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basically what's in your videos calling in today? I've been trying to find

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a marching band.

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So yeah, as long as it makes sense

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mantastic before we do that, just tell me what brought you to the decision that you're making right now?

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I studied all the religions tried it all, Buddhism, Western everything. I find they have a contribution shelves or there's nothing college.

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What do you understand? Once you understand

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the idea of worshiping one God?

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does one go to

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the last prophet?

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Okay, so when we're saying,

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we're saying there's no God worthy of worship, except for one? Yep. So we direct all our veterans and all of our records, everything to that one book. All of our worship only belongs to God, there's no other God.

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There's no other God worthy of worship, except for that one goes that created us. Yeah.

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And we say that Buddha came with one message, we believe in one God and to worship the one God. Right? And the final prophet was Mohammed. So that's what the meaning of the Shahada is an intellectual. So do you accept the terms of that? Yeah. Okay. So what I'm gonna do now, is I'm going to say in Arabic, and then you're going to repeat?

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Yes. And then afterwards, I'm gonna give you my number we're gonna say,

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okay, c'est

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la ilaha illAllah, WA eyeshadow,

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and Marina, Mohammed, Mohammed, Abu Abu rasulillah

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I bear witness that there is only one God, there's only one God worthy of worship worthy of worship and that Mohammed, Mohammed is his final prophet, final prophet and slave

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Welcome to the family my friend.

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Welcome to 1.8 million brothers and sisters and counting.

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Today I'm

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sorry, I

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just want to say

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now you're close to me as a family because when we die

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we're going to be raised on the Pandolfi manner not upon the flood. So the whole thing is that the moment you become part of our family

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you're a believer now everything can a pass is done with your brother your brother plus, black white. Which

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you have black 2 billion

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What's your name? Okay. Tony, Tony, nice to meet you.

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Nice to meet you.

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Find someone

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not to sell the book of Allah azza wa jal. Learn how to print a salon inshallah. Don't rush things, take it step by step. And you know, shallow the religion is very easy. Nothing is difficult. Because it's difficult, step by step mission and be around good people. To be around good people. Because you go back to your old friends, they were gonna take you back I used to be.

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So I'm gonna say

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when you see them, give, you know, advise them on the messenger send them said

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that you're upon the origin of your friend.

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So not everyone suitable to be a friend. Anyone that gets you far away from Allah has no agenda that you need wisdom. You feel that your Eman is good to know that you disobey Allah subhanaw taala this person is a toxic friend. So be around good people to others that can help inshallah, this brother

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late night causes