Builders of a Nation #10 Hind Umm Salamah (ra) Part I

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The transcript describes a woman who was a successful woman and was a successful woman. She was a successful woman and was a successful woman. She was a successful woman and was a successful woman. She was a successful woman and was a successful woman.

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We have a woman that many of us knows her nickname.

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I don't know how many of us knows her name. We're talking about oh Salam Sado Musa Loma is one of the wives of Ross, Swati salatu salam, her name is actually Hynd been to Abu Omiya. What's so special about Seder and why she is, in addition, of course to being the Mother of the Believers of what made her and specifically her a builder. Let's go through her characters first. And then we come to more than one story about her uniqueness. Number one, she was very beautiful. She is noble by birth, come from a very noble family, one of her characters is very intelligent. What does that mean? She was one or probably the second woman narrated the sayings are the hadith of Roswaal, the

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salatu, salam, and companions, major companions. It's narrated, say Novolog now bas used to go and take her opinion. Add to that, that's not all add to that. She was very wise. And that's actually the uniqueness of almost Salem. One of the reasons she's described as wise is when Roswaal Azar to sit and propose to her. She took her time, she did not jump and said Yes, right away, or jumped and said no. She asked what he thought. And she knew she had issues that she wants to work on them before she see us and she was very brave. fought with Roswaal resorcinol in four battles in Medina, up in the front, she was married before Rasul Allah Salatu was Sarah. That's why actually she's

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called almost Salam. She had Salam who was born, the one of the first born after migration, happily married, love double sedima was a companion, faithful, close companion, Torah, Swati Salatu was Sara and woosehill among got sick and died before that, out of the teachings of Rasul Allah salatu salam, there was the Hadith where Roswaal is salatu salam taught us of course now but taught them at that time, what to say and do when you lose a loved one. And the meaning of it was to say, in Adela, he were in Nigella hirato and then this edition Allahumma journey female see Betty Walsh, new HiRam minha, Yola rewards me for the calamity, I'm going through losing a loved one is a huge calamity.

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And we go through a lot of emotions and trainings, and feeling of loss. So you're asking Allah Ya Allah, reward me for all the difficulties I am going through. And while of me here on minha give me better than what I lost. So when Abu Salah Emma died, say that masala she was thinking who is better than Abu Salam. She really loved him. He was unique. And she kept who's going to be better than I will sell them I'm going to get married to

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and guess who she married to?

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Raw Swati salatu salam, absolutely better than Abu Salam, may Allah be pleased with him. So the proposal came to her. And that's where the wildness and listen to this. Now she was a mother. And she was a widow or Swati. Salatu Salam send it to her a proposal.

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She took her time. And she said, Tell him I am a woman on the older side. And she was in her 30s and I am a woman with many children.

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And I am a woman who I am jealous by nature. I know that she was telling him my life may be not easy, but I may not be able to give you what you want. And Annie his salatu salam responded, tell her if she is old, I am older. If she has children, and she's worried about them, I'll make dua to Allah subhanaw taala, to take care of her children. And regarding the jealousy, the feeling she has, I will also make dua to Allah that Allah will remove it from her heart wise, of course, she accepted. Now the uniqueness of her wisdom, where it changed history of Islam. And this is a woman is when they went to the Treaty of Saudi Arabia. This is the treaty where the Muslims left Medina

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before the Treaty and the intention was to go into Umrah. And then the treaty came in the Quran that came in one of the points in that treaty was that the Muslims this year, don't do the umbra. You go back and then next year will come and do the army. They were all in a home

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Now if you look at the Treaty of Saudi Arabia and the points in it externally as a human being, we will say this is not true.

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Because many of it was for the non believers. To the point say, now I'm working to Russell alayhi salatu salam says era so Allah, why we are accepting this, aren't we on the right path. But Allah plans differently in a row, Swati salatu salam knew Allah had a better plan.

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So Rasul Allah saw to Salam signed it. Now they are inherent, they have to get out of their restaurant. So meaning they have to take it off and shave their heads. And Rosaria saw to some looked at the companion, you need to feel this, looked at the companions and these people used to when he does his World War, they put their hands under him to collect the water out of love and obedience. And he said, take off your home and shave your heads. No one moved.

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Said it's second time. No one moved, said it third time. No one moved. A soiree saw to Assam you can imagine turned, went to the tent and who was in the tent almost.

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And he said to her, this is what happened.

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The wise woman that advice in the right time. Will my Yotel hikma, Fahad oto hyaluron Kathira whomsoever is given wisdom, he has been given a lot of goodness, she said, don't do anything. Just go out. Don't say a word. You take your Iran. You shave your head and see what they will do. They will all follow you. And guess what happened? Exactly what she said. He went out, didn't say a word to the Companions. Tomorrow Inshallah, we will continue with another milestone of the legacy of this woman. Oh,