Mohammed Hijab – Reacting to William Lane Craig Dismantling Cosmic Skeptic

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The conversation is about the theory that everything has a potential to come into existence, but it cannot be impossible. The speakers discuss the idea of "traditional elements," and how it is a potential answer to the theory. They also mention a video where someone is joking about their own claims of being a "monster" and causing people to think that they are not real.
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The reason you can't say that only universal can can come into being out of nothing is because nothing doesn't have any properties. And so therefore can't have a kind of preference for universes over other things. Yeah. My response to that was to say, What if the, what if the necessity of it being a universe is not a property of nothing but a property of the thing? And and let me explain myself? If,

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for example, if we human beings create a circle, it has to be round, right? We can't create a square circle. Right? But that's not due to a property of us. That's due to a property of circle, right? Yeah. So in the same way, although nothing has no properties, and so can't prefer universes. What if it can only what if only universes can come from nothing because of a property of the universe? Not because of the property of nothing? Right? Before his response? Isn't that like the opposite of what happened? during the debate? during the debate? He said that you putting words in my mouth?

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Well, let's watch what he says in the debate review. Yeah, let's see what he says in the debate review. Okay, I'm beginning to get the impression that Muhammad hijab wants me to justify my claim that the universe began to exist out of nothing. Okay. slight problem with that. I never said that. Mohammed, he sharp has quoted me, quoting someone else's belief, quoting me, quoting a belief that I don't agree with and is claiming that I was making that claim. So that's quite interesting, because he's obviously making a point that you're attacking a straw man in the debate. He didn't say that.

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And then he told you something. And he said, No, no, I didn't say that. Okay, he's actually making it very clear that that is a potential answer out of whatever William Lane Craig was making. What do you make of that? I don't know. I genuinely don't know what this guy is about. Because I thought what the * is this is why would he even put that after having made this massive video? Yeah, seriously, this massive video saying how he misrepresented me misquoted me. I don't believe that laughing It's like, why would you then go and say the same thing? The same thing to William Lane Craig, of all people in the world? Yeah. Who was seen as one of the muscles that Columbus was

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calling the West? He knows what you're saying. He understood it the way I understood it. And then he proceeds to just destroying Yeah, let's see his response. Actually, he had a very interesting response.

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Right? Yeah. So in the same way, although nothing has no properties, and so can't prefer universes. What if it can only what if only universes can come from nothing because of a property of the universe? Not because of a property of nothing, right? That's that is exactly what you would have to say. Because you say properties only in here and existing things. beings have properties, not non being. So you'd say it's an inherent property of the universe, that it can spring into existence.

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That doesn't exist.

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As a property.

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Yeah. Sounds strange. But the reason why I think it's useful to think in those terms, or at least have the possibility of it happening is because specifically the objection that why don't things pop into existence all the time. I suppose what I'm trying to do is make at least a far fetched case, I'm trying to show at least a possibility. Yeah, things could come into existence out of nothing. And yet, by definition, we'd be incapable of witnessing it. So maybe things do come into existence out of nothing all the time. Because he's erroneous. This guy's taking. Sorry, sorry.

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This guy's joking. He's saying things come out of existence that this guy, this guy.

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He's making the case. No, no, no, but he is saying is far fetched. Yeah, he's saying Why are you saying that? As far fetched? Because his potential is a potential. Why is it a potential?

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that something's consequences of nothing all the time?

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You just made a whole video saying that was misrepresenting? Yeah. But what was this? What was this? I love Craigslist once.

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Let me commend you for your method as a real scene, because by pushing these questions, what you help the atheist to see is the intellectual price tag. Yes. of his atheist.

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Christian apologist

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The intellectual price tag of non belief and if

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you look at it

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oh my god requires me to be a neat mereological nila to think that things have an intrinsic property that they can come into being that other things don't have. This is all raising the intellectual price tag of nonbelief. I love that for me at least Alex just way, way beyond what I'm willing to pay.

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