Abu Bakr Zoud – Shield – Explaining Morning & Evening Athkaar #18 Entrust Your Matters To Allah

Abu Bakr Zoud
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while leaving you also be mine. All Praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa taala. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon His servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam still follows My dear respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Hamdulillah that Allah azza wa jal has granted us another opportunity that we meet.

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In a house of his houses we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept our gathering and to forgive our sins and our shortcomings. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam tonight we continue our shield series. And this is a series that we began about a year ago. In where we are studying a girl Saba, who will Messiah supplication of the morning in the evening, that the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us and recommended and encouraged every believer to adhere to these of God to these words and to see them in the morning and in the evening. And we've reached the 11th liquor.

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And this is the hadith of Anas ibn Malik corroboree Allahu Anhu. And he narrates that the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to his daughter fell plimmer May am now key and smart email we'll see Keavy and Topolino either OS but they were either MCT yeah how you after you build multicast the reef OS literally shut Nicola who, while at the kidney, Eli NFCA Paul for time, and a seven Malik Robbie Allahu Anhu. He narrates that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to his daughter helped me model the Allahu anha what is preventing you from listening and doing what I advise you that whenever you reach the morning and you reach the evening, for you to see, yeah, how you have to

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you owe the EverLiving, the sustainer of all things, I seek your help and assistance through Your mercy, rectify and perfect all my affairs and matters and do not interest me. And leave me to myself even for the blink of an eye. This is the Hadith. And this is to be said once in the morning and once in the evening. And the Hadith has been authenticated by an Imam and how God will obey me and others.

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First and foremost,

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you realize that within this hadith, there is advice from say you don't have

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advice from the chief of mankind, the greatest of mankind and that is in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And He is advising his daughter, who is also titled as say either to Nisa in aisle Amin and also sing either to an agenda. She is the greatest of all woman and she would be the chief of the woman in the Paradise

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achieve the greatest of mankind. The greatest of men is advising the greatest of woman.

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Why? Firstly metal the Allahu anha, the daughter of the Messenger salAllahu alayhi wa sallam. She lived a very short life. She died very young. She died at the age of 25 years old.

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Felt the model the Allahu Ana, as I showed the Allahu anha she said that I had never ever seen anyone more similar to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then felt the middle of the Allahu anha she was very similar to Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in his manners, character and most of her affairs. Even the way she walked, she walked exactly like her father Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam, I shall obey Allah Juana. She says, that matter to all Misha, Misha Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a che, you couldn't tell the difference between her an individual Allahu alayhi wa sallam walking, it was exactly the same. And when she would enter upon the messenger sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam, Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would stand up, he would greet her, he would kiss her and he would sit in his place. And if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam entered upon her, then she would get up, she would greet him, she would kiss him and she would sit him in her place. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. That's something about his daughter. But the ID in our first point is to see this is this Likud was advice from the greatest of men to the greatest of woman.

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Therefore, what we conclude is that I

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How much are you and I are in need of understanding this dhikr and committing to it in the morning and in the evening, my brothers and sisters in Islam, there are a few observations to make. When looking at this narration. The very first observation is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a father would encourage his family upon the worship of Allah. In this instant, he is encouraging and teaching his daughter a supplication a DUA.

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And this already teaches us something that one of the greatest fundamentals of maintaining a righteous family

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is that the family members must encourage one another upon the worship of Allah azza wa jal,

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especially in this day and age that we live in.

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There is a lot of filth today, there's a lot of garbage, a lot of corruption, a lot of facade.

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There is all sorts of evil and harmful matters, to grown men, and especially to children.

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And parents are worried.

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And they're stressed out. What do we do with a lot of this facade and fitted around us? We're worried for our children, rightfully so, of course, should be worried.

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But what do you do about it? What do you do to maintain the righteousness of your family and your children?

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Do you just sit down and complain all day and protest all day at night? Is there something to be done? In this hadith we are learning that one of the greatest things to do in order to maintain a righteous family away from evil and harm and corruption is that the family members especially the parents, are to encourage and motivate their children and the spouse to the other upon the worship of Allah subhanahu wa taala.

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So the ideas and the question you're supposed to ask yourself, How involved are you concerning the deen of your family? How involved are you?

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You see in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he would walk into the house of Ali and Fatima and he would wake them up for the night pray. This is a voluntary deed. Family members encouraging one another upon the worship of Allah. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would wake up his Wi Fi you shall obey Allah Allah to pray and with him.

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This is the last third of the night that one voluntary, like he would wake up in the beast Allahu Allah He was sallam said as in the hadith of Abu Dhabi, Allahu Allah, may Allah bestow his mercy upon a man who wakes up and he prays at night and he wakes his wife up. So if she doesn't wake up, He sprinkles water in her face and may Allah is still his mercy upon a woman who does the same thing. You see in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam encouraging the OMA

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for every family, the members of that family to encourage one another upon the worship of Allah azza wa jal Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches his wife, one of the girls and that's going to come with us later on. When he walked into God, probably Allah who I know she was sitting, and he left her presence and then he came back hours later, and he still found a sitting making vicar of Allah. And he would say to her, hi, you said after you for freezes three times, they would outweigh what you have said from the morning until now. So Pamela, who are behind the other faculty who are Yvonne FC, he was, you know, Tasha Umeda, Kelly Murthy. We're going to come to this.

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But the point is, once again, he's encouraging his family upon the worship of Allah azza wa jal. What are they doing tomorrow with also mentions that on the day of our Sherlock, which is coming on Friday,

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that the parents would get their children to files the day of Ashura. And if the children got hungry and began to cry, they will take them to a masjid and make for them toys from all and distract them with that until the sunset and ultimately was called and then they would break their fast. The idea is, and there's plenty of stories and plenty of Hadith to show you that there was a Greek involvement of the parents concerning the religion and the worship of the children. And this, as I said to is one of the greatest fundamentals in order to preserve righteousness among the family.

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You see, the sad thing is when you always bring up worldly matters to your children, and only worldly matters are discussed in the house. What's the next guy we're going to buy? What's

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We're going to go to what were your studies like? How was this subject and that subject? Which Park are we going to this week? What kind of sporting activity is going to be done? And all of these matters are being discussed. And when we observe, worships and how they're disgusting the house

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there's nothing very minimal. When was the last time a person gathered his children and family members and spoke to them something about Allah subhanahu wa taala. When was the last time look at the problem in today's society? What are people speaking about? In the cafes, in the restaurants, on the news, on social media, on the radios in the massage it what are people speaking about? Everything except Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Except for who Allah azza wa jal is bestowed His Mercy upon and still remains connected with Allah azza wa jal, he then the idea is no matter where you are on earth, there are fundamentals and principles that if you follow Allah azza wa jal will preserve

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your deen will preserve your Islam and will preserve the slum of your children. And that's what we're learning as the first observation in this hadith Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the greatest of men teaching his daughter, why did he go and teach someone else? The narration is saying he taught his daughter, all of the Allah Allah had to teach you and I, that as a father, as a mother, where is your involvement in sitting with your children and teaching them and Islam

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from the Quran, Hadith and dua of the messenger salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, it's fine, no problems. If you don't know you can send your children to schools and Islamic schools can teach him and a Quran teacher can teach. But you have to have some involvement in this as well. Teach your child and teach your child a hadith don't just rely on the teacher to do so. There is involvement there is baraka. There is wisdom in this. So that's the first observation. And this is by far the greatest responsibility that as parents you will have concerning your children, and that is to teach them the deen.

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The second observation we can see in this hadith is the style of speech. Notice something and W sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says develop Lima, Maryam now key and the smile will seek up notice the style. He said to her what prevents you from listening and doing what I advise you

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this style of speech, it creates passion and eagerness and excitement within the heart of the listener to pay extra attention to what is going to be set. And then that listener will be ready to implement this advice. He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying you notice he didn't just say if a morning reaches in the morning arrives in the evening arrives see this? He said to her what is preventing you from listening to what I have to advise you with? Who the answer is nothing. Nothing is preventing her from listening. Rather, she is completely ready to listen to what her father is about to advise off. But this is a style of speech in how you capture someone's attention. Right?

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For example, if I was to come to one of you, and I was to say to you, Brother, what stops you from listening to what I have to say to? Let's take a look. But you haven't said what is it? What is it that you want to say? Say it you're now excited to hear what I have to say? Right? So this is a style of speech that is perfect to grab someone's attention. So in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam with these words that he says in this introduction, he has kept defeated the heart of foul play modeled the Allahu Anhu Her ears are wide open now to listen to this advice and to implement that which in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam wants the teacher.

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The third thing is that in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said now all see ki be he referred to what he's going to teach her as a we'll see. Yeah. As I will see. Yeah. And advice. And also Yeah, in the Arabic language, it is to command or recommend a deed with emphasis. That's what I will say is different to utter rib otter heap at the rib is to encourage someone to do a good deed without any emphasis. Whatever he is to warn someone from something without emphasizing the warning. Well, we'll see here, and we'll see here is to encourage someone upon a good deed with extra emphasis, or to forbid and warn someone from a bad deed with extra emphasis. That's what it was. So

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here is it serious? Like you know when we say hola Surya, what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

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Oh, hello, see ya. What do you know about Lucia?

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The death, we'll see it is linked to death. So the dying person is recommended to write our three year before he dies. And whoever owes someone anything It's also recommended for him to write also. Yeah. But if you don't owe anyone anything, then it's permissible there is no recommendation for you in that case, but we'll see is tied to death, you know, a dying person when he wants to advise those after him of his family members and his relatives and so on. He does so with honesty with sincerity. Like he's leaving this old life Why is he gonna lie for hellos he's leaving. There's no point to lying. There's no point to be insincere. There's no point to be dishonest. He will write his heart

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out in this was Leah, my family, I advise you to do such and such. My family. Please go to such and such person that I have wronged and seek his forgiveness. Seek His forgiveness for what I had done for him. That's the worst person is dying. You're absolutely honest and sincere in every word that you're going to write because you're dying.

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So now we will see TV and we will see young is something that comes in see from the heart. And it is honest, it is genuine. And it comes with a lot of emphasis that this that we want to share tonight and maybe sallallahu alayhi wa sallam refers to it as not. In other words, this is coming really genuinely from Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just like all his teachings, but this extra emphasis on this one towards his daughter, all of the Allahu anha so this is an increase in incredibly, extremely important to that each and every single one of us must memorize and understand.

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We begin with this. Yeah, how are you? Yeah, for us? It began

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with two of the greatest names of Allah subhanho wa taala. Yeah, hi. Hi. Have you ever living Are you the maintain and sustain of all things? This dua began with the Rasul Allah Allah. It began by Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam seeking a way to Allah through two names of his that's a dorsal to seek a path and a way to Allah. And from the best ways to seek a way to Allah is to call Unto Allah through His names. When Allah hit a smell her snare for the Rubia to Allah belongs the most beautiful of names. So ask Him through His names.

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And this is from the etiquette of God. To start off by praising Allah, if you start your DUA, with a name of Allah, then you have started your DUA by praising Allah azza wa jal and you will find this a lot in Doha have a Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam In fact, you will find it in the first Surah of the Quran. Before we ask Allah He did not slop almost the team guide us to the straight path we praise Allah first Alhamdulillah he'll have been LME or praise and thanks belongs to Allah the Lord of the Worlds Allah manda Rahim two names of his Maliki Omi Deen, another name of his. And then er can Abdullah Yeah, can Stein and other priests and then he did not set up a monster team. This is

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from the etiquette of Doha. And it makes your DUA much closer for it to be accepted. And so this begins with the praise of Allah. And not only any two names, but these two names in specific and high Anelka you have been mentioned in a hadith that they are the Greatest Name of Allah subhanahu wata Mala. Mala one of them. The Greatest Name of Allah azza wa jal is how you alter UWM and then he's found in the hadith of Abu enamelware he Lee Albee Allahu Anhu. He said that in the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam said is Mala Hill avem and let the either Doria be a jab, FIFA Lathi su or in mineral Quran filled by karate or earlier Imran oppa. And the hadith is authenticated by Imam and

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Benny Rahim Allah in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, The Greatest Name of Allah. That if a person wants to call Allah through that name, Allah subhanho wa Taala will most definitely answer that dua.

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And this name of Allah is found in three swirl in Surah Al Baqarah Ali Imran and Paul her, Lulu Hema, whom Allah when they looked into these three swab, they found that there was one thing that was common between them all and that is a high yield per UWM in Surah, Al Baqarah AYATUL kursi Allahu La ilaha illa who will high yield to you

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In Surah, Allah Imran Alif Laam Meem Allahu La ilaha illa. Who will how you are young, in Surah pada wirenetting Luzhou, holy high yield a young. Therefore the conclusion was that the Greatest Name of Allah is Allah you will assume. And this is the opinion of Adnan am Rahim Allah and others have an arena map. And of course there is a difference of opinion. Is there anything else that is also considered the greatest name of Allah? Yes.

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Muhammad Allah in another opinion mentioned that it is the name of Allah. Allah is the Greatest Name of his subhanahu wa taala.

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And so there is no contradictory between these two statements and these two opinions. We're going to say that Bismillah both of them are the greatest names of Allah subhanho wa taala. And a person is encouraged to ask Allah azza wa jal through his name Allah when seeing Allah Houma and also through his name, and how young are you? So we're already off to a powerful start in this dhikr Yeah, how you have to you now why are the great why are they the Greatest Name of Allah subhanho wa taala. You see these two names of Allah and how you will use them? They combine and they collect them they gather all the attributes of Allah assertion. All of them are embedded within these two names.

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That's why they are powerful and they are considered the greatest names of Allah azza wa jal and how so? How do they combine all the names of all the attributes of Allah azza wa jal listen and pay attention, the attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala are of two types essentially two types. There is a type known as SIFAT, that the and SIFAT fairly, there are attributes that are ascribed to the self of Allah assertion self attributes, such as the fact that Allah azza wa jal is the attribute of an L that Allah azza wa jal is all knowing

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and that he is

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Yanni he has the ability over all things, the power, wisdom, majesty and oluwo Highness, these are Allah azza wa jal attributes that are known as the fact that yes, they are attributes ascribed to the self of Allah azza wa jal, he's always been like this SubhanaHu wa ala

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and such as the two hands the two eyes of Allah azza wa jal, the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala always honestly felt that

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the other type of attributes of Allah azza wa jal is what is known as Sleaford fairly and attributes that are ascribed these actions. Like we can call it actual attributes, such as ascending Elise the work when Allah azza wa jal created a louche through Mr. Raja Allah louche. Then he ascended and rose above the throne, also a new zone that Allah azza wa jal descends in the last third of the night to the nearest seventh, also al mushy that Allah azza wa jal, he comes on the day of judgment to judge between the people or Jaya or a Buddha, as Allah azza wa jal says in Surah Al Fisher, so now with knowing this kind of knowledge, these two

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categories, when we come back to the name of Allah and how you will consume the name of Allah azza wa jal and Howie and hate, it necessitates all asleep at a 30 year, all the attributes that are ascribed to the self of Allah, they go under and height.

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Allah azza wa jal is the old living. So he's always been living. And he's always been living that means he's always been knowledgeable of all things. He's always been wise. He's always had ability and might and power. He's always been high and lofty, right? And then when we say I'll pay you, then the name of Allah, Allah yom, all the actual attributes, go under the name of Allah, Allah Yun. And so this is why and how you, you were the Greatest Name of Allah subhanahu Madonna, because in one way or another, they combine and gather all the attributes of Allah subhanho wa taala. Indeed, when a person says yeah, how you Elka you, he's called on to Allah azza wa jal with all of his names and

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And how you will you my brothers and sisters in Islam, the one who knows the name of Allah, Allah, He will most definitely find peace and comfort in his life. Imagine a child that went to his father. And he said to him, My Father, if you die, who will feed us? Who will provide for us? Who will look after us who

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drove us around, who pay our rent. Imagine a child tip this these father.

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And you don't want that this is not a made up example. This is something that is actually alive and children are speaking like this to their parents in war zones. We ask Allah azza wa jal to relieve their affairs. But the idea is, imagine that this father, turns to the son puts his hand on his shoulder, and he said to my son, don't worry, I'm alive. So long as I'm here. Don't worry about all of these things. How confident would the child be? He'd feel somewhat at peace and tranquility that my father's here why am I worried about all these things?

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And of course to Allah azza wa jal belongs the highest of examples, but Allah is telling you these and how he's the old living. He's the one who never perishes and doesn't die and he is never destroyed. So he's always here. So that is supposed to bring great comfort and peace to the heart of the believer. And I told you a moment after Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam passed away. And you know how chaotic el Medina became one and to be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam died an assault the Allahu Anhu said Allah mafia Kulu che and Medina became dark everything became dark. The day in the beasts Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam died

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oh my god, the Allahu Anhu is pretty heated to kill the people that were saying he died. Oh federal the Allahu Anhu wasn't able to speak a word. Allah you know, the Allahu Anhu fell into his knees. There was a lot of crying in the masjid kills people have no clue what's going on. People are coming from all over the cities of El Medina on their horse and trying to find out what's going on.

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In the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam had died. Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu took the nimble. He got up and from what he said. He said men carry Abu Muhammad and Muhammad and

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woman Kenny Abdullah, in Allah Hey, you lay a hoot. He said seven people, anyone who used to worship Muhammad didn't Mohammed has died sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and anyone who used to worship Allah, then Allah is all living and he doesn't die. With these ones. He brought comfort to the believers. He proved him comfort. He's this situation. There was now tranquility descending upon the people yawning, okay. And the beasts sallallahu alayhi wa sallam died. I'm telling you, we still will never understand what this means because we never lived at that time when this incident happened.

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But we're seeing that Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu calm them all down with the fact that he reminded them, Allah is the old living

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in a more high layer mood is a huge name of Allah azza wa jal, not just just the fact we know Allah, he's living move on. This is a name that is supposed to bring tremendous comfort and peace to the believer. Imagine now when you're seeing Yeah, hi, in the morning, and in the evening with the right attitude. What kind of spirit? Is it going to Yanni inject within your heart? What kind of peace is going to descend upon such a person? What kind of tranquility is going to descend upon such a person?

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Wallah he my brothers and sisters in Islam. Sometimes we look into the names of Allah. And we just say we know this thing. We're familiar with this thing. Move on to something else, something new. Don't worry about something new. You have a lifetime to refresh your commitment with 99 names of Allah.

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These names are never outdated. These names are not something where you just open a book and read. These are names in which they are supposed to transform your life and your attitude to life. When you know Allah, he's unhappy, then you're not supposed to worry about anything. You're not supposed to carry any concern. Any worry in your heart concerning the worldly matters and its affairs and calamities and whatever it is, let know you know the name of Allah and how this is why Allah azza wa jal when he commanded us to rely upon him, he did not see what our canal Allah Allah, he said in another in surah. But more specifically in Surah, to sha Allah. He said, What can I learn how you

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lovey lay a Moute? He said, relying and put your trust on the one who is all living and never dies. Notice he didn't see rely on Allah. He mentioned an attribute a name of his. He said rely upon the all living the one who never dies.

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It's as though Allah azza wa jal give us the reason for why we're supposed to rely on him. He seemed to rely on me because I'm on living. If you rely on something or someone else, then you have brought destruction upon yourself, because everything other than Allah, dice, perishes is destroyed. So if you relied on other than Allah, for certain matters in your life to be fulfilled, the day that person dies, you will be shattered. Because you have unfinished business. He's finished, he's gone. How are you going to finish your affairs now?

00:30:38 --> 00:30:48

Like people that don't know Allah azza wa jal, and they are chronically ill, and they go from doctor to doctor, they find the best doctor they have ever come to in town.

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And this doctor has given them all promises, and I've got your shifa, I've got it. It's all in my hands. I'll do everything for you. And then two, three weeks later, imagine news went around that doctor has died. How shattered will this patient be? To know that the doctor who had promised he had the shifa in his hand has died?

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See the one who relies on other than Allah azza wa jal, he'll be disheartened will be destroyed. But the one who relied on Allah social and took by the means no problems because to rely on Allah. As a first step, it means take by the means someone is sick, he saw a doctor, he saw the best of go see the best doctor no problems. But the doctor says to the doctor, this is the means. I never relied on him anyway, to begin with. Whether this surgery was successful or not free, I didn't really care because I relied on Allah. Then Allah azza wa jal is a chef, he noted doctor, he just had a means and a tool in his and that's all. So the one who relies upon Allah, the proper reliance, because

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he's the old living because his Alhaj will find tremendous tranquility and peace in his heart. Allahu Akbar, therefore, this is why when we see Yeah, hi. In the morning with this ticket with this da, we have been reminded from the very beginning of the day, rely upon Allah has solution for that the rely upon Allah for that they do the means. And whatever happens, it happens by the permission of Allah, except the provision that is given to you at the end of that day, except whatever calamity came your way at the end of that they are the one who relies on how it's easy for him to accept these matters in his life. So this is the power of this name. And hi, my brothers and sisters in

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Islam. In another Hadith, the hadith of Ibn Abbas obey Allahu Anhu. He said that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say, Allah Who Malacca has slumped what began a month while they get our CELT once in a while because some Allahumma inni exotica La ilaha illa Anton to be learning and how you live in a boat when Gene will ensue mo tune. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salam used to make this dua he used to say oh Allah to you alone, I have submitted in you alone, I believe, upon you alone, I rely to you alone, I turn in repentance. And for you alone, I compete and fight the enemy. Oh Allah, I seek protection by your mind that you misguide me, you are alive. You are the old

00:33:40 --> 00:33:53

living the one who never dies, while Jim kind and mankind they die and they perish. But it was when the be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam knew that Allah is Allah Hi Allah.

00:33:54 --> 00:34:35

That Allah is the old living and he doesn't die. He was very quick to announce that he submits to him alone and believes in Him alone and relies upon him alone. And he turns to him in repentance and he battles for his sake and everything is done for Allah. You see what happened? You see all these declarations? In the beasts Allah Allahu Allah alayhi wa sallam was easily able to meet them, because he remembered the name of Allah and help lovey lay and that's the effect of this name of Allah azza wa jal, Allah, Allah the lair moved, my brothers and sisters in Islam, and how they are living, that is opposite to a minute, the one who dies

00:34:37 --> 00:34:45

and the one of course, who never dies is Allah subhanahu wa taala. He is He has always existed, he is alive.

00:34:46 --> 00:35:00

And he means the EverLiving the one who has the complete and perfect life, unlike mankind, an animal kind and jinn kind look at mankind for example, we were non existent at one stage level

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

Your country AdMob Cora, we had no mentioned

00:35:04 --> 00:35:23

when we sleep we are considered did a gnome a whole note in the bass Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam says, sleep is the brother of death, similar to when we get sick and we form eel that takes a toll on our life meaning our life is incomplete. When we are heedless, we consider that

00:35:24 --> 00:35:28

right because the one who doesn't make vicar of Allah azza wa jal is considered that

00:35:30 --> 00:35:34

methodology of God Allah Who loves the lay of God Allah method and how you will make it

00:35:35 --> 00:35:58

the example in the difference between who makes dhikr of Allah and the one who is unaware of Allah is the example of the living in the desert. So when we are heedless of Allah, we are dead, and then eventually we will die the major death. This is our life, see how incomplete and imperfect it is? Whereas Allah azza wa jal is alive, the complete perfect life

00:36:00 --> 00:36:15

and he means he is a world the first he doesn't have a beginning, meaning nothing came before him. Because if anything came before him, then that thing would have been the Lord. But Allah azza wa jal is, oh, well, nothing came before him.

00:36:17 --> 00:36:32

And this is why in the view, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained the name of Allah and a while and he said, the lovely Lisa of loving Sheikh nothing is before him. Everything existed after Allah, nothing came with Allah and nothing existed with him as well. Right all came after.

00:36:34 --> 00:36:37

And how you mean these alehrer The last

00:36:38 --> 00:36:50

interview some Allahu alayhi wa sallam said Felice, about DACA Sheikh, Allah being the last means that he remains after everything is destroyed. There is no ending for him. That's what the last means.

00:36:52 --> 00:37:01

Meaning he remains when everything parishes and is destroyed and gone and finished. Allah azza wa jal remains Subhan Allah

00:37:02 --> 00:37:22

and that's why he is alive, because he's the first and the last. Therefore, most definitely, there is no one worthy of worship except him. subhanaw taala Ibrahim alayhi salam, he used to call his people he used to preach to his people. And he would always bring up the name of Allah Allah in His Dawa.

00:37:24 --> 00:37:43

He would come to the people while they were worshipping idols, and he would say to the malleus now I'm gonna come if the rune are your idols listening to you when you call them to them, meaning they're dead. Why are you calling unto them? Meanwhile my Lord is at height. When I call unto him, he listens to me.

00:37:45 --> 00:37:53

Ibrahim Ali Salam would observe his people worshipping the sun, the moon, the stars. So he came to them.

00:37:54 --> 00:38:01

Allah azza wa jal, he said Philip measure Nalli he laid all I can cover when the night enveloped and it took place.

00:38:02 --> 00:38:31

He saw a Toka bizarre style. He said to the people, this is my Lord. Ibrahim is saying this, not that he believes that his Lord, but he's creating an argument against these people at the end. He will fire him with it with an incredible argument. He said, Alright, let's let it go with the wave. That's my lord. fella. fella. Call it our affiliate. The next morning when the star disappeared. He said Ron, I don't like this kind of Lord. She wants his type along he comes in he goes.

00:38:32 --> 00:38:33

If I need him during the day, where is he?

00:38:35 --> 00:38:36

So he appears and disappears.

00:38:37 --> 00:39:21

So when the night came, again from Janelle Elaine, he says he seen the moon he said to the next my lord fella marvelous all the moon disappeared. The moon was gone the next morning. Didn't like this. When the sun came he said Ma This is the Lord has Akbar. This is the biggest one. Fella Farah. And also when the sun disappeared and it went sunset it was gone. House now he came in, he declared the truth to the people. And he said, anybody who met to Shikun I declare innocence from all of that, that you worship. Look at it doesn't make sense. You're worshiping something that is on and off. If I need my lord at night, and you're seeing that your Lord is the Sun, who do I call to?

00:39:23 --> 00:39:33

And if your Lord is the star and the moon, and I need him during the day, who would I call to? So now he's bringing the idea that Allah is alive.

00:39:34 --> 00:39:42

He is there, present day and night, every moment of life and every moment of the day in the night.

00:39:44 --> 00:39:47

And this is how he established his case upon his people through the Name of Allah, Allah.

00:39:48 --> 00:39:51

Allah Hi, my brothers and sisters in Islam.

00:39:52 --> 00:39:59

He's the one who gives life a lie. In addition to everything we've said he's the one who gives life

00:40:00 --> 00:40:12

Since he's the only thing he gives the life and there's many examples in the Quran in which Allah azza wa jal mentions this reality and this fact, you know, during the time of bending Islam in

00:40:13 --> 00:40:44

someone killed someone that story is long but someone killed someone for della to fear, they began to argue and discuss among one another who killed him. No one's opening up. So Allah azza wa jal after a while a long process, he guided the people to go and slaughter a cow. Long questioning and so on. They got to the cow and they slaughtered the cow is that Allah azza wa jal is set for pulling up boo boo boo boo bah Bianca Delica 11 Moto E COMM A de la la Kentucky loon.

00:40:45 --> 00:41:00

A dead man Hollis is finished. He said to the people go and take a part of discount. Some narration has mentioned it was the arm that one of the legs of the cow the head of the cow whatever it was, it took a part of it and they throw it on this dead person.

00:41:02 --> 00:41:05

Level note that all of a sudden this dead person just rose

00:41:06 --> 00:41:10

and he said who killed him? And once again he died.

00:41:12 --> 00:41:15

Allah and he was able to bring him back to life.

00:41:17 --> 00:41:47

Allah azza wa jal, he says in Surah Al Baqarah and I'm Tara in Olivia has J. Ibrahim of Allah azza wa jal, he says and I'm Tara in a loving and a hollow human Dr. Eva who have a long difficult Allah whom Allah who moved to from my * bent on social mentions the story of the people of a town that ran away from the town because there was a plague. There was a pandemic, there was a virus, whatever it was in the town, they all ran away afraid of death had there are no people who move in there 1000s

00:41:48 --> 00:41:57

And as they're walking, they're running away from death. Allah azza wa jal says for Karla Homolka, who moved to die they're running away from definitely died.

00:42:00 --> 00:42:09

I want to make a similarity between a story that we experienced three four years ago but the idea is the running away from a plague running away from a pandemic

00:42:11 --> 00:42:27

in order to live and they don't call Hola Hola, como forma, *, it's just like that. 1000s he said to them come back to life and they came back to life and how that's because his name is Allah subhanho wa taala.

00:42:29 --> 00:42:54

And the greatest life that Allah azza wa jal gives mankind and listen to this carefully, is life upon Iman and Islam. That's the greatest life. This is the type of life that you want. That's the connection with the name of Allah Alhaj that you want. Not there how you just give me health and keep me surviving for another year or two, or a couple of years.

00:42:55 --> 00:43:06

Hired alive upon Amen and Islam this is exactly what you're asking for. Allah azza wa jal in the Quran, he says, a woman can be eaten for as

00:43:07 --> 00:43:53

long as xojo gives an example of a person. He says about a person who was made and that said here, meaning he was upon misguidance and disbelief. Arena and then we give him life. Life meaning we gave him life upon Iman and guidance, which Allah Who neuron and we made for him light, light, meaning we give him the Knowledge emcpe fitness and he is walking with this light among the people, meaning he is spreading this light the word of the Quran among the people, but the idea is in the eye of Allah azza wa jal referred to Eman in the heart as Lena we gave him life.

00:43:54 --> 00:43:57

Wouldn't it be simple Allahu alayhi wa sallam on the day of

00:43:59 --> 00:44:18

when the disbelievers finally took off from the plains of Ohio, and the believers had suffered huge losses. 70 of the companions killed the uncle of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam killed the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam injured, Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

00:44:19 --> 00:44:59

he said to the Companions, indeed, this is a massive calamity that they had seen. Third ago Muhammad, Allah azza wa jal, he said, in the midst of Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said to the Companions is still woo me Allah or be. He said to them line up so that I can praise Allah Allahu Akbar, Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam praising Allah in the most difficult of moments in the midst of a calamity, never forgot the praise of Allah has solution and actually encouraged all the Companions is it to them lineup? Allah we need to praise Allah azza wa jal, and he begins along priests and at the end of this dua, he said, Allah Who motto of

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

Find a Muslim in what?

00:45:03 --> 00:45:48

Muslim meanwhile Heppner, the solid hate. He said Our Lord, cause our death as Muslims and grant us life as Muslims. That's the life that you want life upon Islam and Eman will help now the solid heat and gather us with the righteous in the afterlife. So think of these meanings in the morning and in the evening. When you are seeing Yeah, how? When you're calling Unto Allah azza wa jal his name and how? Yeah, hi. So he is alive. So you might ask all right, he's Alhaj how does that benefit me? Why should I depend on him? subhanaw taala Why should I rely upon Him? Because He is also a you.

00:45:49 --> 00:46:33

Allah you this name always comes with the name of Allah Allah Hi. Alka Yom always comes with the name of Allah Allah Hi, they always together when the Yom is an MO be there the Illuminati mudra What's up can you um can you meaning he is self sufficient, he is dependent independent from his creation. He is not in need of any of his creation. And at the same time, all his creation, whether living or nonliving are all dependent on him. Subhanahu wa Taala that's what I'll tell you is, is that difficult? It's very easy. What is your Can you never forget? Until you meaning ALLAH is independent from his creation.

00:46:34 --> 00:46:44

doesn't need any one of them. And at the same time, all of them are in desperate need of Him. Subhanahu wata Anna.

00:46:45 --> 00:47:23

That's the name until you Allah azza wa jal, he says in hola whom sequel somehow it will orbit into Zula wala insalata in a second home and I had him embody. Indeed it is only Allah alone, who keeps the heavens in the earth from falling apart. And if they were to fall apart, none but Him could hold them up. CLP Alka Yomi is the one who maintains and he sustains. And he nurtures and He guides His creation. That's Alka Yun. He does all this for them. Look at just as simple as the heavens and the earth. If he let go of them,

00:47:24 --> 00:48:08

then they are going to fall and who's going to hold them besides, you know what? That's from the names of Allah that's from the meaning of Allah you, Allah azza wa jal, he says a man who are called immunological enough's. Allah azza wa jal is the maintainer and sustainer and provider of every single soul could laughs. You see, as human beings, even the animals will gin and all this, we depend on each other for our survival, right? In one way or another look at the baby depends on the breast milk of the mother to survive, then the child depends on the parents to survive, then you depend, let's say on your teacher for your education, then the wife depends upon her husband for

00:48:08 --> 00:48:15

financial Jonnie spending, as Allah azza wa jal said at leisure where Moon Allah Nisa

00:48:16 --> 00:48:31

and then you have the husband he is depending on his work for them to give him his income. And then we are depending on the people that are working in the Market stores to bring the food in there so we can buy it and they are depending on the farmer to grow. Everyone's depending on everyone, right?

00:48:32 --> 00:49:07

But Allah azza wa jal doesn't depend on anyone for existence. Zero that's Alka you. And you know if I was to tell you, be a human tonight, for the street that you live on just your street, be a human for it. Can you need to provide for everyone on that street? Listen to everyone solve all their problems, regulate everyone's blood pressure, maintain all their cells, make sure all the organs in function and they all correct. They look after the birds and the cats and the dogs and the animals and the ants and everything that's on that street. Well, not that you can't do anything. You can't even pay him your own self.

00:49:09 --> 00:49:53

Therefore Allah azza wa jal is for you of all things, and everyone at the same time, all around the globe. Things that you can see in things you can't see things you know about things you don't know about. That's the name of Allah azza wa jal, and could you How heavy how huge is this thing? And you are calling Allah associated with this name in the very beginning, the early hours of the morning. That's something huge of a human meaning you cannot do anything without him. subhanaw taala when you wake up, you need a human to get up. When you eat, and you digest food and you want to maintain health. You need a human for this. When you want to rectify your affairs and purify your heart, you

00:49:53 --> 00:49:59

need a human for this. When you need money and you need food and you need a drink and whatever you need in life, you need that

00:50:00 --> 00:50:01

kalume subhanho wa Taala

00:50:02 --> 00:50:45

that's the name of Allah azza wa jal Alka Yom. So that's the beginning of this dhikr yeah how you yaka you. And this is as we said, two of the greatest names of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is known as those sol, sol Now up until now on the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam is seeking a way to Allah azza wa jal by calling on to two of the greatest names of his subhanahu wa taala. Now the next part is going to be and is still author to be Rahmatullahi Subhanahu wa Taala and that's going to take a longer discussion with us. We're going to speak about Alistair Rafa. What is is the author

00:50:46 --> 00:51:33

and is the author especially through or Mattila he Subhanahu wa Taala the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal before then we get into the actual dua of Australis ship Nico level, one attack killed ni 11 FC Apocrypha time so we're going to stop here with the Allahu Taala sha Allah Tala our next lecture. Our next meeting is Allah will be Today is Tuesday, meaning it will be on Thursday, Thursday night and shall Mattarella we will continue below Hermetica strief Hoping that we extract some wisdom and some light from this, in order to better understand these of girl and implement them and live according to how on the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam wants us to understand the reality of this

00:51:33 --> 00:52:10

world the life My Brothers and Sisters in Islam at the end we ask Allah azza wa jal that he accept our gathering. Forgive our sins and our shortcomings we ask him subhanho wa Taala to bestow his mercy and his compassion and gentleness and kindness upon us all. We ask him subhanho wa Taala to admit us into the paradise man to be you know, so the dino shahada, it was solid hate. Or Hassan Oleg Rafi call ask Allah subhanahu wata Allah to grant us 107 In this world, the life and I have sunnah in the afterlife and that he saved us from the fire of *, whilst him Subhanahu wa Taala to save us from His curse and anger and punishment and rough. Ask him subhanho wa Taala to keep a

00:52:10 --> 00:52:24

steadfast upon La ilaha illallah to cause our death upon and Eman will Islam in the holy veliko pada rally or SallAllahu wasallam Modelica ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi COVID-19

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