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Mohammed Hijab

Channel: Mohammed Hijab

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Polycom warahmatullah wabarakatuh We're here in Ghana and tamale north of Ghana. And we're here in a field where there's going to be some interesting facilities that are built here that actually going to contribute very positively to the villages around this area is going to be a school here, and Masjid here, a borehole, that's going to have water. Which is amazing. Because really, when you give charity, I mean, when you give charity in the capital excetera, when you're in the UK, you don't actually think you don't actually see physical changing of landscapes. I mean, that's what's going to happen here. This, this landscape here is going to be completely transformed. I mean, maybe if we

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come back here six months from now, and Sharla, will show you exactly what's going to happen. I mean, you see physically how your money is having a transformative effect on peoples and societies. And this having a developmental effect on the whole of this Region of Ghana. So it's an incredible thing we're doing, if we give charity for the right intentions, is something which will as we said before, we are sadaqa jariya. Because you can imagine now if someone is in the masjid, or if someone is in the school, everything they're being taught everything, all the registers that they're doing, the Jude's, all of the prayers that they're doing, all of that comes back to me and you, if we have

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the right intention, and if we invest in projects like this, and it really does have a transformative effect. And we were, we were talking to the communities there. And we were announcing to them that we have the funds now to be able to do this here. You should have seen the joy in their faces, I mean, the smiles, the happiness, the exuberance, you know the almost over joyfulness of those individuals, so it has an incredible effect. And I just urge everyone to continue doing this. Here. We're on the ground, we see exactly what human really foundation are doing. We see that the money is being used for these projects. So guys, there's only one thing to do after hearing this.