Mohammed Hijab – Muslim Woman Gives Disturbing Answers on Show

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of bringing children back to their parents' views of Islam, the negative impact of raising children in certain environments, and the need for men to protect them. They also touch on the legalization of abortion and the insecurity of praying for a baby in a way that is insecure and disrespectful. The speakers emphasize the need for men to hold accountable for their actions and the importance of acknowledging the double-standing emotions of the mother and child. They also discuss the negative impact of Islam on society and men, particularly on women, and encourage them to donate to the cause.
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Muslims in Norway are now establishing a masjid and dour center to enhance the Norwegian dour if you donate to this cause you will insha Allah reap the rewards 1000s of Muslims coming back to Islam and many of those who become guides and invite slam, so click the link and donate now and share the video for extra reward.

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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh I'm here with big G and a plus. Yes. Okay.

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And here, as well big Ah, of course with you guys, but

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we're gonna be reacting to a video which I came across, which has many, many views. About 7 million. Actually, I was surprised to come across this video or that no one's sent it to me before. I think we're all surprised actually, because this video is quite interesting.

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Not least because there was actually a Muslim representative.

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Present. Exactly this the question right? There was a Muslim woman there who at least looked like a Muslim, but did not sound like one who was answering these questions. And the way this this program works a spectrum is that they'd ask these questions, and then they would stand on a spectrum. Okay, and whether they agree, or to what extent they agree and or disagree. And so there are there are a few questions that are asked, I think we shall proceed into the public discourse, which we want to react to. So let's let's look at the first thing that I felt was

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pretty important.

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I actually don't want kids. But if I were to decide to do that, I would want them to grow up in that environment where there's no difference between you two, you don't have like a curfew that she doesn't have, or vice versa. So, John, what do you think about that? Because that's something a bit, you know, I would say, We're close to all of our hearts. But you know, to see a Muslim woman saying what she said or moving to where she moved? Was it the right move? No, I don't, I don't think it was the right move. But we can employ hospitals on here or the thinking good, because at this point in time, you can see that generically. I mean, when you're raising boys and girls, there are not that

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many differences in the way that you're going to raise both of them. In fact, there are many rules in Islam, which indicate that you should be equal in gifts and timespan and your love that you have for both boys and girls. So generically, I mean, I don't think it's wrong. However, there are obviously differences, especially as boys and girls become closer to puberty, and become closer to adulthood. So that's what I would say like, for instance, a boy now who's becoming a man has to start thinking about protection, the protective role that they would have. This is something we believe in, we believe that for example, how boy, a son and the daughter, knowing that the Son has

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advantages, which are anatomical in nature, clearly you would you would guide the son to be protective of over the daughter in a way that he wouldn't tell the daughter to be protective over the son. I don't know how to extend you agree with with that? Exactly. Even biologically that follows. You know, I've had a discussion with feminists in the park as well. You know, it's, it's sad, you know, for them to deny their own biology, you know, and we're not going to accept comments about what this woman has a kickball, so we're not talking about that, you know, it's, it's the duty of the male. And Allah says men on the maintenance and particles a woman, period, if the One who

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created me said that there's nothing else that needs to be done. That's what I was saying, without delving in too much.

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Yeah, I was gonna say that, if I was to push back and play devil's advocate, I would say, okay, but here, we're talking about kids. Should you not be bringing them all up as protectors? Should they not all be exposed to that? No,

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no, but firstly, if I have a daughter and have a son, I will both tell them both how to protect yourself. And I'm sure even your Could you send them to me BJD you know, so, even though you're against this, but in your life, you practice that you take your daughter and your son to BJJ. However, let's be real here that when they grow up, yeah, that we need to be real with them and tell them you know, and I'm sure they would realize that within biology that understand that a man is tend to be more stronger. And the brother is there to protect you. Yeah. Why should we be afraid of that? That's why it's okay. And you know, on this point, you know, I take my child to I will do we

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do everything with like, in terms of self defense, my to do I've got two daughters, as you know, but the thing is, I do that now when she's very young and prepubescent. And the same thing with my son. But the moment puberty kicks in, I mean, people don't realize the effect of testosterone. When testosterone comes into the picture, I mean, a change change, it actually increases muscle mass by up to 50% 55 0%. So now, you know, this is very interesting thing.

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Right? When they grow older, and you see how like, for example, girls versus boys, before the pubescent stage, girls can sometimes really dominate boys because they don't there's no like testosterone advantage and these kinds of things. You see that various very often

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and very common, but then when when puberty hits, that's no longer a question. I remember I remember going to a boxing club when I was in our organization, a club, but one of the top female boxers in the UK actually represented GB in on the Olympics. When I think the first year they had female boxing. Yeah, she was basically sparring. She was a woman, she was playing with a 14 year old boys, a 1314 was the eights and nines. That would be inconceivable to put her in with, you know, a 21 year old or something like that, who's her way or equal weight? Because the advantages are so well described. And everyone knows in the industry, that it would be so disadvantageous for them. Okay,

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should we move on to the next one? I think, PA, we're assuming the best

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abortion should be legal 321.

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Here we go.

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Stuck in that I agree with that statement. But I feel like the heavy restrictions that are placed on it by our government, just dictating what we can do with our bodies is really infuriating. And then seeing people who have kids and resent it for the rest of their lives and raising children that they never wanted. It's frustrating. And so do you think that those parents that are struggling with raising their children that they didn't have the option for adoption or other ways? It depends, like for a lot of cultures, adoption is not okay. So as you guys saw, she was strongly agreeing with abortion. But we know just just to make this clear that according to the the schools of thought and

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Islamic jurisprudence, three out of four schools say that after 120 days, I mean, up to 120 days, you can abort in certain circumstances, not not all circumstances. And one school of thought says 40 days, it's inconceivable to think that after 120 days, that a Muslim can believe in something referred to as late stage terminal abortion, which is, as you know, and then in America, in different parts of the Western world, and different parts of the world can go up to six months, which, if you ever seen a child that your child can survive in six months, the way they take, and we couldn't even put this like as a picture of, you know, a video, how they actually extract and cut up

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a baby that's five months old, literally a viable child a viable when I say viable, I'm talking about living, it has a pulse, it has a heart, it has organs, it has a brain. It can it can, it has a nervous system, you kill this child, practically, you're saying that a woman should have the right to do this. On what grounds you think this is commensurate with your standard teaching? To be honest, I believe this it's just based on nothing, no rationale and logic. It's just basically and I see an insecure Muslim woman who's dominated, you know, with ideologically in the West. Yes. And she's just basically bleep like, she just say, you know, I'm here, do whatever you like, with me.

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And wherever you go, I'm gonna follow you. That's what I see. Because there is no way if I sat down, I said, Do you genuinely believe this? She'll say to me, I hope she will say to me, no.

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She will say no, and I hope she'll say no, but the thing is he or how could you? Can you imagine this sister, she's gonna watch this. I don't if you have kids, imagine you have a child. And I want you to look at that child. After you. After you look at that child, I want you to look at that child and say, You know what? Your sibling imaginable? They were ripped piece by piece, piece by piece because we had to put this into perspective, when you come in and say, Oh, that's wrong. No, no, look at your child and say, and if you did ever do abortion, may Allah forgive you and repent. Look at your child and say, one of your siblings that died or killed, not that killed and bit by limb by

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limb, and we really need two pieces. You're not

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You're not talking about early abortion, therefore, we're talking about five months. Yes, she's she's saying Totally agree before and the question is very clear. She said, Yes. So, limb by limb, you've literally killed your own child, you've killed your own child, you should get them bring up a child and say this is what I did to your sibling. Would you do that? Why?

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When when the Quran says that when the child that the female interestingly, if female infanticide the Quran is against when the female child is says for what? For what sin did I What did you kill me for? Yes, yes on that Yama. Kamiya is absolutely disgusting. Yeah.

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For what for what did you kill me for feminism? Exactly. What can you add on to the adjustment? What did you kill me for? For an ideology? I because because I was insecure.

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I think what's interesting here is the slogan they use as my body my choice, but it's not your body. This is my body. One Belt, One brother made a very good choice. Not choice. He made a very good point. And he said, that puts the whole kind of impetus on the paths person themselves, but they're not the only one that's responsible or affected by that does exactly that's right. What about the choice of the Father? What about the choices

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choice of the family, these sorts of things. It's like you mentioned about human rights. It's all about what you owed and not what you owe. And that's one of the issues that we have with this. That's point number one, point number two, even Ronaldo himself. He was one of the children. And he mentioned this in his documentary that he was supposed to be aborted. He was supposed to be gone. But if we didn't have Ronaldo, then we wouldn't have such a, a, a football star that people look up to because he doesn't have tattoos. He doesn't drink alcohol. You know, he looks after his family and somebody that is I'm not saying the best of role models by I'm saying he's better than most. So

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these two things, I think,

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are very important things to reflect about. But you wanted to say something about my body and my choice, I could forget this my body my choice, no, so we are created by Allah and we belong to Allah as simple as that. Yeah, it's not again, it's a matter of actually double and having Tarakan and Allah because when you're watching this child, again, it's an act of takoyaki. Because if you are thinking is, I can't look after them. Okay. Allah says in the Quran, he is the one that provides one like all these issues linked to Tauheed and his Tawakkol. Mainly Taqwa was not trusting, having trust in Allah, knowing that he is the creator of the critical heavens in the earth, that He can

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provide for us not to Well, why is an insomma? Can you imagine the One who created them? So do you believe in him? Yeah, I do. But do you believe we can provide for you? What an insult what's an insult? There's, there's also another thing that needs to be understood how they might say, you know, she's just um, she's just a woman, you know, leave her alone, Laura.

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Can the murder the thing is, there's two types of Muslims that can go on a show like that one without hijab, that people assume certain things. Let's face it, we do live in a society where we judge by what's apparent, whether it's white, right, or whether it's wrong. If somebody sees a hijab, a woman on there, and they're not that exposed to Islam, they will assume that that is the Orthodox opinion of Islam. So you're saying that there is a cut off, ah, and you saying three months? Now, you could argue maybe she knew that maybe she didn't know that for, what, four months, four months, but with all due respect, like if she didn't know that, and she knows she's the only

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job on that show, it's a big channel, she has a responsibility to say, and represent her religion, because she's wearing the attire, if you're wearing the attire of a police woman, and then somebody asks you law and you get the law wrong. You can't say, Hey, don't judge me, by the way I look. So she's she is responsible. And she does need to be sensible about these things. Even if you make the argument that maybe it was cut out, maybe this may be that she should, you know, ensure that her religion represented well, I think was her thing is what is most despicable about her kind of portrayal of Islam or lack thereof, actually, to be honest with you, is the fact that she's been so

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inconsistent with her worldview.

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Look, she's representing Islam through her attire, like you've mentioned, and she's meant to represent a Muslim voice on the show, yet, all she is doing is spouting left wing propaganda, second wave feminism. This is not a representation of what Muslims believe. And she's not self consistent with Islam. She's trying to bring two opposing ideologies together. second wave feminism and Islam. And it's just looking wrong. First of all, I want to I want to show one thing, okay. They asked a question, which is that, did he believe that the world would be a better place? If it's run by a woman? Yeah. And look where she stands on the on there. She doesn't have a strong stance, but look

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where she stands as well. But then look at the contribution, I want to focus on the contribution of the white feminist, white feminist, because I actually think it was a very good contribution from within her own paradigm. How is that any different than saying, I believe that the world would be better if it were run by men? Like if we're gonna say that on this token, we get that on that token, that's not even balanced at all? If you compare that with the Muslims contribution, okay. Let's see what the Muslim has to say. And then, and then comment on all of it. That's why I chose this one too, because I don't think it should be one or the other. I definitely think that what it's only

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mound run, they're missing the rest of society, you can't really operate the world or any government or leadership if you're not embracing the second half of society. So for me, looking at the White feminist, she, to be honest, is way more self consistent with her ideology than the Muslim who's attempting to be a feminist, who really is, who's sacrificing her religion is contradictory in her stances, because this woman at least yourself consistent, she realizes that actually, if feminism has an egalitarian discourse, especially if it's liberal feminism, then it shouldn't ensure that people have freedom of choice. And, and she she and also freedom and equal opportunities, and she

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starts to realize, okay, this is how it should play out. If we are to be self consistent. The Muslim, she has no care to try and represent consistency or be consistent in any way. So she's just saying, yeah, it would actually be better if it's run by women. But the problem is, of course, Islam gives rights to men that it doesn't give to women. It gives us

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abilities as well to men that does not give to women.

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Not least, of course, the fact that the man is meant to be the manager of the household, as the general Columbo Nalani set up my father Allahu Allahu malaba, that men are maintained and protected as a woman, but because of what he gave one over the other, and the what BA, which is obedience, you know, for men to women, women to men in the in the in the household is not something which is just relegated to the Hadith literature. It's actually in 434 cells fit in the Quran itself. And Aparna come for that type of Allah Hina sebelah if they obey you, meaning this is the normative state. The point is, if you're saying that the world will be better run by women, what is your stance on men

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being leaders of every household? Because men being lead on an aggregate level this would mean that what you want is an inverse of what's going on, which is completely anti Islamic. What do you guys think? I think the an interesting parallel you can draw is with regards to approximately 124,000 prophets that have come and all of them being male and leaders, leaders of the religion Exactly. Imams leaders of every single congregational prayer that's valid within the paradigm of Islam being a male figure, what would be your answer with regards to that? So it does seem contradictory to an Islamic point of view. I think she could have worded it better. Well, Allah she actually meant this.

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But it doesn't seem like she's somebody that is

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committed, but I mean, representative of orthodox Islam, of course, the thing is, she is to be quite honest with you, she's sold her soul to the left wing ideologies. And for all intents and purposes, this could lead to major Cofer Usaha Milla, Milla, that takes someone out of the fold of Islam, and we have to just call a spade a spade, I'm not calling her Kapha although what she's what she is representing as CO for Akbar, major coffee, and most of the positions of the implied entailments of her position, what we need to realize is that these positions are unacceptable, Islamically that's as simple as really as simple as that. These positions are unacceptable. Islamically you need to

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realize that this is another is another way of life. It's another ideology, you can call it for you like another religion. Yes. second wave feminism is like another religion that has different presuppositions, different assumptions, different hierarchies, different priorities, you cannot maintain an Islamic committed Islamic point of view. And this at the same time, you will be cognitively dissonant, which is a psychological disorder, or you'll be allowed to yourself into all those around you, or you'll be a clandestine, apostate, someone who doesn't actually amorphic and whatever, someone who doesn't actually believe in Islam, but just pretends to be Muslim for social

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and cultural reasons. And may Allah protect us and our people from this, because at the end of the day, we're seeing more and more of these kinds of figures come up, and they're trying to normalize it, but there is no space for that in the Islamic environment at all.

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Do you agree? Yeah, of course, you know, we're happy with our religion. You know, we're pleased with our Lord. You know, it's as simple as that man, let's just carry with his insecurities. You know, at the end of the day is a simple example. That's where it that's where it stems from, we don't understand a lack of towhee not knowing your religion is true. And the weapons is then you become like a, what a leaf that, you know, wherever the wind blows you, you know, your your wherever, where feminism, well, I'm a feminist, that that's what it boils down to guys, you know, and that's where the root of the problem is. Be proud, be happy. You know, if you see one phenomenon is Islam has all

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these regulations and laws and stuff in place, which is totally opposing to the liberal view. But 1000s of people come to Islam, because the fingers when you treat yourself, like if I know once I I spent three years looking into different religions role. Once I established Islam is the truth. I knew I knew my dad, my family, my society is going to shun me. Yeah, but if I had if the last thing I should have done was accept Islam. The last thing I should done, but it's the truth rock on my tomato, and if it's the truth, I have to stand by it. And when I say I, it is from Allah, I'm not saying I do something personal is Allah's guidance, but what I'm saying is man be proud of the

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religion man, is it damn hard? You're there trying to be an advocate for feminism and they rejected me before we knew that woman came and just dismissed you. You know, be firm with your religion have Tawakkol in our trust in Allah build that connection with him. You don't need feminism and all these schisms. That's what I would say. Absolutely, bro anything.

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Okay, Justice capitalism.

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I told you a justice cap.

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Just one small thought comes to mind which is what a scholar said that back in the days we had mustards and mosques that were unbaked they were made from unbaked clay. Yeah, but the people that emerge from them will be a good ones.

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Carry on. They were baked. But today the machines are baked, but the people that emerge from the masjids are unbaked.

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So I mean, we although we

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We have set up the game we know we have, like, billions 1.8 billion Muslims. But if we only had 313 with the caliber of butter, today we'd be on a different plane. So we need to take a leaf from these Muslims read the Sierra the history, and and, and go and take the positives from that time and one of the positives that we've highlighted is being confident in your religion and number two having knowledge of your religion and becoming people of substance and people of action. Exactly. And what you said there, for example, that there's a Hadith of the Prophet Selim, which mentioned this, that on that day of the process, and instead of the company, you're going to be vast in number, you know,

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and with a kava sale you're gonna be like rubbish, yes, but it's going to be like the form of deceit from Yeah, and that and why there's very interest because the Hadith ends that he actually says, and he says, why it says because Allah

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Yes, it will put the love of the dunya and fear of death. And that's exactly why would someone fear of death we all did, I showed him told the process and I'm like, I'm scared of death. It's not about that. It's not that you don't want to meet Allah, it's that you're attached to the dunya you don't want to die because you don't know I want to stay here. Okay, if you know Allah promises something better, we all scared of death, but to at least be firm and be like, you know, it is going to be happy but you've attached yourself to the dunya so much and you know, it might might have been death in those days but nowadays it might be death socially, you're afraid of dying social, your soul your

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soul is dead buffalo Bing Bing unaccepted by society was accepted by society is what drives you to selling your religion. I mean, the people fair that the Prophet Muhammad Allah Allah Solon said that you know that Islam by the hollyburn will say how old Alibaba, they started strange, and it will come back to being strange. And he said for Toba, Laura bear, so glad tidings to the strangers and this is inshallah us.

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Does that low 100 was salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa.

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Muslims in Norway are now establishing a masjid and our center to enhance the Norwegian dour if you donate to this cause you will insha Allah reap the rewards. 1000s of Muslims coming back to Islam and many of those who become guides and invite slam so click the link and donate now and share the video for extra rules.

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