Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2021 – Verses of Hope and Healing #10 – The Moment it Strikes

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of faith and patient support is emphasized in Islam, as it is essential for healing and providing healing for difficult situations. The healing process is also discussed, including testing people and giving good news. A woman describes her struggles with loss and destruction, including death and loss of family members, and talks about giving good news to those with patients. The woman also discusses the healing process and how everyone will return to Islam.
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One owner Xin Amina Lupo, Nima who worship

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A Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh my brothers and sisters seeking assistance from patients and prayer has been mentioned more than once in the Quran, even more than once in Sumatra Baqarah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in verse number 153, of Surah Baqarah he says, Yeah, are you a loving? Man? Oh, you who believe is studying over savani was sila. Oh, you who believe seek assistance, seek help through pain, patients and prayer. I've spoken about this in the past. But the point I want to raise is the verse that follows it says, in law Hamas saw beauty siberie Indeed, Allah is with those who bear patients. Allah is with those who bear patients. So this is something

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that we are taught. We have hope that when I'm bearing patients, Allah is with me. Allah hears Allah accepts the do up when something bad happens, the angels are saying mean to any do other is coming out of your mouth. at that particular point, when the when the calamity strikes, don't say swear words like the world teaches you, you know, something bad happens and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is a bad word. No, that's the moment when the angels are saying, I mean, I mean, I mean, to any do add that's about to come out of your mouth, because Allah has just tested you with something massive. So you say Alhamdulillah or Allah, bless me, protect me, Grant me He is my

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offspring. And you know what, sometimes if you have other do us that you desperately need it. That's the time that's the moment. It's one of the times of acceptance of do up is when calamity has struck you when a test is coming your direction, something really negative has happened to you according to worldly terms. Then you need to make sure you call out to Allah. Bear patience. Allah says in Allah Hamas Sabine, and you know what?

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Those who've passed on those who have been killed in a good cause those who have been murdered and so on. Allah says to us, don't call them dead.

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Don't use the term on what for them, because they have a different type of a life with Allah, they are being sustained. Look at verse number 153. Allah says, while a taco Lamy Yokota lofi, Sabine,

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Bella here,

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don't say to those, or about those who have passed on in the course of Allah, that they're dead. Allah says they're alive with Allah, but you don't know. You don't feel you don't understand. You don't realize, so that life is a different type of life. It's called the life of Bursa. It's the life that Allah knows, Allah knows how it is. And remember, the connection of the soul and the body is solely in the hands of Allah. Allah connects the soul and the body in a way that we don't understand. When we hear about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam correct narration say when you greet him, he greets you back. How? I don't know but I know it happens. Allah subhanho wa Taala

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connects and has connected the soul and that body in a way that I don't know. And I will not know right now. But I may find out one day, he's only told us that I connect the body and the soul so that you can have a response to that. greeting. Subhana Allah Subhan Allah That's amazing. So we say that yes, there is a life known by Allah what type of life it is, but we're all going to go back to Allah. That's why Allah tells us that a Latina either or cyber Tomasi button, those home when calamity strikes, the first thing they say is in nalgonda, hearing that

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whatever has happened, we all belong to Allah, and we're all going to return to Allah subhanho wa Taala that itself is already healing. Because calamity has just struck, and I am relating everything to Allah to say, look, I came from Allah, whatever has happened is in the hands of Allah, I'm going to return to Allah and we're all going to return to Allah subhanho wa Taala in that there is a lot of healing and there is hope in the mercy of Allah. So this is why, in the very next verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us, I'm going to test all of you with what shade in mineral health there will be some fear in your life, you'll be scared sometimes there will be some fear sometimes

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Anxiety sometimes it's normal sometimes. But Allah tells you what to do and as a result what he will do. So Allah says, I will test you with health,

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this fear, this anxiety, uncertainty.

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And Allah says number one Lacombe shame and self will test you with some hunger. You may not get food, there may be a drought, you may not be able to eat food, you may go through hunger. Allah says, Your Noxon, mineral, um one loss of wealth, you might lose your job, you might not have an income, you may not have sustenance, you may lose produce, you may lose your stock, your factory might be burnt down, your house might burn down, you might suffer an accident, Allah says it's gonna happen. These are things Allah says, I will test you with nuxeo mineral and we will enforce, people will die around you, your loved ones, your parents, your spouse, your children, whoever, sometimes

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more, more people all at once, people will die. Allah says we will test you on that too, because Death is inevitable. Then Allah says, while I'm while they will enforce what thammarat even your produce, you may lose produce. You know, for those who have farms, and even Generally, the economy of countries that's based on produce, you may struggle your economy might go down, you know, the nation might struggle economically, there might be a recession, Allah says we will test you with all of this, or Bashir is Siberian give good news. At that time, give good news to who, to all these people, to everyone, because we're going to test all of you with some of this. We're going to test

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all of you with some of this different people, different tests, but give good news to those who bear patients suffer. Firstly, they thank Allah for whatever they still do, have.

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They relate everything to Allah and say, we are going to return to Allah. Amazing. I'm healing. I'm healing because I'm realizing, you know what? Life was temporary. Yes, I lost my spouse, but inshallah, I'm going to meet my spouse very soon. I'll carry on Allah will grant me the ability to continue. I'll never lose hope in his mercy and He will give me the power. He doesn't test me with something that I won't be able to shoulder. He will give me the power. That's Allah. I've lost Yes, indeed. But I'm going to keep on moving. I'm going to keep going. I'm going to have hope. I'm getting up in the morning and I'm going to try and I'm going to pray and I'm not going to lose hope

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and I'm going to, you know, wash up and dress up and pray and cook and eat, and I'm going to go out and work and try and earn and things will continue and I'm going to do good and pray for my loved ones, those who have passed away. That's the way that's healing. That's hope. Subhana Allah, amazing, amazing. Allah says we will test you with all of these things but she does Siberia and give good news to those who bear patients who are they alladhina in asaba Tomasi, those whom when calamities has struck them, they say in Allah he were in LA here are Geodon, they say we all belong to Allah and we're all going to return to Allah ultimately, we're all going there. Then Allah says,

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Allah will our Kali him salewa tomura bemaraha they have special blessings from the Lord and a special mercy.

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At that point a special calmness descends on your soul and your heart. especial Mercy of Allah will descend upon you. Because Allah knows your struggles when when you just hand over everything to Allah, Allah, I trust you. I leave it in your hands. I'm trying my best to be a better person every day I'm weak, I'm a human. I do falter but I know you will forgive and I know you can see me trying.

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I'm not doing it to please someone or for someone I'm doing it just for you. Oh Allah, just for you. I'm trying.

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And so Allah special blessings descend upon you, you will feel them. That's the hope Allah gives you. That's the healing that Allah is granting you Subhana Allah Hara blind I mean, like Allah him Salah Watanabe Marana hola como Mata, those are the ones who are rightly guided.

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They are the ones who are rightly guided so my brothers and sisters never lose hope in the mercy of Allah. You know, in other verses of the Quran, Allah says el Medina taboo la Hawa, you know, for Allah to Berlin, after he mentions the sinful and those who have lost hope in the mercy of Allah, those who have turned away from Allah, those who disbelieve, etc. In verse number 160, Allah says, The exception is for those who have turned back to Allah, they've made amends, they've corrected their ways, and they have clarified and made clear, Allah says for them, I will forgive them because I am the oft Forgiving, the Most Merciful. You know, when Allah says I'm the oft forgiving the world

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But as someone who continually accepts the Toba of the same person, so every time you turn back to Allah, you must know Allah has forgiven you and you turn back to him again and again and again. Allah will forgive you a million times, don't lose hope he is a web he continues to accept the tober coming from the same person as many times as it comes, no losing of hope. May Allah forgive all of us, I mean, a call locally, however, or sallallahu wasallam albaraka Alana Vienna Mohammed, while owners xeno Minato Nima, who worship

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