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The speaker discusses the loss of life and the importance of living in a way that is not loss. The speaker explains that in Arabic, loss is a result of a lack of understanding of laws and how it impacts one's behavior. The speaker also discusses the importance of avoiding hardships and staying sober in various areas of one's life.

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What is the most difficult type of loss in life? Is it losing one of our loved ones? Is it losing our wealth? The biggest loss is living life and loss itself. You're going through life going in the wrong direction. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala taught us and one of the smallest schools in the Quran to pay attention to this and sort of the law. So when he told us in Al Insana, Levy, who Stryn that every individual is in Hosur there is in laws. And what does this mean? So when we look at the Arabic and the Arabic grammar in is to put emphasis, also the lamb is also an emphasis. And then hosts is Nick Kira, and there's no meaning there's no exception to the rule. Every single human

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being has in laws. But then in the third verse, Allah said in them, now there's an exception to the rule. The ones who have these characteristics, these four characteristics mentioned in the verse, those who have Eman

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and they do good deeds, what also will help what to also be somebody that they call to the Huck, and they call to and then call to southern. What does this mean? Those who in the Latina ama know, except for those who believe? Well, I'm going to solve that those who Ermanno who have believed, and if you have to imagine right away, it costs to the next one, it costs to the I'm going to slot it, it costs to the good deed, you have to have it. And once you have these two, you have the Eman and you have the good deed what happens automatically it causes you to give Dawa to call others to it. Because it's not something you want to you want to keep for yourself. It's something you want to

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share with others. And if you're going to act upon your iman and you're gonna call others to it, then you have to be ready that you're going to face some hardships. You have to have sober and sober here we're talking about in all three of its main forms, the sober when it comes to doing that what you're commanded, and the sober and stay away from that what you've been told to stay away from, and the sober on the other, the harms and difficulties you're going to face along the path. Even though pain Rahim Allah He mentioned that even though it's one of the shortest sutras in the Quran, it's one of the most comprehensive when it comes to having all of the forms of good and Imam Shafi Rahim

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Allah He said that if Allah only sent down this chapter to his creation as a form of guidance for them, it would be sufficient for them