Tom Facchine – 99 Names of Allah #57 As-Samad

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of manners in Islam, including the concept of the "Samad," which refers to a leader and guide. The speaker emphasizes that Islam is not about the "how" and the "how" of things, but rather about the "how" of manners. The speaker also mentions the "how" of being a summit and being a leader.
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Santa Monica. Tonight's name is Al Samad Allah subhanahu adatta is a Samad. And this is another name that you've probably heard of before.

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Bozo Allah who I had a law who saw Ahmed.

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What does Osama mean?

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A Samad means that Allah is the best leader and guide.

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Let's imagine for a second that we were going to take a walk in the woods.

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And you've never been to these woods before. There's no path or trail. There's no places for snacks. There's no food that's readily available. There's no bathroom. Right? And you're going to go on a long walk through these woods. You don't know what's there in the woods? Are there bears? Are there. Snakes? Are there dangerous animals, something that might harm you, you need the help of someone, you need a guide. You need a leader, you need somebody who's going to have all of these qualities that's going to keep you safe. Because let's say that you had a guide, but he wasn't a very good guide. Maybe he didn't really care whether you were comfortable or safe or not. Or maybe he didn't

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really care whether you were tripping around in the woods and falling and getting injured and this sort of thing or not. That would be the example of a bad guide or a bad leader, or Allah is a summit. He's the best leader and the best guide, every single quality that you would want in a leader and a guide Allah hazards. Allah is merciful and kind, and he is intelligent and knowing he knows your situation. You don't even have to mention it to him. Allah already knows what you're going through. Allah wants the best for you. He's not going to leave you behind and go on with the others. He cares about you and wants to see you succeed.

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So Allah is going to do everything in his power to give you the opportunity to guide you to tell you what's the right way and what's the wrong way. Don't go down that road go down this path. Because Allah is a solid. He's the best leader and the best guide and that's all for tonight. I said I'm on eco morons Allah

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