The Extreme Consequences of Believing Quran Only

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This is gonna sound quite scary for you right now. Yeah. The reason why it's wrong to have sexual intercourse with a five year old

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is not found in the Quran whatsoever. It's found in the Sunnah and effect. And in fact,

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if you look just at the Quran, you will get the indication that you can have sexual intercourse with a five year old. And I'll tell you why. And I'll get Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

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I'm saying this and I'm gonna back up with evidences. Let me repeat my point. We both agree that it's haram and is wrong to have sexual intercourse with a five year old. Okay, good. My premise today, my thesis today is as follows. The reason why it's hard to have sexual intercourse with a five year old is not found in the Quran at all, but is in fact found in the center. Okay, and listen, if you just read the Quran, it is halal. It would just it would be a highlight of sexual intercourse. Tell me how and why. And surah Pollock, Chapter 65 verse four, Allah subhanaw taala tells us who you can divorce and who you cannot divorce. And then he says, Well, let me a heavy

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well lay your head and the ones who have never been pubescent before.

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Chapter five, verse four. Well, let me let me a heavy. Now the word lamb in Arabic. It's what you call have fun, a little muddy, which means that it's something and the gates have term for the past tense, the Mufasa and they say about this term, about this verse. It talks about breastfeeding woman because when you're breastfeeding, you can't have you obviously can't ministry. And it also talks about pregnant women obviously don't mention. However, the same thing. Yeah.

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Yes, yes. If you have any doubts, the interim shall be three months. Yeah.

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Okay, good. This is good.

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This is diverse.

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Because to other people that might not know what I'm trying to say. So what let me just finish what I'm saying. And then you can come back in the center, there's a hadith.

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And by the way, this is very important here. I want all Muslims to be aware of this. The reason why we don't have sexual intercourse with five year olds and six year olds and seven year olds or whatever, is not because of puberty.

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Wait a minute, what did you say? It's not because of puberty because that verse in the Quran actually says Lamia hidden. They never had to be before. You can't go around that. The reason why we don't have sexual intercourse with those people, is because of the Hadith says lebara Allah. And I said before, the reason why is because of that, so not because the Quran such

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means you can't inflict harm to anyone else. You know, I'm gonna make a point to you today and the British government, women or the British government? Yes, the British government. I believe

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that the way that formulize the age of consent is fluid. Let me tell you why. And I'll come back.

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Let me come to you. Let me come to you. Let me

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give me a second. Give me a second. Please. I beg you. I beg you. You know in the in Islam is haram to have sexual intercourse with anyone who you cause harm to. That's why we don't have a problem with the age of consent. Let's hear

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in the in this country.

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A 30 year old man can have sexual intercourse with a centenarian. 100 year old woman.

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But let me show you I'm going to be explicit here come camera. Yeah.

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If a 30 year old man has sexual intercourse with 100 year old woman is gonna cause physical harm and psychological harm. The same two things, which is the reason why we don't have sexual intercourse with eight years or nine years and 10 year olds in this country. So if that's the case, they should make it illegal for a 30 year old to have sex with 100 year old just as the minute illegal for under 16 to be having sexual intercourse with over 16. Now the point is this is some Why does it stop certain marriages from taking place? It only stops it on the basis of harm. And that is a case by case reality. If somebody for example, as I've just mentioned, is 30 years old, and he's having

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sexual intercourse with a woman that's 100 years old who's got hip replacements

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surgery, that's actually how long that mount should not be allowed to take place in Islam, I would actually urge the British government to take this Islamic principle on board, because actually exploitation, both physical and psychological can take place. If you have none, fully vitalized has sexual took as long as your woman. Now the point is this, the poor often doesn't say,

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doesn't say anywhere in the Quran that the woman has to be pubescent. Why? Because you can have a 16 year old it's possible. You can have a 16 year old, pre pubescent as possible. You can Islam, 15 intellects, but in this country 16 is it's conceivable to find a 16 year old woman whose for example, hasn't hasn't menstruated yet, it is conceivable, although it's very unlikely, right? The point is this in the Islamic discourse,

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the reason why it's haram to have sexual intercourse with categories of people, whether it be 100 year old woman, or a five year old girl if you're 30. Yeah, it's because of the humble psychological and physical that you'll be causing them. Now I tell you, now you're on the loan guy. I tell you to find one verse in the Quran, where it says you're not allowed to marry someone based on harm, or you're not allowed to have sexual intercourse based on harm. Or you're not allowed to marry someone based on puberty. If you do that. I will take my place.

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It doesn't

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allow just sexual intercourse is five year old kids, it tells you who you are. It tells you where where does it say that

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you're not allowed to

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go and what does it say?

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Okay, fine, fine.

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Okay, y'all Believe

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me one says there has to be progressive. No. Let me finish

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from the beginning of the book to the end of the book where she says that she has to be perfect. So okay, so that makes it Hello.

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Yeah, I don't agree with that.

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Okay, fine.

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I want you to find me one thing.

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It says your

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sister your auntie.

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my friend.

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Direct verse.

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I want a direct answer to my question here. I've just said, the criteria for why we're not allowed to marry.

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Or let's say women, I can't do with it.

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That comes from listener. Now the only version of Ron is to be a de Camilla Tanaka. Don't close your own home to your own self, but doesn't say anything about causing harm to others. I'm looking for one.

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Big Camila Tanaka. I'm looking for one verse that you can say you pinpoint and say this is where it says prepubescent marriage or whatever is not allowed is only found the machine that can I only found the listener because

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that's the problem now with

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the criteria for the marriage, what you look for your partner is clearly defined.

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cannot make a distinction.

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extrapolation I'm saying give me a direct verse.

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Okay, there you have it.

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Now, we'll move on. That's done. We'll move on.

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Okay, give me something give me some

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knowledge. Yes, I do. Yes, I do.

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is defined

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like this guy.

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Okay, no matter

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what the criteria

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is. Okay, thank you. Okay, good. So let's see if the people are convinced that we want if they're not convinced, no problem.

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We'll move on. Now. Second question. The Quran says we're

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not going to get become uncontroversial on this guy. Yeah. The Prophet Mohammed Salah we never hear his wife ever, ever agree with me.

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3639 verse 25 is the best study okay? That is consistent religion

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Okay, very nice. Thank you for that. Now I would ask you a question

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have to ask him this. He needs to know.

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Okay, no okay I need to know. I need to ask. Okay he needs to know I like it

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but before

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before I give you the shuffle

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What are you talking about Birla shuffle? No Look, the grave is dug, the grave is dug you're inside of it and I look you've got you've got two options you can have the humble hand that will take you out of the grave or you can have the shovel of evidence that will bury now I'm going to be very careful with the the shovel evidence is as follows. What remonda forget about everything else, it could mean striking a parable but it also means to hit Yeah.

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And chapter number 47 of the Quran says Mohammed was for Western if you find the barrel of war and more if you see the people have a shot against them.

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You can fight them and hit the Next button. The same ones you

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can range from touching and touching.

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No, no please allow me some

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different meanings. Okay, fine. I'm not disagreeing with you, my friend. I do agree that I want to shake your hands and I agree.

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I agree with

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you on the same page now.

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could actually mean striking a Powerball it could mean tapping like this like

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and it could mean anything. It could mean beating someone up.

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Yeah. Okay. Now the question is this, the Quran? 434 it says, What

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if we want to take care of the Quran, which is that you don't have the sun next to it? We know the Prophet never touches wife in that way. We don't. We don't advocate hitting women and stuff like that. Yeah. However,

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if I was a Quran alone, will I be honest with you? I would look at the Quran.

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That's fine. Okay, well, thank you for that. Even though it's a little bit of controversy that we might know and we might not agree.

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You have to teach me now but what I asked you Yes. And Charlie was gonna say she's just

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gonna keep coming to you. But

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one, this is this. Yeah.

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If you read the Quran, just like that, without reference to the similar to the way of the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam that that word becomes open to interpretation. A man now husband can decide, okay, well, a nice man. Like he will say no, this means strike a parable. Yeah, it's like a parable. But this guy, okay, maybe

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someone like me or some bad guy, right? Who's got more aggressive tendencies? I would

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say more that's useful driving

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my wife. Now the thing is what restricts that men? Nothing restricts that man is alone. Why? Because that man has absolute ability and right to interpret and extrapolate from that verse.

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A verse 21. Allah says among the signs

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in order to have

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Okay, yeah, okay.

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So he, I agree with that, by the way, love and care to what your spouse is in this

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many different meanings. Yeah.

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You don't have to beat your wife.

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If we look at the profits

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you agree with me that profit never his wife

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doesn't tell you what he did with his wife.

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Okay, good. Very good.

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we're still towards pedophilia, and a severe type of pedophilia,

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abuse, a severe type of wife abuse. And in fact, let me tell you something else. Let me be completely controversial.

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Let's do it.

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Let's do it. Let's do it.

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I will tell you something.

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Okay, so people started to support the narrative.

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Thank you for that discussion.

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Now, now the question is this.

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Do you want to join us?

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I'll teach you later on.