Mohammed Hijab – Responding To Ben Shapiro On Israel

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the anti-ism movement's impact on the Jewish population, criticizing the media's portrayal of the situation and expressing their opposition to celebrations. They also criticize the media's portrayal of the attack as a "weird" situation and call for people to stop using language like "any human being" to assert their claim. The segment also touches on the idea of "arson" language and references the word "any human being" to describe cowards.
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Israel kills enough of the sons of bitches that this is not a problem against us whenever anyone suggested Israel is willfully killing civilians, that is the most ignorant, bigoted anti semitic book ever said there cannot be a ceasefire. Anyone who calls for a ceasefire is a terrorist sympathizer under these circumstances, what do you do smoking boy? Why this smokin?

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Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How're you guys doing? It's been a very volatile time, because of the conflict. And it's been something which has really been, I'll be honest infuriatingly. It's making the entire Muslim almost sad, is making us very angry at the same time. Today, I'm gonna be refuting Ben Shapiro, have refuted him in the past. And I'm gonna be refuting him again. But before I do, so I just want to make something very clear. A lot of the people that are coming out and discussing some of the protests and some of the demonstrations, wherever that are being conducted by some pro Palestinian sympathizers, are framing it as some kind of celebration for

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the civilian deaths on the Jewish side. Now, what I'll say is this unequivocally, first of all, That's slander, quite frankly, and pro Palestinian ism is not equatable. With anti semitism. It's not equatable with celebrations for Hamas is not killing civilians, or whatever it may be. It's not acquainted with any of those things at all. And the flag of Palestine doesn't symbolize and it will not symbolize, and it cannot symbolize and it has not symbolized here, civilian death or the celebration of civilian death. We don't celebrate and this is a caveat, I'm going to make a disclaimer that I am going to make Yes, we do not celebrate any death of any civilian from any

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religion or any background. No Man, No Woman, no child. And that is not despite the Islamic teachings. That is because of the Islamic teachings. Yes, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam unequivocally told us that the killing of women of children, the mutilating of bodies,

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and so on and so forth. All of those things are unacceptable. And this is all in narrations and Hadith, which are much tougher canali, which are authoritative and authentic. So there's no doubt about that. And you can go back to my Twitter feed, where I put those Hadith in the Arabic language in which you can translate for your own convenience. So try it, don't try to smear us don't try and slander us don't try and attack, not try and produce red earrings. Now let's go and talk about this situation.

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First and foremost, I'll say yes, we condemn any woman, child, or whatever it may be that's being killed, who's Jewish and is not a noncombatant. But why is it the case? Ben? Ha. Why is it the case that you none of your colleagues or you have been able to offer one single condolence, one single condemnation, one single word of sympathy for any of the Gazans that have been killed throughout the 16 years of blockade in the open air prison, that is called Gaza, the suffocating conditions that God conditions have been put in place?

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Why is it that you have not been able to apologize? Apologize for supporting the IDF who have perpetrated such actions, knowing full well, that when they do so they will disproportionately kill civilian people?

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Why is it that in the imagination of the Western media, when someone is killed, who is a Jew who has light as a European Jew, frankly, a European Jew? Who has lighter skin? Hmm, that must be cried about and all the leaders must say something, but that if the Palestinian children if the Palestinian women, if the Palestinian elderly are bombarded, actually the blessings are given not only that encouragement is given for such a thing?

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Tell me why. Give me a reason.

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The first thing I want to respond to is something that you mentioned in your video until about a Melek. Now, for those who don't understand who are Melaka America, a group that I mentioned the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament, and if someone knows, for example, the book of Samuel First Samuel chapter 15, verse three, how

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then we will know that there is a genocidal prescription. Now, why is Ben Shapiro

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Not mentioning embolic. Let's take a look at the video the day it didn't matter, just as in the Bible describes, it describes on a lake as as preying on the weak and the elderly. That this is this is what they do. As you can see here. Now he's trying to preamble his discussion by talking about Emilich. Now who are amalickiah as Hamas, or is it? The Palestinians? This is my question, because you've kept it quite vague here. You've kept it quite vague here. Because if we look at the Old Testament, it says that don't go and kill the men, the women, the children, the oxen, the sheep, and even the US.

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And even the US, and I think you're an * a jackass. That's what you are. That's what you are. Because you're talking as we'll see, you're crying with alligator tears. You're crying about the death of the civilians on the Jewish side, but not one word is spoken.

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Not one word is spoken about any of the suffering on the other side. We can't take you seriously. Let's take a look at what you say. You say three times. This is what evil looks like. Again, we all have to watch this. This is what evil looks like. It's what evil looks like. It's what evil looks like. It's what evil looks like. Okay, this is what evil looks like. I agree. If a child has killed and this is a big gift, by the way, in a confessor convener but in Fatima, you know, these reports, the Quran says if someone comes to you with a news effort, evil doer comes to you and you're the biggest evil do is within us, then you have to verify a lot of the stuff that's coming out. And we

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don't even know for sure if that's happened in raw. But for the sake of argument, some of it we can say beyond reasonable doubt is happening. And we condemn No, probably any person. That's a noncombatant, women child, whatever, we condemn the killing of that person. Having said that, haven't you said this is what evil looks like? You're saying that's what evil looks like. But when it comes to the images that you're seeing in Gaza, that's not what evil looks like. That's not what evil looks like. Let's take a look at Exhibit A.

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That's not enough for you. Let's take a look at Exhibit B.

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Statistically and objectively, if you look at all the operations that have been done, operation cost led Operation Protective Edge or the 2021 operation, and that this operation all of those operations in the 16 years that God has been broke blockaded how many Palestinians have died, how many civilians have died, ask me ask me the question. How many civilians have died? How many women have died? How many children have died? How many? In 16 years? How many? 1000s and 1000s and 1000s 1000s are not one tear, not one word spoken? Because you know what? You prefer? The blood of your children, the Jewish children, Israeli children over the blood of ours. Full stop. How could you not

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condemn the IDF from doing these bombardments when they know full well that if they do these bombardments, they will disproportionately kill women and children they do these bombardments therefore they disproportionately kill women and children don't say that oh, Hamas is using them as human shields. Hamas is using like what every single member of Hamas has got a child in front of them like that and holding him like this is just a comic book picture that you're trying to portray here. 2.2 million civilians? Are there even enough Hamas to go around and hold them as human shields like a child? Are you dumb? Are you crazy? Uh, why are you trying to portray us if the only way that

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that could be an offensive and attack and defending, as you call it, Israel has to defend? Why are you making it seem as if that's the only way through aerial bombardment

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where the where the vast majority of people that are going to be killed are going to be men, women or children that are non combatants.

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Surely they can be boots on grass or you can be a man the IDF can be men Real Men Real brave, real gallant will courageous which is something you can't fathom or don't know anything about. You have no fortitude at all. You have not shown any ability to engage with people even on an intellectual and conversational level that's how lacking of fortitude that you are

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why don't we go face to face with with Hamas fight them? Why do you have to kill the child? Why do you have to kill the woman? Oh, it's 100% collateral damage and all of the generals have been seen as collateral damage. They've been asked to mediate customer damage, collateral damage control, that's gonna be the worst thing. One of them says the worst thing since World War Two. And you are talking to me about the Holocaust. When you have one of your commanders tell him

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Yeah, it's gonna be the worst thing since the Holocaust effectively.

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And we're not talking about Hamas. We're talking about children here. We're talking about women here. We're talking about elderly people.

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You make me sick, you make me sick.

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But what's even worse is that you go on to talk about the Palestinians. And and you deny you deny that it's even an apartheid state? Let's take a look at what you say. Let me point out at this point, there is no apartheid. 20% of Israel's population is Arab. So you deny that Israel is an apartheid state? Why don't you look at any factual definition of what apartheid is? Apartheid? Is when there's discrimination based on race. A good example of that is South Africa. And are you telling me second chakra was not apartheid? Are you telling me what happened to shift a rock when there was dispossession when the when there was detainment when there was not a fair chance for that

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for the Muslim Palestinians and even Muslims could be any person in Christian even that they would not have a fair judiciary crack the whip

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you're telling me this is equivalent to this this guy's rights is equivalent to these guys, right? Are you dumb? Are you mad? Are you crazy?

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What have you been smoking boy? Why do you smoke in?

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Your voice is so high, we take some helium. Are you crazy? Are you mad? Don't go there. And what's even worse is that you go further than this. You talk about the annexation, listen to this. This this guy who thinks he's talking about he's calling everyone else Nazis. But he's he seems to have the most fascistic and authoritarian dictatorial prescriptions.

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He's calling everyone else all of his rivals is Nazis, the Hamas Nazis, this Nazis that one Nazis, the left wing Nazi Yep. And what you're prescribing are effectively authoritarian, dictatorship type, Nazi type policies. Let's take a look. Well, you talk about when you talk about the annexation

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of Gaza, whether Israel annexed into the Gaza Strip as a damned wall should because the Palestinians have proved themselves incapable of self governance in the Gaza Strip, by allowing Hamas to overrun them. Now, this is a beggars belief really, either you don't understand how the political system of certain countries and states work. You're blissfully ignorant, or you're intentionally ignorant, or you're trying to fool the ignorant. Either way, ignorance must feature in this analysis, ignorance must feature in this analysis. If you're saying that this was not an apartheid state, but then in the next breath, you are recommending anak formal annexation through conquest, which as you know, is

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against international law but you don't care about international law, forget international law, no problem.

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Don't call your your don't call your country a democracy. Don't call your country a pluralistic place where or a liberal place Don't be stupid.

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You're calling for annexation because the Palestinians cannot are not capable of choosing the right people. So you must make the decision for them, don't you Ben? You must make the decision for them.

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Are you Are you okay?

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Are you okay?

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And what's shocking? Is that those protectors, the bastions, the archetypes, the personifications, the walking freedom of speech advocates who are with you at the Daily wire, none of them are saying well wait a minute, doesn't deny self determination isn't this against constitutional American rights that we speak about so much? None of your friends have told you that wait a minute, this, rephrase this a little bit. So it can be in line with maybe some constitutional principles that we are espousing elsewhere that we're advocating elsewhere that we're speaking about elsewhere? How could this be in line with democracy?

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Because that's what you preach. So why don't you practice what you preach but no, it's Palestinians as the other always name is the politicians that human animals right, come in biota Damn, they're human animals so they can be have to be treated as a second. Not even no determination, self determination, okay, fine. Have it your way, but don't call yourself and not an apartheid state you're an apartheid state. Don't pretend to be a liberal democracy. Do not pretend to be a liberal democracy. Don't call other people Nazis when were your prescriptions are not cystic and fascistic in nature?

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I don't know how the general public in America most of which believe in a kind of constitutionalism a kind of democracy, the majority How could they tolerate this behavior? It must be that dehumanization has reached a critical boiling point, critical mass it has to have reached critical mass where these people now honestly their deaths, and the images that we saw in the beginning of this video are inconsequential and must be the inconsequential, absolutely sickening and disgusting.

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And I think you'd be more

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Seeing a lot of my videos because you're starting to use my vernacular, he has an unfortunate history of being pusillanimous about all this personal Animus.

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I don't know of any better word to describe you, a person who has been challenged in debate to for debate for a very, very long time. And all you can approach as a college student, just like the IDF cowardly, you're cowardly because the IDF one low risk, high reward, and for them a high reward is high civilian casualties, where they're pressing buttons in planes when they're very safe. But they don't want face to face confrontation.

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Why? I mean, why haven't we seen boots on ground says absolutely cowardly behavior. Why is the aerial bombardment which affects a majority of civilians? are you advocating this? You're a coward? The idea for cowards no doubt about it. No doubt about it. Porcelain knows your purpose. Your purpose. I can't see your bigger poster. You cannot think of a bigger person you

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don't use that term as if you've got something. Any kind of fortitude, walking around with security guards everywhere.

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made me sick. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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