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Yasir Qadhi
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Bismillah al Rahman al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali, he was like a big pain in my butt. So inshallah today and next Wednesday, we'll do something in sha Allah different and interesting and we're going to go over the immediate family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, from his tribe, the venerable Hashem and in particular, the bundler, Abdulmutallab, and amongst them who became a Sahabi, who converted from the immediate uncles and aunts, and cousins, and children of cousins, from the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. Now, this is something that, as a disclaimer, it's not exhaustive, it's not thorough, because the fact of the

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matter is that we actually do not have a full genealogical chart, and there's still details that are vague, and we will be surprised to hear even some of the immediate uncles and aunts of the processes and I'm not exactly sure what happened to them, did they convert? Did they not convert? And this is, goes back to, again, the fact that not each and every detail was preserved from this early period of time, and I've said this even in the seat off so many times that look at your own history. Look at how much of your own stories of your uncles and aunts and cousins, do you actually know how much of the details of their stories? Do you know of their upbringing of what exactly happened and then go

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back how much of your grandfathers and grandmothers and their siblings do you know? So, no doubt this type of information, not all of it trickled down, especially because there were no historians taking notes until many, many decades later. And to go back to this early phase of Islam, and to talk about the children of Abdulmutallab and their children. Obviously, we do not have the full details nonetheless, what we can glean insha Allah and what I have been able to glean in the amount of research I have time to do, inshallah today and next Wednesday, that is what we will be covering. So the talk the talk, then is therefore about the converts, especially from the uncles and aunts and

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the first cousins of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we need to begin with Abdul muttalib, the grandfather of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. The fact of the matter is we don't even know exactly how many children we have. But by and large, most historians say that he had 17 children 17 children, a very large family I've done with 11 boys and six girls 11 boys and six girls so the Profit System has 10 uncles and six aunts and uncles and six aunts because one of them is his father, 11 boys and six girls and these 17 children were from six different wives I've had Six Wives throughout the course of his life. And so he has 17 children from them. His first wife was Sophia

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Binti, gender and from Sophia he had two sons and Hadith and put them put them now pause here, we do not know that 30 of the children we do not know the specific orders of the children. We only know the oldest of them. And that is a hadith and we know that our de la our prophets as soon as father was one of the younger but he definitely was not the youngest. Because after Abdullah who was born

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Hamza and

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Abu lahab we're not even sure most likely he was older but we're not 100% Sure.

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Who else of the uncle's of the process was similar age to him. I bus so I bus and Hamza radi Allahu Ananda. Both of them are in fact, just a little bit older than the Prophet system, which means there is at least 15 or 715 years gap between Abdullah and between his younger brothers Hamza and Ibis, okay. So Abdullah was not the last born of Abdulmutallab, unfortunately, sometimes we say this or we hear it or some sort of school children are taught this that he was the youngest son. No, he was not the youngest son for sure. Abdullah was not the youngest son for sure. Because younger than Abdullah was for sure. Hamza and Ibis are the lightest and most likely others as well. So Jaffa is the son of

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a without him. So

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Abdullah Abdullah was one of the younger but definitely not the youngest, so from Sofia, he had had it and I'm just going to go over this quickly. You're not going to be able to type this even though ticker you're gonna have to give up typing. So don't worry, just listen to me and then we can move on. I'm going to go over each one of these names one by one from now.

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tira vintage ynab strange names natella vintage ynab he had two sons lira and a bus rod and a bus from Fatima Binti ama from the tribe of bernama zoom. Fatima was his, the wife that had the most children and she he was married to her the longest. So he had from Fatima zubaid Abu Talib and Abdullah the three brothers zubayr Abu Talib and Abdullah remember albala is the full brother of Abdullah and zubayr as well as their oldest Zubair Abu Talib and Abdullah there are three full brothers and then four sisters from the same mother. Attica, Attica. Barbara, oma Ottawa sorry, five and Omar Hakim, five women from Fatima artica. Bara oma Ottawa and Omar Hakim from another wife

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holla he had from another wife holla

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Yes, she was ma Samia, Fatima boo moxham. She was from the boombox room. Sure, and that is exactly, exactly, yes. And so there is tribal linkage to the boom of zoom from Fatima. And, of course, Fatima is the grandmother of the Prophet listitem as well. And therefore, the prophet system is a hora she purikura she because his grandmother is also and his mother is also Karachi. So the process is a pure water she from his mother and his grandmother and his great grandmother. So another lady had been to willhave he had a limo one Elmo Hara Hamza, and the last girl Sophia, Elmo, Elmo Hara Hamza and Sophia Hamza and Sophia we all know we're full brothers and sisters. Okay, this is from had from

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one woman by the name of Lumina, Binti hotjar he had one son and that is Abu lahab. Abu lahab is a single son from this union. Abu lahab is a half brother to all of the other brothers. And from one lady moment Naira Binti amor he had one boy Musab moment now he had one boy Musab Diab. So that is a total of 17 there is some if data was there more was there less Some people say there was a few that are also here, but overall 17 are mentioned in most of the early books. Mm hmm No, we said that out of all of the uncles all of them died before the beginning of Islam. So the processor have reached the age of 40 and of the 11 all of them died except for four. Okay, so we have now only four that

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survived when the Prophet system is the age of 40. And this shows us that Abdullah was relatively younger than because the fact that now the process is 40 and all of his uncle's are dead except for four. It shows us that okay, Abdullah is not the youngest, but he's have the younger children. So his elder siblings, all of them have passed away. Who are the four uncles that lived until Islam you know, all of them every one of you knows all of them. number one.

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Number two, Ibis. Number three, Hamza.

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Abu lahab, Abu lahab. So of these four, two non Muslim to Muslim clear of the forum because of the process of two non Muslim and to Muslim, I will talk

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to Muslims.

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thank you, okay, thank you to, to, to Muslims to Muslims.

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I will die there. And Abu lahab died both non Muslim by you asked for the answer. We said that he had six months we had * on so this is where we do not know for sure. This word that it gets very cloudy as for the uncles were pretty short. And that's also because in Arab culture and Islamic culture, women did not play an outer role. It was an inner role. Right there in the household. We don't know that much details about them so understandably, are a little bit more vague. We know for sure that three of them lived to see Islam, in all likelihood, three of them didn't even see Islam, because we don't hear anything about them in the entire zero. We don't hear anything. So in all

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likelihood, three of them died before the coming of Islam. Three of them are mentioned in the Sierra. And two of them we know converted, for sure. And one of them is a question mark. Okay, so three of them lived to Islam. Two of them converted and one we don't know. Maybe she did. Maybe she didn't. Even though I would. In my own research, I would come to the conclusion that she did not convert and Allah knows best. So who are these three that lived until Islam? The most famous aunt of the process name is Sophie. Yeah. Okay, Sophia. She is the most famous aunt, another author, that is not that well known. We'll talk about her inshallah today if we have time. And so this is today and

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next ones.

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Do we hold the whole bundle up? Then we'll put it for two lessons, another aunt who did convert and we'll mention her very briefly, and we only have one line about her anyway, we don't know anything about her other than one line, and that is outerwear. Binti Abdulmutallab are what converted as well. Okay very at the very end of islam at the very end of the conquest of Makkah, so she's of the Muslims who converted at the conquest of Mecca. The third aunt whom we are not so sure about, did she convert did she not convert is Attica, Binti Abdullah Matata, we know she was alive because of the story of butter.

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Because Attica was the one who saw the dream of a boulder coming down the mountain and getting bigger and bigger. And when it hit Mecca, the boulder split up and it hit every single house in Mecca. And this was before the Battle of budget, and she became terrified that she thought she saw a nightmare or another nightmare, a dream that is terrifying. And the dream was explained that a calamity will come that will affect every household of Makkah. And that was the dream a calamity will come that will affect every household of Makkah. Okay, so these are the uncles and aunts and now we're going to discuss them one by one with their children one by one with the children that we

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know. So let us begin with the eldest now obviously there are so many children we do not know especially those that did not convert or those that died pre Islam and then maybe they had children from the on this so again, we a lot of this is a love knows best but we just what we know is what we're gonna say what I could find in what is mentioned in the books of the Saba and the famous lexicons or the famous not lexicons. The famous biographical dictionaries of the Sahaba. You have a bin Mundus book and a bin hedgers book and even at a theater they have these biographies of the Sahaba So, whatever can be extracted inshallah, that is what I'm going to

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present with the caveat and disclaimer disclaimer like I said, that I have not done an exhaustive research because that will take many many weeks and months but what I could do inshallah, in in the time that I have, so we begin with the eldest and how it is and how it was the eldest and Abdullah method was called about how this Abdulmutallab Scania was born. And how it is we have absolutely no information about when did he die, he died very early on, and all likelihood he might even have died before even the coming of the before even the birth of the prophecies and for all we know, because it had it is the eldest and the Prophet system when the processor was born up the mythology is

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already probably 80 years old. Okay, late 70s, early 80s, Talib died mid 80s, some say even 90. So I've literally today but lived a very long life. And so the Profit System is born. And I've literally been it was already such a senior man. And realize at this time, child death infancy wars plagues, it's the it's very common for young men and women to die and for infants to die. So and had it alone knows when he died and had his children. We have two of them that we know. So obviously, these are the first cousins of the process them. Both of them are first cousins, two of them we know that converted to Islam, the first of them no foul ebenen had no fun internet had it. So the first

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cousin that we discuss, and most of these people, we just have one sentence two sentences about no phenomenon had it, no phenomenon had it what we know about him is that he converted at the conquest of Makkah. He does not play any prominent role in any of the battles against the Muslims, did he participate, did he not participate? Whatever it was a very quiet life. He doesn't have major participation before or against, but he converts at the end at the conquest of Makkah. And he participates in the Battle of romaine. And he asks the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to be appointed to a position of leadership to be in charge of the South Africa and the Prophet

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sallallahu. I said them said that there is no share. In other words law however, it is not allowed for any of the LLB to be given sada as we know that the family of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the children of Abdulmutallab are of the family and no friend is his first cousin. So he said there is no share of the sada for you rather in the homeless or homeless, it is enough for you. So the homeless and homeless what is the homeless and homeless, the Profit System was given homeless. Homeless is the 50 was given a homeless from that homeless one homeless would go to the lol bait when homeless would go to the LL bait and this is not soda. This is essentially another category in

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the Koran. Modern folk aha later fuqaha disagreed. What should be done with the homeless or homeless when there is no one the process of is not here. And many of them are that Habitat for Humanity. For example, says the halifa shall find where are the lol bait

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Give them the homeless or homeless. So the island bait have a share of the honeymoon of the Islamic line. This is standard classical, that theoretically is still there realistically, of course, it is not applied in this day. So NOFA Lebanon had is the first cousin. Interestingly enough, I discovered his grandson, in the time of the Obama years became a governor of Basra one of the first governors of bussola. So

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a cousin, his grandson became the governor of busser, in the time of the Obama years, the next cousin, another child of a hadith. We mentioned him in this era, Abu sufian even had it, this is not the Abu sufian, the famous one from the bundle omega. This is the other Abu sufian. There are two apostrophes in the Sierra. There's the big famous one that I also found is not from the bundle Hashem, that Abu sufian is from the bundle Amaya. He is the father of Mongolia. And he is therefore the founder of the Omega dynasty through His Son muawiya. That Abu sufian is another one. This Abu sufian ebenen Hadith we mentioned him and the conquest of Makkah, he has a whole story about him in

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the conquest of Makkah. We learn in the books of Sierra that Abu sufian and the prophet SAW seven were similar age, and they grew up very close together. And they were not only close friends, I will soufiane and him were also foster brothers, because Halima Saudia also took care of Abu sufian. So Halima was also the foster mother of all Sophia, and she was the foster mother of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so they were very, very close together. However, when Islam came, Abu sufian became a bitter enemy, and he turned against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he composed, very harsh poetry against the Prophet sallallaahu. It was sentiment this paint our Prophet

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system because they were close together. Then we learn and I mentioned the story in detail, go back to it in the incident of the conquest of Mecca, we learned that the day before the conquest of Makkah, few groups of people came to accept Islam, they are still considered to be the Muslims of the conquest, they don't get any special privileges. Other than that they embraced Islam one night before the actual conquest, they're still considered to be people who embraced Islam at the conquest. And Abu sufian took his son Jaffa Jaffa and the process of our first cause, or sorry, first cousins once removed, so Jaffa is the son of the cousin. So I will soufiane took his son

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Jaffa. And in the middle of the or in the late night, when it was dark, they covered their heads, their faces, and they risked walking straight into the Muslim camp. Because Abu sufian felt that because of what he had done, he would be executed he would be killed, and he wanted to seek forgiveness. And he made his way directly to the Prophet so saddam and he said the Shahada in front of his face, and the prophet SAW said him said, Who is it reveal yourself? So because he was covered, so then Abu sufian took off his mask, and the prophet SAW Selim expressed his hurt and pain about what also van had done. And I will soufiane said that, let there be no blame today.

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Forgiveness is what we want today. So in other words, he asked and pleaded for forgiveness for himself and for his son, and the Prophet system forgave him. As we know, almost inevitably in the entire Sierra, whenever somebody asked for forgiveness, the prophet system forgave. So I also found was forgiven. And it just said he had some progeny afterwards. So Allah knows best still somewhere in the world, there are the progeny of Abu sufian, who is the son of Allah had the son of Abdullah milk, buddy, okay, this is the first uncle. second, third, fourth, fifth, we'll quickly do just by names because either they didn't have children or we haven't had any mention of their children. The

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Second Uncle is put them died as a child, who Tom died as an infant, the uncle of the process of them. The third is lived or died as a child, no children, or he died before Islam. The fourth is Musab Musab died without getting married, maybe as a young man in a period so most of them died and there are no children. And they all died before the coming of Islam or Malila as well. No children. So we have essentially four that are going to follow without any children. And so they did not get married or if they got married, they did not have children, and all of them died before the coming of Islam autumn. There are Musab al Moliro the sixth uncle we will discuss is one of the uncles that

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is mentioned in pre Islam, but he does not make it to Islam. So he has some small stories, pre Islam, and this is a zubaid even up then we'll call it

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a zubaid inhabitable buddy, a zubayr Eben Abdulmutallab was

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One of the main poets of the parish and of course he was the full uncle of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. So I will call him Abdullah and as obeyed were all three full brothers. So as obeyed is the actual full uncle and he is the eldest of the three, and most likely it was a zubayr. Then Abu Talia then Abdullah but some say it was obey then Abdullah Abu Talib, we are not 100% sure, but Abdullah Abu Talib would have been at a closer age and Zubaydah is the oldest of them. So as obeyed is the eldest from that mother, the Fatima of the new Muslim. So from that mothers obeyed is the eldest and he is mentioned in Sierra technetium as being one of the main people who fights the

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Fajr wars. Remember the the wars that takes place pre Islam, Zubaydah is at the forefront and the Prophet system said I remember fighting with my uncle zubayr. So he mentioned Zubaydah. I remember being with him. Now the process of did he fight in the digital wars reminded me

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No, what did he do?

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He picked up the arrows so he would pick up the arrows and give them to debate and the other uncles okay. So zubaid is mentioned also zubaid is mentioned in the NFL football as one of the main people who convenes the gathering of helpful football. So Zubaydah is of that generation. And he is pre eminent, pre active, very active in that generation, but he dies before the Prophet cism declares his prophethood so we don't have anything obviously because he is he has passed away now as obey it has two children that became Muslim that we know about two children that became Muslim that we know about. The first of them is Abdullah Ibn azubi, but not the famous Abdullah Ibn adsorbate. Okay, the

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famous Abdullah bin is obeyed What's his full name of the Levin is obeyed if no one that's the famous one will mention Zubaydah one later on today, because debatable is also a cousin. Right? So don't get confused with the names. How is debatable. I want the famous one a cousin from

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from the mother. Excellent and the mother is

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Sophia, Sophia, right? Sophia is the mother of Zubaydah. Banana one okay. So that's the other is obeyed. Now we are talking about I know you're confused this way you need to take notes. Now we're talking about Abdullah even as Zubair Not to be confused with the famous other Abdullah Abdullah zubayr. Okay, Zubaydah a woman's mother is Sophie Abdullah Amna Zubaydah has asthma. Okay, I can see already your your your your mind is is not paying attention. You're jumping the important word. Abdullah Zubair al Marsh who are the famous one his mother is

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no Abdullah.

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A smart zubaid ebenen awam his mother is Sofia, fine. cruciate the mom helaas hamdulillah. Okay, so we're jumping the gun. That's not the one we're talking about. You got all confused. I had to go into that tangent. The one we're talking about is innovative NAB dermal polyp clear Zubaydah on the thought of the full uncle of the processor. Zubaydah is even an alternative has children, we don't know how many, two of them converted. Both of them have very nominal roles. So these are first cousins of the prophets. So first cousins from his uncle, right from his paternal uncle from his from his paternal uncle zubayr his children. Zhu Bey has two children that convert to Islam. Number

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one, Abdullah Abdullah zubayr Abdullah Ibanez obey the first cousin of the process, and I'm converted as well at the conquest of Makkah. So he has no role to play in the entire serum. He converts at the very end, when maca all of it converts and Abdullah Abdullah zubaid his first cousin, he participates in the Battle of her name, and he is of those who stay with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and don't flee away. So this is his one, if you like major, Misa or his one major plus that in the Battle of her name when so many people fled, Abdullah Abu Zubaydah, first cousin, a new Muslim, he stood with the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them and eventually

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within three years he dies a Shaheed in the Battle of a genetic Dane, which was against the Romans right before the Battle of Odyssey I did not then opens the warfare called the seer and the Abdullah bin is obey died, one of the bravest men of the Battle of Asian that day and he was one of the most famous Shaheed of the Battle of Arjuna Dane, and when he died, they discovered his body surrounded by text

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In Romans he had killed 10 Roman soldiers and then his body was in the middle of that. So this is the first cousin of the prophesy centum Abdullah in azubi. Okay, he has a younger sister Booba denta zubayr and all we know is that she converted to Islam in the Macan phase. So she is a convert in the pre conquest. And she migrates to Medina, and we learn in the Sierra that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would occasionally visit her and her husband in Medina, so first cousin, so he would visit her in Medina. And when the conquest of hiber takes place, he gifted her a good amount from the conquest of fiber as a first cousin, he gifted her a good amount because she was a first cousin. So

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her name is Baba Binta Zubair, and she is a cousin of the Prophet sallallahu Allah who was set up by you, this is Uncle number six, Uncle number seven we move on and again, not chronological order because we don't know I'm just doing this as, as I did my research uncle number seven. His name is abdominal, but he was called Abu Talib obatala his abdomen. Okay, I will call it Mrs. cornea. I thought it was his son. His name is abdomen if that's what you call them his abdomen off. Now, I thought if I gave his detailed biography, and his children's biography, when we didn't even have you thought it there's just a few months ago when we did a live interview, and I mentioned that he had

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who can remind me how many sons and how many daughters did he have? The oldest son of abdomen F is

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Mashallah excellent, good. Barley. Very good. You're a smart man. Pablo polyp son is solid Mashallah Okay, so the amazing yes Mashallah. I will call him son is started BB is the eldest by label has how many brothers guys? We did this in a lot of detail in these lecture or the lower

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Okay, Jaffer comes after there's one

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00:27:05 --> 00:27:07

to Hello Hello himer You should go on

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under under bother is after you are paid under appeal is Jaffa under or not under job after? After? Not under? After Jaffa is? Holly. Okay, somewhere in there is only honey, not honey. Oh man. So I both thought it has five children. five children, four of them convert

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and barley does not

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taalib. The eldest does not convert. Okay. Thought of the eldest does not convert and Barb

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continued the carrying the flag of Cofer and he fought against the Muslims the battle the battle, and he was one of the casualties against the wrong side. Right. So he's of the casualties on the wrong side. So Talia dies

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his younger brother he

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converted at the conquest of Makkah.

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So our kill Ali's older brother and Jaffer, his older brother, converted at the conquest of Makkah. And akeel son is the famous

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we did this in another lecture guys.

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At the sun

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Muslim event clean any bells ringing? No bells ringing must have an appeal.

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So this shows us which Federica we follow because the other federal car knows this name like we know Abu Bakar and Omar

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Muslim have an appeal.

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Excellent. He is the emissary that went to

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Kufa and he was sent by her saying to Kufa that's Muslim even after you even have you thought it and the people of Kufa killed you know as we know the story the governor's whatnot they killed was to have an upgrade and

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her saying Did not you know find out until it was too late. So that is actually in son Muslim must have an update. So I couldn't convert at the conquest of Makkah. Of course Jaffa and Ali are early converts and I don't need to go into the stories of Jaffa and ID on behind it converts at the conquest of Makkah. Okay. So from the children of Abu Talib, for cousins of the prophets are some are Muslims. And

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most of them have children. So, to this day, Allah knows where they still have their progeny to this day. Okay, so the children are there. So this is a pilot and we did a book club. So zubayr abdomen off, which is overthought it and Abdullah are the three full brothers, of course, Abdullah, we have covered and of course, he is

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The father of our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So all of this is covered by you. The next uncle that we'll cover is Hamza Hamza.

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And Hamza about the last one is of course, the most famous uncle of the prophet SAW Selim in terms of conversion, Ibis converted way after him. Remember how best converted away after him Hamza was of the earliest batches of converts and Hamza was, in all likelihood, the closest in age to the Prophet solo said we are not 100% sure. But Ibis seems to have been three years older, and Hamza was one or one and a half year older. So Hamza and the Prophet system are uncles, but not full right? Hamza zankel, but not a full uncle, right? Because Hamza's mother is not fault him and Muslim Mia. Hamza has a different mother. But the complicated another the relationship is complicated and cemented,

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because Hamza, and the processes are

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no more than that.

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Foster brothers, so they are foster brothers. Right? So foster Brotherhood in Islam has a very special position. Legal rulings come from this, right. Foster brothers. Who was their foster mother together? No, no, no, no, no. No.

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Halima was not.

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Yes, but the Prophet system had multiple women, multiple mothers, not just one.

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We did this. Was it seven years ago? Six years ago. Am I getting that old? swaybar

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No Bell at all.

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Not at all. Even the note taker has failed. Okay, no problem. The way you still have your notes by the way on that iPad, you do okay. Mashallah. This is good. So, Eva,

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who was the slave girl of?

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of Abuja,

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Abuja, the uncle of the processor,

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she, she

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Sorry, I will not have Sorry, sorry, sorry. My mistake I will have. I will have the uncle of the process. I'm so so Eva was the slave girl of Abu lahab. And through labor, as soon as the processor was born before haleema, comes onto the picture. Halima is gonna come after a few months onto the picture. As soon as he is born. She feeds the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So the way but is the first foster mother, though, is the first foster mother, the waiver.

00:32:53 --> 00:33:36

And so Where was that? So Hamza was also fed, by the way, but but not at the same time? Or maybe at the same time? We don't know. But is that within the two years that your baby Hamza was also fed, by the way? So Hamza and the Prophet system, our foster brothers, along with the uncle nephew relationship, and Hamza rhodiola, one participated in the Fajr wars, which means that he is obviously older than the Prophet system, because the Prophet system could not participate in digital wars. He was just at that age where you're on the battlefield, but not with the sword. So this means that again, the age between them is a year or two, because Hamza is just fighting, and the process

00:33:36 --> 00:34:17

is helping the fighters and Hamza rhodiola, one took care of the Prophet system in many ways, and I thought it was the primary caretaker, Hamza was the one who represented the Prophet system in the marriage with Khadija so Hamza is the one who is now representing if you like the trans you know the if you like the woody if you like, even though you don't need to worry, but still, it is a part of the the tickets to do that. And of course, we've all done his story in every single, you know, place that he occurs, he comes out of the law, one plays a prominent role, and there's nothing that I can add that you already don't know everything that happens with him. It comes in the main story of the

00:34:17 --> 00:34:30

Sierra. There's nothing that he has that is outside of the the main story of the Sierra, his conversion. We all know it goes back to the second or third year of the data, when I will journal Abuja *.

00:34:31 --> 00:34:39

What one of the earliest times that Abuja became vulgar with the Prophet system. One of the first times this happened that Abuja had

00:34:40 --> 00:34:59

in public he he saw the promises and of course the Arabs and anybody has amount of a matter of pride that you don't go vulgar and crude and you don't raise your voice and say nasty things about somebody. It's a very, very just, it's just unbecoming. So I will gehele went out of his way to do sub

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

Shut him and land and all of these vulgar things that the books of zero don't mention what is said but your mind can, can you know imagine what vulgar things he would have said the worst curse words and everything. And it is public. He's doing this in front of the cabinet, everybody is there and the process of his sitting, not saying anything back not saying anything back. Our Profit System never responded to vulgarities with vulgarities that was not his philosophy. And that is a role model for us paddler difficult for us in this timeframe of Islamophobia and comments and whatnot. It's difficult for us allies to to keep our cool and whatnot but inshallah let's at least keep it as

00:35:37 --> 00:36:22

a role model in our mind. So he does this and he walks away. Hamza is out hunting. And Hamza, it is well known was one of the most physically strong men and he was like, like an Omar type of person, massive, muscular, very just athlete, very body if you like strong body, and he also has a temper. It's well known just like Armando motorhomes have a lot of similarities. But Hamza is obviously way older and more prestigious than oma. So, Hamza will do a lot when it comes back from hunting. And as he's entering the city, gossip is spreading. So one of the slaves of this of the city, one of the servants and slaves, he said, Don't you know just what happened? You know, the people gossip. They

00:36:22 --> 00:36:50

just love to gossip back then. And to this day, this is everybody gossip. So he said What happened? He said, Don't you know your own nephew was insulted in such a crude manner in public? Everybody was there and I wish I had said this and he said that and he narrated everything. Now put yourself in the shoes of the tribal, you know, elder, this is my tribe. This is my nephew. This has been Oh Hashem and Abuja, his

00:36:52 --> 00:37:38

bedroom of zoom. Abuja this volume of zoom. I'm not gonna let me zoom me in Salta, Hashimi started matter of right and wrong as a matter of Bali asobi Jai Leah, this is my tribe, and how dare he say this about my tribe? Because one of the ways they would insult by the way is to talk about tribes. Okay, it wasn't just you it was always something would be mentioned about your Kabbalah as well. So Hamza has blood boil, he says, Where is a Buddha now? So he still hasn't left where he was the process and went back he is still exactly where he was. So it's fresh. It's happened one hour ago, 20 minutes ago, and he is sitting in the Nadi, the Parliament of the orange. So still with his

00:37:38 --> 00:38:23

hunting gear with his bow and arrow, he storms straight into the Nadi in front of everybody. He takes his his bow and he smashes it on the head of Abuja to shows you the anger of hams, a smashes on the head of Abuja, blood starts coming on his face. And he said, attached to Moo hoo, you dare curse him. And in his anger without even thinking, he just blurted out, and I too, am a follower of his Deen. It's one of the most ironic acceptances of Islam, that it wasn't pre planned. It wasn't premeditated, it was simply an anger that I am, also brainwash him and also his follower, how could you have said this? And when he hits a Buddha has sort of been zoom stood up, they wanted to get

00:38:23 --> 00:39:07

back at him. And even a Buddha himself said, let him be because indeed, I said much about his nephew. So even a Buddha had understood I deserve this now. And and Hamza had that respect, that they couldn't do anything to him. So Hamza rhodiola, when he and to give you an idea of how strong and how what of his Shaka is, when Omar converted, remember the story of Fatima and she is going to go to kill and whatnot. Then he goes with his sword to the outcome. He knocks on the door, and the person looks in, looks out and he sees are motivated football with his sword. And he comes back, you're saying Yasuda La Romana is outside and he's got his sword with him. It is Hamza who says let

00:39:07 --> 00:39:51

him in. Let him in. If he wants good hamdulillah if he wants Other than that, I will kill him with his own sword. So look at him says, just just attitude here. This is this courage of Hamza let him What's he going to do? I'm sitting here, and I will I'm going to protect the prophet SAW the lahardee who said him? So Hamza, his conversion was the first big moral victory of Muslims or what has not yet converted is going to convert after a few years. So Hamza's conversion was the first factor of the senior kurush converts and it is the uncle of the Prophet salallahu it who sent him some books also mentioned that as soon as he converted, the next day, he began to have doubts to do

00:39:51 --> 00:39:58

the right thing or not. And he went and he confessed these doubts to the Profit System and the process of made to offer him and after that he was

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59

completely firm.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:05

In his email, Hamza did not migrate to Abyssinia Why? Why didn't Hamza migrate? avicennia?

00:40:14 --> 00:40:15


00:40:18 --> 00:41:02

So Hamza did not need any protection. Hamza was not being persecuted the way that the other Muslims were. He was the son of abdomen. And he was physically perhaps the strongest or one of the strongest of the whorish. So he had no need to migrate. So homicidal, the last one is living in Mecca throughout the entire 10 years of Islam, 11 years of Islam, and he played a decisive role. In the Battle of butter. Hamza was the first person so remember, if you go back to the Battle of whether there were two mobile devices, there was one on one then there was three on three. The Battle of bundler began with a one on one and then a three on three. The one on one was Hamza and one of the

00:41:02 --> 00:41:55

hora she the three on three was Hamza and three of the kurush so Hamza quite literally began the Battle of button, both times the first mobilizer and the second robot, so both of them Hamza is participating. And Hamza in the second robot is over three on three he eliminates shaybah ignore or B which is one of the seniors of the orange and hamzat of the last one in the Battle of button It is said that he didn't have he did not have a shield, he had two swords in both hands. He just is fighting with two swords no shield and it is said that he would have a he tied a turban to cover his face and he put a very beautiful feather have a pigeon in the turban as the shower as the the the

00:41:55 --> 00:42:38

sign that it is it is him so he's fighting with two swords he's got the turban covered and he's got this this feather as a shower. And when saddam who costs captured or may have been held up and he's dragging him back to the camp, before Bilal meets them and below then it gets rid of him I remember the story or Maria never gets to the camp right there was this gray area that sad captures or may have been held off and he's taking him back to the camp which would be safety before he gets to the camp. Bilal sees them and he goes I am not going to live if he lives I'm not gonna live if he lifts I'm not gonna and he has every right will lie every right we said Jani every right nobody can

00:42:39 --> 00:43:30

criticize this and before he meets Bella so when omega surrenders to side omega looks at the man covered in the the garment with the feather in his cap. It goes Who is that man? So sizes Don't you know that is Hamza. So he said, Oh, Hamza. He is the one that has caused so much calamity today. Like Of course, he's saying from the tribe of the side of the lodish. That's the one who did so much. It is said that Hamza killed almost a dozen people single handedly in the Battle of butter. 12 people died at his hands in the Battle of butter in the Battle of Ohio. You know, what's gonna happen? And the Battle of or heard before that happened? He killed almost half of the casualties of

00:43:30 --> 00:43:59

the Battle of offered by himself. I mean, honestly, unbelievable. Almost half of the casualties, almost 30 casualties in the Battle of boyhood, were from the sword of swords of Hamza. So that gives you how powerful and how strong Hamza was, of course, we all know the story. That ubaidah been multimillion ID, his uncle taurima had been killed in the Battle of butter. And so he hires the most

00:44:01 --> 00:44:45

the most skilled javelin thrower in all of Makkah, and that is why she and he says to washy, if you can kill the uncle of the Prophet system at this point in time, there's only one uncle that's a Muslim Ibis is still in Makkah. Okay. So Hamza is the only uncle. And Jabez uncle has been killed in battle, and he wants to avenge his uncle's death. So he says to the the Olympic gold medalist, if you like the best javelin thrower, and that is Rashi if you kill the uncle of the Prophet system, I will for you always make sure you are free. I'm going to pay for your freedom. So why should you all know we went over the story. I'm not going to go over it in detail. You know, the story that he

00:44:45 --> 00:44:59

tracked down, he said, I had no desire to fight. In fact, I did not fight at all. All I did was I just kept on following Hamza. So can you imagine the whole three hours, four hours he's waiting for that one opportunity?

00:45:00 --> 00:45:41

Nobody can be that, you know that on guard that he's being tracked, and he's going behind the bushes and he's doing everything. Nobody can do that. And there's literally one opportunity that he saw that Hamza changed in such a way that a crack in his armor opened up. However, he was fighting whatever, that a crack opened up. And at that particular point, and this shows you how much of an expert was she was that he comes from behind the bush and straight through that crack of the armor. Just the javelin comes in and out, as you know, this was and he alleges that Hamza would die the the, say the Shahada, the leader of the martyrs, and the Battle of word. And of course, we know that

00:45:42 --> 00:45:42

after that

00:45:44 --> 00:45:54

Hinde, the wife of Abu sufian Hindi bentota, the wife of sufian, and Hamza is the one who has killed her father and her uncle and brother.

00:45:55 --> 00:46:44

Okay, so Hindi also has a reason to be angry. Okay. Hindi its father and uncle have been killed by Hamza. Right. Rhoda and Robbie, Agnes shaver, exactly Hindi, Minerva, Rosa and Robbie administrativa, both of them rabea and ertiga were brothers. And they both were killed in the Battle of butter. And Hamza essentially kills both of them. And so hint is obviously especially angry at Hamza rhodiola. One, and we all know what she did. And suppiler I mean, for me, one of the most amazing, amazing things is that Allah guided him to Islam. And we have to say, hinged on the love Why now, it's a panel. And this is, after all that she did. Allah xojo chooses when he wishes, and

00:46:44 --> 00:47:34

she is a Sahaba. And Allah has forgiven her past. So even why she even why she even though To be honest, why she is more excused, because why she is a hired mercenary. Why she does not have his heart in it. Why she himself says I just wanted my freedom. He's not whereas they are in it for the class or via the property that you're here. They're in it for the idea or for the animosity to Islam. Right. So hint, as we know, she finds the body of Hamza and she cuts all of his fingers off and makes a necklace of the fingers and she cuts the nose off. And she cuts open the the the the stomach and takes out the liver and spits on it and throws it out. Just to show

00:47:35 --> 00:47:39

what can you say? You understand just to show that, that

00:47:40 --> 00:48:20

that hatred at that time and wrote the Allahu Allah, Allah xojo forgive her and guided her. And the Prophet system cried when he saw the body of Hamza one of the few times we went to see her that he cried, he cried when he saw the body of Hamza, and Hamza rhodiola. And he did not have much wealth when he died. So he could also not have a coffin, just like many of the Shahada, if the full coffin could not be put on him, if you covered the head, the feet was there if you cover the feet so basically they covered the head part and the feet were left exposed. And at that point in time the Battle of watered janazah was prayed over the dead janazah was poured over the dead later on janazah

00:48:20 --> 00:48:58

was not prayed over the show heat but in Ohio janazah was prayed over the show heat okay the the martyrs that died the process of made special prayer for them afterwards we know that the Shaheed is not prayed for you don't have Salatu janaza but there was janazah it's still in Islam early and the way that it was done was that the process and prayed for Hamza then he said leave Hamza here bring the next body then the next body the next body. So other bodies would come and they would be brought and then taken to the grave. And Hamza remained until all 70 were prayed over. And Hamza was prayed over all 70 times.

00:48:59 --> 00:49:22

So he is clearly the cu the Shahada, right so the Prophet system prayed over his uncle every single time that the other bodies were there as well. And when the body was lying there before the burial, we all know we're going to come to the world. My eyes will tell you know the story of Sophia you know it, Sophie and Hamza are full brothers. They're the only full brother and sister that accepted Islam of the uncle's of the process of him and Sophia

00:49:24 --> 00:49:59

participated at offered as a water carrier. So she was on the battlefield. And when the battle is finished, she has heard that Hamza has died. So she is searching for the body of Hamza. She's the only lady in the entire field. She's running around looking to body to body and the Prophet system was the first to spot her from the distance. And he says to her sons obey. The process seems cousins obeyed. Overall, Mara, the woman is there, meaning my aunt, go stop her. So Zubair goes and runs to his mother and says that you

00:50:00 --> 00:50:51

You cannot go forward as his mother here, right? And it's his mother, his mother pushes him in the chestnut says, Are you going to stop me? And she said, he said, the prophet system is saying that you should not go. So she said, Why? Does he not know that I know that Hamza has been martyred, and his body has been mutilated. Do you think that I cannot bear to see the body of my brother that has been mutilated from Allah, I have accept the color and the law, and you will see my patience. So Zubair could not stop his mother. So she went to the body of Hamza, and she displayed her real sobor and patience. She did not do anything that was impermissible, and her patience was clear for all to

00:50:51 --> 00:51:38

see. So she becomes a paragon of virtue and of sobor and patience. And when the process of comes back to Medina, and he passes by every single neighborhood, is wailing for the dead, you know, in those days, wailing was allowed, right? The world whether that, that is the custom of the time, unfortunately, is the custom To this day, which is how long it should not be done. But in those times, it was the customer, it was a sign of pride. It was a sign of, of tazzy that you're supposed to do this and that era, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam felt very sad, and he said, but there are no people. There are no women to mourn over Hamza. So he's feeling so much grief that nobody can do

00:51:38 --> 00:51:39

this for Hamza. So

00:51:41 --> 00:52:26

sad. rhodiola one heard this, and he went back to the unsought. And He then told the women of the unsought to go outside the house of the Profit System, and to start the process that was done, you know, so they have a way to raise their voices. And they say certain things that the time and when the process that I'm heard that they're doing it for Hamza, he thanked them, and he prayed for them. Then he made the decree that from now on, there shall be no whaling in Islam. So Hamza's death was what triggered so it can be said the last person to be wheeled over in Islam is Hamza, the last person that it was allowed to wheel over. And the last person that it was john is to do the the Zia

00:52:26 --> 00:52:35

ceremony of the whaling was Hamza after that it was made forbidden. Now, Hamza did have some children.

00:52:37 --> 00:52:42

He was married, he did have children, and two of them, we know accepted Islam.

00:52:44 --> 00:53:23

Perhaps you had more in mcca we do not know. But for sure, these two and both of them were toddlers when he passed away. So they were little kids when he passed away. The son the only son that he had that we know is Yella, even Hamza? Yeah, that even Hamza and I looked in the 1015 books that I have in my library. hamdulillah have a good library, but I do not have 1000s of books that have whatever I have. I have a pretty comprehensive library from my library. I could not find anything about Jada in Hamza, other than that he basically because so he is a toddler in Medina, so he's already a Muslim. So he's clearly already a Muslim. We don't have any information about him. But it did say

00:53:23 --> 00:54:09

that he didn't have any progeny afterwards. So he died a young man, but without having any children either he married or didn't have any children. And then there was a girl of Hamza who did not migrate. She was in Makkah at the time. And this is oh mama, Binti Hamza. Oh, mama Binta Hamza. She grew up as a little girl in Makkah, and Hamza becomes a Shaheed in our hood, and the profit system performs the O'Meara toolbar. The robot will call in the seventh year of the hedgerow and as he's leaving, a little girl comes running out and saying, Take me with you take me with you.

00:54:10 --> 00:54:14

So they say Who are you? She says, I am omarama Binti Hamza.

00:54:15 --> 00:54:33

So she had converted as a six year old girl she converted to Islam was a little too flat. Right how what is the story? We do not know. But she converts to Islam, and she does not want to be in Makkah. And this is when three of the Sahaba have a

00:54:34 --> 00:54:57

jostling you know verbal fight, not an actual fight that Okay, I'm going to adopt her I'm gonna adopt her I'm going to adopt her right and so they've been habita I live nebuta live and Japheth MW sada they all Javelin WTF sorry. All over them. They are saying I'm gonna take I'm gonna take I'm gonna take her and Jaffa was married to Obama's hyla

00:54:58 --> 00:54:59

and so the Profit System

00:55:00 --> 00:55:15

Praise eight praise Ali. But then he said Jafar, you will take her because your wife is her harder. So what harder to women zillertal on the hadith of holla demon Zilla tell him, the holla is the same as the mother. So that is the

00:55:16 --> 00:55:58

that is the the story of Osama bin Hamza, the 10th brother, that we're going to do so we said there's 11 Brothers, the 10th. Brother, we're going to do a demo one even Abdulmutallab Elmo one. Even Abdulmutallab, we don't know anything about him. He died before Islam. We know one of his children converted, so one of the cousins of the Prophet system from him, and it is a female and this is outwash bintelli, moko one had been Abdulmutallab, Ottawa, Ottawa was a common name it looks like because otherwise his aunt and otherwise multiple first cousins, so Ottawa is one of the common names of the whorish. Now, this urawa, the only line that we have the voters the first cousin,

00:55:58 --> 00:56:31

Ottawa, one line about her, she was married to another cousin, Abu sufian, ebenen had it even obtainable, but number one we talked about. So Ottawa and Abu sufian are both cousins of the process of them, and their cousins themselves. And they marry. And obviously, she converts along with Abu sufian. So the family converts at the conquest of Makkah, that's all that we know about Ottawa, we have no other information about Ottawa. So these are all 10, of the uncle's of the process of him.

00:56:32 --> 00:56:52

And his own father, one is left and time is up, we're going to do that uncle and the rest of the sisters next Wednesday. And of course, the uncle that is left, I left for the last because we have the most information about him and his children. And that is our bus, okay, because our buses, the big name. So we are going to leave an Ibis, an Ibis image, and we'll call it

00:56:54 --> 00:57:00

a Buddha hub, there is nothing to talk about. So what is your favorite?

00:57:10 --> 00:57:21

So let's phrase it, let's phrase it a different way. Let's not say he's my favorite, or He's my hero. That doesn't make sense. Let's, let's say that in his story, there are some amazing lessons.

00:57:22 --> 00:57:31

So I will, I will verify and confirm I don't want to say anything offhand. But I do recall reading that some of his

00:57:33 --> 00:58:24

great progeny after him eventually embraced Islam, but they did not ascribe themselves to him. And so it was forgotten afterwards, who actually belongs to that branch, because who would want to preserve that their ancestor was this person? Do you understand? Right, so it's as if his progeny disappeared, even though he did have progeny. But they did not want to preserve the the shutter, which is fully understandable. It's fully understandable. And there are so many cases of, you know, bad people. I mean, I read an article a few years ago in Newsweek, or is it the Atlantic I forgot, where essentially, some of the children and grandchildren of the Nazi leaders are living in America.

00:58:26 --> 00:59:02

But it's not their fault. Like it's their grandfather's right? There is a great nephew of Hitler somewhere in New Jersey. And he knows he's the great nephew of Hitler. And the interviewer somehow tracked him down, but he refused to reveal his name in public. So there's a long interview, he's like, Look, I don't want anybody to know. And I'm just, you know, I have nothing to do with it. It's my own. My grandfather was Hitler's whatever, you know, however it goes, right. So we have these parallels, even in our times, that people have done such lunamon and incorrect things. And then their family just want to cut off like have nothing to do with that. So he himself does not even

00:59:02 --> 00:59:03

want to tell his own children.

00:59:05 --> 00:59:40

Somehow, some some reporter tracked him down. So you can understand this is the case. Now imagine somebody a million times worse. And that's a Bula. hub, who would want to remember that? Oh, my great, great, great grandfather's a Buddha. So in reality, there's not much to say, because there's nothing recorded of those people who converted from his from his project, even though I did read somewhere that there are some descendants of his second third generation. And obviously, you can imagine, he has children, they have grandchildren, of course, some of them going to convert to Islam, but they will not want to preserve their, their legacy. And that is why there's nothing I can

00:59:40 --> 00:59:42

say about this from that from that perspective.

00:59:43 --> 00:59:52

Maybe if I have time, it won't be next week. But it's an interesting thing. There is a very interesting theological discussion about Abu lahab

00:59:53 --> 01:00:00

theological discussion about Ebola, that's a whole different issue. And that is it's a very bizarre theology.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:10

logical discussion. Sometimes theologians have too much time on their hands, and they love splitting hairs and debating. And the question comes, how could I would not have have believed?

01:00:12 --> 01:00:20

If believing meant to believe in Surah Al method, which would mean believing he is a coffee?

01:00:23 --> 01:00:32

Do you understand the question? You're talking about it at level one, which is like he didn't accept Islam. So this is true that Allah predicted it. Move to level two.

01:00:34 --> 01:00:37

Was he required to accept Islam?

01:00:39 --> 01:01:12

And he was there to click on him to accept Islam. If you say yes, question then becomes and this is what theologians have too much time to discuss. How could he accept Islam when accepting Islam meant that he would have to accept to school for so this is a theological discussion you will not answer it in one minute. Different Medina have different ways to answer it. There is no there is no easy answer. Even Tamia has a response, the ashara have a response the more it doesn't have a response. This is each group has its response about what was

01:01:14 --> 01:01:32

a hula hoop supposed to do? Was he supposed to do what So in any case, that's a that's a discussion not about biography. There's a discussion about athlete and theology. So inshallah next Wednesday inshallah we will do an Ibis and also the art of the Prophet salallahu idea. He was setting them

In this enlightening talk of the uncles, aunts and first cousins of our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, we are provided information by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi in explicit detail regarding Banu Abu Muttalib, where Abu Muttalib is the grandfather of Prophet ﷺ.

Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ grandfather had 11 sons and 6 daughters from various wives and prominent among them are – Abdullah – father of Prophet ﷺ, Hamza, Abbas, Abu Talib and Abu Lahab. The famous aunts of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ are Safiyyah , Arwa and Atiqa. We are also made aware of the first foster mother of the Prophet ﷺ – that is – even before Haleema RA – and she is Sobia RA.

Next in the discussion about the family of Prophet ﷺ, primary importance has been given to  Hamza RA and great details have been elucidated at length ranging from his personality, his conversion to Islam which was the first moral victory for Islam,his participation in the Battle of Badr and his ultimate martyrdom in the Battle of Uhud.

Do listen intently so that you do not miss out on any interesting anecdotes and stories pertaining to the blessed clan of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.


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