Spirituality #02 – How Islam Can Help You Master Your Anger

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The issue of anger is one that the Quran and the Hadith and the companions and the predecessors all deal with. Like for instance in the Quran where it mentions that a very famous verse a very important one on this issue, which is that while Calvary Mina, loyal will I feel in aliveness, the ones who are able to suppress actually, Calvin Calvin is suppression Calvin mean alive, the ones who are able to suppress their anger and pardon the people, they will find that this kind of connection between suppressing one's anger and pardoning the people is kind of a line of reasoning which runs through the Quran, for instance. So the shorter Allah subhanaw, Taala virgins were either. Audible

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means that when they get angry, they forgive why because anger is a very volatile emotion. It's within the intuitive interests, the Carl beastial, savage interests of the individual, at that time, the brutish interest Yes, to go ahead and inflict costs and harm on an individual the object of anger. So what the Quran proposes here is that if the high level people because this is referring to the Mufson in the high level people, the top believers are the ones who are able to control one of the most volatile human emotions, which is anger. Yes, at that time, they do the counterintuitive thing, where they want to at that time, exact angle on an individual, they do the opposite thing.

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Now, this is Apex spirituality. This is the top level thing you can imagine. So look, what I'm how it deals with the MATA and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gave us many different advices. But one of them is really interesting. I mean, when he's mentioning the true believers in laser shady to be so Arty, we're in NEMA, a shady LLVM liquid epsa why in the lab, this is narrated than him and backwards kitab. Most of the time, that actually the

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strong one is not the one who can wrestle well. But the strong one is the one who can control himself at the times of anger, meaning what true strength is that is self control. Because in reality, self control, and mental resilience is a prerequisite for any physical endeavor, not vice versa. You need to have mental resilience and self control if you were to engage in any sport or physical activity, but you don't need a physical ability to engage in the mental self grappling, if you like. So it's a prerequisite if you are able to control your anger, then for those who are engaging in all kinds of sports, this actually will help you in sports. As the saying goes, when the

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going gets tough, the tough gets going. But for that to happen, you need to get tough, and the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem and the Quran is telling us have means to nourish and develop this mental resilience. Yes. And the Prophet gives us many practical pieces of advice. For example, letaba Don't get angry. And if you're standing and sit if you're sitting then lay down like change, distract yourself really. And Al Hassan has a very interesting, we've spoken about some of his analysis in another video. He has an entire chapter dedicated to anger in here along with Dean Khattab will then we'll have Obi Wan Heck, they will have said that the book of the dispraise of

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anger and envy. Mohamed has more resentment and has said this envy a whole chapter dealing with the matter. And he starts off by talking about anger is like a flick of fire which afflicts the lowest part of the heart. It's like rubbing of iron against stone he mentions Yes. And then of course, he mentions all the half decent as well, that we've mentioned as well. The main thing that he's mentioning here is that anger is the enemy of intellect. But not all anger is bad. And we've mentioned this before, and I'll mention it again, a sherfane mentions that someone who doesn't get angry at all is like a donkey. He said that all men stole diva lamb Yahoo top for him or whoever is

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made to be angry and it doesn't get angry. It's like, it's like hemolysis donkey, because if you see a donkey, yeah, you'll realize that whatever you do with a donkey that doesn't get in different, apathetic. Human beings are not meant to be like that. Actually, that's not a natural way of being if you see injustice is in front of you. If you see wrong things happening, how are you going to discipline your children if you don't get angry, there needs to be a level of anger that they see in you so that they can fix their behavior. Anger is a healthy thing by has to be a moderation which is why he actually breaks it down to classification says you go through different kinds of people and

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people don't get angry too. Of course, that's not praise. Well, people get angry all the time, which is of course not praiseworthy at all because that is many ways.

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I'd be worse sometimes than the first category. And then the second gate with the media, the Goldilocks zone, the happy medium, which is that you get angry, sometimes you're able to control yourself and don't let it obscure your, your rationality. Yes. And then he goes into the discussion, which is very interesting about why people get it, he says that it's the removal of something, for example, it could be the removal of absolute necessities, I mean, you, for example, food or drink, if you're hungry, and you need to eat, someone tries to take your food away, you're, you're, you're gonna get angry. And this is happens in the animal kingdom, it happens with human beings. It's an

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actual thing. And, of course, there's a limit to that. But we're saying with also, he mentions, it could be that you do take something away, that makes something convenient for someone, for example, a servant or something like that. You have a servant, or maid or Butler. And then it's been taken away from me something which in Age of convenience, today, the age of technology, convenience, is something which we need to know. Or he mentions that it could be something that you deem to be important, like for somebody books, people who like to read, they have books that they consider sentimental, or very important to them, if that's to be taken away, the person gets angry. And he

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says that the way of dealing with those kinds of things is to be a minimalist, basically, to imagine yourself going on a journey and what will be the minimum thing that you will require that in reality, these things are superfluous, you don't actually need those things. You don't need those things be a minimalist, and the more minimalistic you are in your reasoning, the more you're able to control your anger if certain things happen to you. And so this is one thing and then he mentioned the reason why people don't get angrier are able to control the anger. And he says those individuals who distract their minds with other things, for example, for the Muslim, it will be something like

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to feed itself to hate the monotheism. You can distract yourself with thinking about Allah's attributes, thinking about Allah's names and attributes and all this, you can you can distract yourself with that and knowing that Allah subhanaw taala does not live love anger you to be angry and have control. And so when he talks about the cure of anger, it's very interesting. He talks about you got to explore the root cause. And he said there could be many root cause he mentioned he enumerates many root causes. If you think about it, psychoanalytically Yes, it could be self conceit. Yeah, it could be deluded could be self praise. You think that Why does have this How could

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this be taken away from right? Could be pride, your arrogance, and therefore how could you say this to me? How can you do this to me? miserliness, which is Buffalo the idea of like, you know, I'm not gonna give this guy money ridicule, like you enjoy to really cool people down once again, that could be connected to pride, that you just someone who's addicted to argumentation or could be greed that gives me this now, I want this and he basically proposes the following he says that for each of those sins, the cure of it is the opposite. So first, let me give you an easy example miserliness filbur heal if you feel yourself finding it difficult to give money, then give charity give you a

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more charity and the same things like for example, self praise, you have to stop becoming medicines and so on. But another thing is you mentioned is that you got to think about the power of Allah subhanaw taala the way you got to think about the fact that Oh, everything is written, everything is meant to be. If you really believe in that, then you'll be okay. So, these are some of the examples and some of the points that he makes Solomonic library.

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