Yahya Ibrahim – Road to Return #35 – I Will Never Forgive Them

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of forgiveness in a culture where everyone refuses to forgive. They argue that forgiveness is not just about solving a crime, but also about showing mercy and being able to grow towards Islam. The speaker also mentions a woman named Alice Ed who was supposed to be killed but she was killed by a robotic process.
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I will never forgive them. Now how no one with a 11 law. Those are the words of somebody who is about to transgressed and is about to go past where Allah Subhana Allah ordered us to stop.

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See, forgiveness is not just about you know forgiving a crime that somebody committed about you. That's not what I mean here. I mean the mindset of in your heart being unwilling to give a person and opportunity to redeem themselves and Allah Subhana Allah tells us in no uncertain terms in the hotel and well funa and NAS, those who pardon the errors of others, are those who sat here Isla Filton, who will raise to the forgiveness of the Lord and agenda that is greater than the heavens and the earth. The prophets I send them teaches us our raha moon I have him Homer rock man, those who show mercy to others will be shown mercy By Allah, the prophets I said Lim said or hammelmann

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fill out of your huncle Memphis sama. If you're able to show mercy to those who live with you on Earth, the one above the heavens and the one above his creation will be able to show you his mercy Subhana one to Allah. And if you want the law to forgive you, why are you unwilling to forgive them and add to a buena Yellowfin Allahu lecom? How could you not want Allah to forgive you by you showing first that you're willing to overlook the mistakes of others and allow people to make up and have amends if they are genuine in seeking reform? Now, I want you to know it is not how long for you to not forgive someone in particular for something, but it is how long for you to have a mindset

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where you will never forgive anyone who says something about you or wrongs you in any way. You should not have that callous, cold hearted, uncompromising, unwilling to soften your stance in any way in any shape and form. I asked you by Allah Subhana Allah to heal your own state to take power over your own narrative, by you being in charge of who you forgive and being able to forgive you take the power of the action that they have wronged you with, and you take power over your ability to forgive. It is a liberating thing. forgiving others is something that grants you liberty and freedom. The prophets I seldom said let there be given us that there is a mentioning gender in the

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Middle High part of it, for the one total can mirror our incana mohaka. To someone who gives up arguing even if they know they're right and justified. And the prophets I sell them says that there's a mentioning Jenna for the one who sin Mankato who connect those who cut them off who somebody has wronged them, wronged him and they cut them off and don't want to speak to them. And they make attempts to repair that relationship. Wow for a month, and forgive and pardon the one who wronged you. Those are ideals that I pray that Allah allows me and you to live by, and to appreciate and be able to grow towards Allah Ameen, or suddenly lahoma wa sallam was it robotic Alice Ed. Now

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