice and comfortable

01:42:01--> 01:42:40

to use the facilities but when it's a little bit grubby, it can feel like very, you know, uncomfortable so martial and difficult to concentrate as well and Allah subhanaw taala absolutely, totally agree and, and so brother Ali that's some of the the issues some of the other issues is that the Imam brother, Dr. Stanley think that even in the middle of Salah when he's being when he's sort of at the front obviously as an Imam leaving the prayer that if the beat goes off for the electricity he panics because the electricity is about to go off. He has to send somebody or rundown himself to quickly charge up a little bit of electricity so the more slightly longer term project

01:42:41--> 01:43:19

inshallah we may even achieve it today with a last mercy but is to put solar panels on the on the roof and obviously all the lithium power packs and what have you the different regulators and things that they need. So they'll actually be self sufficient. And you know, we want to obviously change the bookshelves and put a good selection of books in them that they're going to need and shuttler forgiving others forgiving, you know, talks and what have you. And I know that our era Mashallah are going to be really supporting them with a lot of dialogue material that was stands and what have you. So it's a wonderful project with it. It's an amazing opportunity. I don't know if you know much

01:43:19--> 01:43:47

about the history of the project. But brother Stanley, comes from originally from an English family of immigrants that went there. Brother Stanley himself is Samoan he was born there. He was actually a Christian. He was a trained priest or or whatever he would talk about Christianity, and apparently an Arab or somebody came to work. Yeah, Island and as a consequence, long story short,

01:43:48--> 01:43:50

Dr. Stanley converted to Islam.

01:44:06--> 01:44:07

60 we

01:44:09--> 01:44:14

should work together with the Muslims because they respect Mary's mother.

01:44:38--> 01:44:47

Oh Allah, we save this house of a cyclone. This is the only place that you are worship. Please Allah do that for us for our benefit.

01:45:07--> 01:45:10

Cuz I'm singing this question and just look at the sweat.

01:45:11--> 01:45:20

Because that was structurally and they've got like, some strange observable that brings it down there 14 out of

01:45:22--> 01:45:23

25 guests

01:45:26--> 01:45:29

right now, and they're pointing a swing as well.

01:45:48--> 01:46:10

This is the state of this machine is the only machine in the entire country now, yesterday, we had so many promises come to the module as well. They were sweating and dripping with sweat, because it's so hot. So if we help them for short amount of money, inshallah they can fix this, make it easy for the worshipers and easy for the people who come and visit inshallah so brothers sisters, click the link and donate for this project.

01:46:31--> 01:46:34

First is, is that which, which one is?

01:46:37--> 01:46:38

Yeah, this the first time I saw it?

01:46:41--> 01:46:51

It's very interesting, because I think that it seems that this place is how do you pronounce it? Some more? Some of them are? Yeah, so so panela how many was in a specific region?

01:46:52--> 01:46:58

And then Muslims, maybe like, 100 That's crazy. You know, it's like,

01:46:59--> 01:47:03

it's, it's like a new beginning. You know, it's, you can see it. So Pamela, and,

01:47:04--> 01:47:42

and it's all started with a new beginning, brothers and sisters, because, you know, when the 7% were added in Japan, to Yemen, you know, and his impact what he had there, what he did there, so panel above the sisters, today, we see the fruits of it via the messages that they made, etc. And we know some Sahaba, who built massages in certain places, to this very day, it operates. So sometimes Muslims, sadly, when it comes to these kinds of things, we we don't we don't have the vision to the future. You know, because we we live in a time where you have fast food, fast cars, Amazon Prime, you know, in the past 100 years, everything is possible as far as what you're looking for instant

01:47:42--> 01:48:22

gratification gratification, you know, I did something I need to see now. That's why our mind has lowered as decrease in the context of the hereafter because we're okay with, you know, in pellicle people yeah, we see, what we see is what we believe, you know, with the common like that, brothers and sisters, sometimes we need to see the future in the context of not, you know, the image again, we have to have belief in that. But it's for us to understand and invest in the hereafter when we talk about investment if I was here, and I was pitching, you guys a opportunity to buy a house, a mansion with seven bedrooms, three toilets. Yeah, don't ask me why three toilet? toilets. Yeah.

01:48:23--> 01:49:01

toilets, and, you know, dining room and dish and 11. I don't know, two swimming pools, you know. And I said to you guys, you know what, this house is worth five, half a million pounds for this special offer 50,000 pounds. Yep. Now, people that don't even have the money would find the money, or they will borrow the money. But the first reaction that they have is what? Even this is a fraud. Sounds too good to be true. Yeah. Where's the catch? Where's the cat, you'll be looking for that. You won't believe it, because it's too good to be true. Brothers and sisters, when it comes to these kinds of things. Why do we ever think of it? our investment that we do in the head like hereafter, we should

01:49:01--> 01:49:36

invest a million years ahead a billion years ahead, you know, today, when we do some kind of investment, look for returns within three to five years, etc. But what about when we give? Why don't we have the vision of millionaires and billionaires ahead? Now a lot of you guys will be saying, Well, I'm going to be dead in the Millionaire's head. What's the point of that? Well, that's my point, you're going to be dead, you know, you're going to die. So doing a millionaire's ahead means you're preparing it for the hereafter. You're going to be in this life for 56 years. If I was to tell you that you imagine you go in and you having a transit stop. You're stopping at Dubai for two

01:49:36--> 01:50:00

or three hours, five hours. In that five hours? Are you going to start planning and saying you know what, let me start a business yet. Let me get married. Let me know today for five hours. You need to go there. You just get to wherever you need, drink water similar. You're going this life is like but you're here. You're going to leave you're going to go. So brothers and sisters when it comes to this stuff, look at the vision in this specific region. To me, I think

01:50:00--> 01:50:39

See a massive like, imagine this Masjid is the CORE Center, this is where it's all going to begin. This is where the guys are going to be trained. And then they're going to say Pamela, I see this as a face. Yeah, whenever these kind of opportunities arise, this is the face This is where a lot of things are going to happen. If we can facilitate facilitate a nice place to shop improvements with the approvals that's needed internally externally in the masjid, this can be a beginning for God knows how many generations maybe this region within about 5200 years would become Muslim populated majority we should see an operate like this is so if we believe in that we need to start brothers

01:50:39--> 01:51:19

and sisters give them for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala because we are finite. Yeah, and we are going to die boys and sisters, and we want you guys inshallah to invest in your hereafter for one's brothers and sisters do it for yourself and give so pengelola and imagine this place and I said to Isa before I would like to visit I would like to go to these places in person, because there's something that what is the physical form of power? Yes, we go to the park, but you know, I'm really kind of not fed up I like you know, face to face to come here and I'm fed up I want to see him again in front of me, I want to talk to a person I want to engage in the new form of listening and hearing

01:51:19--> 01:51:27

and engaging with the people of today we live at a time we've got people who want to be a piano we are one month into the guitar, you know, people like

01:51:28--> 01:51:38

speaking to people yet we talking about can you imagine in a minute that there's going to come a time that people a person, he's going to say he believes he's an instrument

01:51:39--> 01:51:42

this kind of stuff, all kinds of stuff we're dealing with

01:51:44--> 01:51:44


01:51:49--> 01:52:05

discussion should definitely come on one of the missions and guys you know, like if you just look outside, right, it's a that's it. It's like almost modern uptime and you know the day to day Yeah, the day of alpha will be gone. I mean, you probably up north to two minutes. Where are you used to? Yeah.

01:52:06--> 01:52:43

A bunch of stuff. Yeah, so first is about five minutes left. So guys, this is when FOMO comes into play is the fear of missing out people doing trading in Bitcoin all of that nonsense right? This is your reward will be gone in Sharla because once you miss out the day of the ledger days are over, the multiplication reward is gone. So I know there's a lot of people from different countries, so we'll continue inshallah, but those of you in the UK, this is your chance, and those of you holding back donate inshallah, you will donate to a Masjid inshallah, you will ask Allah Allah has been parlez inshallah you share the reward every time someone face budget or as a Muslim Isha pays all of

01:52:43--> 01:53:06

this so now pays Juma with every letter of the Quran that they recite every Ramadan passbook in the masjid, you share it forever. You buy this now, it's a one time payment, but it's a lifetime reward. Right? So guys, the link is above use of lunch slash only mosque. Yeah, he saw, as you know, I've been on logical to six, I just quickly I need to know, I need to do something

01:53:10--> 01:53:11

you guys carry on?

01:53:20--> 01:53:45

Alhamdulillah. You know, the thing is by the ISA that much is true that, you know, often we invest all this money in like, you know, things people invest in Bitcoin they invest in, you know, they speculate to accumulate that they know. And it's all for the dunya you know, and Isn't it amazing that so Hannah, like if we actually sit down, and we just contemplate and think about that for a second,

01:53:46--> 01:53:48

we can only eat three times a day,

01:53:49--> 01:54:15

we can only live in one house, we can only really drive one car, you know, at a time, we can only sleep in one bed, right? And everything else that we get beyond that is actually just something to boost one's ego really, you know, to feel good that I own all of this right? Now, the reality is for many people who have a lot of money, it's just a number in the bank.

01:54:16--> 01:54:32

It's just a series of numbers in a bank, that they never utilize themselves, or most of those numbers, they never utilize themselves. And actually when they die, those numbers become the property of somebody else in their bank.

01:54:33--> 01:54:49

You know, and perhaps they repeat the process all over again, to try to make those numbers bigger basically. So every time they they go online, on to online banking, or they you know, get their bank book or whatever, they open it up, and they see the numbers become bigger, so they get happier,

01:54:50--> 01:55:00

you know, and yet and yet when we die, everything that we hold so dear to our hearts that we will

01:55:00--> 01:55:14

Love, you know so much that we have so much passion for, you know, everything gets left behind. Everything gets left behind. We don't take any of that with us. We are buried with just two pieces of cloth,

01:55:15--> 01:56:10

the Muslim burial two pieces of coffin cloth. And that is all that you have when you're buried. Whether you're a king, or whether you're a pauper, that is how you're going to be buried with nothing else. So it makes perfect sense to invest in somewhere where your money is never depreciated and it's never lost. It's magnified, and it's multiplied many fold over. And this was the best. This is the way of thinking of the Sahaba the companions of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, that they strived for the hair after and May Allah forgive us much of what we strive for is for the year for the for the dunya. And yet we've been warned that this life is but a blink of an eye. It's

01:56:10--> 01:56:20

as if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said a man is on a long journey. And he finds you know a tree or you find some shade. And he just rests for a short period.

01:56:21--> 01:57:07

And then he's back on his journey. The prophets of Allah describe this life as but that's short, very few moments of arrest under that tree, and the real time or the significance of our existence 40 or 50 or 100 years that we might spend on this world, but it's the eternal life in sha Allah, Allah Allah has promised us in the hereafter. So this is our time to invest in the path of a loss to Allah and and make the best investment that we could ever make. Which is the investment for the hereafter inshallah inshallah and it's sunset already, almost almost. There's just a few minutes left, guys, take a few minutes to donate.

01:57:09--> 01:57:10

Takes 15 seconds but honestly,

01:57:12--> 01:57:50

the most people free from the fires today inshallah give yourself a call, inshallah, we'll wipe away your sins, you'll get a share in the reward of everyone who pays in this Masjid, and you donating to such a unique cause or Masjid in the middle of nowhere, the first and only Majid you're helping fix the house of law, all you have to do is go to slash only mosque. And also, those of you who could only give like a pound five pounds to us, please give it because if we get a high number of donors will win the $5,000 from the local challenge for this campaign, we'll go straight to the campaign. So you can basically be a part of giving us the 5000 so don't hold back. Don't be the

01:57:50--> 01:57:55

person who said yeah, everyone's gonna do it except me. I'm just gonna have my popcorn here, watch. No, we

01:57:56--> 01:58:26

have a share that you could get $1 and you could it's as if you give 5000 because you were part of those people who made us win the challenge. So go to slash only those of you who are less blessed with 1000s 1000s like that brother who give 5000 assists to give $1,000 if you can give 150 give it for the sake of Allah, Majid bill inshallah pellets for you, but in Paradise, every solar project is shot in such a remote part in Sharla. And you share the reward even when you're in your grave.

01:58:28--> 01:59:07

I mentioned as well, if the final day of judgment, you were just a hair's breadth away from getting into gender, and, and then you were told I've uniformly if given at least 50 P, or a pound or 10 pounds, that might have been enough to get you into paradise. So just keep that kind of thing in mind. And it's not just you're not just contributing to a mosque in a country where Islam is already established, like UK like UK, like we know Muslim country much much is that everywhere? Yeah, you're contributing some to technically what is the battle like you mentioned before, they are actively trying to ban Islam and the brother that the Imam there that's trying to organize all of this and

01:59:07--> 01:59:25

set this up. He's had to go to court, you know, that you like you mentioned, they've stoned him. So like, in contributing to this, you're contributing to his battle, his struggle, and inshallah like, you know, obviously, this is an important thing and you do need to really consider that. And it is, it's not,

01:59:26--> 01:59:59

you know, this is a more serious thing to donate to than your typical st mosque in the UK where we don't have to deal with the kind of stuff that the brothers having to deal with. Under the law, you know, where the use of the thing is that we often you know, we think and we want to obviously make things a bit positive as well on this stream we want to marshal I really encourage your brothers and sisters and also show them that how much of a difference that the money is going to make because you know, we've already muscular hit on the on the

02:00:00--> 02:00:41

Launch good website on that on that particular page we've already hit Mashallah over $62,000 $102,118 and I know there's probably a few 1000 on the, on the paper as well and inshallah from what brother Isa said last time brother so I was just saying brother Isa, you know we've got over $62,000 Marshal on the on the on the launch good we've got Mashallah, you know, probably a few 1000 on the PayPal. Now, I think last time we discussed that if we were to hit around 60 $65,000 that would probably mean new windows new carpet, it would mean all the bookshelf, new books

02:00:42--> 02:01:14

in all the microphones and the speaker setup in the community revamp of the wazoo area, and we would able to probably get most if not all of the roof done. So yeah, much luck with this money right now that you've mentioned, the whole roof can be done. Literally the whole roof is built is changed and that unfortunately stops the sauna business they can no longer function as a sauna because now it's actually you can go in and you can stand yeah

02:01:16--> 02:02:01

so Brother Brother so I think last time we said that the solar panels obviously and the battery packs this was coming to around was around $30,000 was that in toto 2000 pounds was the roof roughly 30,000 pounds for so because we are raising $120,000 is a little bit confusing. Are we are we saying that the whole project is around 100,000 pounds then is that a whole project is about 100,000 pounds so that to to basically change the roof is 30,000 to basically put solar panels for the whole Masjid right will be about probably 12,000 pounds or something to power the whole Masjid did you do the whole Moodle area all the toilet would probably be about 15,000 carpet maybe 2000 all the windows

02:02:01--> 02:02:26

and everything has to be fixed and you guys know how much rather Isa we because we've done around 63 $64,000 we're looking at around sort of 48 49,000 pounds right now so for the roof, we've got 19,000 which we'll probably do that we'll do area and possibly a job right so now really what we're looking to do is hopefully inshallah do the Windows

02:02:27--> 02:03:06

you know get the windows done inshallah Allah get the books and the bookshelves and these type of things done Mashallah. So we just need another wall if we can get another sort of 15 $20,000 more on this stream and hundreds and that would mean that a lot of the major major work would actually get done and then I suppose the solar panels even if we could do that in two months or three months time inshallah then you know that's not going to be the crucial thing that we need to do but we need to at least get we need to get the windows done we need to get the flooring you know the carpets done we need to get the blue area done. And I suppose you were saying that we could give them a little

02:03:06--> 02:03:44

bit of money so they could have money to invite new non Muslims come there for exhibitions for refreshments and things like that. Yes. And that basically your very good point you brought up they'll have like a trust fund for the masjid we'll be able to start the first Quran lesson for kids they'll be able to pay a crown teacher who teaches the kids on this is it's such a new country guys you have to understand this is like Islam is new hair. And you're gonna basically do the first Koran lesson here for the kids and they're going to solve anything and then their children will come and their children and we introduced that will give them money so that they can host a thought for

02:03:44--> 02:04:20

people in Ramadan for the first time inshallah right and most likely the first time and then you know in white non Muslims do all of this amazing stuff because we don't want to build an amazing budget for them. And now they have zero you have a trust fund that's limited by the budget and the committee and someone they decide to use it in the motion as well as massive reward in that as well. You want the budget to function have services help people in Sharla so it's going to be incredible, it's the full package, the roof, the wooded area, carpets, windows, everything inshallah inshallah people will be sharing and people accepting Islam as well. One person accepts Islam is better than

02:04:20--> 02:04:38

the whole world and everything inside it, vanilla hamdulillah. So rather he said so Mashallah, you know if that that side of things is looked after, as well, whereby people come into the mazie there's some sort of refreshments there. Possibly. I think I are going to help out with literature our size, yeah.

02:04:40--> 02:05:00

So they can give that to people who've come there who are interested in Islam. I think you did a very good exhibition called the Jesus exhibition there when you're out there Mashallah, with all the stands all the way around the masjid. And I remember the video I think it was when Dr. Stanley was saying I've never seen anything like this. This is like wonderful. This is amazing.

02:05:00--> 02:05:40

You know, so that was very, very touching Mashallah and also you know if we could eat before the solar panels go in I suppose what would be good is to have some form of small fund where they can easily buy electricity. So there are a lot of costs to run there every hour every few days or every day to just charge up you know, because to run a Masjid like that is very, very difficult you need to be concentrating on inshallah managing and running the masjid rather than, you know, having to run around for getting electricity and things exactly yeah 100% sure look, we planned all of our gives us a lot of thought. And I've planned everything out for them. For example, they didn't even

02:05:40--> 02:06:13

think about the solar panel so they were like, they were like, Look, you know, we just want to fix the module and stuff but I know that they don't have money for electricity and they can't even collected enough money for collection. So I thought you know, why don't we just raised and I'm glad we've done it, like 10 15,000 pounds and two wide solar panels so the electricity is free forever. Never you'd have to go and buy electricity again inshallah, right? And I mean, 10 years left paid for itself because they've saved all of that electricity. inshallah so it's going to be incredible. And they have these lessons, they have new carpets, you know, everything in hoodoo area. This in

02:06:13--> 02:06:53

itself is so amazing, right? Today you can donate to build a wooded area. Every time every single person does will do their hundreds and 1000s of people you get sharing that of people purifying themselves to praise Allah inshallah Imagine you're in your grave, we'll do we'll do we'll do you do if that's all you supported, but this is will do, and the masjid and the solar panels and the carpets and the windows and everything inshallah so guys a reward is exponential. Please go to launchcode comm slash only mosque and donate now we need some of you 2500 100 give whatever you can give your level with a line Sharla PayPal go to this link and put the reference e f, some more

02:06:53--> 02:06:58

machines or something like that I'm gonna we're picking up fast guys, Mashallah, we only have

02:07:00--> 02:07:42

63,200. So just to remind the brothers and sisters, if you go on to the launch good website, on the right hand side, it says donate there's a green box there under the amount of money. And when you go on to there, another little box will open up. And you'll have different bars, which basically tell you, even though it starts at $100, there is a box above it, where you can click and enter any amount that you wish to, you might want to maybe put in $10,000 or something, because it's not on there. So you can just basically enter whatever amount that you want. And I think he was saying that you can log in as a guest. And you can just give you an organ as I guess I'm just wondering if any

02:07:42--> 02:08:02

of the brothers and sisters are struggling with any way of paying or they're not sure, please just give us a little message. And they will try to run through it again. And obviously above so you've got the PayPal link, which is very easy as well. I think the you're saying the Pay Pal do not charge commission is a charity. So

02:08:03--> 02:08:42

it is easier for you than in China just go through the PayPal, but do remember to put that code the reference code in the end so they know exactly where that money is going. So you must put in reference e f or they can put in reference mosque, Samoa or Masjid Samoa and that way inshallah the funds were going in the correct places. Now we did have a question earlier brother from a brother who was saying look, you know, what about accountability, but about all the money that you're raising, you know, how sure are you that this money is definitely going to get to the to the muskets, but we want to inshallah

02:08:43--> 02:09:24

either tell our brothers and sisters to donate with confidence because I have checked out the loan to good and the Australian charity that's going to be giving the money to the Imam, but we're also going to be doing follow up videos. So you have a record of lunch. Money was raised. And we will obviously declare the monies that were raised on Pay Pal and what have you. And then we will interview the Imam and explain to the zombies how the money was raised. raised. The mom will have an opportunity in Charlotte to address the people who donated

02:09:26--> 02:09:40

but also he said you said that you're going to do some follow up videos. So when the we're gonna show videos, we're gonna show the work we're gonna show the roof we're gonna show reaction, maybe we could do reaction video, when I actually tell him how much was raised in Sharla. It's gonna be incredible.

02:09:43--> 02:09:59

If I go there and show it to everyone, so it's gonna be incredible. But guys, let me remind everyone right that if if you get the most number of donors in a day on launch good, they give you $5,000 as a cash prize reward right for the charity so they give it to the charity so

02:10:00--> 02:10:42

Now this isn't the most donation This is the most donors so like 100 of us or 200 of us So, guys, even if you have a pound give it even if you have 50 cents give it you have $10 give it right but give what you can if you can give 100 give 100 inshallah, right, but give it now because when all of these add up in sha Allah, we can basically win the award and that add another 5000 we want it two days ago inshallah we can win it again but the only way that can happen is if you watching right now I'm talking to you don't think about other people yes you Yes, you need to go and do it inshallah, right slash only most inshallah, the link is over brother boss visited inshallah and give a

02:10:42--> 02:11:23

donation and inshallah we want to get a high number of people who also want to hit our target today inshallah. inshallah. And one of the things to remind the brothers and sisters is that on the last stream, our target was around $30,000 out of the 120,000 that we needed for the project, and hamdulillah Mashallah, our brothers and sisters around the world they stepped up Mashallah, and we hit the 30,000 target, and we have been anywhere around $480 shore and Mashallah we had I think, Queen of Jordan and there was one or two other people that actually Mashallah paid off the amount and we got to the 30,000 since then, Mashallah the screen was on YouTube. And you know, we've done

02:11:23--> 02:12:09

it we streamed it on multiple channels, so we were doing it on SC Tao while we were doing on EF dour and martial law, the people were so generous Alhamdulillah it hit around $46,000 so and when we started this stream around, I think 4646 and a half $1,000 and martial and now we're at $63,000, Hana $63,000, my brothers and my sisters, Mashallah. It's an amazing thing. And I think that, you know, sometimes, you know, people like to play the guild card, like, come on Muslims, come on, you got to do more, you got to do more. I like to keep it positive. Mashallah. And I want to just say that Alhamdulillah you know, it's been proven that in England, for example, there was a study done

02:12:09--> 02:12:20

by the Mori poll to find out which community was the most charitable community in the entire country. And the Muslim community came top

02:12:21--> 02:13:07

giving charity Mashallah. And it was around 400 and I think 64 what 430 or 460 pounds a year there was around 400 and mid four hundreds and the next most charitable people, I think were around 280 or something, there was a huge gap Mashallah. And so, this is something that as Muslims Alhamdulillah we need to feel good about positive about that Allah has inspired us and Allah has nurtured in us these qualities that we give and that we give for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala work with the hope of Allah reward. So this is something that we should feel positive about insha Allah and so as brother Isa reminded you reminded all of us that because the

02:13:08--> 02:13:15

the charity, the charity, the 3d the things the service collects the money.

02:13:16--> 02:14:01

The limited storage it's the launch good sorry, the launch good. You know, page, the greatest number of donors if we have the greatest number of donors, they will give us out of all the other charities if we have the highest number of people not the highest number of money, not the highest amount, but just that the highest number of people that give us an extra 5000 Now, last time on the last stream and hamdulillah we've got the extra 5000 So this time, even if you're not planning to give anything or you know, you're really you know, you don't have much money left, just give a pound in Charlotte, can you get the highest number of people donating and inshallah, is it possible to give 20 p because

02:14:01--> 02:14:35

if even if everyone was to just give, I'm not sure? I suppose you know, just try the lowest amount if you don't want to give anything and inshallah if we hit the highest number of people contributing to this to this Mashallah to this charity, then we get another $5,000 donate Pamela from launch good so that is a really positive thing Mashallah. So brother use if you open your fast as well. Not Yeah, I'm about to so I'm gonna have to say farewell because I've got my Pot Noodle already not not a problem. You go ahead and shut us I'm gonna I'm gonna go

02:14:36--> 02:14:45

here for having me and obviously everyone who's watching now, like, especially if you're not, if you're a bit more on the other side of the pond.

02:14:46--> 02:14:48

You know the Americans you've still got plenty of time to start,

02:14:49--> 02:14:51

as do MC or wallets if you can.

02:14:53--> 02:14:56

And you're not stuck here for having me and

02:14:58--> 02:15:00

Allah bless you all, and I hope you

02:15:00--> 02:15:00

Hit your targets.

02:15:02--> 02:15:52

And slowly go holla Well, my brothers and my sisters just another little reminder really because I remember being in the in the in the master than hearing a lecture. Again, it was from brother Arsalan Khan. And he said, you know, on our deathbed when we're about to die, and we see the angel of death. And now we're told that once you see the unseen, that's you see the angel of death, that the doors of forgiveness and the doors of good deeds, everything is closed. So you can't then do anything to better your afterlife. We know that in Islam, this is what we believe. But when we see the angel of death, there is one request that we will make.

02:15:53--> 02:16:42

And people and the Imam while he was giving the hug, but he asked us, what do you think that request will be? What will we request? And we will sort of sitting there thinking, I wonder what it will be maybe I want to read more Salah, I want to ask forgiveness from my friends and family maybe, or maybe you know, I want to, you know, just say goodbye to my kids or ask my kids to be good or, you know, pray a little bit more maybe supplicate to God ask for forgiveness, whatever it might be. And the answer was quite surprising, because it was one that I didn't actually anticipate. And that was that a person will request that can I just have a few more moments, to give some sadaqa to give some

02:16:42--> 02:17:40

charity, because at that time, we will realize the significance of giving charity, of giving sadaqa because we realize just how significant and how important it will be for our you know, for our ohana for our life after death. And so, you know, these stories should inspire us because when we realize the significance of something when we realize the importance of something in Sharla it drives our emotion and it drives us to, to want to race towards doing such a thing. And so, what I would urge my brothers and my sisters is that, you know, we're told about these beautiful stories, you know, these beautiful incidents that will occur even in our own life. So what better time inshallah that

02:17:40--> 02:17:47

the best 10 night best sorry 10 days of the year that we inshallah donate,

02:17:48--> 02:18:39

in the path of Allah subhanaw taala especially for something that is so, so amazing, you know, so wonderful that will inshallah be a beacon of light in Samoa. And one of the things I've seen in my own life is that often, people who already believe in God are often much more closer to coming into Islam than people who are completely averse to this phenomenon to this belief. And so we already have people in Samoa who are believing in God, many people they do, but they're not Muslim inshallah. So for us, inshallah, the best thing that we can do as Muslims, and it's our duty, that we have to present Islam, we have to present that which is good and propagate that which is good,

02:18:39--> 02:19:06

and we have to forbid the evil as at the very least, this is something that's incumbent upon all of us, so we know we need to inshallah, take, take part in this. Donate as much as you can donate as little as you can. But please just keep donating and Sharla brother, as I said, I've heard you back from your apologies, I felt so bad when I saw you and you're okay. You can go from algrim now inshallah I'm here inshallah. Okay, does that

02:19:07--> 02:19:08

work? Oh, salaam.

02:19:11--> 02:19:37

Okay, so guys deserve all the donations. 100. Low. We are now on $63,537. And humble is going really well. So those of you just joining or those of you who haven't heard the story before, I'm going to basically let you guys know what the experience for me was. So basically, when we were looking at different countries to go into our in from the IRA angle, because I work in IRA.

02:19:38--> 02:19:44

I basically found a few countries in the Pacific Islands. So I was looking for countries that were in,

02:19:45--> 02:19:58

in the Pacific Islands. So these are remote place and I'll show you on my phone now, how remote Samoa is itself. And I basically found a few of these islands. And then I found some more. Look where it is

02:20:05--> 02:20:06

So you look here

02:20:08--> 02:20:45

that that's a really nice picture right of the beach that just came up but trust me I don't see anything like that. So I don't know where that is maybe it's an island close by but look, look over some ways this is Earth. Look at the water around it. This is the Pacific Ocean guys. This is all the water you see. And over here there's a Masjid, which you have the ability right now to your computer for most best you with well to go to that link launch slash only mosque on the top left and give a donation and help fix that Masjid and rebuild parts of it inshallah. So I went there in this remote place, and I was with the brothers lobby and I was like, Look, this budget

02:20:45--> 02:21:24

could be anything. It could be anyone we don't know because remote, we don't have any contacts. And we went then paid Muslim and realized the brothers from the Tbilisi Jamaat were there. And then we we realized that a mom's in there was Dr. Stan Lee, who had seen an article I said Is this too is I guess that's me. And Subhanallah It was a Mashallah Jordan mashatu Walker, good to see you, bro. zakharova joining and then I basically we went and we met him and look how a lot two comes from the other side of the world. It takes 45 hours to get there. So when I talk to my family or message my dad or someone in the UK, they're 14 hours behind. So if I messaging them at 6pm for them, it's 2am

02:21:24--> 02:22:04

in the night, and for me almost the next day is over at 6pm in the in the evening. So that's how far they are. They're the first country in the world to be fudger so tomorrow well it's already gone there for right now it's 9pm in the UK for them it's 1pm in the afternoon, the next day right then eat 1pm they've already been paid eats align and try they're praying the door Salah in the masjid now that's how remote these guys are they the first module to pray fudger first or the first top three because there's the New Zealand has some remote islands perform the same timeline so that's where you gain the reward and showing how often you get opportunity like this to support measure

02:22:04--> 02:22:41

that so remote inshallah. So when you donate today, and those of you who are still in the deal for alpha you donate on the day of alpha in the best 10 days of the hedger Allah wipes away your sins the promises I'm saying if you build a house for land this will allow you to build a house for you in paradise inshallah palace for you in paradise. You you get the reward of every fudger though how awesome Margaret Isha Suna Juma has prayed inside the masjid every single time someone gets called on every single time somebody hits us into a coma and benefits every good action someone does and not just now you'll donate non stop, but the reward for you keeps coming the professor said there's

02:22:41--> 02:23:16

three things that don't come to an end. One of them was children you do righteous actions. And the other one I can't remember the third one was good actions that continue. So sacajawea your actions that you did good deeds that they will continue so something like this when people keep bringing the masjid inshallah you get the reward for it and people from here who stopped more Masjid you get the word for that as well in Charlotte. So guys, please please please visit the link slash only most and give a donation now inshallah and sharing this reward inshallah. And like I said before, you can also

02:23:17--> 02:23:52

you can we need a high number of people to donate. So even if you only have one pound, give it because if we have a large number of donors, we win the launch good award, so every day to give a donate your challenge, the charity that has the most donors, not most donations, but the most number of people they win the award. So inshallah if you guys donate now and ensure that even if it's a pound unit is 50 cents and those of you give 101,000 inshallah you help us win that channel so you could give a pound if that's all you have, and you could basic Shannon would have 5000 coming to us, we win $5,000 for this Masjid inshallah.

02:23:53--> 02:24:13

And so go to slash only mosque and people are asking me so where are you from? I look like I'm everywhere. I'm from England, but I'm actually from parkstone My family is from fish our humble Anyways guys, so inshallah let's basically hit the target for this module in Sharla.

02:24:14--> 02:24:19

And you can donate any amount there's no set amount inshallah let's see what the donors are on now.

02:24:21--> 02:24:39

Mashallah, we're in 63,644. So we roughly have about $16,000 to go that's just 160 people giving $10 or few people giving 1000 someone giving 5000 up to you guys, this paper link right here. You go to slash 10 fold

02:24:40--> 02:25:00

NGO and after that, that you have to put a reference called EF or some more or most of the know what's coming for you have to put that out. They will know where the donations coming from because it's charity that has many projects going on. And you can go to slash only most and donate inshallah, guys. What are the

02:25:00--> 02:25:40

chances that we went although I found this random Island in Samoa, that we went all the way from the UK 45 hours, it's a six hour flight to Dubai transit from Dubai, it's a 1718 hour flight to New Zealand the long one of the longest flights in the world. It doesn't even go to New Zealand used to go to like Malaysia or something that's nine hours, then connect from there to like New Zealand, which is like 14 hours. Then from New Zealand, you go for another four hours. Yeah, to get there. That's how difficult is to go that we went there. We found the amount we found this module found out what situation they're in, we didn't know, we made a video, we came back after like four or five

02:25:40--> 02:26:20

months or six months, we're making a video and we decided to go into life. And a lot decided to bring you guys to watch this right now. And me to present this, give the option to all this opportunity and time and traveling and opportunities to come to this moment where you're watching. And now there's two groups of people. There's though And oh, by the way, I will clarify These are people who have said that they have money, Allah has blessed them as well. And there's two kinds. There's one who are not blessed with and they donated, they went on the link and they gave sadaqa and they shared in their award and like chosen for them for this to come around the world and come

02:26:20--> 02:26:57

to them and they would see and they would donate and then the second people who didn't donate but they have the money. I allow them why not chose the same people and he didn't choose the others. This is entirely up to a lover if you have given it I'm gonna give you the ability May Allah bless you increase you and make this heavy on your skin inshallah, because it's a massive opportunity, a small mustard in the middle of nowhere in a country called summer the only Masjid in the country and the first module in the country guys, launch good calm slash only most go to the page. Donate inshallah, if you want to do PayPal, you got the link here, please inshallah, help us reach the

02:26:57--> 02:27:09

target, donate whatever you can is people giving 1000 5000 or $101 everyone's got their own level, you know your level with Allah, please donate inshallah and sharing this amazing reward.

02:27:12--> 02:27:28

inshallah, and you know, it's amazing, you know that people from Somalia, I don't know if you guys have seen them in like, videos or stuff, but sometimes they have really big, they're very built and solid people. And the rock is actually from Samoa. So you can kind of get an idea of what they look like they have like,

02:27:30--> 02:27:37

like brownish skin as well. Just but it's like in the middle. It's very interesting. The Samoan people they're very remote as well.

02:27:39--> 02:27:55

Turn on donations, no, you Brother, you can just go to the link slash only most if you do to the chat is not going to come to us or they'll have to refund you or you can do PayPal over here inshallah. And so yeah, guys, amazing, amazing opportunity in Sharla. Imagine

02:27:57--> 02:28:39

imagine basically being having supported and built a machine, or the wooded area and the roof for motion. That is the first module to prefetcher in the world every day. So that when the sun comes out, that's, that's basically the that module is like one of the first module does praise and you build that area and you build a monster, the area and the roof and the carpet everything these guys you know they have tornadoes in Samoa, and he comes out and he makes the law and he says Oh, a lot of these cyclones and tornadoes, please protect our market please protect our house. Because if this machine is gone, then there's no place for us to worship this is the only place you can worship now

02:28:39--> 02:28:56

I know people pray in the house as well but this is the masjid where they come together they pray Juma they pray and Yama and he says that you know it will get destroyed so let's save and he said that there's buildings and stuff that are stronger than us that get destroyed and it goes through on our part and I must say it as well and

02:28:57--> 02:28:57

you know

02:28:59--> 02:29:35

it doesn't she doesn't get destroyed Allah protects it and because of that, but a few windows and stuff have been broken, that have to be fixed and we really want to help them with that inshallah. So please brothers and sisters go to slash only mosque and give a donation inshallah. And those of you who can't donate much please at least give a pound fiber you can donate in any amount right is going to say dollars will charge you in your local currency so if you're going in from the from London is going to be British pounds if you donate from Europe is going to be euros that's how it's gonna go on your account. And you can get an estimation there if you go in there. If

02:29:35--> 02:29:39

you can't just go to Google and write dollars divided by your currency inshallah.

02:29:40--> 02:29:44

So, please brothers sisters, allow us to reach that target inshallah.

02:29:47--> 02:29:47


02:29:48--> 02:29:54

let's see some of the comments. Can you do it in euros? Yes, you can. No problem.

02:29:56--> 02:30:00

Share this video, guys share this video and Sharla definitely

02:30:02--> 02:30:41

What we have is an already emotional summer. This is the module that's already in Samoa. And guys, let me tell you something else as well. something crazy. There is another place like a Masjid or a place that people pray. And without going into the details, these are people who they believe that after the Prophet Moses Salaam, there was another prophet that came off to him. Maybe you guys know what I'm talking about, but they have their little Masjid and and they try to call people to that module as well. And so we want to keep this the main mustard and we want to follow the way of the Prophet Muhammad SAW some of the Sahaba and what Allah mentions in the Quran inshallah So please,

02:30:41--> 02:31:12

please, you know, this, this kind of crazy stuff is happening there as well. So, mela protectors. This is the first and only Marshal in Samar, have been there myself. I've spoken to Dr. Sahni himself. He has basically mentioned that from this country, they promised him 1 million from the same country from another city, they promised in 2 million from another Malaysia, they promised him 300,000. And they said, we'll give it to you in three days, go and find it. So he went when looking for a land for the monster, he finally found one. And he said, Okay,

02:31:13--> 02:31:27

can we take this for the mosque? And they were like, yeah, sure, no problem. The cost is like 150,000, or something like that. And he was like, okay, brilliant. Give me three days, I'm gonna get it. He goes back to the people who promised him the money, and basically

02:31:29--> 02:32:01

no response for three days. They don't respond. They don't get back to him now, because he's a man of his word. He basically went back to those people, and they said, Look, I've asked my people, they didn't give the money. We can't buy the land, and they're very happy. He said, Why are you so happy? I just told you, I can't buy the land. I was going to buy a few in three days. They said, Oh, because the church wants to buy and they'll buy it for double the price for 300,000. So sorry, I think they promised them certain amount, and he got the land to 150 and they double the price for the Christians. And he said well, no problem. You have to give it to them. They sold it to the

02:32:01--> 02:32:36

Christian they build a massive church on this amazing location and it was gone. And this is what he went through. So when I tell him about, we're going to help you inshallah fundraise and get the funds from inshallah, he's again in sha Allah, he's been stung and bitten so many times, one person came and fundraise and made videos collected all this money. And he said, I never heard from that person again. He kept the money, or God knows what they did with the Miller protectors and forgive us all. This is what he's been through for 30 years. He's had the struggle. So now, when I tell him like, Look, let the normal brothers and sisters the uncles the Auntie's, the brothers, the sisters,

02:32:36--> 02:32:55

the uni students that the average people watch what they do and everyone is coming on now and Marshall are donating so guys go to launch slash only mosque and give a donation inshallah or you can go to the PayPal as well. hamdulillah we're doing really well. We own 63,600

02:32:56--> 02:33:06

or 700 Let's hit 64 fours and quickly go down to 7080 Sharla and hit that target false 1725 Mashallah.

02:33:09--> 02:33:11

Brother you so much needed a good monologue there sorry.

02:33:13--> 02:33:46

You seem very fresh and happy and smiling. I know a bit obvious because of the donations but also What did you have for spilled the beans? Well, not not not very much and I think I'll probably end up boring people if I go into all of that but what I'd like to say brother he says that Mashallah. One of the things that does give me a lot of happiness is you know, when the oma Mashallah comes together and they Mashallah step up, they help you know, and Alhamdulillah they've done that they've, they've Mashallah, you know, they've, they've,

02:33:47--> 02:34:33

they've come out, they've really helped Mashallah, this brother set up something that is very, very special. in Samoa, that's going to change not only, you know, his life, but the lives of many, many other people around there, in sha Allah, bringing them into Islam, grounding people in Islam who already in Islam, because we all know that, you know, when you don't have a good focal point, a good place where you can congregate, where good scholarship can come in and teach you things, then it's very, very easy to actually just fall by the wayside. And Mashallah, this is going to be a fantastic opportunity for the local brothers. And you said, you know, there's about 100 100 Muslims on this

02:34:33--> 02:34:54

island, out of interest. I mean, I haven't checked, but what's the sort of population of Samoa in terms of actual population 100 190,000. So it's 190,000 people there, out of which at the moment there, there are probably around 100 people who are who are Muslim, and brother,

02:34:55--> 02:35:00

brother, Stanley was the first person that we know of that question.

02:35:00--> 02:35:16

Islam on the island, is that right? And so the people that have come into Islam have a lot of them come into Islam as a consequence of Dr. Stanley's dour how they how these people come into Islam or is it are the immigrants to the island? What's the situation there?

02:35:19--> 02:35:23

Sorry, repeat that, please. There was a knock on the door and I got distracted. Because

02:35:24--> 02:36:13

I know that I know that knock on the door is it's it's my father in law. Now I'm just saying that, you know, the, the the the people that have come into Islam or Muslims there over the last 30 years. Are the bulk of these people immigrants have come into Samoa or are they people who, you know, with the Dow given by Dr. Stanley have come into a lot, a lot of them obese. Some of them are basically immigrants, people who come for business from different places like Fiji, India, Pakistan, and they do businesses and stuff. But see, majority of the Muslim is more actually, Dr. Sally's family and his progeny. Right. Masako, which is amazing. But I'll tell you something interesting. It's been 30

02:36:13--> 02:36:57

years, but it feels like this is the turning point. So when we went with Dr. Selena, he's old. He's in his 70s. And he's trying so hard. Suddenly, we come in, right. And we inject him with this energy. And we're like, Don't worry, Dr. Sally, we're here and the brothers are here and we motivate the locals as well. And you all come together. We go to DHL. We bring the Jesus banners and so we're like, we hope they don't realize they don't realize this about Islam could push up the tax we're making blah. It's like just a crazy situation. We put up the Jesus banners. We go on the radio, we go on the TV, we go to the newspaper. We go on Facebook ads, we do everything. People are coming to

02:36:57--> 02:37:20

the masjid people inquiring. They're interested. Dr. Stan Lee messaged me himself. And he said he saw he said so many more people now are interested in Islam and are taking copies of the Quran because of the work that you guys have done. Have we been here tonight? Have we played that video and play that video I'm going to basically all the brother to play

02:37:21--> 02:37:33

video that we played last times it did show Mashallah that you went to the local radio station and Mashallah, you know, that was quite amazing. I love the Rosa music we'll definitely get that played inshallah.

02:37:35--> 02:38:10

Yeah, yeah, definitely. inshallah, so yeah, so that's, that's basically so that's it. So it's a turning point and now with supporting this Masjid, inshallah you will help new Muslims. And you know, there was so many people that I spoke to in the masjid, right. They were, they were ready to accept Islam. They agree with everything I said, but you know, we didn't push too much and stuff but when the machine is bad and one IRA is going to support them from the DAO angle, it's going to be crazy inshallah, there will be such a big influx in Sharla so many people will inshallah accept Islam. And guys, you know, what happens if one person who this Masjid accepts Islam?

02:38:11--> 02:38:49

Every single time they praise Allah, every quote on the read every good deed that you you share there were the prophets of Allah and listen, if someone accepts Islam through you, it is better for you than the whole world and everything inside it. One person accepting Islam. What about the people praying in the masjid? The people reading Quran in the masjid everyone doing will do with the Buddha, you have bill, non Muslims coming in feeling comfortable in the masjid every Jew mahatva every time they make their force, or the electricity does not wire to the solar panels. guys think of it you want to be in your grave and receiving reward? When you're worrying? You don't know how

02:38:49--> 02:39:26

much deeds you have. And you still getting it right. What about the ISA? Why are you limiting it to 25 years? He said it's much more than that shorter because as long as people pray, as long as people are there, you share the reward inshallah, as long as someone who wasn't that much then he does good actions. And he grows old and he has Muslim kids and they do those good actions. Where did it start from? It started from the masjid you go. And you brought people in and did it good there. And now you can do things a lot you can reward people accepting yourself all of this. I don't know how you guys can resist not donating even if it's 100 even if it's 1000 even if it's one virgin launch

02:39:26--> 02:39:51 launch slash only mosque in China and give a donation now. We will do papers about brother boss as slash tenfold NGO and the reference is E FF. I think Sabu is going to join us in a bit inshallah you know, and inshallah definitely will recur. Let me just check what the current count is. 63,000

02:39:52--> 02:39:56

that's just on the launch good. 63,850

02:39:57--> 02:39:59

obviously the Pay Pal I don't know if you have the paper

02:40:00--> 02:40:00

with you.

02:40:02--> 02:40:48

People, I think it will be about 1500 now, okay, it would be about 1500 so we're about 65,000 then aren't we really something like that, right? Yeah, yeah, we're about we're about yeah 65,000 guys, we don't have much more to reach, we only have about $15,000 left. And then one person donated 5000 Marsha 1700. If inshallah you guys can do that, inshallah you share in tremendous reward and will help us reach the 70,000 target today, inshallah, and it, sorry, the 80,000 target, if we hit 80,000 inshallah, we win that award, which is 85,000 and trickles down to 90 100 and then it just be that 25,000 left and I'm sure we can do something about that.

02:40:50--> 02:40:51

And, and we'll be done inshallah.

02:40:53--> 02:41:38

I think that, you know, the, the, the amazing thing really about Mashallah, this immersive is that it's the first it's going to be the first established, you know, Masjid, and center in Samoa. And so we all know that, you know, often, you know, when you plant the firewood, you start planting a forest, that first tree or that first Bush, you know, getting the ground prepared, getting that first, you know, plant growing is the hardest point and once that starts to grow, the seeds scatter, and before you know it in a very short period of time, Alhamdulillah you have a whole forest. And so this is what we're telling the brothers and sisters to come on board from the very, very beginning.

02:41:39--> 02:42:22

Mashallah, it's, as I say, it's, it's fantastic that the Alma Marshall have come forward. And despite and I'm sure you know, a lot of the brothers and sisters who've donated to this to this Masjid, I'm sure that they've donated in many other places as well and hamdulillah because, you know, they're saying that Muslim Oh my Allah has Mashallah inspired in us, this quality that we do like to give Alhamdulillah and so, you know, keep those donations coming in. Because it's, it is going to make a significant difference to this muscle and it's going to make a significant difference for how Islam will be viewed, and inshallah how it will spread in Samoa. And it's, and

02:42:22--> 02:42:36

this responsibility really is very much on our shoulders, because, you know, Allah subhanaw taala has provided us if you look at this lockdown, many of us, including myself, you know, we've put on a bit of weight, you know, or perhaps a lot of weight, you know,

02:42:37--> 02:42:41

you're including me, I put on five kg, well, you know, because, you know, we've

02:42:42--> 02:43:21

ample food, Mashallah we're not, we're not struggling and hamdulillah most of us are not struggling for food, you know, we have shelter, we have our basic necessities Alhamdulillah met. So when we give a little bit out of the money that we have, which is extra anyway, it's not, inshallah, that's not going to have a significant impact on our lives and what we can or can't do. So you know, give as much as you can. And one of the things I just want to remind the brothers and sisters is that, obviously, this is Hajj season, and a lot of our brothers and sisters, were going to go to Hajj this year, but because of the COVID-19 obviously, they're the the Saudi government have to limit the

02:43:21--> 02:43:35

number of people that can go and so it was only open to the local population, and only 1000 people were allowed to go to Hajj this year. 1000 so halala normally, it's in the millions.

02:43:36--> 02:44:16

So all those people that were going to go to Hajj, had saved up all that money to go to Hajj, and then they couldn't go, you know, if you can inshallah, just donate a small portion of that because you know, inshallah, Allah will reward you alone give you a great reward as a consequence. And if you know, friends and family, we mentioned this last time as well, if you know friends and family who were going to go to Hajj, but obviously because of the current situation, they couldn't go, then just make just phone them, just send them a link to the video and say, Look, brother, look, sister, you are going to go to Hajj. There's a really good charity, this is the this is Mashallah an amazing

02:44:16--> 02:44:28

opportunity for a manager to be built, or to be, you know, renovated in Shaolin in Samoa. And it's going to have a real impact. Please just give a little bit to this. And then Shannon, what? Yeah,

02:44:30--> 02:44:34

that's a really good point about that boss. And, you know, you just reminded me of something, you know,

02:44:35--> 02:45:00

Muslims, obviously, vision was, you mentioned that study, right? Yeah. But they did. And they said, Muslims are the most generous. So, you know, I know for a fact that a lot of Muslim if they just went downstairs to their parents, brothers and sisters and just showed them, everyone will say, yeah, the mom would say, Hey, give me 10 bucks from you, Dad will say, hey, go 100 bucks, see that? You guys can do that. And I'm so confident that these last two days

02:45:01--> 02:45:37

So many people pass on the link. That's why the donation kept coming in sharing it because there was no life. Yeah. So guys, share with your friends and family foodie on WhatsApp I and my dad sent it to me. He forwarded me the link while I was on the live I think and just just share it because people are looking for a word of course they want to help the masjid. So donate yourself and share as well imagine coming together for something like this. We share these viral videos and these pranks and all this nonsense which is quite funny sometimes. Over sharing something to help a brother who's in the other side of the world in a little Masjid not to help him but Your help is

02:45:37--> 02:45:53

Majid imagine that take the YouTube link guys, or just take slash only mosque and just blast on your WhatsApp blast on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tik tok Snapchat, wherever you guys have nowadays, right? Just do it inshallah and sharing that reward Baba Orca.

02:45:55--> 02:45:58

Okay, it's like, I think that social media is finished.

02:46:00--> 02:46:07

Like I just came on the live stream, I had to do some emergency article, we just hit that we were on 32. So how much is that in money?

02:46:08--> 02:46:49

We want? No, not that we aren't $64,000. Now, we started today on about 48. Very good. We want to get to 80,000. We want to get to 70 and 80. So we have about an hour on imagine how happy Dr. Stanley is going to be when he sees this. He's going to have a full on power center that he can convey the message of Islam to the Samoans. And we have actually fulfilled the promise. So we said we're going to give him the funding to support the new dollar center the masjid renovation everything. The previous time he was promised this what happened about last time that he was promised. A lot of people have been there. And they've promised him that they would actually raise

02:46:49--> 02:47:30

the funds. I think brother Isa alluded to the fact that there were some people who came there and I'm not going to mean countries or people because I think it's not fair because I think most people Alhamdulillah most Muslims in most countries, inshallah they would donate even if it's a little they would donate inshallah, maybe it was just bad planning, maybe it was that these people were just, maybe they had some problems, whatever. But they promised that they would build the magazine, they said, look for a magazine will allocate funds of a, you know, I think it was a million dollars or whatever, a couple of million dollars, whatever. But, so Dr. Stanley went and found some land, spoke

02:47:30--> 02:48:18

to the owners of the land, fixed a price. And then he contacted these people, and they let they let him down. And so this is something that's unfortunately been an ongoing scenario that's been unfolding there. Dr. Stan Lee's been asking people, obviously to support this very noble cause. And apparently, there was a group of people that even went there and they did fundraise. And from what Dr. Sandy thinks is that they had raised some money. I don't think he's 100% sure exactly. How much was raised, but certainly significant amount of money was raised. But he never received the money. So hon Allah May Allah protect us all, from you know, from such a,

02:48:19--> 02:48:59

from such a sin, because we know that when we consume something that's haram for us, which is not our property, whether we take it from a Muslim or non Muslim, if we're unjust, and we take or we steal money, then this is really a this is a portion of jahannam a portion of, of the Hellfire May Allah save us all, from such, even to even be tempted of such a sin. May Elijah inspire us and nurture us to to always be honest and do things for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. But he was promised many times and these people repeatedly let him down. So when

02:49:00--> 02:49:09

brother Isa went there, when I went there, and they said, Don't worry, we're going to sort it out. He I think he was a little bit perhaps skeptical because he thought, Well,

02:49:10--> 02:49:46

yeah, I've heard that word before. A lot of people have come, they promised but they haven't delivered, but Alhamdulillah our brothers and sisters around the world, they are humble, they have delivered, they've really come forward there and they're giving. I was actually very reluctant about the stream today. I was thinking so all of that, you know, we've already done this stream. And you know, people have already and it was quite obviously at near the end, it was a bit of a struggle to get to the $30,000. And I was thinking that perhaps, you know, we're asking too much of our brothers and our sisters, you know, we're almost like pestering them. I was feeling a little bit embarrassed,

02:49:46--> 02:50:00

you know, ashamed that, you know, brothers and sisters are going to say, Oh, you know, all these brothers are doing these days is asking for our money, you know, but I just thought to myself, you know, this is such a good cause that I don't care if

02:50:00--> 02:50:23

There's embarrassment, I don't care. If I have to swallow my pride or whatever, you know, I'm going to come back and I'm going to try to get a little bit more inshallah for the doctor for this Masjid because it's one of those projects. So it's one of those projects that when you hear the history of how this doctor Stanley accepts Islam 30 years ago,

02:50:24--> 02:51:09

you know, has to go through the ridicule and the persecution, loses his government job, you know, you know, effectively is alienated we hear of stories of people stoning him attacking him, because they they found out that he's, you know, left Christianity because he was a priest or he was a person who was well trained within the Christian faith, and he was actually propagating it, spreading it and encouraging other people to come into Christianity is obviously when he accepted Islam through Mashallah his intellectual analysis of the religion and Mashallah he realized this is the truth, he had a lot.

02:51:11--> 02:51:59

He was persecuted, and we hear stories about even they were stoning him and assaulting him. But he Mashallah has stayed steadfast. Not only that, where the government tried to ban Islam in Samoa, and he had to go to court to fight the government, and prevent that from happening. So hon Allah. And even subsequent to that, you know, he's struggled for 30 years, and this is his own land, I think that he's built, this must be done. And it clearly needs a lot of help and a lot of support, to get it to some basic, basic condition, where it's clean, hygienic, and it's safe. And that's what we're trying to do. inshallah, this is not as I said before, we're not trying to put in, you know,

02:52:00--> 02:52:41

expensive chandeliers and Italian marble, and we're just trying to make the toilet area that will do area, a clean, hygienic, functional area. toilets and things like that should always be clean and tidy. So when guests come, for example, people who are interested in Islam, they should get the impression that Islam is a very clean, very tidy religion, because actually, that is what our religion tells us. And we don't want them to turn into big potatoes either. Because No, exactly. Yeah, I think we've been talking a lot about baked potatoes, because I think maybe the brothers were a bit hungry because of the the fasting, but ya know, and,

02:52:42--> 02:53:25

and obviously, the mosque, you know, it's got a tin roof, that really heats up in the summer. And it's hot most of the year there anyway, in Samoa. And brother Isa was saying that when you stand underneath that hot tin, metal roof, when the fans come on, it's like a hairdryer literally blowing on your head. And it's not the sort of environment that you want to invite people who are interested in Islam to do an exhibition. Because if you're giving a talk about Islam, and the person is feeling incredibly uncomfortable, and hot, that's where they're gonna remember that that's what they'll remember. That's what they'll go away, they'll almost psychologically associate, heat and discomfort

02:53:25--> 02:54:15

with Islam. You know, we don't want to do that we obviously want to inshallah show them the true face of Islam, which is that this is a Muslim religion of peace, and the similarities between Islam and with Judaism and Christianity, and how Islam is a natural progression in the believing in the oneness of God, the, you know, God without any partners without any association. And you can only do that in a comfortable and clean environment. And so partly, it's going to be obviously a mustard where there's going to be five times Salah, but there's also going to be this dour hub where people can come and actually experience Islam in a much more comfortable and you know, much more hygienic

02:54:15--> 02:54:22

environment. I sladek. And Ben, how are you brother? Today? Yeah, handle I'm good. I thought I had to come on here.

02:54:24--> 02:54:42

That's right. I mean, I've listened to a lot of the stream and the story that this man and this Masjid will be, it will be sank of history, I think, what do you think? Oh, absolutely. Yeah, I think this will be in Sharla. You know, we hear about these sort of stories we hear about

02:54:43--> 02:54:45

traders going to Indonesia.

02:54:46--> 02:54:59

You know, there was no sword. There was no battle in Indonesia. These traders because they lived Islam. The people of Indonesia when they saw them, they flocked to Islam.

02:55:00--> 02:55:03

And today, Indonesia is the largest

02:55:04--> 02:55:20

concentration of Muslims anywhere in the world is the most Muslim country, in that sense in terms of numbers than any other country in the world. One of the things that I wanted to ask you, Ben, is that, you know, Mashallah you converted to Islam a few years ago.

02:55:21--> 02:55:30

And because obviously, part of this mustard is going to be this, this center this hub, to bring in,

02:55:31--> 02:55:51

converts revert have just come into the religion and support them, but also introduce Islam to people who are not Muslim. How important from a reverb point of view, do you think these type of facilities are? Because when you accepted Islam, did you find that that level of support would have been very useful? Yeah.

02:55:53--> 02:56:16

One of the experiences I had this I felt I was intruding when going to the masjid because there's, because I, there's a lot of things that in Islam that British people don't do. So when you're seeing people talk a different language, greet each other, you think you're being the intrusive one, and, and you forget that you're a Muslim yourself, even though you just took Shahada or been a Muslim for a few months.

02:56:17--> 02:56:43

I think the benefit of this Masjid will be is it will be focused on that it will focused on new people bringing them in and teaching them and no one will feel like they're intruding, because they're the ones like becoming that community. I think there's a massive positive from that. Yeah, yeah. And in terms of actually, you know, getting grounding in your religion, you know, learning about how to pray and how to do the

02:56:44--> 02:57:30

the different rituals within religion, and obviously, attaching the spirituality to those actions. I mean, what sort of, how helpful Do you think a center like this would be for, for doing that? I mean, asking someone like being on a mentor group online or going on YouTube, find out how to pray that's, that's awesome. Handle about is nothing like going up to someone, or going up to a few people and asking them for help and then showing you properly and, and yeah, that that's, that's what a person really needs. Obviously, there's a lot of dour material out there to help new Muslims. But, but there's nothing better than to go to the masjid and actually go, how do I add it to Lin Lin

02:57:30--> 02:58:10

he, and you learn with someone and yeah, handler that that would be really important. And one thing is a lot of a lot of new Muslims, they feel a bit like they are losing their community, their community they came from, and they're joining a new one as well. And there's that feel like you're in the middle. And I think it's really important for a Masjid to be open to new Muslims. Because of that, and and understanding that they come from a different background and someone like that, and and yeah, I think this Masjid inshallah, I think it'd be awesome for that. And but, you know, I've heard from a lot of reverse that, you know, first accepting Islam can be quite lonely, because, you

02:58:10--> 02:58:24

know, often there can be a lot of, let's say, negative reactions within one's own family and friends, and what have you. So you can actually feel quite isolated, especially in the first few years, right.

02:58:25--> 02:58:58

And again, you know, what I think is that a center like this would actually really help because if you've got another five or 10, Samoans, you've accepted Islam in the last six months, or three months, or whatever it might be. Just being able to meet one another and experience sharing experiences, maybe going out for a coffee together, and just having some sort of social interaction and having a shoulder to cry on when things are not going. Well. I mean, I think that's a big thing, right? under percent. I mean, this is what mastered should be in my opinion.

02:58:59--> 02:59:41

And and and because of the situation they have in that country, that's exactly what it will be. There's it's not going to be like the Pakistani Masjid. Or you know, I mean, there's not going to be this is this Masjid that's that Mr. Masjid and it's full of people of your country, in your nation and and you all go through the journey as well. Yeah, it'd be amazing. It'll be amazing and and I'm proud to say that I've donated to this cause because because I would love the idea that some of my sadaqa will build on and help a new Muslim and and inshallah we will get reward for for each time that person learns one one word of the Quran

02:59:43--> 02:59:53

hamdulillah Ben, I don't know if you know much about the story of Dr. Stanley. But, you know, we were told that basically his his parents, I think originally from England,

02:59:54--> 02:59:58

but he was born there. And so he's obviously Samoan

02:59:59--> 03:00:00

and he ended

03:00:00--> 03:00:15

He was just basically saying that, you know, around 30 years ago, it was at some Arab business guy or somebody came there for some business or whatever. And he was introduced to Islam. And despite being a very active Christian, you know,

03:00:16--> 03:00:23

I think priests or he was along the lines of, you know, he was teaching people about trying to convert people to Christianity.

03:00:24--> 03:00:33

You know, he ended up accepting Islam. But as a consequence, you know, despite having a very high powered government job, he lost his job.

03:00:35--> 03:00:46

You know, they tried to legally banned Islam in Samoa, apparently, and he had to go to court and fight the government in court. stop them from banning Islam. And

03:00:47--> 03:01:33

yeah, I mean, and then apparently, in the early days, you know, they stoned and people would stoned him, and they would assault him for turning his back on Christianity and accepting Islam. And in any way, also on his land, he's built this mosque and and we've seen the pictures, you know, it's got like a tin roof. Yeah, you know, it needs everything basically done. And so the story is that it is an amazing story. And, I mean, one of the things that I sort of reflect on is that normally, when you hear about people who've had the worst sort of struggles in their life, a lot tends to give them the greatest successes, a lower, you know, what you hear of people who struggle just to hold on to

03:01:33--> 03:01:50

their religion, you know, and then they become great figures in in Islam and in history. And as a consequence, Mashallah they become the catalyst for so many other people. I mean, even if you look at the,

03:01:51--> 03:02:37

you know, the the, the civil rights movements in America, and what have you look at Martin Luther King, you look at brother, Malcolm X, and you look at their struggles, you know, they've left a legacy. And, you know, they gave their lives for what they feel was the was the right thing to do, which was then one should be fighting for equality. And if you look at Martin Luther King, you look at Malcolm X, have you read the letter of Malcolm X after he comes back from from Hajj? No, you know, that's inspiring people to come to Islam even today, so Hallelujah, right? So I mean, whatever you give up for the sake of Allah, He will give you st better in return. And this story, you can see

03:02:37--> 03:02:39

this happening for this brother.

03:02:40--> 03:03:07

You know, I mean, and it's just amazing, you're spot on. A lot of tests, the one he loves the most, the more tests you are, the more hardship you get in life, that's a lie, loving you giving you opportunity to earn reward, and turn that thing turn to Hamburg, London. And this brothers story's amazing. So Pamela, I mean, what I call, how to hold on to the rope of Allah, through hardship, and we got our our US

03:03:08--> 03:03:10

can't go to the pub anymore.

03:03:15--> 03:03:16

He's gone through hell

03:03:18--> 03:03:19

has been, I think,

03:03:20--> 03:04:01

you know, sometimes we, we overlook just how easy Our lives are compared to others. I mean, this is somebody who was physically threatened, somebody who actually was attacked, and somebody who actually, despite all their efforts, and everything that they did, they have from from his perspective, he managed to achieve very little according to what his great ambition was, yeah, here we are the three of us who have never met him, but we're passionate about his cause. And that passion can only come from what Allah has put in our side our hearts, because at the end of the day, we're spokespeople, and we've never met him. And for me, that's a very powerful point that there's

03:04:01--> 03:04:19

something special about him, that here we are the three of us speaking about him, we've never met him. And he's not going to know what effort we're putting in for him. Because essentially, is Allah has put that inside us. And he's doing something which we wouldn't. I mean, I'll speak for myself here. If I was in his position I would have given up years ago.

03:04:20--> 03:04:43

And he's got tenacity, he's got persistence, he's got patience. And this is why we want to support this guy because he feel like they need to be supported. Because if they can achieve so much with little resources, imagine how much they can achieve with a lot more resources. rather simple. We've got some comments that are being made that people are a little bit wary of the PayPal link, which is above me, basically.

03:04:44--> 03:04:59

Now, for my understanding, it is the correct link, we're going to definitely check it. I think problem that perhaps people might be having is with the reference number at the end. So you really need to add that reference number.

03:05:00--> 03:05:54

Which is reference F, or you can put reference mosque Samoa, and then that will mean that the money will be correctly allocated to the Samoan mosque. Now above so as a board, you have the link there as well, which is the link for the launch good. What are you know, launch good page. Now when you go on to that page, you will see a picture of the brother standing in front of the mosque. And then to the right hand side, you'll see the amount that's been raised now currently Alhamdulillah, we're at $64,108. And below that you have a green bar which says support. Now when you click on that, on that support button, another little square will appear up which will allow you to select how much you

03:05:54--> 03:06:53

wish to donate. Now, the top box which which says choose amount to add Next is the box that you want to take if you want to add in a specific value. So below that you have $100 $200 $300. But if there's a certain amount, supposing you want to donate $51, then just below the line where it says select a giving level, you have the box, which says just helping just click on that box, and then you will be able to log in as a guest and you will be able to inshallah donate on that page. But if you are encountering encountering any problems, then you know, now the thing is that what it is, is that on the PayPal, it says tenfold International Limited. That's the charity that's going to be

03:06:53--> 03:07:01

allocating, I think it's the Australian charity, I'm going to confirm that with brother Isa. But as long as you put at the end of that

03:07:03--> 03:07:35

tenfold International Limited, as long as you do put the reference number, there won't be a problem. So that reference number that you see at the end here, which says reference e f, that will ensure that the money will actually go to the to the Masters, but will will reconfirm that, but I'm pretty sure that's what brother Isa actually said, as long as the reference number at the end is there. There shouldn't be a problem in Sure. Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, I also wanted to highlight something

03:07:37--> 03:07:42

we sometimes put in a small amount of effort, we don't know how it adds up to something greater.

03:07:43--> 03:07:48

was interesting is the idea of supporting the masjid.

03:07:49--> 03:07:58

This was he says idea when you went there last year and you went to the vet you go see Dr. Stanley and what the Muslim community, you know, is like there.

03:07:59--> 03:08:48

And that small action lead to a bigger action lead to a bigger action lead to a bigger action to this live review. In which now we have we crossed $50,000 Yeah, yeah, yeah. So we're at Currently, we are on let me just double check. It's about 65,060 $4,108 and $64,232, martial law. And the thing is, all of this money, and all of this effort, it all started with something small, which is a sincere intention. So I want everybody to just realize, look, right now, if you want to help and be part of this larger, share the video, that's not gonna cost you anything. And you know, sometimes we share something on our Facebook or WhatsApp or whatever, we think it's not gonna go far Remember,

03:08:49--> 03:09:19

you watching this because someone else was sharing it. And so Sharing is caring. And it makes a big, big difference. So just take a few seconds to share. Secondly, if you shared it once already sharing it again will make a difference, right? I mean, I mean, it will make a difference to us, we won't make a difference in terms of, you know, you don't have to worry, it doesn't cost you anything, and it's just going to get out there. What we really want to do is we we haven't actually contacted Dr. Stan Lee, he's not really tech savvy, he doesn't mean know what's going on. So once we come back to him, we're gonna come back to him with a big amount we have

03:09:20--> 03:09:22

$100,000 inshallah, that's what

03:09:24--> 03:09:33

I was trying to do in us. Yeah, I think he's going for a dive at the moment. I can hear a lot of water going on there. Oh, actually, he's, he's resurfaced.

03:09:35--> 03:09:37

I was waiting. And then I came off and then

03:09:40--> 03:09:44

you know, one of the other things that brothers and sisters can do is that even when you subscribe to,

03:09:46--> 03:09:59

to the channel, to EF Tao, or any of the other channels that are streaming it, all of those things, make the algorithms actually, you know, make the video more prominent. So if you give it a thumbs

03:10:00--> 03:10:15

Basically that also sets the algorithms to recommend the video to other people. If enough people just keep keep clicking on clicking on those on those buttons, basically, to subscribe to thumbs up to recommend whatever,

03:10:16--> 03:10:43

it will ensure that other people will get hold of this screen so that way they will donate and you will get the full reward of what they donated. And they will also of course, receive the full reward of what they've actually done rather early. I wanted to ask you as well, because Mashallah, you're a revert to Islam as well. And I wanted to ask you, you know, because I asked brother Ben and I've asked Martin when he was on the last stream

03:10:44--> 03:11:08

because I think it's important you know, when a when a data center can open up in a massive locally opens up and as a revert, you know, you have that support of other brothers maybe who are a little bit more senior they were they accepted Islam two years before or four years before, and Mashallah they've already had this journey. how supportive and helpful is that type of a scenario situation?

03:11:13--> 03:11:16

I think Ali did not like the question. You're on mute. I think

03:11:17--> 03:11:20

someone called me someone going, sorry. Oh, sorry. Oh,

03:11:21--> 03:11:26

yeah, we can hear you again. Yeah, sorry. I don't know how to stop these calls. But anyways, I'll just

03:11:28--> 03:12:03

say, yeah, to be honest, it's very important, very vital, because I can remember when I can, this time around the end of 2012. And I got into the Dow around to mid 2013, towards the end. And I remember when I first came across the board in the room, and it was Ramadan day, every day in Ramadan, I always go into different parts of the Ramadan power challenge. Yes, that will challenge you. So I remember when I first saw it, before that I actually called it they had they were on the TV. And I remember that 100 voices and support.

03:12:05--> 03:12:13

I called in and I spoke to them. And I say you remember that? I remember the call call. I remember you are so passionate. Yeah. So I can remember.

03:12:15--> 03:12:18

Your name, wasn't it? It was my real name. And

03:12:20--> 03:12:24

I remember because I think he also rang the office. Yeah, I did. I was very

03:12:25--> 03:12:59

Remember, you rang the office? You came on the lights? You came on the TV show? Then you turn up in Stratford? No. White chapel? Yes. Yeah, I can remember. Yeah. So that was the first time when I saw support, and I was really excited. You know, and, and I understand how people feel when they see us, you know, that's why I can relate with them. Because sometimes we're stuck in between, like, you know, if I say no, I'm going to be seen as arrogant. If I mean, you know, no, if I say no, I'm stuck up. If I say yes, I'm arrogant. So I know when people when they see us, I know that was when I first saw the book. I was like, Oh my gosh, this this guy?

03:13:01--> 03:13:01

Yeah. So

03:13:03--> 03:13:07

all those feelings about oh, look assembled, they're all gone. Now, is that what you're saying?

03:13:11--> 03:13:11

When it

03:13:19--> 03:13:56

comes back to the question you asked, because that if I didn't get the support that I needed, you know, be it because I always played a massive role in my development, you know, resources be in Ryan via savour everyone in the in the inshallah they helped me because I needed somewhere to go any direction. Yes, passion is good. A lot of people are passionate, they rush, you know, you make wrong decisions, you don't know you don't have someone that's like a be like a mentor or someone who's guiding you helping you. So these things need to be channeled. And it's very important to have a base, that base to meet in the UK, in London was Iraq, if I ever didn't exist, when would I have

03:13:56--> 03:14:34

generally asked myself the question, what would I be doing, I wouldn't be passionate and be trying to do things, and making so many mistakes along the way, and causing God knows what kind of chaos but having those teachers in Iowa and outside IRA helped me shape up my dour learn, I would go there and I will learn, you know, ways to discuss with atheists, the new arguments etc. So and it will see an IRA changing the model etc. And for the better. So it's very vital for us to have a place in the ground. And it's very important to have brothers around you like the process and that we could have a look of sends messengers with no companions, they could just be like just messages on their own.

03:14:34--> 03:14:59

They had companions, the process that it took for them sometimes he listened to them sometimes where were the worldly matters when he would you know, make a maybe a minor mistake, the companions will come and you know, give him advice, etc. So the thing is here is so important if the prophets need that, who am I? So it was very important for error that they supported me helped me refocus my doubt and things that I learned I carry in my power, you know, so it's vital. So

03:15:00--> 03:15:35

If people like myself, mohammedi job, so many other brothers, you know, and I try to carry that on to new days that we see the potential and help them and you know, give that experience. So it shows you the importance of having a face. And having a group of team that you can work with, you can console we have ups and downs, people don't know about that people think we live a lavish life and handler with so you don't know that, you know, you don't know why. But that's why a lot of people who may have jealousy or envious, envious attitude towards people in the Dallas in the YouTube, if you know our lives, you would you would not be envious. Trust me, there will be no jealousy at all,

03:15:35--> 03:16:10

you know, we because you just external, you just see the external what's going on. So the thing is, is very important. The handler error has been there helped us in our journey. And that's why the reason we're doing this is because we want the same thing in different parts of the region, what I was doing, to have bases where people can go and go there, you know, when you're down when you're not feeling well, there's brothers up there to speak to, to relate to getting back up, you know, new arguments, etc. So it's so vital. If that wasn't there, I don't know where I would be. I genuinely don't know where I would be great. You see, a lot of the time, the people who leave Islam, some

03:16:10--> 03:16:38

fake, most of them fake, you know, some of them, who you see that they didn't have that support, missing, you know, misinformation, you know, people misconstruing certain things, as upon or they end up somewhere else on Twitter today, I saw a girl who said after five years of combat to Islam, she's an ex ex Muslim, and she tells a story. So you can see how you can just get drifted away when you don't have the right information. So it shows you how vital it is for the community, and let alone days.

03:16:39--> 03:17:14

Very much. So definitely you know about this, this is very important to understand, I think, if we look at, like, for example, the likes of Dr. Stan Lee and the work that he's doing, and the hardship that he goes through every day, he goes through their own type of hardship. Now with Ali, for example, a lot of people don't really know that he actually survived Uber, right. So he does Uber, he drives it around, you may look at somebody and think, you know, you may think we're paying him to come on this livestream. No, actually, he's doing it for free. His channel for free, right? I mean, you can ask him, you can show you on his phone, right? All the different five pound jobs that he did

03:17:14--> 03:17:50

on Uber, right? I mean, no one's living a highlife. No one's living a highlight. It's a tough life. It's a difficult environment. I rang early today, because I was really upset at the way that somebody attacked him online and he was fine with it. But that's, you know, the art. They all go through difficulties, and they need support and with us Alhamdulillah you know, like Ben accepted Islam. He had the guys from EF Dawa. Ali accepted Islam that he came to IRA, Dr. Stan Lee, he's doing his Tao. And he's trying to create a community for the new Muslims. All of us as Muslims, regardless of names organizations, LTS, we have to come together and be one body, right? We have to

03:17:50--> 03:18:28

support each other. And we have to understand that until and unless we are united, we will not succeed in the Prophetic Mission advancing for Islam to spread and go far and wide. We have to collectively work together, we have to understand our vision and goal because look, at the end of the day, this live stream is an extension of the mission of the process. And we started 1400 years ago, when he stood up on the mountain and he won't people were doing the same thing. Everybody that's involved in dow is just doing the same thing. We're doing it using live streams, or using street our or mosques or whatever, essentially, is the same Prophetic Mission. And we need your

03:18:28--> 03:18:36

support tonight. And please go to lunch good forward slash only mosque or they've got the PayPal link above brother buses.

03:18:37--> 03:18:42

160 What is that? 60%?

03:18:43--> 03:19:35

Total? How much of the total that we're actually on at the moment is $64,312 was probably I would imagine a couple of 1000 may be on paypal. So we'd be on around $66,000 in total in Sharla. Well just remind the brothers and sisters that if you at least asking what's the target. So the target the target total target that we need for all of the work that would include the solar panels and the lithium power packs and what have you, so the mosque will be completely independent, would be around $120,000 around 100 100,000 pounds. Now, however, the roof is about 30,000 pounds according to Brother, Isa, which is around $40,000 or, or maybe just slightly less than 40,000.

03:19:36--> 03:20:00

And then it needs a new Wudhu area. It needs a carpet because at the moment they've got they basically had the carpet donated from I think New Zealand or somewhere from the mosque where they had the shooting I believe. Yep. So the carpets not fitted. The windows are the small sort of panels that go across that sort of slide out and many of them have slid out and there are

03:20:01--> 03:20:24

The tin roof basically because Samoa gets very very hot and it brother Isa said when the fans go on it's like a hairdryer. So to do the roof to do the windows to do the carpet to do the water the area to do the sound system so they have some microphones, or a microphone for the Imam with some speakers

03:20:25--> 03:20:29

is you're looking at around sort of $80,000

03:20:30--> 03:21:14

imagine being a non Muslim and someone gives you a leaflet or come to will introduce you to Islam like a session and you go to this Masjid thinking all this weird religion What's this all about? I'll find out about it but I'm a bit nervous about going in then you go into a place that's boiling hot windows are broken the carpets not fitted and you think now more I don't know what where this money will help make this place look nice welcoming give all the knowledge needed to be to show non Muslims what Islam really is. Yeah, it's gonna make a big difference in sha Allah. Yeah, no huge. So I think inshallah with what we've raised around $66,000 inshallah, they should be able to do the

03:21:14--> 03:21:26

roof which is very important, they should be able to do the windows that will do area maybe the carpets so a lot of the other things that perhaps you know, that they will still need a bit more money for obviously.

03:21:28--> 03:21:38

And then the big one will be around I think $15,000 or whatever will be for the solar panels. I would imagine because the mosque is quite large and they have a lot of air conditioning

03:21:39--> 03:22:01

they would probably need quite a lot of solar panels. And they would need a lot of lithium power packs to store all that energy so they could actually utilize the the air conditioning. But also I think what brother Isa was saying is that they want to give them you know, full sets of books

03:22:02--> 03:22:13

on Buhari and Muslim and what have you, and then also get somebody to come and teach Quran classes because apparently at the moment, you know, the brother, the Imam, you can't do everything.

03:22:14--> 03:22:18

So it's a good project. I think Mashallah, we've,

03:22:19--> 03:23:06

you know, put up with the brothers and sisters who've donated Mashallah, they have made a big dent in what what has to be raised, and it's going to make a significant difference in sha Allah. Absolutely. You know, it's not this is not just something like a lick of paint and you know, this is even what we raised now is going to be a transformation inshallah. inshallah, and even though the figure is much is a bit higher, and hamdulillah so for the, from the last stream, Brother Ali, we we hit $30,000 by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala. But then after the stream Mashallah another 15,000 $16,000 came in. And so he went to about 46,000. So we started today with around

03:23:06--> 03:23:49

46,040 $6,000. And we're at 6460 with a PayPal, probably $66,000. So, and hamdulillah. So far, we've done about $20,000 on this stream, Mashallah. Yeah, we're hoping that another 10 or $15,000, will come in again, like it did last time, and hopefully we raise a little bit more before we finish today. Yeah, and so inshallah, that will make a very, very big difference to this mustard, Mashallah. Absolutely. And we're coming to the end of the live stream. And we really want to give you a push, because people are watching this live stream. Afterwards, we've only got maybe 10 minutes left of this stream. So Ali, you've joined us after doing another live stream, on your

03:23:49--> 03:24:05

channel, in regards to I believe, an orphanage in Somalia. So only knock you know, you quandary? Obviously, and you're doing this feasibility, you know, you know, you're not doing this for any monetary gain. Why do you carry on doing this? And why should people donate to this or causes?

03:24:07--> 03:24:09

To be honest, like I said, before I come to LA,

03:24:10--> 03:24:43

like, I get invited to a lot of places, you know, like live appeals, etc, etc. And when you get paid that don't get, we want to make that plays? Well, there's some things we ended up with, we spent like six, seven hours, eight hours standing, and usually the days that they call me I'll be doing Uber, so I just asked to be paid because there will be an Uber and then I'll get paid that and obviously we have families to feed but sometimes that a lot of times we do stuff PCB design as well. So there's a nice balance there and spend a lot it's very important because the thing is the cause that you believe in, you know, if you believe in this cause brothers and sisters and you're really

03:24:43--> 03:24:59

passionate about it, of course you know Subhanallah you're going to want to dedicate your time you know, and that's what we want to do bonuses we want inshallah people to to be helped. And I see myself in that situation. Like I said before, I look at myself

03:25:00--> 03:25:37

Where I was seven, eight years ago, maybe 10 years ago. So there's many people out there like myself, and I know when so when I see those struggles when I see people who are confused, they have misinformation. There's misinformation, but there's so much misinformation and people are being misguided. It's sad. So I say to myself, I use that one moment of time. So if I don't do this, and if I don't do this, some will feasibly the panels are going out there doing Dawa, etc, then subpanel How can I love ya love for myself, for my brothers and sisters, we need to understand that internalize what we see the bonuses that you're given, trying to see that your discussion that you

03:25:37--> 03:26:05

had in speaker's corner last week, I think was last week, and he was talking about, it's very much about liberalism, if you remember what that guy talking about what you'd love for yourself loving for your brothers and sisters, that concept is dead. You know, people are just selfish. All they care is about their selves. But it's important for us to think about others and say, You know what, so many people are lost. And we don't see the spiritual aspect of that, like new atheism is starting to realize the spiritual gap. And you know, they realize what's going on. It's not just

03:26:07--> 03:26:45

materialism and everything that sees that it's tangible. There's something that's deeper going on mental health is a massive problem. So the thing is, people are starting to realize that there's a big problem, there's a massive gap in the market, you know, and that's the reason why, like I said before, I was speaking to one ex Muslim once, and he was saying, I'm a doctor. And he goes, I saved lives. When I said we weren't willing to die when we hit the save. So, you know, the thing is, we need to understand the impact of that, you know, so there's a lot of people out there last misguided. So we have to come and make sure that people hear this message, you know, the lifestyle

03:26:45--> 03:26:52

certain people live, it's so depressing. It's so sad, bro. And all they did you need is love.

03:26:53--> 03:27:03

You need this. That's your solutions as simple as that. I have been given that, and I'm enjoying that. How could I not give that and share that with someone else? What kind of selfishness? is this?

03:27:05--> 03:27:05

spying on me.

03:27:17--> 03:27:44

You know what, I always love a particular statement. Yeah. Which is that life is full of the only thing you can expect in life is the unexpected. Yeah. And and you know, it's kind of funny, he's giving that so reminding the spider just came out of nowhere. He saw within the last couple of minutes of this livestream. We're fundraising for Dr. Stan Lee's mosque in the summer the place where the first fudger in the world takes place. Why? How are you so passionate about this? Why are we so passionate about this?

03:27:46--> 03:27:49

So basically, look, Ali, what are you doing?

03:27:50--> 03:27:50


03:27:54--> 03:27:58

spiders probably laying eggs in you, right? I'm looking I'm looking for.

03:28:00--> 03:28:45

Okay, so guys, basically this is so special and so unique because it is the only Masjid in the entire country of Samoa. 200,000 people live here is about 100 Muslims. And this is the first and only Masjid Dr. Stan Lee established this he was the first person to accept Islam. He was stoned. He was arrested for becoming Muslim. He went to he lost his job. He went through so much difficulty. He built this margin on his own land with his own money. And the machine has a tin roof which makes it absolutely boiling and baking. During the day you turn the fan on it's like a hairdryer. A hot hairdryer. Someone's playing it on your head right? masses you turn the fans off, you're sweating

03:28:45--> 03:28:47

the non Muslims come in, they're sweating. It's all

03:28:48--> 03:29:00

it's crazy, you know and so far all they need is for us to fix their roof. Fix the windows build what we'll do area bill and you know what the amazing thing about Islam is that you do something like that you share in there every time someone posts a lot every time

03:29:05--> 03:29:06


03:29:09--> 03:29:19

So everybody was doing cavani Mashallah, you know, in sacrificing you know, tomorrow they'll be sacrificing animals and think you've you've done a spider Mashallah

03:29:20--> 03:29:27

you sacrifice some kind of a creature spider. I don't know who's gonna eat from it if anybody wants please.

03:29:28--> 03:29:38

Guys, you know what, I'll be honest. You know these these comments are really getting on my nerves, right? Especially these comments about Adam salia. And all of this stuff like we'll find reading from mustard for anyone

03:29:39--> 03:29:40

who is struggling.

03:29:44--> 03:29:50

You guys, some of you some of you care about this drama. Come on, guys. Think about the bigger picture.

03:29:51--> 03:30:00

Plus, by the way, Ali is not speaking about this. He's focused on bigger things like raising money for orphans in Somalia or raising money.

03:30:00--> 03:30:13

The simple ones right so that's what we went away from any of those online yes it's sad it's sad you know these things spend a lot people love to jump on controversial stuff yes warfronts spiders already scary.

03:30:15--> 03:30:59

You were talking about you're talking about the conditions of the machines Yeah, yeah. Can you just imagine being someone that could potentially be a Muslim getting to introduce to Islam and and and having a nice place to sit and learn about the Prophet Mohammed respawning and they'd be sitting inside a sauna yes right now they will be but if these guys donate because we're so close I mean we've done so well Mashallah but we need that extra push and maybe your extra 10 pounds that you donate or 20 pounds that you donate will actually be the the nail on the coffin to get some air con in there to the last bit of roofing done and your your reward will come from that Masjid so much in

03:30:59--> 03:31:04

that in that era in Sharla 100% has been very strong

03:31:05--> 03:31:12

just donate honesty and you can share and so much from from New Muslims to Salas to people will go on to people do

03:31:14--> 03:31:18

it every time someone does will do and they can do so because

03:31:20--> 03:31:24

you shared our will just imagine you in your grave and sacajawea is coming to you continuously

03:31:26--> 03:31:30

as well you go well I did that I need donate a pound yeah

03:31:31--> 03:31:51

I've got all this so pantalon This is the reality guys this is the reality of giving sadaqa it's an amazing blessing and he and you're not like when you give money don't think oh yeah, I'm gonna help that no, no though. The masternodes helping you this opportunity this livestream is for you. Because you're you guys are gonna get the reward in ARCA. inshallah

03:31:52--> 03:31:55

we literally dangling reward in front of you right now.

03:31:57--> 03:32:02

How much is five quid, right. Okay. Yeah, give it to the masjid instead. Yeah.

03:32:04--> 03:32:04


03:32:07--> 03:32:41

Yeah, you know, it's true. We have this mentality. You know, a lot of, we see this, you know, when we go to certain countries, and we go to the markets. Yeah. And the normal markets, you know, like, you know, everybody just goes, and we love to haggle. Yeah. When it comes to the poor people, we haggle with them. Oh, yeah, please, one more. This guy. This guy. This guy the guy does is making a basic living from that. We spent hours trying to get the cheapest. We look at the opposite. We go to expensive restaurants and we leave 25 tips with a 10 pound tip. When you go to a rich restaurant you leave tip when you go to see the poor. You haggle with them. Please please one more argument

03:32:41--> 03:33:09

cheaper, cheaper, cheaper. Do you want to use Misha squeezing the guy's neck? So panela Yeah, this is the mentality that we have some times that we live in, you know, I'm in a restaurant. How embarrassing it will be of me if I don't leave a 10 pound tip you know service charge. Sometimes people offer your service charges you don't need to pay that by the media. Okay, you don't legally need to pay that. So the thing is though, some people shy Oh, it's so embarrassing. It's embarrassing but if you don't wanna pay you don't pay it but some people are just too caught up with what others think brothers sisters Why?

03:33:11--> 03:33:14

I would like to pay 500 pounds a lot more

03:33:15--> 03:33:20

tell him how I tell him how I send you stuff it's very easy. So how do they do it?

03:33:23--> 03:33:42

How do you do it? You go to launch forward slash only musk and make a donation there. Just visit the link in Sharla and we're gonna wait for your donation and try and you're gonna get massive the bill but bigger than that the bill is gonna be the reward and try our best you and everybody else donating as well inshallah. Yes, that's correct.

03:33:44--> 03:33:51

I went on the PayPal one. Links in the description as well guys, you don't have to type this in. Go to the description in Sharla and it's done.

03:33:53--> 03:33:53


03:33:55--> 03:33:59

what you were saying. Yeah, I finished what I've seen you lost it

03:34:04--> 03:34:08

right now is he's wondering if the spider has a cousin that's gonna turn up yeah, that's

03:34:10--> 03:34:11

this one you see.

03:34:12--> 03:34:12

You see

03:34:15--> 03:34:16

you see what you see what

03:34:18--> 03:34:21

he's looking he's looking like Coulson right now. Just your

03:34:23--> 03:34:30

UK at the moment. Yeah. Yes. Don't worry about it. And they don't they don't bite. They just know just tick off. Yeah, no, I bytes.

03:34:34--> 03:34:39

Yes. And that is good, man. That's good. So when is this message going to be the improvements? When's it gonna happen? He saw

03:34:41--> 03:34:59

basically, as soon as basically we get the phone and we transfer over inshallah they were actually the one I messaged him, we're gonna start the campaign. He replied back to me and said, Oh, yes, that would be really helpful and trial because we got a quote for the roof and his $100,000 which is about 30,000 pounds, and they can't afford it. Yeah, to do to change

03:35:00--> 03:35:03

Come on breaking a roof of all money is not a small thing.

03:35:06--> 03:35:42

You know, you said I, you know when I was chasing the spider I was giving some things like not the spider but you know you say that he was he was he was getting stomped. He Yeah, he was basically stoned. Yeah. Why he was he was chased by the people because he's Muslim. And he was a he was arrested because he was a Muslim became an arrested him because he didn't know how to deal with it. We just don't understand it. We're a Christian country. We don't we don't know anything about this. After 911 someone tried to ban Islam and Muslims. And he took them to court and he said, What are you guys talking about? Yeah.

03:35:45--> 03:35:45


03:35:46--> 03:36:03

And then Ali and you know, you must know a lot of reverts as well coming from a Riba background. Have you heard the complaints from us reverts? Oh, it's too hard to practice Islam. Makes don't like me anymore. Ah, and he goes through that. So Panama. May Allah reward him.

03:36:05--> 03:36:06


03:36:08--> 03:36:39

How how close? Like, how easy is it to get to this Masjid if I lived in Samoa? And yeah, it's a good location. hamdulillah. But let me tell you, like where this location is from London, right? So you go from London, and you fly to Dubai, or Qatar for about seven hours. And then once you get there, you fly from there to Malaysia somewhere for about nine hours. Then from Malaysia, you fly for about 12 hours to New Zealand and from New Zealand you fly for four hours?

03:36:42--> 03:36:44

That's where it's in the middle. Yes, in the middle of

03:36:47--> 03:36:50

the country. Can you could you drive it in a day?

03:36:51--> 03:36:52


03:36:55--> 03:36:58

he saw you? He's asked you said he asked you how long

03:37:00--> 03:37:02

you said they need to catch up.

03:37:07--> 03:37:08

In London, really.

03:37:11--> 03:37:12

In the in the country.

03:37:15--> 03:37:19

It's relatively in a central location is near the cities.

03:37:20--> 03:37:21

This is

03:37:22--> 03:37:27

what this is, look, let's just give you guys an idea that the world

03:37:30--> 03:37:31

is not flat by the way.

03:37:40--> 03:37:42

It's basically in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean isn't that

03:37:43--> 03:37:47

would be a good idea to maybe show another video, you know,

03:37:49--> 03:37:57

just give me like, you know where you went into the Jesus exhibition. That was a lovely video, I think the brothers and sisters would really benefit from that.

03:37:58--> 03:38:11

inshallah, I think one of the things that we do learn is that when you know, Mashallah we we give sadaqa that we're told that the sidecar will become the shade on the Day of Judgment for us.

03:38:12--> 03:38:20

So hon Allah, you know, when we give money in South Africa, when on the Day of Judgment, there will be no shade.

03:38:21--> 03:38:45

You know, we will have insha Allah with the love grace with allows mercy allows acceptance, you know, by giving sadaqa we will have a shade. And so, you know, this is why this is why we're told that at the time of death, when a when the Angel of Death comes to the person to take their soul, they request one thing, and that is just give me a few more moments, that I may give a little sadaqa.

03:38:46--> 03:39:23

That's the only request that the dying person will make, just give me a few more moments. So may give a little bit of Southern because we realize the significance of the sadaqa at that time, but of course, once you see the angel of death, then the unseen is now seen, and the doors of forgiveness, the doors of reward are actually cease, they're stopped. And the only rewards that will reach us in the grave, we're told are three rewards. One is that you have good offspring. So your children pray for you. They're good, they do good deeds, because you taught them well because you inspired them to be good Muslims.

03:39:25--> 03:39:59

And then you leave knowledge behind. So if you know you've written a book, or as the brother Stanley has, you know, has translated the first Quran in Samoan language Mashallah. So even when he is in the grave, everyone who reads the Quran in the Samoan language, he will be rewarded for that equal reward will go to him. So you leave knowledge behind. That's the second criteria. And the third criteria is that sadaqa when you give in South Africa

03:40:00--> 03:40:47

You build a well, you build a mosque, you do these things, then even whilst you're lying in your grave, all of the other doors are closed, but these three doors stay open and one of those is sadaqa. So inshallah give and invest and Allah says, You know what better investment What better transaction Can you make other than the transaction of giving a lot of loan, I mean, unless you're saying this is a love does not need money from us, Allah does not need our charity and if we stop giving a love of finding somebody else that will benefit from that giving and receive that reward. So brothers and sisters, look, we've got very a short period of time left before this stream is

03:40:47--> 03:41:25

going to end. Please just even if it's a little bit of money, just donate it inshallah, even if you've donated before In fact, even if you've donated today on this stream, just you know, if you've if you've given 50 pounds, then just give another five give another 10 if you're given 100 just give another 10 or 20 inshallah, let us hit this target. Let us maximize what we can do for brother Stanley inshallah 100% we're gonna play the video now and those of you want to donate go to launch slash only most The link is above support, launch goods comm slash only mosque. We just gonna Yeah, we're gonna

03:41:26--> 03:41:40

play the video in just a bit inside a handler we're gonna hit 64,000 we're close to 68 inshallah, if we get two more people to give $100 we'll hit 65 very fast and Chava you guys can watch this video

03:41:49--> 03:41:53

okay, we maybe will take another two minutes or something but Ali has the spiders

03:41:55--> 03:41:56

right now I can't see them

03:41:57--> 03:41:58


03:41:59--> 03:42:09

they can pop up any second anywhere. You know what? It's weird not being the one in control of the live streams because for the EFI our live streams are normally the one and behind the scenes doing

03:42:10--> 03:42:12

alright, there's a video Oh no, I don't do it. Okay.

03:42:15--> 03:42:51

Um, vanilla that's a sub that's a subconscious mind you know what the subconscious mind that's used to something you know, that's what the person has said him said give a lot of these that are done regularly but small. Sometimes psychologists tell you to be conscious of the subconscious mind because sometimes subconsciously you do things you don't realize you have to be aware when the person isn't himself gives a lot of things that are done regularly but small to me you know what that means? That means it becomes a habit if you start giving one time everyday to a homeless man you subconsciously prepare your mind to that and you get used to it becomes a habit yeah it works

03:42:51--> 03:43:27

with sins as well. So I know people who are young there's some people who are like really stingy they just don't want to give all they are used to is what bad habits of saving save save save didn't even know where to save it. They're rich millionaires I've seen some people millionaires they don't even buy this or nice car it's just the psychology is save save save save save this become a mindset well how do you break that you break that by giving Break the Cycle by giving and what happens is it becomes an actual habit to regularly small by regular donation become a habit. So it's very interesting because when he mentioned change the video automatically for all Oh yeah, I'm not doing

03:43:27--> 03:43:30

it to you. I'm trying to say yeah, the mind is very powerful.

03:43:34--> 03:43:39

That's a good reminder, Ali, Mashallah way to be one day Ben. inshallah.

03:43:41--> 03:43:44

Allah Yeah, and I helped the half hour behind the scenes.

03:43:47--> 03:43:52

I've actually met you once, but we didn't we just had a lamb. And that was it. After the speaker's course.

03:43:58--> 03:44:07

how big those tables are, like, one day there was we had a half a lamb or whole lamb. It was amazing. But you're at one end. The other end? Yeah. Yeah.

03:44:08--> 03:44:09

It was amazing. That lamb

03:44:10--> 03:44:24

wasn't it bass, you enjoyed that as well. Oh, I always enjoy this beautiful marshmallow roast. Roast lamb dinners. Mighty we don't have that many. But, you know, we've had a few and they've been very, very nice. Yeah, of course, we saw the video.

03:44:26--> 03:44:32

The video is gonna be up in a few seconds and Charlotte's on the YouTube loaded onto the system. Okay, it's done. It's gonna pay now.

03:44:36--> 03:44:50

Because humbler? We've done some more. It's a small, tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We don't know anyone here we have no context whatsoever. And we're looking for someone called Dr. Stan Lee. We just saw him in an article online.

03:45:06--> 03:45:09

Did I see you in the article is your name Dr. Stan Lee

03:45:12--> 03:45:17

we come from a dow organization How is the Dow and some more Is it very active being done a lot

03:45:19--> 03:45:32

a one man army operation I am doing all the work to bring people in so we're here to help you shave if there's anything we can do we want to start the dialogue with you we want to bring on Jesus exhibition inshallah

03:45:36--> 03:45:50

never seen an exhibition like this before. I am excited a lot of knows what's how my heart is beating the happiness. This is my hotspot PhD, my certificate in law drops to

03:45:51--> 03:45:55

know William Blackstone. Yeah, this school is day one of the

03:46:00--> 03:46:41

fifth degree black belt. Ensuring real alright guys so basically, we have now In short, Pamela put the ad out on TV one which is the biggest TV channel in Samoa 90% of the population which is it got the newspaper ad done humbler and now we're going to go back to your second TV channel. That's entertainment. This is mostly sports and stuff. Okay. In distinction with me, we've got a member from the Islam more. He's traveled all the way from, from the UK, there's only one mosque in the entire country. So we thought why not just open it up for the summon ones that can come and see what happens inside, you know, yes. Well, I have been very intrigued about that.

03:46:43--> 03:46:44

Okay, so this is like bowing.

03:46:49--> 03:47:40

All the prophets who believe Jesus still alive, who believe in was a great messenger. Mary is the greatest woman in Islam. She quite shocked about everything. Oh, Jesus, son of Mary. Did you say to people worship me, and my mother instead of God eyeshadow. And La ilaha illAllah. It is said that samo is the best kept secret in the world. And maybe it's true. A lack creates an opening for you to come religion came to this country from missionaries from London. Now you haven't come again, to follow up and correct. So this is all a work of your donors. Now that the Dow has started, don't allow it to stop. So click the button and donate now. And help us to continue the Dow in Samoa and

03:47:40--> 03:47:47

across the world. And please don't forget to share this video so people can learn about this amazing brother.

03:48:01--> 03:48:02

Martial Law

03:48:03--> 03:48:33

beautiful video, actually. Yeah. Oh, that's lovely. Sure. It reminds me so when you read about the some of the Victorian English people who become Muslim and set up a Masjid Yeah, like the first ever heard of William for example. And it reminds me of that but in Samoa so Pamela but May Allah give it success and you know, bring a lot of Muslims to Samoa and and and spread the message of Islam in tomorrow. I mean, I mean

03:48:34--> 03:48:40

very very touching to see he's he's such a kind soft demeanor

03:48:41--> 03:49:19

you know, you wouldn't guess that he's got three doctorates three PhDs you wouldn't guess that. Three black belts, you know, such a humble Muslim nice and much on that, you know, lovely, lovely person and we were really nice. He said that when you do actually give him the money when he receives the money for the mustard or when he knows how much money has raised for the masjid because I think you're going to pay a lot of the the cost of the repairs, you're going to pay that directly from the funds. Yeah, inshallah we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna pay directly to the company to basically construction companies all of them is going to go straight into the work and Charlotte's

03:49:19--> 03:49:54

for the monster. So it's gonna be incredible and Shannon you guys have seen the video and we found the shift just random these mama is from Allah and handler you guys have the opportunity now you're watching this you know ask bla bla Why are you watching this video and why do you got this opportunity? It's a Masjid is the best ally here. This is the only Masjid in the entire country guys, this country of Samoa in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They have limited number of Muslims and this is the first and only Masjid and they have this tin roof and I was in there and it was boiling, triggered drenched in sweat and the area.

03:49:57--> 03:50:00

Were coming and they were like sweating as well. I mean, we went

03:50:00--> 03:50:15

A good place for them to come speak to by Islam. We show them some notes from Jesus and what Muslims believe as well. And those great Tao Mashallah we really have them fix the masjid inshallah. So guys who wants to donate, please go to lunch, good calm slash.

03:50:16--> 03:51:05

And as I said, we just want to remind the viewers that even after this video, the live stream, excuse me is finished. You can still donate even though on the donation page, I think it did say two days left, they are going to extend that I think, aren't they? So yeah, that's just in the process of ending. Okay, so brothers and sisters, you can still donate even if it's not a live stream, the PayPal account that's just above brother, Ben, just make sure you put the reference number at the end. So if it says our EF EF reference EMF or reference masks, Samoa, Samoa and messaging it will go to the correct place so please do put that reference number in and the

03:51:06--> 03:51:51

when you go to the the page for the launch good. On the right hand side there's the green support button you just press that another screen will open up and that will allow you to put the amount that you want right at the top or pick a set amount which is below that and then you just basically sign in as a guest and then you can just make the donation that way but inshallah please do try to like the video forward the video because that all affects the algorithms and more people will get to watch it and there will be donations coming in even after the stream has ended. So I think we've only got a brother so we're gonna finish at 11 o'clock so we've got literally

03:51:53--> 03:52:32

literally six minutes guys and inshallah this is this is the challenge now Okay, so we're on 65 we have to finish on 66 inshallah, so all we need is nine people to just give $100 each and we're done. All we have just one person to give $1,000 for the masjid inshallah, and it's done and what you have in return was inshallah you share in the reward of everyone doing will do praying salon they're reading on every lesson as recited anyone who accepts Islam that inshallah or good that comes from the budget because the prophet SAW Some said that if you guide someone too good you will get the same award in China without anything being taken away from this. So this is the opportunity to work

03:52:32--> 03:53:10

for free for you guys. A lot of you are still on the day of alpha and a lot of you are still in this blessing so don't hold back Go to launch slash only most wonder who this one person or these nine people were chosen to finish off today's live in Sharma This is your time in Sharla go to Lowe's dot com slash only mosque and inshallah share in the world and like I said, this is a donation that you give and you keep getting the reward. The professor's have said three things. They don't come to an end, even after you die. One of them was righteous children were and there's the second one, the third one was sadaqa jariya continuous good deeds. So if people keep bringing this

03:53:10--> 03:53:25

module, keep posting, keep benefiting even when you're in your grave, you keep getting the reward for that inshallah. So guys, let's have this module inshallah, let's reach the final $900 that we need today's live appeal, launch slash only mosque.

03:53:27--> 03:53:41

But our brother Ben, you're doing a fundraiser as well, for as is it for Yemen that you're doing it? I'm doing I'm I'm fundraising for food for Syrian refugees that are in Jordan. Okay. Yeah.

03:53:42--> 03:54:22

And so I'm going to do a ration challenge. So I'm going to eat what a refugee eats for a week. And I'm asking people to sponsor me and actually Darren from EF our Hamza sorry, as joined in use of ponders and Jordan M has also joined in, we've created a team. So what I've experienced this, these 10 days is the beauty of South Africa. Because if you can't do it yourself, then be the vehicle to do it. Even if that's a like and a share after this live stream share it because it's been pretty entertaining to be honest. hamdulillah So, you know, I mean, we're gonna watch it, they're gonna see the links, they're gonna donate for the sake of Allah. And I just wanted to remind you we're talking

03:54:22--> 03:55:00

a lot about the rewards of that ocra but there's also rewards in this life as well inshallah we promised that no matter how much you said the call we give what we won't be poor from it. And and remember that Allah Allah will give you so whether you give up for a lie he'll give you sank better in return in Sharma and I definitely experienced that 100% and you know, it's been so incredible about our boss like we've been on this journey now for the last four days right? Find from the labor appeal and how alleges brings everything together. And it's like, almost a $66,000 now for your does serious money is going to help them so

03:55:00--> 03:55:41

Much inshallah and the best part is going to be when people see the videos of you know those are homemaker videos that everyone loves but this is going to be mostly maker right because this could be like a broken it's gonna be fixed new intact inshallah great placement of Muslims and then all the people who donated inshallah they're gonna love it and those who missed out we're like, man I wish I wish I did it so this is your chance we got three minutes left launch slash only must be really looking for the last eight people to give us $100 or just one person to give $100 that's roughly 500 pounds guys, I know someone can do it inshallah just give 100 maybe five if you

03:55:41--> 03:55:58

can just give 100 inshallah types of test and and Allah gives opportunity for everyone to do good deeds and these opportunities aren't for someone else not always just for someone else this is for you. You get the reward from this be selfish guides that 100 pounds or $100

03:55:59--> 03:56:41

just give it man just give it if you're gonna buy some cool like I don't know computer game with it. They're about 50 pounds nowadays. Just forget it just don't do it this month next paycheck, give to the masjid inshallah. The same thing is true. One thing I just want to say to the brothers and sisters all around the world who have contributed just after the hare mela inshallah reward you and bestow His afia on you and your families and mela. As a consequence of your Southern Cone shall accept it in the best of ways and benefit you in shall in the best of ways you know, we're very very grateful you know that you've watched us supported this stream that you've trusted us and

03:56:41--> 03:56:51

hamdulillah and then ate it and inshallah Allah from our side of course we will make every effort to make sure money spent as

03:56:52--> 03:57:41

we just we just got another 300 comments weren't 6500 65,500 guys $500 Let's go one minute left, who is going to be inshallah five people giving 100 or one person is giving $500 inshallah, for this Masjid inshallah in this in this amazing time inshallah. Guys launch slash only most your money will be going towards building this Masjid building a budget for new Muslims inshallah for Tao for people you know, coming and praying there for them to pray and worship and not be melting because of the tin roof to build the wooded area to build the water, it's going to be amazing inshallah, okay, Mashallah. Someone just donated to paypal as well. Yep, definitely as long as you

03:57:41--> 03:58:00

write e f, so that we know the reference or hopefully you EF inshallah, if not, just give me a comment with your name and stuff. I'll send it to them, tell them it was for the module inshallah. So, one more person $500 let's see if we can hit it. handler so that but that would have basically that would have actually our

03:58:03--> 03:58:52

brothers and sisters just to remember that you can still contribute after the stream has ended. And we did do around $16,000 last time, the Pay Pal has ordered this the launch of it has already gone to $65,555 but obviously on the PayPal, we would have had at least a few $1,000 on there as well. So Mashallah, we probably would have hit our target hamdulillah I was very reluctant brother, he said to come on to the stream because I was thinking, you know, brothers and sisters have already been so generous. You know, 30,000 was generated on the last stream. Another $16,000 came in after the stream. And you know, so I thought $46,000 have been raised, how are we going to raise any more

03:58:52--> 03:59:35

money and they'll hamdulillah the brothers and sisters have donated another $20,000 Mashallah. Working in theory, so many, you know, does that gonna happen to all of you in my life, accept it from all of you, please do remember us in your door as well and our families and inshallah the whole Ummah and it's a positive day and handler for us that they all know how much love can come forward despite contributing to so many other charities Mashallah and that you've contributed to and Malay inshallah accept it. does Allah have a salaam aleikum for me? Do you want to add anything? Yeah, just refresh the link controller. Refresh the link. Let's have a look. This Mila

03:59:36--> 03:59:39

this will ah ha Rahmani Raheem

03:59:40--> 03:59:45

all Mashallah $66,095 Mashallah

03:59:47--> 04:00:00

wonderful. Remember blessed brother, Muhammad Yes, he also donated that is incredible Mel accepted. All of you. This is absolutely amazing work we didn't expect at all. It's so many

04:00:00--> 04:00:37

Like we literally you know the amazing thing is that we aren't 66 which means we have surpassed 50% of the entire target already is done in four days Mashallah right to keep going guys keep trying the link keeps coming back and donating and I've done this myself personally as well. I've donated multiple times to the same thing sometimes because you want to help them reshoot inshallah whenever you have something give it will go to the masjid and subscribe to any of our subscribed to you know the alley all these guys who hosted us in short so you can see those videos and those updates inshallah and a message is not going to hurt especially if our se da li, especially Eve Tao and

04:00:37--> 04:00:46

Bosporus representing martial law is a massive help except all of it from you guys and give you the reward of every single donation that came in. inshallah inshallah.

04:00:48--> 04:00:52

inshallah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa, Salaam Alaikum. Everyone.

04:00:55--> 04:00:56

The later