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You know I'm going to pause for from our series and I just want to share with you a hadith

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a sound Hadith

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because I just saw, you know,

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I saw the violation of this hadith happening multiple times, especially the second part and I want to shout out to Allah also our youth

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You know, our, my dear beloved youth and heroes and heroines listen to this, because sometimes we tend to joke and play with one another, but in a form that violates this hadith. So hey, guys, guys, hey.

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Come back. Come back. I want you to hear this.

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I have a message for you from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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Did you know this?

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I have a message for you from the profit center. Can you listen to this? Okay. So have you heard a lot about the Allah and Hadith haven't had it hasn't. It's just sound heady. And I'd be hearing a lot about the Allahu Anhu Allah Allah rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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with a camera

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man after Bill Aleman.

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Ghana is small LM and after

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Walkman off to be later in Montana Elmo, Ghana is mu alum and after

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woman Ashara Allah He be mid year Allah Marusia fee for Putana.

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So the prophets have sent them mentioned I'm going to share with you two Hadith actually tonight. These are from the rights of the of the Muslim. So the Prophet SAW Selim said if anyone is given

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a wrong legal

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decision, a long verdict, a wrong verdict or fatwah. Right? The sin rests on the one who gives it to him.

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And number two, if anyone advices his brother, knowing the right guidance lies in another direction, He has deceived him.

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So if you know that the best advice or the best course of action for someone is to do something and then but you don't actually deliver that advice, or you give them the wrong advice. Right.

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Then the process I've said that is treachery.

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That's a betrayal right because the believers are supposed to rely upon one another and trust one another. So

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the next Hadith

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that I wanted to share it the second part and I want our kids to listen to this insha Allah Allah

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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in a hadith for anyone to point a weapon in another narration, a sharp object at another Muslim even if they're joking.

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You're not supposed to point it like even when you hand them the other is not to hand them something with the sharp side pointed towards them or with the with the with the tip of it pointed towards them. You're supposed to give it to the person from the handle. Right? Be it a screwdriver, right knife especially if it's nine right? I don't know why people hand each other swords but you know, any sharp object anything that could potentially cause harm

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any of these tool anything right acts anything when you hand it

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even if you're handing it right you're supposed to not point the sharp edge or tip towards the person now doing it in a joking fashion you know how people sometimes joke with each other and they that is haram

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doing it intentionally to scare the person that's a major sin.

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The province have seldom said and listen to this hadith

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min Ashara Isla he beheaded Feynan Mala aka the Taliban who were in Kandahar holy Abby, he wanted me

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right, because the safety of the believers is not to be taken lightly. Right. The Prophet Sam said he who points a weapon or or a sharp object or a metal piece right

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towards his brother in Islam. The angels involved

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curse upon him, the angels will curse him until in another narration until he puts it down. So long the person is pointing it, the angels will be cursing that person.

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Right? Sometimes I see in some of our kids, you know, they find like, a piece of metal or, or a stick, and they start fighting with each other and they point them at each other like, you know, it's not it's not permissible to do this. Somebody can get hurt. My wife earlier today was telling me how, you know, two boys were playing with each other and one of them through, smacked.

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The other one with a keychain and one of the keys penetrated the scope of the other boy, paralyzing him.

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I said, they were playing.

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They were playing. This is why we don't we don't joke with these things.

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Right? So so the process have said, Whoever points a sharp metal piece of metal or weapon or something towards another believer, the angels will curse him until he puts it down.

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They were in Canada, how will they be he will owe me even if it's his full brother.

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Even if it's his full brother full, you know, brothers sometimes joke with one another.

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The angels will curse that person.

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Why the hell that happens? The province of Salem forbade Muslims also from scaring one another or pushing each other in a fashion that you know, or sometimes Sometimes you see people also doing this which is foolish using their cars. Right? Like the person will be coming in the parking lot. There's a bunch of brothers standing. And then the person comes like, you know, as if they're, he's going to run them over. Right? Jokingly and everybody laughs No, no, this is not a laughing and joking matter.

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Because anything could go wrong.

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Right? You could lose control over the steering wheel. And you can hurt someone. So these things, these kinds of actions are not permissible. They're forbidden aside if someone is doing it. Jokingly, It's haram. If someone does it intentionally is a major sin.

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Right? So in sha Allah to Allah, we should be very careful and avoid these kinds of actions. Barak Allah Yes. Yeah, Ma. Oh, God is even worse. Because, you know,

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I don't like it even toy toy guns.

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In know, you know, how many times people you know, lost, lost an eye or they were hurt because of, you know, paintball. They call Pete more people. Yeah. Or any of these. Anything. You should not pointed at a human being or an animal, by the way that you don't intend to actually hunt. I don't want to brother.

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I guess we, you know, especially if you're going to be sharing it, then hamdulillah say Bismillah Allahu Akbar. And share whatever you catch. If you're not going to share it.

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Yeah, honey.

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Yeah. So even animals that you don't intend they're not suitable to be hunted the or you know,

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that you're not you're not intending to actually consume. You shouldn't use them as targets.

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Any other question?

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Exactly. Yeah. You know, you can do pretend with water guns.

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Yeah, not not with anything sharp. Yes. Yes.

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Even if you're careful.

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The only time you can point a sharp object towards a human being or Muslim, is if you're a surgeon, and you're trying to do surgery, and that's the only way you can help them. So that's the only time that even then it's used to say Bismillah and then after the surgery, you should ask your patient for forgiveness for hurting them

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or make them

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was that?

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Yes, you're not supposed to

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any anything, anything that has that that potentially can hurt the person?

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Right? Let's say when you're pointing it, it accidentally if you miss if, if you're too close if you fall on them. If it's if it's going to cause any kind of injury, then you shouldn't pointed at them. Right? And that's why again, the proper edit is when you when we're handing tools to one another is to hand to give to hand the person they handle. Not the sharp part.

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Right? A lot of time, same thing goes sisters, when you hand something to your husband, he wants a knife, make sure inshallah you bet Yes.

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Love you. Or vice versa, shall Subhanak Elohim. Hamdi Kenisha.