Mohammed Hijab – Palestine-Israel Conflict, Historical Context

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The conflict between Israeli authorities and civilian Jewish during the time period before the new Israeli government began in 2003 is discussed. The history of the conflict is also discussed, including the fall of the thirteenth century, the fall of the first European Empire, and the fall of the first European Empire. The Jewish-istic culture was adopted by the new Eastern Empire and the loss of human life due to the conflict between nationalism and racism is also discussed. The Muslim community's actions, including the removal of Jewish citizens from hazards, the struggle against hazard costs, and the importance of promoting the Industrialist and Roodman movement are also mentioned. While there are no solution proposals, there is a need for a policy solution.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh we are witnessing some monstrous acts being committed at the hands of the Israeli authorities, against civilian Palestinians in Chef geographe region. This is not something new.

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This is not something new that we are witnessing. We have witnessed this for decades, since the advent of the so called State of Israel in 1948, in May 1948.

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And that is simply because that state has had an agenda, which has been uncovered now, by historians like Elon Poppy, and others like Norman Finkelstein, who have written extensively on these issues,

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whereby Israeli authorities have been exposed for trying to ethnically cleanse the areas of Palestine from the Arab peoples, this is their agenda, and why and how do we know that? We know that from the records. We know that from the days in which the very earliest day of Israel had plans, like plan Elif, and plan bet, and plan gimel. And not to forget the most important and severe of the mall, plan Dalit which explicitly mentions the intention of the Israeli government, or the Israeli authorities to try and dispose of the land of try and get rid of, quite frankly, as many of the Palestinians as possible, and they're very clear about those objectives only someone who is deluding

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themselves, and who doesn't know history would pretend that that is not happening in that area.

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As I've mentioned, historians now look at these records, like plan data, and you have concluded that this was the intention, and is the intention of Israeli authorities all along.

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And if you look at what's been happening from 1948, to this day, you will find that the Palestinian territories have been shrinking in size, in terms of geographic location, demography, and other things. The question is, what is fueling this conflict, so important that we have the right diagnostic to this, so that we don't make rash, and hasty or generalized or otherwise irresponsible judgments? as to why what is happening is happening.

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I want to submit to you today that what is happening is happening not because of religion.

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It's not because Muslims hate Jews, or Jews hate Muslims, or Muslims can't tolerate Jews, or Jews cannot tolerate Muslims, or indeed, because that within the theological systems of Islam and or Judaism, there is a lack of tolerance towards yellow.

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And there are many things which can prove this both contemporary, if you think about the last maybe 100 years. And medieval, if you look at the broad stroke, historical trends that have taken place in many different countries, in the last 1444 years of Islamic history. So let's go over some of those things. Because it's important. People are saying, what should we do and what is the solution.

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The first part of the solution is to be educated about this topic. After one is educated about this topic, one can have conversations based on knowledge, which can have a narrative influencing effect, both in the public sphere and in privates circles. That's the first thing and it's always the case with the Muslim that at least from our perspective, everything should start with the pen. As a last panel data, the first thing that was revealed in the Quran was this man a big lady Holla Holla call in Santa mean Allah.

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Read in the name of your Lord, who created who created who created the human being from clots from a clot

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that product What are bukalapak from a lady I lemma Buchanan reads, recite, and your Lord is the Most Generous, the one who taught with a pen

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with the pen. So everything must start with knowledge and the pen.

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Even Islamic theology farlam and the hula, hula. Hey, Lola, was suffering limbic, know that it's like,

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everything starts with knowledge.

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So how do we show?

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How do we show and prove that actually it's not a religious tension. If you look at the history of Muslims and Jews, starting with the conquest

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to Jerusalem in 638 by Amara rooftop. Even someone like Michael Sir Michael Gilbert, who I will link his articles are very short, brief and important read.

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read this article, it's an incredibly important article is not written by a Muslim for propaganda purposes or anything like this by a British historian of the highest eminence,

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the account that he gives, and the account that even someone like Thomas Walker Arnold, who is an orientalist gives is the preaching of Islam a book and oriented his book, written some decades many decades ago, and many other people give even Bernard Lewis, who was one of the most ardent and polemical people against Islam, and the Islamic civilization. All of those people admit that, in fact,

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that in fact, there was a, there was an error of tolerance, there was an error of tolerance. And when Alma was a pub, he came, he allowed the Jews to settle back into Jerusalem. And for those who know, ancient history, will know that there was something called the siege of Jerusalem in 70 ad, where the Jews were literally kicked out of their homes, at the hands of the Romans. And you see how so Pamela, how history repeats itself, but now the perpetrators have become the victims. And the victims have become the perpetrators.

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The perpetrators have become the victims, and the victims have become the perpetrators. Now, it's not the Roman Empire kicking out the Jews from Judea. Now it's the opposite. Now is the Jews kicking out the Muslims from Palestine, the original inhabitants, but let that be a side note for now. 638, you had peaceful collaboration,

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you had a system where Muslims, Christians and Jews all lived side by side, there was no genocide. No one has said this. And in fact, this would be an a historical claim that you cannot even make, you cannot make this claim. There was no full forced religious

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conversion. Even Thomas Walker Arnold mentions this in his book

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there was giving to the Jews and to Christians and to other communities.

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Our right to basically robot what they believe in. And this is extremely explicit in the Islamic texts. Then you had

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then you had different empires. And we can't go through 1400 years of empires. But suffice it for me to say today, that when you had convivencia, convivencia, in Spain,

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in Spain, which basically means a collaboration between Jews, Christians and Muslims, and coexistence, so much so that in 1492,

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when the expulsion of the Muslims and Jews took place, and the Inquisition took place, Jewish people and Gilbert, so Michael Gilbert talks about this in his article which you must read.

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Jewish people ran to the Ottoman Empire for safe haven. They ran to the Muslims per se. And what did the Ottomans do? Did they kill them? Did they enslave them? No, they did not. That is a historical, they gave them a space, to worship, to believe and so on. And before the Ottomans, even the Spanish Empire, in the Spanish inhabited Muslim area, or areas, you find that some of the greatest Jewish thinkers of all time, like most 7 million minorities existed, and he produced his best works under Muslims. In fact, the enlightenment of the Jews, the golden age of Jewish of the jury took place under Muslim rule.

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It took place under Muslim rule.

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So one cannot say

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that, in fact, this is

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that the Muslims and Jews had this horrible, horrible relationship. Yes, of course, there were times when Muslims and Jews went to war.

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But that was I will, I will put to you. That was the historical exception, and not the rule. The rule was for hundreds of years Muslims have protected Jewish people.

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So much so that someone like Bernard Lewis, who Gilbert mentions in his article which I'll put down someone like Bernard Lewis freely admits and he is, as I mentioned, a polemic against Islam and Islamic civilization. That something to this effect that I'm paraphrasing but the best time

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in the

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the best time in the in the Muslim Empire didn't amount to the worst time in the Christian Empire onwards.

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Jews under the Muslim under Muslim rule, were not persecuted in any way, shape or form comparable to that which happened in Christian rule

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with the Spanish Inquisition,

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and with Hitler, with the pogroms,

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and so many other events that we can cite no such events equivalent to that existed in the Muslim world at all, according to Bernard Lewis, and this is mentioned by So Michael Gilbert.

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So when did this hostility start taking place? When did really the war start to proliferate, and the hatred started to become apparent,

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to the degree to which it is now.

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So Michael Gilbert

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says that, in fact, this took place at the advent of Zionism. And this is a view widely accepted among historians.

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If you look at the recent past, if you look at the recent past, you had, and obviously these things require lectures, and they're wrong, but I will possibly talking about this, and you can go reset your time. But you had the Balfour Declaration 1917, where Britain promised the Jewish people or the Zionists at that time,

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that they will facilitate for them a homeland in Palestine. And bear in mind, Britain didn't have a Mandate for Palestine in 1917, the war was still going on World War One still going on at that time. And so they had a mandate for they had a Mandate for Palestine in 1920. And from 1922 1948, there was a struggle within what there was a struggle within Palestine.

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So much so

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what happened is in the 30s, in particular, in the 30s, in particular, you had something called the Arab revolt in 1936, which took place because of an increasing Jewish immigration. Obviously, you will know if you know, German history as well, if you study GCSEs, or whatever, that Hitler became Chancellor of the Exchequer, in the early 30s 1933. And the Nuremberg laws took place in 1934. So in 1934, when the Nuremberg laws science take place, that's where you find so many Jews starting to come from Germany, but not just Germany, from Poland, and from Russia and different parts of the European world.

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And they were coming in overflowing.

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overflow, overflowing a country with very small population, which was at that time Palestine. And this culminated, you could say, in what was referred to as the Arab revolt, because how can you bring all these people, maybe 150,000 people, according to here, it's in his book, The struggle for Palestine.

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He talks about and you can look at that book, because it's, it's not even written by it's written by I think, his mature as a Jew himself.

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But it's a classic on this talks about the fact that these people are coming in and 30s, early 30s, in suedes, and overpopulating, de la overpopulating, Palestine. And then in 1939, I'm quickly going through this, you had the white paper, and you can go and research for that is it's a particular people that took place that was written by the British Mandate, which which cause very much agony and commotion. And then after that, you had in 1940, the establishment of a, off the military wing with the blessings, by the way, and this is according to Haaretz of will of Winston Churchill, that now they started to have the Hagana and the urban and the Hagana, was a paramilitary group. And this

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is the beginnings of the Jewish state, if you really want to pin it now. It was when they had defense systems in place, the Haganah the Haggar, up

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in the 1940s, early 1940s, and the immigrant would join a terrorist organization. Now they started to defend themselves. And what they mean by that really, especially in the case of the other one is commit terrorist heinous acts which were recognized as terrorist terroristic by almost everybody, the Americans, the British and everyone, because in fact it and I mentioned this quite often.

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It culminated probably one of the most severe terrorist attacks in 1946. Where these people the gun, went into the King David hotel and killed 91 people innocence, innocent people. They went into our town, Jerusalem and East Jerusalem and killed people.

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And you see, they will rewarded for that terrorism by the British and the UN two years later by getting a state in their name in 1948.

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What a precedent is set

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What a precedent to set, they were rewarded for that terrorism, because the ruling powers in the man, the British Mandate, and so on, they had enough of this. So the case was referred to the UN in 1948. Long behold, you have the State of Israel. And then you have, of course, the wars. You have a 1948 war.

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And then you have the 1966 War, and the 1966 wars with Egypt and other neighboring states like Jordan, and so on, where they lost decisively, because obviously, America had a hand in that war. And they were not prepared, and they had Arab nationalism, and they were not really effective. And that 1973 was another war, which is held in Egyptian history, at least as one of the great victories. And I see why they think that because at least they regain Sinai.

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They regained Sinai in 1973.

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But we still have the issue as it is now. And then you have all these accords that took place in between that time period. And then you had the struggle, which continued. And you had the Intifada was Intifada, one Intifada two. And then you had these operations against hazard costs lead and Protective Edge to major operations which kill collect claim the lives of many different people. In the early 2000s. You also had the removal, that movement away of the Jewish settlers from hazards under the reign of Ariel Sharon, and all it is very interesting, because

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I actually watched some videos of those individuals, the Jewish settlers in hazar. They were leaving because there'll be totally biracial children.

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And as they were leaving, they were destroying their homes. And this exactly mimics what happened to battle novio which was a tribal of the Jewish people. At the time of the Prophet Mohammed Salah solo, you're reborn abou term. We I didn't what I didn't mean that heavy at all. Yet, we'll episode in social hash tonight, that they destroyed their own homes, exactly the same thing. And they were exiled. And they destroyed the old homes before they leave. So they don't, they don't even anything nice for the Muslims.

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And now, obviously, you had these other operations that took place, and we are where we are. The question is, why is this happening? It's happening because those particular Zionists have a ratio. Exactly. Oh, by the way, Zionism and narcissism are very similar. They're both nationalistic, they're both racially predicated. And they had exactly the same vision, really, they wanted to see a country full of people that homogenous. That's their vision. It's a racist vision. And now you have an apartheid state. And you have people who claim to be liberals, or even neoconservatives in other, whoever they, whoever they may be, who support the State of Israel.

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What is our job? And what do we do? I'll be honest with you with visa, and with the duffel heartbeat of the West Bank.

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The truth of the matter is, it's really a pessimistic case.

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Henry Kissinger once said something very important. He said this to Sadat,

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the Egyptian Prime Minister at the time,

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president at the time, he said to him, you cannot win on the negotiating table, what you've lost in the battlefield.

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And this is something true of life.

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We cannot expect as Muslim people to have room to win on the negotiating table, what we've lost in the battlefield.

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That's the first principle. The second principle now the second point is, as it relates to charity, some people now Mashallah pouring in charity into has, and I'm not saying not saying that's not a good thing, but from my connections, that with the charity organizations, not saying that has that put money into is, is not a good idea. But it's limited, because Israel is not going to let people go into. So it's gonna, it's going to be stalled people that have the money, their child is going to have the money, not know what to do with it. Or they might have the money and try and transfer some of it, but it's not going to be all effective.

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For me personally, I personally believe that the most effective thing we can do in the West, is

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promote the narrative of racism and terrorism. And this is what Israel is, it's a racist state, and it is a terroristic state. And when I say that, I don't mean that in jest. In fact, this is historical reality. Why is a racist state for the reasons aforementioned, they have it's been revealed to us that they want to ethnically cleanse the place and make it people have that homogenous racial groupings. Why is it a terroristic state? Because those same people that bombed the hotel I told you about, people like to have

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to pronounce his last name, which wrote he wrote a book called the revolt

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revolting book

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who talks about hates and how he you target civilians in his book is you can get your library.

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This individual became the prime the president of Israel. This terrorist became the president of Israel from 1977 to 1981.

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Can you imagine Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, one of those terrorists becoming a president of a country and being welcomed and having his and shaken by rules across the world?

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Someone who was part of an operation of people who targeted civilians directly,

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he became the president. And this is the infrastructure of the current leukot party in Israel. It's has its origins in a terroristic organization in a racist terroristic organization. And the truth of the matter is they use theological justification for this, the chosen people justification.

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And the Quran charges them on that, by the way, this fundamental note, if you really believe that you are the chosen people been doing this for terminal mode Incoterms are the pain if you are truthful.

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Yeah, they believe that this this the ethnicity will give him some salvation. That's the case, then why are you doing here we should be asking for that.

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The crime changes this type of racism.

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And this ethnocentric approach to theology, which is not in fact, anything to do with the prophetic messages of Moses or any of the Old Testament prophets, especially those who are sensitive any of the children of Israel

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So having said all of this, the two things argument, we must expose the terroristic, and the racial nature,

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the anti ratio, the racist, the racist character of the Israeli

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we must this for me if there was an organization, or if there are organizations that are specializing just in exposing this narrative, that would be in this case, for me, and this is not offensive or anything like that. But for me, if I was putting my money in something, I put it into that. And I think the people of Palestine would appreciate that the most, because that will be most likely to have an effect, a policy effect

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to have to, which will eventually lead to some kind of relief, some kind of relief.

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But having said that, I must admit, I agree with Kissinger

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that this situation is not going to be solved on the negotiating table. And I agree that

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it's something which will probably continue for a very, very long time. And no amount of two state solution proposals will be sufficient in this case, what is acceptable morally, to be honest with you from our perspective? And so for that reason, what I say to you, as the Muslim community is this

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if you care about Palestine,

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learn the history.

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read the books and the articles and promote the narratives. The narratives I've just said. Santa Monica Mountains light what gets

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