If You Don’t Believe In Akhirah…

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the culture of Islam and the rewarded lives of Muslims. They emphasize that while there are many positives, it is ultimately a habit that is not recognized. The speaker also mentions the Day of Judgment and the importance of recognizing the negativity of actions and actions in general.
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Divine wisdom, wisdom that you and I don't understand. Whenever you see something you can't understand it always looks bad law and understand that there's goodness to it that we can't see. And it's up to us to ponder over it somewhere and find the goodness in many cases, if you caused your paradigms to transcend the grave, you will see the benefit in it. But if you want to live life to the grave, then yes, it's all doom and gloom, because the Dunia is being taken away.

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Right. But if you know there's the Day of Judgment, and people are shaheed they die in the city, the martyrs, what's the reward for them? And then all the other benefits that come about like Muslims giving charity, worshiping Allah in different ways, right, coming together to announce

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oppression taking place in the need for justice. This is all from the teachings of Islam. They get rewarded. There's so many goodnesses but we don't put we don't pick up on it and there's greater goodnesses than this that we will know on the day of tab.