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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The importance of happiness in Islam is discussed, including the need for individuals to be aware of their personal lives and the importance of being happy. The success of Islam as a source of happiness is also discussed, including the use of money in charity and the importance of being happy. The importance of staying true to Islam and not giving up on obligations is emphasized, along with upcoming events and dress code suggestions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding dressing up too much and not taking things for granted.
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Sudan Smilla salatu salam ala Rasulillah while early he was already here, woman Hala Molina miam founder on foreigner Bhima alum tonight NACA Semyon Dubois Lamoni how to become an MLA on file LBI Asha when FC Latisha What do I use marinara to the clue winner bad data now Hublin AMOLED and Kurama in the counter will have or be struck the Saudi us Sully only while up the Tamil listen you have only desert Kamala here hamdulillah al Amin I hope everybody today not only make dua with all the long list, I call it the laundry list of dua but the most important to I hope everybody did, that Allah gave us life to live to allow for

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that we are alive and we are making the DUA that's a huge name. Because we all are busy with what we want from Allah. But we didn't. We need to think of what Allah gave us. So hamdulillah Rama Alameen Tomas Pantanal gave us life we are and gave us not only live but that gave us life and gave us the deep understanding of what is our offer and why everybody is fasting. Why? Because it's on offer so what I had to explain it yesterday to the nurses in the in the hospital is one of the best days tomorrow oh that unit so that's why you're going to be fasting Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna go late tomorrow. Why? Because it's the aid. And these are er mobile rockets and blessed days, but we need

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to feel it. As as woman we need to really feel this and be so grateful to Allah and I hope each one of you and everybody is online also, that at least you shed tears today not because they are asking a lot because he made you live to

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this day.

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It's amazing because there's people who they wish they are alive. Yes, and then they will make the DUA. So this is the number one number two is a day of blessing. And I'm going to finish early today so at least we have the last 1520 minutes that we everybody go upstairs alone. Don't talk to anybody stay with Allah's pantalla think you are an out offer. If you have been talking

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hedge that's what everybody does. In the last hour in our offer. No one talks to anybody. Everybody is alone in one corner asking a lot. And the only thing you see Do you hear people are crying. Some people does go out together some people does it alone doesn't matter. But the last time because that's before my group plus we are fasting process the Day of Arafah what else we want. And this is also Sharon Mahara. And it's also a sacred month so you have so many things combined, it's a blessing day, it's a day where Allah subhanho wa Taala said whoever first Your sins are forgiven, this is a day where Allah subhanaw taala will be so happy with us as His servants. And then you are

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also again fasting so fasting dua is Mr. Jha, day of our office, Mr. Job before Mahara, and you're in his house, Subhan Allah, and it is a sacred month. So we will finish the villa early. And I just want to cover a subject. I don't know if any of you have ever heard this about the concept of being happy in Islam. Because tomorrow's aid, and they're involved. They're in aid, the act of worship in aid is what is to be happy, is not the aid that you're going to have fights with anybody is not the aid. There's not the day that you're going to be picking up on people that's not their aid, why it's called day to celebrate. Right and you can Bureau Allahu Allah Maha Hamid, this is actually in Surah

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Al Hajj is about tomorrow, that you are glorifying Allah because he guided you, guided me to this guided us to do the sacrifice guided us too fast to us to be a Muslim. So in general, tomorrow is a day of happiness. You wake up in the morning, everybody young and old, it is not a day, you're gonna be picking up on your daughter, and it's not the day you're going to be picking up on your member of your family. So they have happiness. So the concept of happiness in its time is absolutely their happiness, then word therefore was in the Quran, it's in the Quran, repeatedly, repeatedly, if for hopefully for a while. However, now coming to the serious part, most of the forum in the Quran came

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in the negative way.

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Happiness is two kinds, there is Al Mahmoud, that is recommended, and it is commanded. And there is a minimum, the one that we shouldn't. So number one, you just say when you I am happy, right? And I'm smiling question you have to ask yourself, What's making you happy?

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Then you're gonna come and see. So then in general, the happiness in the Quran is most of it is not in a positive way. Why? Because Allah knows what makes you happy. If I ask anybody in this room, what makes you happy?

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In general, my son got married, my daughter graduated, I got promoted, and I got a new job. People complimented me Oh, I got this message. And people said, I went to this gathering and everybody commented on my dress or the way I look and I'm happy. Right? Right. Most of the time

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happiness that we are happy. And the opposite we are sad is about Tamiya is about this life.

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So the first thing is when I feel happy, I will say Hamdulillah. But why I am happy. So there's two kinds number one, in the form of their happiness that is, we shouldn't, and I'm gonna go on this quickly and then there for a minute that it's complemented.

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The first thing that we should never be happy. And this is for everybody. Especially I've a lot of people online. Never be happy when you disobey Allah.

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When we disobey Allah, when I am watching this movie, and the movie is full of disobedience of Allah, and I am enjoying it.

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I shouldn't. And even if I am, I have to remind myself again, we're not angels. We all go through this, but I need to remind myself, this is not what Allah wants from me. I shouldn't be happy with this. So number 1am. I happy I'm happy to have your check. Why I am happy. Two things. Is this is complemented. Is that what Allah want? Or?

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This is I shouldn't social media and texting somebody and I'm very happy. What did you say?

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If somebody else read your text, are you going to be uncomfortable? Are you going to be shy? Then then this is not? So am I disobedient to Allah? So number one, when there is any I bought a house and you're very happy? How did you buy the house?

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What did where did the money come from? That's disobedience of Allah.

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My daughter gets married hamdulillah that's beautiful. And then you invited people for wedding? What is happening in that wedding?

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What is happening in that wedding? Or what is happening in that gathering or this graduation? If there is disobedience of Allah, that happiness is not complemented. And that happiness is not going to be in my right scale. So any happiness it's disobedience of Allah. We shouldn't for example, there's so many

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The most famous one is

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our own our own the stories in the Quran in surah cos our own basically was a very rich man. I don't think anybody on this earth yet has what our own had. And why is that because when Allah described him, he didn't say how much money he had, or how much the bank account or how much jewelry his wife had. He said Allah described in sort of castles the stories right in our own academy call me Musa Oromos from the people of Musa by in our own in our own academic called Musa Baba Ali he transgressed against them he became arrogant Well, I think you know who that could was. Now Allah described his treasures and we gave him treasures, treasures not bank account, not jewelleries not a

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safe that you have in your home that treasures he had the keys, the treasures were in boxes, the keys of that treasures of that treasures the keys need a no huge number of strongmen to carry the keys, not to carry the treasure itself. Just the keys with my fatty hold retain all the last material over the keys for thou though that treasure or treasures will need a few good number of men heavy to carry it. Then people looked at him so of course he was happy. Like, don't you when you look at your for those of us who work right? Or if it's a joint account with your husband and then you're checking your bank account and you see a good number? Don't you be happy? Yes, you do. Right?

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Of course we do. Fine. So his people What did they say to him Latifah?

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That's the word happy. They said don't be happy.

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Why? I have money What is wrong with that? And Allah didn't say the money was not the money was illegal. It no there is no mention of the money where the source of the money so the source is not the issue. The issue is how I react when I have money. So his people said to him letterfrack Don't be happy in Hola Hola, yo, hey Bucha Farheen hola don't love those who are not it's usually translated as people who are not happy no is people who are happy with arrogance.

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Five so what do I do with the money I'm happy use it what are the FEMA other cola data accurate first, whatever Allah gives you use it for your IRA.

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So again, today is our offer. Did any is any has anyone have you not yet. Did a big charity today.

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That's your IRA.

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Whatever if you might attack Allah data here

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However, what about this dunya you and I'm living? Well, attention of Siva COVID Adonia don't forget your share of this dunya but the first thing I have to focus on is my hero.

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Or better if he might attack Allah, the actor will attention or see becoming a dunya will accent come at us and Allah who will take and treat people with goodness. And with excellence, just like how Allah gave you excellence, excellence in wealth. He acted arrogantly. He said, No, I did it. Exactly. That's what he said. He said, color in M O T to Allah in India, I am smart. It's my work. And what happened just to make the story short, Allah opened the earth and swallowed him for herself Nabi he will be there to heal on not only him, he and his, his house, his wealth.

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So this Farah, when I am, for example, let's apply it here. When I get a raise, or I get promoted, and I now my salary is double, like, Hamdulillah. That's good. But when I start acting arrogant, the way I speak, you know, because I'm the smartest one in the company. Because I did I, I did this, I did that. Be careful, because that's what our own said.

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He said, I did it. And unfortunately, we live in a time and day where it is all I did it. You should never say this young and old. I say Allah made me do it, because you really did it. But Allah allowed you, he could have easily not allowed you. So that's one of the fora that is absolutely not commented or complimented in the Quran. When Allah gives me Nima, when Allah give me a blessing, I need to be happy when I use it for the way that pleases Allah. Number one, number two for example, this is also when fully hello hello from IBM accordion fill out for Rasulullah This is sorted Tober those are Ross Wallace Otto Sam asked people, let's go we need you to go for an expedition. Some

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people made an excuses and stayed. And they were so happy they didn't go

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that's not I didn't go there must do this too crowded. I'm not gonna get a place. I'm glad I didn't my car didn't work. Don't do that.

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On the contrary, you should say what did I do? And Allah made my car doesn't work. He doesn't want me to come to his house.

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Anytime there is an obstacle to an obedience to Allah. And you wanted that disobedience. Don't be happy

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that the out there is an

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obstacle where the disobedience become easy. Don't be happy, because Allah has removed you from what makes him happy. Like there is the famous good happiness in the Quran. Hard to hear Allah ordered us to be happy in case you don't know or the US to be happy. This is this what you lose. Yeah, you oneness.

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People Caja at como ella tomorrow because we have sent for you a donation where she found only mafia solo and a healer and a cure to what's inside the hearts. He didn't say what is it? I'll explain in a second. Yeah, you are nice people. And this is not Muslims, everybody conjure had come, we have sent you. What came to you more ever admonition from your Lord, where she found only mafia soldier and cure to what's in the heart for you? Well, who doesn't want to Hama guidance and mercy? Or who don't want Rama? They're only you know, to the believers. Like what is that? What is the happiness? Anybody knows? Now comes in will be familiar he won't be rahmati he Febi Delica failure for help.

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Tell them by the Grace of Allah and the mercy let them rejoice. Let them be happy. And scholar study for blue law he was rahmati Fabula is the grace of Allah the Eman that we all have our Ramona Quran

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to be Delica failure falafel, look at the next one will hire on my manager my own way better than what they are collecting

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the bank account, the jewelry, the degrees, all in one plate. And the other one is the fact that I knew are Muslim, the fact you and I are movement and the Quran that Allah sends us and Allah says Be happy. How many of us here happy? Because I'm a Muslim? Honestly. Honestly, not now because you're in the class and I said it. You really I'm glad you didn't raise your hands because we don't feel it. Maybe you do because you are. You know why? Because you live with a non Muslim family and you see it, but we take it for granted. This is why I always say make sure you have a friend who are real

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Art. They remind you of the net amount that Allah gave us on a plate of gold. What kind of what did I do? What struggle I went through nothing. I was born and my mom called me Marian, what did I do? And Mom told me this is now a new faster today's RFI I didn't struggle. So far we have Lilia, he will be rahmati by the Grace of Allah, that Iman, and if anytime you need to be happy is the day and tomorrow from all these millions in here, the millions in the United States, we are a group of people, Allah chose us to celebrate tomorrow, the eighth

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and what is the eighth and I'll come to it at the end but I want to first of all is to celebrate and be happy that you are a Muslim don't take it for granted. Subhanallah the more I do this one to one with the community, the more I feel how blessed we are. Because what other people are suffering Muslims and how hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen Allah made me and kept me and you steadfast. And I did not change so probably Allah he will be rahmati presenti Caforio for Raha so when you look at your bank account,

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right because Allah this is how you will manage my own way better than what they are collecting. How much money you have, you have $1,000 you have 1000 words from the Quran your heart.

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He said, what I gave you what much better than what you have, you need to be happy with it way better than what you are collecting. Right? We look at the bank account, we look at our safe we look at our jewelry as like oh Hamdulillah I have this I have that how much of the Quran you have, how much of the sooner you have, not only practice how much you know, so alpha this is one of them. Second one is the the the happiness when you're reading the Quran.

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We don't feel this. We read the Quran duty Okay, how much left? Hamdulillah I finished the hotma what is the happiness?

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What is the feeling of loss talking to or I'm talking to Allah.

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And Allah also said in Surah Tober, where either my own zealot Surah

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Surah to Furman Homer yaku comes at your heart the manner when surah was revealed, a chapter was revealed. So for us when you learn a verse, They were talking to each other, the Sahaba which one became better Muslim?

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Which one this verse made the Eman their faith stronger?

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For an millennia, Am I no further from imminent or home? Yes, step zero. That's the happiness the believer. When I read the Quran, I'm sure Show me hands. I have a doubt. Nobody will raise their hand. When you read a page from the Quran. Don't you feel better?

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Show me hands. Don't you feel better? Even if you didn't understand much? Don't you feel something different? Yes. Even a little. That's what it is. That to ima you're you're closer to Allah, even an inch you're closer to Allah wa Mr. Sharon, they are happy. I want you all specially today and tomorrow. When you pick up the Quran. Look at it as a NEMA. Look at it as a blessing. Look at it as a gift given to you and me from Allah. Why? And I say this to myself? Why didn't Allah gave it to the person who's walking outside and non muster? Why me? Why you? What's so special? Anything special about you and me? Honestly, anything? Can I claim I'm special? Can you claim your special?

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No, for me, Allah, the Grace of Allah. He just looked at us and says, You know what? You're Muslim. You're Muslim Imams. Shouldn't I be happier rejoice? And you know who feel it's more when you have a child or a sibling who they either they are non Muslim, or they left Islam, or they are not practicing? If you're so sad, why? Because you don't know what they are missing. You keep saying if they only know what they are missing. So the joy is with this and I will share with you a beautiful stories of our woman before that. You need to be very How many of you are fasting

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Alhamdulillah. Are you happy?

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Are you happy? Absolutely. And wait another? What's another 15 minutes? Maybe right? Exactly less than 15 minutes. And when you put that data in your mouth, absolutely have to be happy. Remember the other day? They saw me for Hatton.

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The person who's fasting that has to moments of joy

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for her happiness. This is not my words. It's a hadith of Rasul Allah saw the saw in

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For heightens, the fasting person has two moments of joy and happiness. Really, I'm starving, I'm thirsty, I can get out. I'm so tired. I have had a query is that right? Honestly, on command, it's eight. And we ate at four if you ate

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two moments of joy, and I want you to feel it every time you're fasting, the first one and the filtery. When the person who's fasting, break the fast, you put that data in your mouth, what do you feel?

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Sugar, right, the glucose, or and then especially after you drink the water, don't you feel it? And if you don't make sure you feel it, and you say, hamdulillah you're walking made me do it. That's a momentary, momentary here,

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the big one there, why in the record,

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and when you meet Allah, and he sees and he in your book and my book that we were fasting because the most beloved one of the most beloved deeds to Allah is actually fasting or so Murray one Zb. Fasting is for me and I reward by so this is a moment of joy. So don't tell me it's done. There is no moments of joy because that's what they you think everything is haram.

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Right? And then we cannot be happy. I'm sorry. You're misunderstood Islam that. Now look at this one. This is a woman. Okay. This is an I'm gonna read the story because it's really a story. We'll see no more. And I love it when the woman would say no more. And then the woman turned to be right and how he respond. So I'm going to read it because it's so this is basically as a smart woman to amaze as a hobby. Right? She came on with to visit Hafsa the wife of rasool Allah Who salatu salam, and smartbug to amaze she migrated the first one to be senior with to meet a ninja she she was one of them, right? So you know, Omar entered on his door, but the Hello Omar Wallah Hassan was smart.

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So he entered.

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Yeah. And we have a caller Omar Omar said when he saw a smart who this woman so he asked his daughter who is this woman and the woman and his half society have such a small window always this is a smart one to almost almost says oh, I'll have Ashiya the woman from a senior and this is not putting her down because he wanted to make sure this is the one I will Buhari or assessment now this is me.

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Now this is in Medina. So so you know almost had some Magna Conville Hijra we have migrated before you now they see the happiness and the competition. Not we bought a bigger house and I went to this college I bought this car. He said we have migrated before you because he migrated to Medina before her now. Now look how she answered for you. And she got upset. And she said you she said Capterra

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This is a normal? He said yes. Well, she said Omar you just said a lie. And she said

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Khattab Tia Omar, Kala lie. She said no.

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You were with Roscoe alayhi salatu salam he feeds who are hungry and he gives admonition to those who doesn't know and we were in a in a place far away so scared and we were harmed and nobody was with us and I'm gonna go and complain uterus while he saw

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those were the woman at that time.

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They had Iman was so important for them even if it was say normal and if you only know who said no say you know Amara Suarez Otto CERAM said if say normal walk in a path shaitan go in another path

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can deal with it.

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And Rasul Allah is auto Salam said if there will be a prophet after me it will be say normal. She students is capture you did not you are not before us or above us. So she went to Rasul Allah in salatu. Salam

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and and she said

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that just a second Yeah.

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And she said by Allah, I am not going to eat and I'm not going to drink till I go and tell this total Swati salatu Sinha one lie, I am not gonna lie. I'm not going to change what you said. I'm going to say exactly what it is. She came to Rasul Allah salatu salam, call it I'm going to read an Arabic and translate quality energy Allah, the Prophet of Allah. Lisa said, Dr. Rasool Allah in our Omar Allah Qaeda, al Qaeda, or Omar said this week he is better than us, because he migrated before us. And she said all this

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And Rasul Allah saw to set up

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what he said he gave her right he said Lisa will be min comme la huali as hobby Hijra Wahida. He said no, he is not above you. He doesn't have more rights than you. He has one Hendra, he migrated only once. Well I can ultimately Safina you are the people of the ship. You have to visualize this is to the woman, a smart This is not his daughter is not his wife. Right? Or let's for our cadre to call it Fela cadre tatoeba Musa was harvest of unity attorney, and you're selling is another hottie now, happiness, pilots magnet duniya nothing in this life was more will bring me more happiness than water Rasul Allah, His salatu salam said to

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nothing would make me happy, more than what Allah said to me, I said about the people who migrated to abyssea and what makes us happy?

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Subhanallah That's happiness that you everybody has to be very happy. And a man came to rasa they salatu salam ala Rasulillah. When is the hour? We're talking about happiness, see what made them happy? They said your Rasul Allah, when is the hour and he said, What did you prepare for it? He said, I didn't prepare much. The only thing I love Allah Allah rasool Allah Who salatu salam, ala Rasulillah salatu salam looks at him and says, and Tama I'm an abrupt, you will be with those who you love.

00:26:34 --> 00:26:54

See what the man happened to him? Right? And Allah Allah here salatu salam alaikum I'm an abrupt you are with the one you love and is the one who's who's narrating this hadith, Paul. I love Allah and Allah rasool Allah, His salatu salam, and I am going to be with them. Nothing will make me more happy than this.

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For happiness is absolutely a feeling we all have to feel part of our deen but what makes you happy, tells me who you are, tells me who I am. And tells me my relationship with Allah subhanho wa Tada.

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And a moment at the moment of death. You want to be that person when the when the angels comes and takes the soul and gives me a new Europe be I mean the Black Tidings of Jana. That's the moment of happiness. That's absolutely a moment of happiness. Now, what about tomorrow? Should we be happy?

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Yes or no? Absolutely. What should we do tomorrow morning? What is the Sunnah of the Eid before you go to the Rite Aid?

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Don't you forget salata federal

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Of course. Ready

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Don't you forget yesterday afraid? Solitude? Hmm. What Kedah solitude eight is

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stressed upon some it is not an obligation. Although everybody highly recommended to the to go including woman including woman during their menses. And the Sunnah is actually to make it outside the Masjid.

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But Sinatra has an obligation. So don't tell me I'm gonna go for eight,

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then I don't have to. So number one is don't forget your obligations. Don't forget your obligations. Now, the sooner of going to the solitario aid is you go from one path and you come back from another path. Don't ask me why that's what he did at a solid yourself. So you live you're gonna go let's say Irvine Boulevard, you come back from four or five.

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If it's I don't care longer who are more crowded. That's not the issue. Following the Sunnah.

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Now you go early.

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Not because you want a good place or because my friends are going that's not for Allah. Because that's the Sunnah.

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Now coming to the painful part. Are you already everybody? What are you going to be dressing tomorrow? What are you going to be wearing tomorrow? It's a day of happiness, or some other day of disobedience of Allah

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is not I'm not going to go to this 1000s people there and I am dressed in a way that people will turn their head to see me. That's not pleasing to Allah.

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Happiness doesn't mean I am going to go out the way now I'm not going to say more than that. not pleasing to Allah, you go in a way it's a Salah

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it's Asada, you go in a way that he is looking at you Allah and he's happy the way you look. Dress beautiful. Dress new for the young. We always loved it.

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always after this day I always make sure there's something new it's just it's so you are you feel happy it's beautiful, but in the way that pleases Allah

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dresscode sometimes so painful

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to could be right in lead. It's a sunnah or you can be Rolla Allah Maha Hammadi Starkville once we say Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, you're glorifying Allah for what? You're glorifying Allah for all the blessings He gave you. He made you a Muslim he made your movement he didn't give you a life He made you see out of hamdulillah fast even if you're not asking if you could you would he will reward you and then he may the eighth solder in yours in your place when I send last year I send you the eight Salah to my friends overseas I couldn't believe it. They said Wow. Is that how it is? I said yeah, it's actually more beautiful heat because you really feel special any and especially in a way

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pleases Allah subhanaw taala and then you have to keep saying to karate aid and that's why you say no, if you look at the all the announcements and all the massages at that's Salah at seven 630 is what is that could be wrong because it's soon you don't go there and talk to you. It's don't go there and start chit chatting and it's that can be wrong. You really need to keep doing it. Do it in a way that the person next to you hear you as woman. But for the men, it needs to be loud because you're glorifying Allah attack can be a writer it is Masha Allah, it's from the symbols of Allah and I'm celebrating your Allah if you are one day Allah will invite you for eight Salah in the Haram

00:31:40 --> 00:32:23

then you know what Farah is the children dressed they are like models. And every country literally I have so many pictures because every country they dress them the way their country is beautiful, beautiful, the girls our wedding day. And all the adults This is really nice, especially man. They go specifically to the bank the day before or the day two or three days before they get all these like for example the yellow dollar. They're all new, and all the kids comes in and up and you start giving them all the kids comes and candy and dates. It's day off. Celebration. So yes, the way pleases Allah. I can't

00:32:24 --> 00:33:08

eat the candy and then throw it in the park after I leave is a mess. And I'm a Muslim. What message I send it to the people non Muslim who lives close to the park I'm talking about tomorrow. On the contrary, I am let's put it this way not Allah Krishna in Ghana, we're going to short a lot the best of what we have. I am going to dress beautiful but the way pleases Allah. I'm going to look beautiful but the way he pleases Allah, I am going to interact with everybody because the Sunnah is you greet people and actually greet them and give Tanzania Tanzania celebrating gives any you basically celebrate with people is also a sunnah. But I'm not gonna be doing it the way displeased

00:33:08 --> 00:33:18

to Allah. And sometimes people I lost, I wasn't here and people started sending me pictures and I was like, yes, you just came from Allah. Yesterday was another

00:33:19 --> 00:33:20

Can I do this?

00:33:21 --> 00:33:34

Especially us woman. Dress code, ladies dress code before you leave. Think Allah has looking at you don't think what people will say about you, who cares? But Allah is looking at you.

00:33:35 --> 00:33:44

So, you go you go early tech, the right dressed properly interact with each other, even you say surround to the non Muharram but you say it in a way pleases Allah.

00:33:45 --> 00:34:14

No laughing and talking and the hotbar and this is one of the problems for lead because the hotel aid is after the Salah. And most people think that the aid is only Salah please forgive me, you don't know that. It's exactly like Juma. But it's the other way around. So usually in aid we pray first and then we do the hot word hot was part of the Salah. You're going there to celebrate Allah and everything in the hot world is celebrating Allah what do we normally do? We start talking

00:34:15 --> 00:34:29

barely, you can hear anything. Let's let's do it differently tomorrow. Let's let's show Allah that we are so grateful to your OB and we're going to celebrate the way that pleases you. And your aid. So yes,

00:34:31 --> 00:34:39

we happy absolutely celebrate, but be happy the way that pleases Allah subhanho wa Taala I'm gonna read a couple of other things.

00:34:41 --> 00:34:46

Don't you be happy? Because you disobeyed Allah.

00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

Don't be happy. Yes, tomorrow. Again, I'm going to focus on tomorrow and you can apply it on any any other day. If somebody looks at you and says, Wow, you look so beautiful. But you're not addressed the way that pleases Allah.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:00


00:35:02 --> 00:35:06

you pleased people and definitely pleased yourself, but he's not pleased.

00:35:07 --> 00:35:54

So go again and the way you need to go, everybody don't say I'm not going, you need to go. It's sooner. You have to go sooner marker, actually, in one of the Hadith, which we always use it when we teach the course of Kaufman's menstruation is that he said, Amara, and hailed the woman during her menses to go out and they stay in the back, but not stay in the back talking. Stay in the back, listening, feel it, feel it. And usually you you dress the best. And then again, you greet everybody the best thing and this is going to be the last thing I'm going to talk about and we still have time to work on this. The most beautiful thing that you have to have tomorrow is

00:35:56 --> 00:35:57

anyone can guess

00:35:59 --> 00:36:00

your heart

00:36:02 --> 00:36:11

beautify your heart before you go for Salah remove anything and everything that makes the heart ugly.

00:36:12 --> 00:36:21

Lee what makes the heart ugly? Anger ill feeling towards people jealousy. You don't know what they did to me. I don't care.

00:36:22 --> 00:36:37

I'm going to Allah, its aid I'm going to be the most beautiful person in and out in and out as you're looking at yourself in the mirror and you look beautiful hamdulillah and everybody look beautiful. Put the selfie on the heart

00:36:39 --> 00:36:43

and is the heartbeat so far or a little bit so important tomorrow

00:36:44 --> 00:37:00

and you reach out to friends to family do not have anybody tomorrow that it's a day and you still don't have a relationship with them specially your blood relation I don't care if they don't answer you. Your text them.

00:37:01 --> 00:37:24

They don't answer you they will have to answer to Allah spawn Tada. We're not responsible on each other action right? That as it was Euro tune was an Aha. No but self will carry the burden of the other. I am responsible about me. If you send me if you send me a text message Allah who will ask me Why didn't you answer and he will reward you. So everyone tomorrow

00:37:27 --> 00:37:32

I think this is connected with a mic outside. Can someone like that a quickie?

00:37:34 --> 00:38:09

It is there is there another program outside there. So everyone and I'm going to read this because I actually it's highlighted woman edge my Makossa Hill, Moto, German, po medium and most of the most beautiful thing the person wants to look beautiful on the day of aid is to suffer or call purity of the heart. When a call and it's complete purity. Now we'll have to forgive and pardon. Stay away from hatred and Quarrel and hoping that Allah will forgive you.

00:38:10 --> 00:38:40

Not people will forgive you. They don't want to forgive me they don't want to forgive me, but that Allah will forgive you. And you go back and you go back in sunnah on the day tomorrow is actually have breakfast after the idea of Ramadan, you have breakfast before, but tomorrow your breakfast after alone with friends with family, but you do it. And again most of the DUA as you will say as you ask Allah subhanaw taala that you will not be the last aid.

00:38:42 --> 00:38:56

That will never be the last aid and don't take it for granted. You know, there's a very sad news in one of the community member they lost their daughter and the mother and the niece and the wife is in the ICU.

00:38:57 --> 00:38:57


00:38:58 --> 00:39:01

it's Panama. So don't take things for granted.

00:39:03 --> 00:39:45

Don't take things for granted. The idea is ask ALLAH from your DUA today and tomorrow that you will give you a lot more often if you're among us and Emily, Allah give me more life and make me do good deed inshallah going to stop here because I promised your state will stop early because I want everyone to go upstairs. Don't talk. Don't look at your phone. Rather, this is the last hour of day of our offer for us. That's your DUA if you again if you were in Makkah and you hear in our office, that's what they will do. No one say word. Everybody alone and asking Allah does that Kamala who hires Anna Colombo the handy eyeshadow Alia Haglund esta Federico to Bulik so Allah Allah say now

00:39:45 --> 00:39:51

Muhammad, Ali Hassan with esteem and Kathira either ko Mubarak inshallah we'll see you tomorrow the Millea sha Allah

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