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read the Quran. If you're listening to this, check the references. Learn the context. So learn the verses and read beyond the verses learn the context. fact check me please and prove me where I'm wrong. I welcome it. That's my challenge to you.

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spell out 100 Allah a salaam aleikum, greetings of peace. Welcome to the deen show, which is a way of life we try to put out there for everyone to see helping you understand Islam and Muslims. How you doing Mohammed? Had he job my brother? Sorry. How you been? How you doing? in Villa? Not bad on the deen show? Yeah. Now there's a guy out there. They call him louder than Crowder, Steven router? Is it something like that? Yeah, brought to our attention. And have you noticed there's a lot of people out there talking about Islam. We were with the friend yesterday. And you had mentioned something brilliant. You said that many people

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do remember what you were talking about how people just, you know, just to stay like?

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relevant. They have to like, mention Islam. Yeah. Why is this? It's part of like, what you were talking about boys like the Islamophobia machine at the woman, isn't it? So um, I think nowadays, Islam is undoubtedly part of the political narrative, whether it be the western political narrative, the Middle East and political narrative, the Asian political narrative. And there's something that, you know, must be talked about, and a lot of people that

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come across as public intellectuals want to make sure that they they have their opinion on Islam. Unfortunately, the reality is a lot of people that do talk about Islam are not people have any knowledge of it, and make incredible blunders. Yeah. So the guy who was telling me about him, Chris, he says, you know, this guy, you got to look into Steve Crowder. He has some good talking points on some other topics that he mentioned. Yeah. So the guy Chris tells me he says that you met. He says, What? But you got to correct him on Islam. Yeah. He said, You got to disguise totally, again, another person out of their lane. Absolutely. You follow me? So why don't we I thought it'd be a

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good idea. Let's see what he's talking about. And let's talk to this, Steven louder than Crowder. Why not? Sounds good. All right. The macaroons were also acting defensive their religion since it was Muhammad's goal, he was planning on destroying their idols establishing Islam by force. Hence, this part of the verse is so critical.

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Because in the verse 839, where it says religion is only for Allah, meaning that the true justification of violence was unbelief of the opposition, the justification for violence against them was simply unbelief. Mohammed further explains in the Syrah, Allah must have no rivals. So again, we're coming back to there is no innocent non Muslim, particularly if you resist Islam.

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Not just being non Muslim. But if you say, you know what, No, I'm not. I'm gonna be Buddhists. I'm gonna be Krishna, that is evil. You cannot be innocent. So we need to drill this into you. So you understand it more and more context. next clip, and he never responded to evil with evil, but rather he paused and didn't forget. Was this guy talking about? Well, this is a problem. I mean, this is a classical example of cherry picking a verse from a surah called sorbitol and fell a chapter of the Quran Chapter Eight of the Quran to further political agenda. So let's deal with the verse particularly directly right. The verses Wakata umatilla, Hakuna fitna. takuna Dena kulula the and

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fight them until there is no fitna fitna means corruption. Yeah. And the exigency This means shift which means policy ism, and that all of the religion is made for Allah first and foremost, he didn't even hate for God. Yeah. For the Creator, for for the Creator. That's right. Because many people they think right away when you talk about a lot. This is something like different God. Yeah, no, that's it. That's a good point. Some people think it's a moon goddess. Yeah, isn't it? So this is the guy cuz he's a Christian. Right? So this is the God of Jesus, the one Jesus prayed to. That's right, right. We believe in the same God. We don't believe in a Triune God, we don't believe Jesus

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is God or the Holy Spirit is God. But we believe in the creator of the universe. His name is Allah. Allah just means that God or literally the one worthy of worship, is this the God. And you can go back to this point, yeah, Lord's Prayer. Or father, if you change up to rob Yeah. who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, is this the god the same God, that's the God we don't call him father, like you mentioned. But it's the same God of Jesus. Basically, why don't some Christian says why don't you just call him father? Well, we don't call him father because of the connotations that the word father has. In chapter 112 of the Quran says, Let me Allah Allah mula that he has, he

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doesn't beget nor zebu gotten. So God, we don't believe that he is a child of anyone, nor does he have any children. We think that this is a later historical development of the Nicene Council and that which came after it in terms of ecumenical councils. And then when we say a lot, this is I mean, you have opened up the Arabic Bible. Yeah. And in Genesis

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Today more 17 times I think a law is used allows us everywhere in the Bible in the Arabic Bible, Jews or Christians, Jews and Christians use the word Allah yeah to refer to God. Okay, so this is the God the Creator. Yeah. Okay, please go ahead. So going back to what we were talking about sort of chapter eight of the Quran. First and foremost, it's important to know the historical context. So this surah came down, talking about a particular battle, which was the first ever Battle of the Muslims called the Battle of better. The Battle of better was actually a defensive war of the Prophet Mohammed SLM, whereby the people of Mecca and he talks about the exile had just exiled the

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Muslims that have been kicked out of their homes. And then they had to sell bass in another place, which would then become the capital of the Muslim world for a while, which was Medina, Medina was another city and what happened was, they were coming offensively to attack the Muslims, and the Muslims would respond. So how do we actually substantiate that with the verses in that particular surah? because someone's Okay, well, you're being an apologist. Now you're trying to say something, which is not historically correct. Well, look at the verses itself. I mean, you don't just check chapter eight, verse 39, without checking chapter eight verse one up until whatever it is 70,

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whatever verses that are in the verse in the chapter, so it's very clear that the context starts, maybe around verse eight or nine, where it's talking about what is the either

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what is the either the boy fatality in the Holocaust, that Allah talks about a particular caravan or two particular caravans, and he sets the context from there. That's where the verse starts. Actually, before that Allah subhanaw taala says,

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God's Almighty, when we tell him, he's God Almighty, He says that he caused you to come out of your home. So in other words, he was in a position of safety and the Muslims were a position of safety and then he was caused to come out of the home. Well, in every communist movement in the locker room, and there were a portion of Muslims that didn't want to do this. They don't even want to fight. Why? Because they felt like they were being attacked in chapter 30 of that particular surah. Allah subhanaw taala says, because now we're kind of building up the context right? A Lost Planet, Allah says, where the ankura can Latina cafaro live Rijeka okoto. Luca,

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Luca, Luca,

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that when the disbelievers planned against you or Muhammad, that they will grab you seize you, or kill you, or take you out of your homes way. I'm Karuna am Corolla Willa hodl mascarene that they plant in a Lapland and allows the best of planets. In other words, this again indicates the fact that the Muslims were defensive because actually who was who are the ones making the plans to kill who the Quran is explicit in saying that the the disbelievers or the politics of the time, were the ones who are making the plans to attack the Muslims. Then we lead up to verse 39. Because once again, it's not a verse in vacuum. It's a verse in context, right? So we're trying to lead up to

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Verse 39, then tells us that in this context of war, we're caught, we're caught Wakata, umatilla takuna, fitness away akuna, Dino kulula, then fight those individuals, ie those people who are fighting you. And how can we also prove that this is a war context? In verse 57, of the same surah, Allah mentions the word herb in Arabic, which means war. So the word war is explicitly mentioned. And you'll find in verse 61, was even more interesting. It says when he were in Jannah, whoa, illa selmy. Federal law. So if they inclined to peace, then you should also incline to peace. So when you look at the whole surah, when you look at the whole chapter, and when you look at all of these,

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these points, you realize very quickly that this was a defensive war. Now, we're not saying that Islam only prescribes defensive wars. We're just saying that if you put that in the context, this particular verse in the context of what we talked about, this was a defense of war. Right? That's point 1.2. What he said was absolutely one of the biggest blunders I've ever heard a commentator make of his, you know, significance here, he's got a lot of viewers can't believe that he was able to get away with this. He says the reason why Muslims are killing non Muslims is because of their non belief. So if someone was a Buddhist or something like that, then they would be able to be

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killed. This is absolutely false and can be refuted with two or three verses of the Quran quite easily. One of them is chapter 22, verse 39,

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where it says ordinary Lena it says that, basically the for it has been allowed permission has been given, or Xena ozamiz permission has been given to the believers to fight, be under home volume, because they have been oppressed. So this is very significant. Why is it very significant? Because the reasoning because he says the reason right? The Quran says also the reason the reasoning behind fighting is given in this verse. So in other words, he's saying the reason that Muslims are

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commanded one command historically to find all Muslims was because they were non Muslims. The Quran says otherwise the Quran says the reason it says bn mo because they have been oppressed. Now this is extremely important. Because here, the language that is used is that is couched as the Quran is couching this in language of justification. The syntax is a syntax which is couched or the phraseology used is phraseology, which is couched in language of justification is not language have killed them because they are non Muslims or disbelievers. Now, that's a very important point. To add to that you have chapter 16 verse eight, which was mentioned in a previous show, which is important

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to actually mention one more time on this. It says Larian How can one line and lead in LMU Cthulhu confer Dini? Well, I'm usually do come in the room and terbaru motto aim and allow you have lost in that certainly Allah does not disallow you from being just being kind to this believers, they don't take you out of your home, and they don't kill you that you'd be just to them and kind to them that Allah certainly loves those who are just so in other words, the two things which would enable someone to fight someone else who is an unbeliever, say, or even a believer in some cases in the Quran Chapter 49 says you can Muslims can fight each other in certain cases where there were there's

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transgression going on, is if they're fighting is if there is fighting. So in other words, if they're combatants, or if, or if they are trying to physically take you out of your homes. So all of this and obviously chapter five, verse 32,

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in the market in the democratic left zone dividing

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cotton and so Jimmy, so whoever kills a person for other than murder, or creating corruption in the land is as if they called all of humanity. This is a verse which is not abrogated, is still in place, and includes Muslims and non Muslims. According to the consensus of the scholars. All of these are verses which indicate that what this person is saying is not actually something you'll find. If you look at the whole Islamic corpus, and we've just looked at the Koran,

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a holistic if we look at it in a holistic way. Obviously I've mentioned this in another in our previous video.

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Also, we could mention the fact that the Prophet Mohammed II said and he said, Mankato, Mr. Hayden, let me tell Jenna, that whoever kills a noncombatant non believer, he will not smell the fragrance of heaven.

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Mohit, according to image last colony, who is the biggest scholar of interpretation of the Hadith probably ever to write a commentary of the Hadith and Sunni Muslim history called fat Highbury, he says this means someone who basically is either equal a misstatement or he This includes a misstatement in my head, and someone who says me So in other words, anyone who there is a contract of who is not a hobby, a hobby is a combatant. So you could actually translate this Hadith, the saying of the Prophet, whoever kills a non combatant, he will never smell the fragrance of heaven. noncombatant non believer will never smell the fragrance of heaven. So hey, the question is, how can

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you explain those verses and Hadith? If you if you're saying that the reason why Muslims are instructed to kill non believers is because they, they are non believers. How can you explain 20 to 39 where it says the reason is because they have been oppressed. How can you explain chapter 16 verse eight, how can you explain chapter five verse 32? How can you explain the Hadith which says whoever whoever kills a noncombatant and non believer, they will never smell the fragrance of heaven. You can't explain them. That's the reality of it. So it becomes a checkmate position for those individuals who are advocating the correct position of Islam which is that we are not allowed

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to kill non combatants, non believers. We're not allowed to kill anybody, in fact, is haram is to is actually impermissible to kill anyone except in the context of war, whether is a leader, a Muslim leader, who's who is leading a Muslim army, etc.