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AI: Summary © A caller discusses their confusion over a recent interview with a reporter and criticizes the reporter's lack of disclosures. They also question the media's claims about "will" and the origin of the recent acquisition. The reporter questions the media's claims about "will" and criticizes their reporting. They also question the media's reporting on Israeli troops being behind the recent rape.
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I'm aware you got a massive following you got nearly a million YouTube subscribers. You're an influential person. And you have a lot to say about this issue, obviously. So thank you for coming in. But I'm not too cowardly to talk to you. I don't have a horse in this race. I think I've tried to struggle, a divided being fair minded with all sides of faith, all voices on the show. I commend you for that, actually, to be honest, for bringing me on. But do you realize I did caveat that with unfair grounds? So let's hope that this interview is conducted? I tend to be completely fair, yeah, sure. I promise you because all I want to get to here is a real sense of what is going to happen. We

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can all look back at we can all right. Let me just give all that piers. Sorry. If you're gonna say Fair Grounds, you introduced me as a Palestinian controversial director myself, right. So I said pro Palestinian, I meant to say pro Palestine, why did the word controversial come into play? I think you're controversial. So you, yeah, I wouldn't always the ambassador, why don't you? Why didn't you introduce her in that manner? I'm happy to say that to many people, her views would be controversial. So why don't you introduce me as the Oxford graduate?

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Ga introduces Yes. Okay. But not for graduate. Go ahead. Okay. No problem. You can be introduced as anything you like, if I give any sort of difference to the debate? Let me ask you this. Where were you when you heard about what happened on October 7?

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What was your reaction when you heard I was actually very sickened by it. And, and this is something I do want to put on the table because I think is fair for people to know this. In our religion, we do not believe Okay, as a Muslim, I am a Muslim, and I do not believe in the killing of any man or woman or children. Non combatants. That is not despite the religious teachings. That is because of the religious teaching. So in terms of condemning Hamas, and just jumping straight into it, I condemn not only Hamas, but any other entity, okay. Wherein it's proven that this has been done that the killing of combatants ended up there, and I condemn any party that does it. Any party that kills

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people or strikes at people where there is more probable than not that it will hit a civilian target, I condemn them. And that's why I condemn the IDF. Because when they strike, they know that it's more probably the nots gonna hit civilian targets. They know that the majority of civilians are the majority of people who are going to be affected as civilians. We know that from the various operations that have been conducted. We know that because now in Gaza, you find that there is a blockade, as you know, for 17 years, but also there is there there stopping them from electricity, water, which is a war crime and the Geneva four of the of the devil convention protocol for the

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annual convention. So this is something I'm surprised you didn't actually mention to the ambassador by dimension dimension, it says a war crime. Well, I think is arguable point with this award rocket in Moscow. Now, they are saying is at the moment as well as add ashore, they are not breaching walkarounds. Right. It will be determined if we could call it will be determined whether that's the case? Sorry. Sorry. What is interesting. All right. Let me just put it back on that. I think it would surely we can agree that what happened on October the seventh was a war crime. I mean, when people are taking grandmothers you're executing, kidnapping young children, when they're when

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they're killing babies in their cribs, we can agree that's war crime, right? Okay, babies. Uh, surely, of course. 100%. Right. But babies in the crib. Sorry. What's the evidence for that? You either have. Sorry, CNN, the White House. Sky News, which you worked for all sides. I know, whoever's going in. Well view your blog is CNN. Sure. So one reporter who retracted it because she wasn't sure about the source. It's only confirmed by the White House. But then the Daily Telegraph and The Jerusalem Post and other sources then did publish pictures to CNN, just b2b. So babies have been killed? No, it should one babies has been charged. And that video, that picture has been put up

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on Twitter and has been refuted by many people saying that it's actually AI. That's completely untrue. There is no What's your mother's source? There's been a thorough investigation into a claim that was put up there by some rogue person on Twitter that it was AI, it has been completely disproven. Okay, well, that's a picture which was published. Telegraph. Washington is a genuine

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source. Are you serious young babies weren't killed? I'm not gonna say that. What are you say? I'm saying give me a source. Yeah. You know, for Well, you've been fired from the Daily Mirror for fake images. So you know, for well, about the evening set the perfect. Exactly the UK Government did the other day. Uh huh. Okay, government, just to be clear, sure, sure, had waged, in my view, an illegal war in Iraq. So you're allowed to go against the

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government you're allowed to. So tell me about what's the source seem to be making a lot of presumptions about me, Muhammad? Yes. For question. I was sort of granola when I put all the questions here, Ambassador. I was editor of the Daily Mirror when we oppose the Iraq War. Sure, on the grounds that I believed it was an illegal war. Yeah, I still believe that to this day, I think saying this country. Interesting. I don't think you even knew that. I didn't know that. Right. But that's not the point I was making. I was making the point that if you're allowed to go against a government, and they're classified

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issue of an image then if you have pro Palestinian activists will say actually, we need to see a source. Shouldn't they be entitled to the Daily Telegraph published on page three, should they be entitled to Cuba? The Daily Telegraph said they had independently verified A B picture. Muhammad No, excuse me, if you're saying that they're wrong, no, excuse me, primary source within academia. I know you've done a journalism degree, which is, frankly, is not relevant to what we're talking about here anyway, probably is to journalism. Yeah, no, it's not to this conflict. But we academics require primary source evidence in order to make your Daily Telegraph evidence the Daily Telegraph

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said they verified the picture is a secondary slice. You may say secondary school, you may say that's a secondary school. You may say you don't think it's genuine. I don't agree with you. But the wider point that was my point, source, I'm gonna say overall coming about here, you're not contesting the babies were killed? No, I'm saying I'll see the oven. So why Why are you picking on the semantics of the rest of one picture? It's not which has been verified by British journalists. Why are you picking on that? Journalist? Some of this wasn't as bad as it seems British journalists are not an academic authority. You know that full well, you've been fired? Because from Daily Mirror

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for that very purpose. What I'm saying to you is this, putting this issue to the side, I think you're trying to use as a red herring, to to move away from the red herring. This is a red herring because already 1023 children have been killed in Gaza. That's why and you didn't ask the ambassador that question. I literally asked the embeddable. I said 3000 people have already been killed in a week in Gaza. You didn't ask her?

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I did listen, but Excuse me. Don't put words in my mouth. Or say I didn't ask a question. Hold them ask your question. Do you condemn the killing of those children by the IDF? I tell you what I condemn I guess Oh, no, I'm gonna answer your question. Honestly. In truth Sure. And I because I've tweeted about this right. Okay. I think that what happened on October the seventh was one of the worst atrocities I have ever had to read about or watch what happens every day in Paris? No, no, she doesn't it doesn't know the Israeli forces got the stats for that Israeli forces do not go our sleds why didn't they go and check out Hamid Israeli forecast led protective Israeli forces don't go into

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Gaza on one day and grab grandmother's and kill babies

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and then hold on and * and abuse women * is there any evidence of that that it's been robbed multiple reports will mainstream media publications were able to see or deny everything and I'm not denying anything you are no I accept that them some civilians have been killed I do accept this and I and I already said don't believe any of the reports that were member I didn't say that. I said that is still true. Do you think they were raped? No, I don't know. It's like the Russell Brand thing you said you don't know instead evidence so why do you play two numbers? Okay, so when it's Israel, we know the * when

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it's been reported by legitimate news when is Israel but

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when is Ross Harris cemetery Russell Brand and what's happening is the same things very allegation. Why you why stuttering I'm not stuttering. You are stuttering.

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