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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was off, be here on my wallet or Baidu? Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Please and thanks, did you Sorry to Allah subhana wa dielectrics is peace blessings and salutations upon our mass then exempla Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu is about to these committed by the apartheid Israeli Government and the armies

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was felt by the rest of the world not only by Muslims, and we saw the update for what it is. And as South Africans who have, you know, lived through a struggle fourth, through the struggle survived the struggle. And now on the other side, we are still facing the repercussions of that struggle. We know far too well, about what this type of suffering entails. And we can relate to a certain degree, of course, it's very different.

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But then we come across incidents within our own communities, we find that this racism in this Zionism is still very much prevalent. So just the other day, I saw a WhatsApp status by a friend of mine. And it is from a gentleman by the name of David Moore state, I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing his name correctly, and it had some really bad hate speech in the about how the protests on three Anchor Bay, you know, people, the Jewish people need to be very careful about that. Because you know, these Muslims, they could just blow up. And I'm paraphrasing, and I took a lot of offense to this. And I knew immediately that many people would take offense to this. And immediately we posted

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about this on Facebook. And many people, you know, cried out that this is hate speech, and we are not going to tolerate this as Muslims as South Africans as capetonians. As humans, you Bic. Right? And Alhamdulillah Vivi pressure mounted to the point we, the employer of this particular individual also commented that disciplinary action was being taking what was taking place, just about an hour and a half to two hours ago, I saw an apology by this person, which is, of course,

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as a result of the pressure that was coming forth and so on. Be that as it may, subsequently, I saw another video by this young girl. And from what I could judge on the video, this young girl puts up a flag on that iconic sunglasses or spectacles at three Anchor Bay, we we normally go inside the moon, and she's approached by a white lady. With with question apparently, of all utilities, I'm not gonna say any more about this, I actually want you to see the video in case you haven't seen it before. And then we'll take it from the inshallah to Allah

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Subhan Allah. So that really struck a chord with me and many others as well. And I thought, you know what I need to find who this woman is, I couldn't find the identity of the of the woman coming with, you know, the terrorism argument. But I did manage to track down our sister by Hera, who actually put up the flag and face this lady's aggression, or racism. And I thought, let's speak to her for her to tell us about exactly what transpired. And just before I do that, I just received a voice note from the brother who actually told me about the protests on that Sunday, one of the masjid committee members have mobile image, you'd rather use it. He told me that, you know, these the

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cycling protests, so the cyclists are going to blow this, they're going to ride from rondebosch coming all the way to three, Anchor Bay and beyond. And he wanted me to be part of that and actually join the protests later on through his invitation. And he told me about what they experienced on the day as well. So I'm actually going to play his voice note, inshallah, the sound isn't too great. But bear with me listen to the message. This is, I mean, we now have two isolated incidents, you know, that's what they would call it. But this is it goes beyond what we know about so the racism and the Zionism in our communities is actually very skatey This is the voice now.

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I'm just

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reading your WhatsApp message now but Zionism and racism and I just wanted to let you know, on one Sunday city with the cycling fraternity come together, and we also had a protest cycle, from rondebosch common to two camps by

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And now on how

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to win the time to see point

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finding on the balconies and in Hebrew

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saying God loves Israel, shouting at the cyclists in Long live Israel, with fellow cyclists coming from the other direction. Also,

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you know, cycling pourcel or running horses and shorting. You know, long live isn't long that is wrong. But they cowards when we even had

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some youths throwing eggs at the cyclists at sequin circle.

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And in the hide, you know what I mean? In the apartments and stuff. I remember one uncle, also getting upset, you can imagine cycling and somebody throws you with eggs. And he said to them, You cyclists, why didn't you come down, but I, you know, and they refuse come down.

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Because they skied? Not that you're gonna retaliate. But they do it in a manner we, you know, the, the kind of stick the needle, but I think, in general, I think that's the action actually is the one because you actually get under the skin, you know, when we advised all our members before and if you encounter something like that, just laugh laugh at them, you know, because I think that I've seen him even further. So I just thought I'd let you know. Okay.

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So behind Allah. So again, I don't know what I'm more shocked about the fact that they are,

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you know,

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these atrocities happening in the world, or the fact that people support these atrocities in our own community. I believe there's a problem with the, with the YouTube feed, if I could have one of the viewers perhaps inform me, if you are having an issue with the YouTube feed. There are several other channels that can also be accessed. So that's the advertise gear channel, which is on Facebook, as well as these navigating me channel on Facebook is both the Abu does get and he's navigating channels on YouTube as well. So based on what I can see, I think it's happening Yeah, it seems to be no issue so just gonna move on. So I managed to make contact with a sister Tara Abrams while in

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right now and she can tell us about the incident. And then I'd like to comment and your from from you guys as well as to what you feel and what are your opinions about this because we are making a difference. Our voices are being heard.

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SubhanAllah voices are being heard to the point that discovery, South Africa responded and they they took action. I don't know exactly the extent of the action that they are taking in will be taking. But the fact of the matter is our voices are being heard. And we need to make our voices heard as much as we possibly can because Subhanallah

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the time for silence is over, you know complacency that it's just unacceptable. The Prophet Allah salat wa salam said, if you see something wrong mandra min comunicar unfollow ebrd who say if we see something wrong among you change it with your hand change it physically. Find lemmya study fabby Listen, if you cannot change physically speak out against it. By lemmya Satya Fabio Colby. If you cannot speak out against it, then at least feel bad about it in your heart with alika awful Amen. And that's the weakest form of faith. So the time is now to take action. And we all have voices. So let us make our voices heard here is the voice of sister by Hera Abrams sister diarized Santa Monica

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Hello, but

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Yo, well, inshallah we all welcome to Neela and I'm so happy that I could track you down. for lack of a better expression. Don't worry, we're not stalking you. But

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we we really just we know when I saw the video I was. I was absolutely

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I was absolutely enraged. You know that that's the sea point that I run at. That's the same pavilion that I ran and that the racists so many of them you know, walking around the would be as

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then the audacity to approach you. Please tell us what took place during your entire experience the Bismillah Sure. So, a friend and I we decided that we were going to put up flags and signs throughout Capetown. We had a massive banner that was on one of the bridges over the imm five, we went to the waterfront and on those statues of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, we put out a bunch of signs and flags. And it started at the waterfront at a bunch of people and happy with that.

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I was yelled at a bunch. The same guy woke boss and said, Oh, it's a disgrace that you're doing this and Nelson Mandela statue. Meanwhile, at

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was a quote that Nelson Mandela said,

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yeah. And then later, like 10 minutes after that the security guard came to us and said, we need to take down our signs because someone had complained it's private property. It's

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well, within Yeah, we then went to see point because there was a bit of this happening day we joined the protest, and then we broke away for a little while to put up

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signs and our flags. We knew that it was going to be something that was disruptive. As we know, people get very touched about inanimate objects, you know, statues, paintings, libraries, it's all very sentimental to people and except human lives, of course. And yeah, this woman walks up to me as I'm busy taking a picture. And she asks, Are you with data? This

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was, it was just, it was weird. I think she was partly offended by the sign that was in my end, which said, from the river to the sea.

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Yeah, we argued about for about 20 minutes. The video was I think, only like, I think 20 seconds long. But we obviously didn't record the whole thing. There were a few people that came in argued with me. But for the most part, she, she didn't even know what she was speaking about. It was so surprising to me that you'd come up and asked, or you would do this, like, it's incredible. I can't believe

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what's so bizarre to me is that Hamas gets called terrorists for defending Palestinians. And I get called the theory respo putting up a flag. So I'm just curious, like, what exactly do they want? What what form of protest is acceptable? Or should we just shut up and allow this to happen? Yeah, you see, the data Discord. Now, this is not saying anything about elitism per se. But once you have the theory discord in the theater is licensed on your side, all you need to do is brand people as theorists, and then you can basically commit genocide, and the world will watch and basically cheer you on. Because this is exactly what was done here in South Africa, Nelson Mandela, the ANC and many

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other organizations were officially branded as theorists not too long ago. And now we see the same thing happening when the people who has I don't even want to get into the politics about it. But Hamas who was voted in, defends the people, and they are called terrorists. They defend the honor of managerial AXA, they have they are called terrorists. And that makes it absolutely okay to murder babies, men, women and children. And the fact that we have people, including people around us who day to public, they are we getting some feedback on that side,

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to publicly state that they are in support of Israel, and call Palestinians theorists let alone You know, Muslims from Cape Town, you know, this is unacceptable. And I would like to I'm going to play that video again, you know, and this time around, actually want everyone watching to try to identify this woman. And as we did with David, you know, David musty from discovery South Africa, we need to find out who would they associate themselves with such a racist, and we need to call out, we need to call out so that you know, these racist, these Zionists, they should not feel comfortable in our city, our free democratic society, they should know that you will not stand for this at all

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whatsoever. And you know, we will we will stand together as a people this is not a Muslim thing. Because it's the you know, when Israel bombs, Gaza, they don't send bombs that are halau bombs, you not only attack Muslims, and avoid everybody else. The bombs don't discriminate, and the the racism doesn't discriminate, either. So it's just watch that one with time. And there's so many comments. I just really want us to to do our best as far as making a difference is concerned. So let's just watch this again.

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So she you asked her, if you were to put up an Israeli flag. Would she have a problem with that? Would she call you need is to ask you if you are a dentist and she said no. Is that correct? said no with a whole case. No. It was completely bizarre. It was

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same conversation, it was clear that I wasn't speaking to someone that was going to change their mind about anything. When you come straight out to the gate with a question like all you Whatever it is, it's clear that your mind isn't going to change. And on social media, I've had lots of people tell me, I shouldn't have raised my voice, I shouldn't be so aggressive, I should educate rather than it engi. But I'm not going to take on the responsibility to educate racists I can do that on their own dime, is, is this idea that every time we are made, whether rassman as people of color we need to sell, we need to show sympathy and empathy for the racist because, you know, it's difficult

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for them. But it's difficult for us, it's difficult for us to have to constantly deal with this type of stuff. And we shouldn't anymore, and I refuse to be patient and quiet and speak nicely to people like this, because they come straight out to the gate with a case of ideas like that. And

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if she had felt a little bit more emboldened if she was in a group of people, if she was a little bit more confident, if she wasn't standing in front of me in a public space, How far would the ideology taker? And that worries me, because she calls me at eight it is, but ideology is way more concerning than me putting up some flags. panela Absolutely. And I mean, as the voice that we heard early on was state stated, you know, cyclists just peacefully protesting, peacefully riding through the seapoint area. And these people, you know, they were throwing eggs. This is

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I don't understand how could we? How could we live by this happening in our own city after everything that we've been through as people.

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And then if you take it to the religious friend, don't we, as Muslims have a responsibility to stand up against oppression, and against terrorism and against volume, you know, volume is pure oppression. I'd like to know from the viewers, if you knew this person,

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let's call them out. And if you know, anyone, who has been displaying this type of racist behavior, towards the terrorists, towards the protesters, towards the people of Palestine, in our democratic society, they know that we have a democratic right to speak out as they speak out. If they are people who are bold enough to say, I suppose, as well for evil,

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then we should be bold enough to go to the very beloved sea point, the beloved sea point, and exclaimed that we support Palestine forever, as innocently as we did on Sunday past, we can do that again and again and again. In fact, die here, I believe you, you are inviting people to a picnic as well. Tell us about that. Because I think that the protest in seapoint has just begun, and it's not going anyway. So let us know what's the next

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morning at 9am. We are inviting you guys to come with us new flags and use your bikes, your dogs, your whole family, everyone is welcome. We just occupies the point. Because this is not about Jews living in sea point. And that's why we targeting it. It's because constantly all of these movements have to be pushed to the brown parts of the city. And Cape Town is segregated between the brown areas and the tourist areas. And we need to take our movements to the tourist areas, because that way, the most effective and that way we get the most visibility, we can't be changing the minds of people within our own communities, because everyone in our community knows already what's happening,

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and what. But we have allowed people to live in these bubbles. And to see brown people just as the ones that bring them the bow at dashes and nothing other than that.

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So I'm looking forward to that picnic as well. And I'm inviting everyone they. But before I go, this is a very important point. Right.

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I see some other comments. If I missed your comment, please forgive me. But all of your comments are really amazing and important. I'll make sure to go through all of them.

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The point is this. The attitude of complacency that so many of us have unfortunately been suffering from you know, what's that going to do? Oh, it's another March. Oh, it's another poster. Oh, it's another giant. What difference is that going to make? Oh, no, we need to boycott clover. We need to boycott Callaway and cape union Martin. What difference is that going to make? You know, they just going to carry on the idea that we should just remain silent and wait for some government, some political leader some army to stoop in ends

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save the day. How do you feel about that now that you've seen the effect? And I'm asking you specifically because of what you had to face? The other day, I actually asked my wife, I said, Sherman, if, if somebody was to come up to you, and, you know, blatantly say that they support Israel, and that they are against the Palestinians and cool utilities, how would you react? And lo and behold, you actually went through this, this very thing and so many others. So, with that attitude in mind, what would you say to people who still think that we don't have anything to do or that we don't really have any power?

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We want 100% power, Israel is unable to control the narrative anymore. We see even mainstream media is starting to lean mode. And it's because the war crimes that we're seeing the ethnic cleansing that we're seeing is unavoidable, you will have to call it what it is. And our movement, this is what we have. Our social media is what we have seen, massacre of the massacre in Gaza. And this is the first time we ever really seen the narrative completely changing. And that is because and it is because people continue to speak up. And Palestinian activists themselves as have said, it's the fact that we're posting and posting and posting. I mean, if anyone that's been posting can can talk

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about these Zionist accounts that come out, when you look at it as like no followers, no posts, because all of these are particles is really struggling to control the narrative. So every single post, every single shape, every single thing we do is important. And it may not seem like a mod is important or anything like that really makes a big difference. But it does it guys because when we aren't they when we don't show up, then they think that everything's fine. And there's this video of this old man standing the rubble in Gaza. And he says, how's the world? If this happened? How did they stand by and let this happen to us. And that's the only thing that I think about whenever I do

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any of this stuff is that we can't let them feel like we've lived them. And it may be difficult, you may have other things, maybe you want to post your your pictures of your food.

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But first and first, just for a little while.

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Absolutely, I am going to once again reiterate, so we all of us, including myself in this we're going to be having a picnic this weekend at sea point in sha Allah. So bring your families out, bring your blankets, we're going to have a jolly old good picnic, really peaceful. And no, we're going to be smiling with our Palestinian flags. and hoping and praying that Allah Allah accept these humble if it's just so that we can, you know, at least stand in the day of judgment and say, we did something we tried, you know, we might not have made a significant impact in the eyes of men, but perhaps in the eyes of God, we can make a significant impact, maybe like to Allah.

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Again, just tell us the details of that picnic so that we all make sure that we can, you know, set the date set the time. That's Saturday at 10am. And we can go to the beloved sunglasses, and you can gather around since it's such a, you know, important monument.

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Yeah. And that's a sign that means how can you possibly disagree the PO spectacles, you know,

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about the sunglasses. They will was an art competition in C point to see which artists would have the art on display. And this artist won the competition, obviously, and as his sunglasses on display, and he said that it was also Mandela sunglasses looking out at Robben Island. But initially, the sunglasses was in campaign and he only made up the story so that he could get them

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to win this competition. So if anything putting flags on it has just made it

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better for the artist. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. It's so it's so artistic, what's the word I'm looking for? But we think it's poetic.

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because we will change the perspective we will change the narrative in shallow dialogue. And we'll use the beloved Santa Santa Claus spectacles as as that symbol. So everybody show up in your numbers. And again, let's

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call these guys out. I don't care. If you did it by accident as David mustard say don't you solely grateful about it. At the end of the day, your attitude is showing us a disease that's still prevalent. It's not you know you made a mistake or you regret what you did fine. You know, that's between you and God and and the people you know

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Not going to judge your sincerity on that. But the disease is still the end, we need to get rid of that disease. That's that's the bottom line. It's not a Muslim thing. And and, and people as I've seen a response on on the internet, like, why am I saying it's not a Muslim thing? Are you looking for kuffar to kind of assist you deliberate acts and so on? I don't I think you're missing the point here. They are elements of religion. They are elements of politics. But then there's also the plain and simple truth that children are being massacred. Children are being slaughtered and killed. And that is a human thing. When our, when our own country was going through this type of, you know, a

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similar type of operation, the world stood up the world voiced the opinions, and the pressure mounted. That was in an age where there was no social media. We have the power, we have the voices, and we will make our voices heard bureau be dumb enough. deca oxa. In fact, I actually prepared for this one moment.

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I recorded that at the center emotion. I need to I need to get this out there as well. So I'm looking forward to seeing everybody there. inshallah. Did you say Sunday or Saturday? I see we having a confusion. Yeah, there's a debate.

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did I so that Saturday, at 10, we will be supporting this the Palestinian people, and we'll be supporting.

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And we will be looking to read our city of racism and Zionism and we will be voicing our, our opinions and our support to the Palestinian people and inshallah, to Allah, may Allah accept this film. So that's, that's all that we really wanted to say. And do you have anything that you'd like to add SR Dahab, before we let you go in in this program?

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Yeah, just to add on to your point about

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as we could see from Sandy, despite the fact that is something that's happening all the way on the other side of the world, it's people in South Africa that experienced racism and hatred from white people in this country. So if we allow oppression to exist anyway, that mentality just exists everywhere. We saw it with Donald Trump, when he said racist things, all of these Facebook groups, South Africa started to use that same rhetoric. And so we can't allow that. Not not just for Palestine, we can't allow it to happen to black people can't allow it to happen to the women in in South Africa. We have to fight on every single front like the saying goes, we aren't free until

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we're all free.

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So behind Allah, I once again just want to reiterate that when I saw that, that clip, I was like, I need to find this woman. I did not know how to contact you. I didn't act I'm gonna tell you something. I didn't know that we could actually call someone via Instagram, I don't use Instagram often. And then I figured it out and I contact you immediately. So really, you know, Masha Allah, may Allah use you as one of the the frontline soldiers to liberate our people in Gaza and the Palestinians. And may many, many youth follow suit, you know, when you are approached, and when you are the victim of racism, let your tongue not be silent for that is not the time to be silent. We

00:28:43--> 00:29:06

stand together and the world will stand with you. We have absolutely no. We have no reservations about the fact that we will not tolerate racism, we will not tolerate hate speech. And we will not tolerate oppression not in our city, not in the world. So she can tell here on behalf of

00:29:09--> 00:29:16

the off of humanity. Elaine, please you in your favor, and may the fight made the fight continue. I mean,

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does that mean referring to all the articles you go? Does that go left right into you into all of the viewers? We will see you on Saturday inshallah at 10 if you can't make it, if you can't make it, you know, send someone in your in your steed spread the word and spread the love. We need to be as as eager and as passionate about our cry and our purpose. Now, as we were at the start of the atrocity. And I'd let us not let us not fade out now because they would love that. They would love that so that they can build up once again. Just like Kamala Harris. He

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Anyone I thank you for joining us was a little over I listened to Mohammed Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and uses the toilet sound when they call as well.

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That was a sister thought here I don't forget to like and subscribe and she we will be following up with that program on Saturday we will try to do a live broadcast from the inshallah to Allah. So do subscribe to the YouTube channel, follow us on Facebook and so on. Let's stand together we can do this people, we can really do this. I'm very, I'm very positive about the way things are happening now. Because we are standing together for a cause greater than ourselves. Mel accepted from us. And don't forget to keep making do I cry to Allah as much as you cry to online Ramadan for your own sins cry to Allah to assist. When we reform ourselves, we will have the assistance of alone outside Don't

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belittle any of the efforts. Self reformation is a major effort towards the liberation of our people in Palestine as well. And any way that you can get involved, please do zachman, Ohio and again Santa Monica Rahmatullahi wa barakato