Allah’s Victory Is Near

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Why is victory to the believers has not come yet? Some people even ask, Why is it taking a loss so long to respond to our da, I personally even received a letter where a person says In summary, that I have been making dua to Allah numerous times, I have not seen a response, my daughter has not been accepted. And as a result, I became an atheist. That guy left the religion so Pamela, what is going on, and another person, a sister who was on campus, and then she sees that her car got scratched with the key or so. And then she felt this is perhaps due to her wearing her hijab. So as a result, she took off her hijab. So these stories continue to happen and there's a lot that can be said, but

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there's one point I want you all to please, along with myself, pay attention on and make sure we master what's the point brothers and sisters look in the past and learn the way Allah works with this life. The sunnah of Allah, Allah, his methodology in this world. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, why he did he goes through, he went through so much negotiation to let go of his faith. They went to his uncle Abu Talib, tried to tell your nephew to stop you're conveying the religion and he was steadfast. They tried to bribe him money, wealth, fame, you want you need a doctor to help you you're going crazy will have anything. They tried to compromise one day for you to worship

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your God one day for us to worship idols. None of that worked. What did they resort to punishment, torture, persecution, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it got so bad that one time he was praying right next to the cabeza towards the Kava right next to it. So Abu Jamal says overall Isla del murai go see that show off go see that loser, the one who's praying right in front of the Kaaba, who amongst you will go to the slaughtered Campbell of so and so family and do what with it, go to the slaughter camel and get the dung that filth the abdominals have that dead camel and wait until Mohammed prostrate his phases on the ground and in poor and dumped everything on him. Look at that

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Buddha has that loser of the elite, the one who had influenced the one who had money, the one that the prestige, he's looking after Muhammad in a way to harm him. So who stood up and volunteered Robin ebeam. Right, one of the most miserable human beings. So he goes personally I want you to pay attention to the word personally Why? Because Elphaba was of the elite had slaves could have told someone go do this, this and that for me. But his hatred in him was so much that he will stoop to that level that I will go get the blood the abdominals of the debt Campbell and I will personally grab it and go over my clothes with my own hands and wait until Mohammed Salah Salem prostrate, then

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dump everything on him. And indeed octubre goes and he goes all the way to that dead camel grabs that will can eat that filth. Can you imagine that disgusting look and image the blood pouring the abdominals the fill the dung and so on. Then he waits next to the Prophet Aliso Salaam. And the moment the Prophet makes the Jude Chapin or bill Allah, Akbar dumps everything on his back. And everyone that was there, Abu jehlen Akbar, they laughed so much, then the ration says they were laughing that they had to lean on the outward so they don't fall. That's how funny it was to them. That that moodies Muslims are worthless, they are helpless. They can't even do anything and help

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themselves, even mister without the Allahu anhu He says, I saw that scene. I swear if I had any power, any network to be able to wipe off the dirt from the back of the Prophet, I would have went there. Brothers and sisters. The old man was so weak that the Prophet himself did not have someone of the Sahaba group and army to go clean that filth off his back. That's how weak the point of the oma was at that time in Mecca. And I'm going to highlight something very important about Hold on. Then someone passed by saw this and they went to 40 Marathi Allahu Allah. When they went to fault him a faulty man oh hiya joy em. She's a little young girl Allah. What about that little young girl

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or dela Ana, she rents out to her father, and she cleans all that filth over the back of her father Allah you thought was Salaam. Then she faced Abu Jamal Akbar and the enemies of Islam and she started to steamroll them. She started to curse them and rebuke them. Why did you do that to my father, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam pay attention when he finished his Salah

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when he finished his Salah when he finished his

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Allah Why am I stressing on this? Because he knows Allahu Salatu was salam to be victorious, to be strong to be a man of dignity, I got a worship Allah. He didn't give up on Salah. He didn't say there's no meaning in this. He didn't say why would Allah do this? To me this while I am praying to Him, He didn't do he knew that for me to be not humiliated in this life. I need to hold tight to my Salah to my connection to Allah with Allah in the Quran was telling, you know, hold steadfast seek assistance and what he Allah was staying in Oba Sabri with patience, perseverance was salah and inside, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he got up and he faced the enemies and he made

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against them. He doesn't usually do that, but whoever deserves it deserves it. So the Prophet Allah whom Allah O Allah, get revenge towards this Christ, these evil people, he Allah, He said that three times, brothers and sisters, they got bad and the lower class the individual was in society. Oh boy, what did he get of torture? May Allah protect us all the Arab bill le murabaha. Allah when he got a bad he was a Muslim. He was black. He was a slave. People didn't see value in such human beings at that time. So the people tried to torture him. They got him topless, put a massive rock on him. And all what they told them was glorify these idols. Talk something bad about the Prophet I said, sell

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your faith for something Come on, but the whole time be land's response was I had an ad there's no god but one there's no god but one Allah I had an ad. So they got so angry for Otto who didn't will done so they gave me lol to the little kids. They tied Bilal. And he started dragging him on the streets of Mecca. Our rock hits him, breaks a bone, bruises his body, you know him bleeding, whatever it is, and the whole time, beloved, being dragged. He says I had on I had a head on a heart there is no God but Allah, may Allah make us all strong, God make us all strong yob and then yes, you may wonder

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in the top Why is Allah victory not coming? What's going on? I want to tell you a human being is a human being. And one of those have Allah, Allah who I know may Allah be pleased by them, one of them hubbub. He went to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and he wanted a prime minister zero so Allah, Allah de stone zero Lana, do you not ask for help and tender law and old prophet of Allah would you not make dua to Allah for us to know so Allah and the Prophet 10 cents that feeling of weak this feeling of hastiness, so the Prophet got angry, now.

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His face turned red, then he went to hubbub, and he told him, there were people from the past true believers from the past, who would have their skin their bodies combed with iron combs, what iron combs that would separate the skin, the nerves from the bones,

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yet through codina that person will not let go of that Dean with all of this does not let go of their Dean, and someone of the past used to come and they would to dig a hole just for him, and the head would come out of that hole. Yeah, it will mean shot or saw. And that saw we placed right above their head, and they will cut it into two pieces. Ma your swivel with Alec and Dini that will not cause that man to hesitate, and let go that religion that will not cause that man to have no doubt in his faith Allahu Akbar, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Well, are you Tim min Allah has a number, this religion will prevail, the truth will take over, oppression will be gone.

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The oppressed will get the rights back. The oppressors will be held accountable. Whether you Tim Mandela had a number, so much so that someone will travel from Santa in Yemen all the way to hell dollar amount, will fear no one will fear no one lie. In law Allah will fear no one except the anger of Allah will only fear of loss of power, that that's the only concern. I don't want to do something that upsets Allah, Allah. The Prophet is saying that in such a weak point in Mecca brothers and sisters, he's saying that while he couldn't have the Sahaba clean that filth off his back, and he's saying that was confidence, because he knows the victor of Allah comes, but we need to be real men

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and woman, true believing men and women. You know what the prophet said at the end? He said to them, well, I can now contested you don't, but you guys are hasty. You guys keep rushing and rushing. You want everything to rush quickly. I want it right now right now. When that cannot come to stand you're doing and brothers and sisters will

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We too are hasty. We too are hasty. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran and huseby to enter total Jenna, Allah says do you think you will make it to Jenna will MIT come? methodology Medina Holloman company come and you will not face you think you will go to Jenna, but without facing what the people in the past have faced. Why what did they face? Most said to mull Besa over the role was you know, they were seeing adversity, hardship, suffering and they were shaken to their core, so much so that the Prophet and the people at that time they said matter not through law. They said when as a last victory coming then at the end a lot but when the peak of hardship comes when the

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peak of adversity hits right after that Allah says Allah in Nasir Allah is corrib indeed non negotiable without a doubt. Allah's victory is near. And in North Carolina Carrie Lam saying this meal likes it from all of us era Taco Bell, but you feel the adversity that we're going through as an old man, weakness on his sense of suffering, you cannot do help your brother and sister something may happen to you are something may never reach them. You feel like you're almost hopeless, know that the victory is right at the door. Know that at the peak of it is right at the door that victory is coming. Brothers and sisters but take note of something very important. The ages of human beings

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is not like the ages of nations to different ages. When the prophet SAW Selim, for example, he mentioned that victory over the two super evil powers, the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire. He promised that Islam will prevail, their oppression will come to an end it did take place, but it was after he passed away. What am I trying to say here? Victory is not associated to a specific individual. Allah has given us not only given just a specific individual is only tied to that person, Islam will not die with the death of an individual even if that man was a prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. So what should we do? You work you pave the way if we see that victory in our

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lifetimes? Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah if we do not then so be it may our children see it. But you and I we work hard. And we know we gotta stay steadfast and strong in the face of the adversity because Allah never breaks his promises brothers and sisters, be true men and women and in sha Allah insha Allah. If we don't see victory, we will celebrate the victory with those believers who have seen it in the future. All in Jenna with a prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam Mila Milla keep you all strong amenable alanine