Mohamad Baajour – Excessive ‘LOL kills the heart

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The group discusses various topics related to Islam, including shadowing, shadowing, and laughter. They emphasize the importance of laughter in the context of groups and events, and stress the need to be mindful of rules and avoid making up stories to make people laugh. They also discuss the benefits of smile, including being recommended in Islam, helping charity, and a disturbing incident between two women. The segment includes a brief advertisement for a vaccine and a news update about a hot bubble in China.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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a long long

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long long

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long walk

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it's how do I learn

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a schedule

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shadow him

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I just had to end

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Hi ya know slowly

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hey ya know slowly

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Hi Yan Furla

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a long walk on all workable

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in Alhamdulillah Hina meadow and a stain who stuck through when I was with him in theory and fusina women say yeah Dr Molina mejor de la Fila mandala when the yield Lin fella heard you were shadowing in Illallah hola hola Shari Keller were shadow and Mohammed and added who are solo and my bad your wholesome Han which if you could tell you he'll kill him? Yeah, he

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to call it or Ella jamun

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woman lady

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either work on a farm in Georgia. Wherever Semin humare John, Kathy oh and he's

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he does

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una de when

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in Allah con early eco Moroccan Eva. Yeah you Hello Nadine

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said either your sleep

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become one as

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as if it was and all the

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bad thing that's local Hadith Kitab Allah. Wa Helen had you had you Mohammed in some Allahu alayhi wa sallam was shot on memorial to her. We're calling them the 13th bidder. Or could be that in the Akula Donna that Infinera from my respected beloved brothers and sisters. Ask Allah azza wa jal to bless us with loss in all that we say and all that we do. Mean Herbalife I mean

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today is the final football

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After for what was about the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he said men yet could mean Nick himself he saw Fiat and will be when will you aluminum and yam will begin for cada Herrera will Hadith Anya rasool Allah taka the big fat Dona comes it takelma heard him talking about the nurse. What are the Bema Casa Mala hulak Techwin Aruna nurse was an energetic talkin Mina. Why blindness metal, enough sick that can Muslimah Well, I took the bike the in Kathrada bike to neato calm. So Allah says he said and said, Who will take five traits five advices from me, will that he will learn them, apply them or he will teach them to others that will apply them. I've already said

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Mirasol Allah. And then he said he took his hand and he counted five. Stay away from what Allah has prohibited, you will be the best worshipper. Be content with what Allah subhanaw taala blessed you with you will be the richest person be good to your neighbor, you will be a true believer love to others what you love to yourself, you'd be a true Muslim. And today is the last one Do not laugh excessively, because excessive laughter kills the heart.

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Islam is the dean of fitrah.

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Islam is the dean of fitrah. And by nature, we love to laugh.

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This is a characteristic that's different than animals and insects we have this special

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feeling that we would like to express is laughter. So there's nothing wrong with laughter. Here in the Hadith, it's not laughter That is prohibited. It is excessive

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constant laughter all the time. That is what's prohibited. As a matter of fact, Islam has prohibited extremism and everything, even in a bad even in acts of worship, when the three men came through Salah Salem, and one of them said, I want to fast and not to break my thigh said no. And I want to get up pray to them, and I don't want to sleep. And the third said, I want to stay away from women. I don't wanna get married so I can concentrate on my bed. And as soon as I saw them said, I fast and I break my fast. I pray to them and I sleep and I marry a woman. And whosoever is

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does not do my sadhana is not from me. Right. So excessiveness even in a bed that is not prohibited is prohibited. Can you imagine other things like laughter

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and Amara the Allahu Allah Subhanallah he said something beautiful, he said men Kathrada Hiko Colette Hi Beto which is so true. He said whosoever laugh alot constantly laugh, he would lose his honor. He would lose his dignity. Right? If somebody you know those people that you meet sometimes in tandem yaki

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can you be serious, just stressful once? This is exactly what we're talking about. Constant laughter everything is a joke. Nobody will take you seriously anymore. Nobody will respect you anymore. Oh, this guy is now I'm gonna tell him about my problem. He's gonna start laughing. This is exactly what we are talking about. Now. Subhanallah, our deen everything is organized. And structured, even laughter. You want to laugh hamdulillah

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there are four conditions number one.

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And number one, and probably it's the most important one, that what you about to laugh about? Or you want others to laugh about? It has to be true.

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You had an incident that was funny. Something happened to you that was you know, a little bit humorous, and you told people about it so they could laugh. There's nothing wrong with it. As long as that actually happened if it's true, or the concept is true. Okay. Now the problem is when you make up stories to make others laugh Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where you learn? He said, Why are you lonely lady, you had this failure if you can, lay your nakedness, where you don't allow why you will allow Woe to the person who lies just to make others laugh. Woe to him, woe to him three times. So making up stories just to make people laugh that is prohibited And subhanAllah

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you know,

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this is so common these days. You just want to fit in. So you start making up stories in order to make the people like you and you belong to this group or to this Subhanallah This is prohibited you have one the second condition

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the joking or the laughter there is no harm

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to others. You're not harming others.

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In order to make people laugh,

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you are not putting someone down, degrading somebody to make others laugh, you know, and this is also unfortunately very common and now we see it a lot. Be careful, my young mashallah I see I'm so happy to see a lot of youngsters on Instagram and all that we start posting things that making fun of people in order to make others laugh. This is not one of the conditions of permitted laughter. Third, it should not scare people. You know, have somebody scare somebody. And this is again, very common on instant on social media, right? pranks, you prank somebody in order to make people laugh, and that prank could sometimes cause the person his life. Right? That's what allah sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam he said, and that is inside Muslim law, your elderly Muslim and you're aware Muslim and is not permitted for a Muslim to scare to start with another, another Muslim. It's not permitted, just especially to do it, just to make others to make others laugh. And the last condition is not to joke not to joke around when the topic is serious, somebody or a group. In a meeting you're discussing something very serious. And sometimes we are discussing a religious matter to soften the hearts of the people and all of a sudden you turned it into a joke just to make others laugh.

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That is not one of the permitted cases of laughter May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen and apply Akula Cody had structured Allah the stuff in the hula photo right

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Smilla Hua salatu salam ala Mala and

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on the other hand, they are one because I don't want people to think and this is a very common they think that the people of Deen are people who are always frowning angry and no no no no.

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Smiling is not only recommended in Islam, but it is rewarding. Smiling. Let's see everybody smile inshallah. Smiling is okay when doing the

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Smiling is not only recommended is charity, you're giving a charity to your brother when you smile in his face.

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Subhan Allah rasool Allah SallAllahu sallam, Abdullah Ahmed had it for the Allah Han he said Mara a to add Axel to the Suman min Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam married to a hidden X Naruto batsman? Si Salam I've never seen anyone that smiles more than Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Subhan Allah may Allah subhana wa Taala grant us the ability to meet him and be with him and grant us his Shiva. I mean, you're blind I mean, Rasul Allah says Allah Mia when he used to joke around, but like I said before, whatever he joked around about it was all true. An old woman came to him one time and he said, Yeah, Rasul Allah, ask Allah to make me from the people of Jana.

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Sort of sort of allah sallallahu Sallam he said, but old women do not go to Jannah

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the woman was scared.

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She was upset. But

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of course, Allah subhanaw taala said, we're going to make them own in that and shut now Hana and chat in chat for Jana, Cara Odoban Utsava everyone who's going to antigen is going to enter young, right? And we all know the Hadith of the age of 33 SubhanAllah. And another man came through the solar system, a big man. He said, Yeah, Rasulullah would like to give me a ride. I need a ride.

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So he said to his Sahaba give him a baby camel.

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Give him a baby camel. So the man said, Allah, what am I going to do with the baby camel? So as soon as I said and said, Isn't it every camel,

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baby of another camel. So look at this Wuhan Allah, a man who was

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establishing the deen he has time to joke around and we all know just because of the time so many incidents that he joked around with his with his wives and Subhanallah we hear some terror stories about the relationship between the spouses. You know, the guy walks into the house now the husband, he's like, you know, no one talks to me and frowning all the time. Yeah, habibi. You love wrestlers. I sell them he used to joke around a lot with his with his wives SubhanAllah. But again, we stay away from excessive laughter. So my brothers and sisters laughing by itself

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is permitted, but excessive laughter is prohibited and also sudden said it kills the heart. What does that mean? It means

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the more I laugh, the more heedless I am from

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the reason of, of my existence. Constant

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Laughter I start you know, being

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away from my duties to Allah subhanho wa Taala and heedlessness kills the heart Allah doctorial. So

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excessive laughter leads to heedlessness heedlessness leads to the heart to be to be that and finally my beloved brothers and sisters Subhan Allah, rasool Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Lo Tyler moon,

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lava heaped on kalila wherever K tomb Kathira Allahu Akbar. If you know what I know, you would laugh a little and cry a lot.

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He would laugh and listen and cry a lot. I beg Allah with the best of His Names, to make our last deeds, our best deeds. I beg Allah with the best of His Names, to make us all from the people who laugh when they see the result on the Day of Judgment. May Allah grant us all our books in our right hands. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect our children, our spouses, our parents, may Allah subhanaw taala keep our offsprings over our offsprings steadfast on this Deen May Allah subhanho wa Taala make our children live en la ilaha illallah and di en la ilaha illa Allah, Allah Allah Fernando then we're gonna wear Serafina Fe M Marina with a bit akademin on sunnah al Kamil

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Catherine, Allah ma fitna Lima Taheebo with Alba alumna is an Islam I will Muslimeen well I did a shortcut when Mushrikeen Allah my arm but I mean that you know for dunya Hassan, Hassan walk in there but now Robina letters are Konoba in her data. Well habla Mila don't Kurama in

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in Allahu wa Mala is unknown Island maybe? Yeah Salalah he was suddenly with a slim Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad cannot somebody Tada Rahim while early Ibrahim in Naka Hamidah Majeed along with Erica Muhammad. While early Muhammad cannot direct ad Ebrahim while early Ibrahim in Hamidah Majeed Welcome

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along work button long work button long work button long workbook shadow Allah your launch law shadow and Mohammed rasool Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah. Hi Jana Salah Hi Jana Salah Hey ya'll further Han Jana fella by the karma dishonor but your comment is Salah Allahu Akbar long walkabout

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stone tell you

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Allah Hi Corrado

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Listen dude in here I've been learning

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neural Rafi,

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Maliki omy. Dean. He can avoid any kind of study standing.

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If you do not sit Alton was stepping sit on levena and him are here in Mount Doumbia lay him on only in earning

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yeah you Halina M and Ola tune he come

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to Kuma Kiran in

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wanting to find liquor for

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it can cause your

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company to

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firepower without

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a halt any Illa jelly. Cory Thal sadef

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meno Swan eating while he left here Allah Hoon f sin either

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one more who have you

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Send me Allahu Neeman Hamidah

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Hola Hola como

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hola hola como

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um Aloha.

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Elson Julene here have been lemme in our rough manual rocking Maliki a woman D in E can Abu do a kind of staying in a sweat on what's stopping him sweetheart on Eddie and Lee him while you're in Dubai lay him on the screen

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while answering in Santa Fe hosts in living in

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Saudi soybean

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so this from

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semi Allahu naman Hamidah

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Allah like

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hola hola como

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hola hola como

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Send me an e Kumada

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a cena e kumara

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so I want to go over a

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few brothers in the community that are very sick. And we have our brother maboob Who is the architect of this machine. He is on ventilator and the ICU and his wife also in the hospital because of COVID so please keep them and all our Muslim brothers and sisters in your diet. We ask Allah azza wa jal to give them a speedy recovery. Allah Mara the nurse and he will best wash the anti Shafi lash she fell in love she thought she Shiva and your audio Sakana allah how much prima donna will more than Muslimeen mo Tana on oath and Muslimeen in sha Allah Tala on Tuesday, there will be

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q&a with Chef Yasser about the religious aspect of the vaccine and also Dr. swayman will be talking about the medical aspect. So we can inform all our community members about both aspects from a religious perspective and from medical perspective inshallah. So that will be on Tuesday. And Charlotte Allah you will see being advertised on our Facebook and everywhere in China.

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sha Allah Tala, very good news, are you ready? sha Allah

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one 120 105 Salawat will resume in the

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in the gym here. And also the hot rods will resume after a shot in Charlotte starting at the beginning of the year and there are a lot of value

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