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Salam Alaikum salam

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we have everyone in sha Allah. So we are ready to continue. Everyone is here. If you're not here, please raise your hand.

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So everyone is here,

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you raise your hand because you're here or not here.

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Okay, actually, before I start, I received two important questions and I want you all to benefit from them. The first question is about what is next, we came to this program or any other program, we enjoy the topics we learn useful things, but then how can we guarantee that we will benefit from that later on the long run? And that is important.

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The Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can Emmylou the continuation. So

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once you start something, continue, keep it on

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for yourself, homework, let your partners your friends, let them review with you.

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Tasks every week, this is what we want to do. One topic from the workshop. Let's try to keep it on. So that's the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu. Salam never ever let the past be better than the present. Or the future. No, always your day is better than yesterday. Tomorrow is better than today. That's the challenge.

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You are always improving. Now I will be talking Inshallah, about that in the last session after Isha about self development. But this is what I wanted to share you because to share with you because it is an issue.

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We noticed that Subhanallah many times a program is nice. We enjoy it. We like the topics. But then that's it. That's the rest of it. No.

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Make sure that this is the beginning for a new thing. That new thing never stops

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Subhanallah even in the sunan the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one time he missed the Sunnah of the prayer after the prayer.

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there was a delegation. That's why he couldn't pray it. He was busy with them. So he had only time after us. Only after also he was able to pray. So upset him out of the Allahu anha she sent her son to whisper in the ear of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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What are you doing? This is after Asad just to remind him. After he finished, he told her. The delegation came and they kept me busy, so I couldn't pray the signal. And now I'm praying it since the Prophet SAW Selim prayed it after I saw what happened.

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This became sunnah

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every single day masala Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Usili Rakata in the last three or four Hola.

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He kept doing that. We know the general practice after hacer is their prayer. No, I'm telling you

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that that's why scholars differ in the school of thought of Imam Muhammad. It is a sunnah to pray after us or to raka based on that hadith. Other scholars said no, this is pertaining only to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. The point is not the disagreement. The point is what the continuation the Prophet Salah Salem never started something except that he continued doing it. He finished it.

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So make it a point that today, this is what we took. This is what we can work on. Next week. We have a revision. We have some workshop.

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Well, next month, we see where are we now? And what can we do? So yes, I agree. It is important that tonight is not the last of it. Actually, tonight is the beginning for a new thing to continue.

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That's one.

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Another one is about the volunteers.

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silent workers, the ones who work behind the scenes, the ones who make any program possible like this one and other ones. Many times they miss on the core of the program itself. They have to arrange for the logistics. They have to work on something they are outside. So what happens in the process they miss true. This is like a tax you have to pay. The solution is what always rotate people who are doing the work.

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Others are volunteering not just to do the work but volunteering to guarantee that nothing of the program is missed.

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You Brother

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Just like Allah here for what you did, you made that possible. And because of that you missed the topic. Here it is, we wrote it, and here it is ready for you just read it.

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Of course, it will not be like sitting Yes, but this is a price that has to be paid. So today you volunteer to be outside, tomorrow in another program, you volunteer, but in something else, so you guarantee that no one keeps missing the same thing. And you guarantee that there is always someone so true, you have to appreciate the work of the volunteers, because without that, no program would be possible, including this one. So that's another thing Yes.

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Next topic that we have on the list is about gender interaction,

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male and female interaction. And this is something that I noticed here. Now, it is a worldwide issue. But I was shocked actually to see here the standards are low. What does that mean? You see brothers and sisters, they are praying, masha Allah and they are practicing. But then for some reason, they are just interacting freely without any rules.

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I want to remind you of two simple things. First of all, the essence, the principle of the interaction is the prohibition not the permissibility. That's number one. What does that mean? Whenever you want to interact with the other gender, or the other with the opposite sex? In principle, it is prohibited. Why? Because interaction is part of the senses. What does that mean looking? Touching? And in principle, are you allowed to look at the other gender? In principle? No. That's why the principle of interaction is what prohibition not permissibility and that is very important to observe.

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Allah azza wa jal said in Surah, a nor to lay more money in your home in Apsara him wife, Abu Dhabi, believing men to lower their gaze, and to safeguard their modesty that is better for them. Welcome men, one minute, the next idea and tell the believing woman also. So this is for men and women. So that's number one very important rule. In principle, it's prohibited. So you want to interact with the opposite gender, why? You have to justify it, not the other way around. I can interact unless it is not allowed. No, you cannot interact unless you have a reason.

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That's why scholars discussed when can a man look at a woman who's foreign

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and they classify women to six types.

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The mom's mother, daughter, sister, the wife

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looking for marriage, before being married, looking for marriage crip ba

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for necessity, a doctor or a judge?

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And then all other woman.

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So everyone has a ruling. But in principle, what is the principle? It is what? prohibited?

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That's number one.

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And you can tell

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I don't know how many of you because all of you are students, right? How many of you have part time job or you work in an environment where you have other workers, man or woman? Did anyone have you work? You have? So did you have female partners or co workers?

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Okay, sisters, anyone? Have you?

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Yes, no?

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Yeah, you don't have to work. All the brothers do the hard work. Okay, so let me ask you this first day of work. You are new. How would you interact with the opposite sex?

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All by the book, yes or no?

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Yes or no? A year from now?

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What happens? And that's what I noticed. I see people laughing, exchanging jokes and as if they are Muharram SubhanAllah. Where are the what is the barrier? Remember first day, that's how it should be every single day. But we got accustomed.

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We knew each other so it's okay. No, it's not okay.

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Even if you work for years. Rules are rules. They don't change.

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In principle, you don't interact unless there is a reason.

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That's number one. And there are many details I will try to explain. Number two

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When you interact with the opposite sex

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remember that

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she could be your sister, or your daughter.

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And that helps you a lot. How would you like others to interact with your daughter? Maybe that's hard to imagine for most of you, but your system

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that's helpful, because how you like others to interact, that's how you should remember.

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We have desires as others have desires. No no, my intention is noble, if your intention is noble, it has to be reflected in actions

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you are a co worker or otherwise. So those two principles help a lot.

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In principle, it is prohibited.

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So, what I notice, and that's what some people tell me

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11:30pm When almost everybody is sleeping, she receives a text message. Who is it? My coworker?

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It's about work at that time. No, no, it's a joke. Mashallah.

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Yeah, what's the big deal? Come on. I told you. This is the gateway of the shaytaan. The shaitaan does not come and tell you go ahead and commit Zina. Shaytan is smart. He tells you what's the big deal? It's just a joke. What's the big deal? You are only you and her alone together? It's okay. You are coworkers? What's the big deal? Let's invite her for what's the big deal, suddenly you notice that you are

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laughing? You are touching, you are talking for hours you are so know from the beginning, stop, do not interact, unless you have an evidence.

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One way to help.

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And I find this really useful. And I advise everyone to do it. When you interact with the opposite sex. Have a third party?

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I texted her this joke.

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Would you like your mother also to be texted that joke?

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See, you're laughing?

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Is it about work at this late hour?

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Fear Allah because others also they have families. So no.

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Subhanallah Kuffar now after the movement of me too, and all the sexual abuse that they suffered from now they are implementing Islamic principles. Companies, they are doing that not because they love Islam, but because they want to, to protect their reputation. They want to save money on lawsuits, that there was sexual abuse. Why? Because they were alone. So always,

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for your own sake, have a third party present.

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Don't be alone. For your sake, and for her sake.

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What about phone calls, even phone calls? Imagine if someone else is listening her father. Oh, yeah. Well, I'm not proposing to her exactly. That's the point. She is a foreigner.

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because even if no one is listening, remember that Allah azza wa jal is listening. Remember that Allah azza wa jal is watching.

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Honestly, I'm telling you I was shocked here to see the standards are very low. Men and women, they have lunch together they what is this? Are we our co workers? So what?

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In principle, you shouldn't be even looking at the other gender? Allah says palummo me Nina, a woman of Saudi, why follow through Jiang shaytan is very smart. He doesn't tell you directly go ahead and commit Zina. No, but he gives you easy way step by step. And he's very patient. Let it take one year, two years.

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And the killer that's what I noticed. She is a potential candidate for my marriage. Allah, if she is potential candidate, go and do the right way, the proper way. Go and propose and ask her hand from her family. Yes or no? That's it. Because that's again, a gateway from the shaytaan. She might be my wife. No.

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How are you dealing with her? She is a foreigner. That's it. In principle, it is probability

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and SubhanAllah. In the Quran. We have a beautiful example. The story of Musa alayhis salam

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In Surah Al CASAS

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while I'm

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at the end, Carla asabi And yeah, Danny Sava Seville when Musa alayhis salam ran away from crown and his people and he turned to me at the end and he prayed to Allah to guide him

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when he arrived

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now imagine what are the man when he arrived at the world of Medina and the water of Medina, what are the LA he Omata? Mina naseous food that's the story. What did that mean Dhoni him and then he saw to a woman Musa Ali salaam was muscular he was strong. And he was young at that time he wasn't all. So he saw something strange to women are not

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competing with men. But still they are there where they shouldn't be there.

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Anyone else would either

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care less about that? Or would take advantage of the situation?

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Those are Let's approach them let's have their number. No call Mr. Kumar. He said what is necessary only? What's the matter with you?

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Look how they responded. Allah Tala Anesti Hattah us

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who are gonna say hyung Kabir. They said what is necessary? And that's it?

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Did they exchange jokes? What's cooking good looking?

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They told him, our father is old. And we cannot compete with men. We wait until they leave only then. And subhanAllah this story is an essence of gender interaction.

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Because nowadays, what people want the kuffaar they want from the Muslims that any field there are men, women should be involved. And that's not right. Allah said, Well, he said that Kuru can

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equalizing two different things. That's injustice.

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That's just wrong.

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We have different responsibilities.

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So trying to equate those different responsibilities. That's a problem. That's the Western at this believing idea. We shouldn't adopt that. So this story is very beautiful. Because he asked them, what's the matter? They answered, and he did what is necessary and that's it for Sakala Houma. He did what what every pious would do, he did the right thing. He watered for them. And he left. He didn't wait for payment. He didn't ask for the phone number. Let's have dinner one day. No.

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What did he do? He prayed to Allah. Allah be in Neelima and delta la em in hiring Fatima. See, Allah azza wa jal is telling us this story for a reason. These simple details the Quran does not mention simple details unless there is a reason for

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temporary honesty.

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how important the way that she was walking, that Allah azza wa jal described the way that she was walking Subhan Allah, Allah and nowadays there are women they walk, I would feel ashamed to walk in front of them. I will try to be on the side of

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them she Alistair Yeah, she was walking with shyness. Allah azza wa jal is telling us how she was walking, which was a reflection of her

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Call it what did she say? Let's have dinner dinner together. In Abby Rocha. It is my father. It's not me. Although they are already in charge of the business. They already said that the Father is an old man but still in Abbey Theatre, okay.

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My father is inviting you

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to give you

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a reward

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to reward you for what you've done.

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And not only that, they saw in him an excellent candidate. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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So these are the Allahu anha she proposed to the Prophet Salah Salem nowadays when someone does that or her definitely there is something wrong. But she didn't do that directly. Here in the story, the same thing. Call it the Hummer. Yeah, Betty Oh, my father is that dude who hire him. It's when when

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all are in need redo and okay.

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So always,

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that's what the respectful woman would do. She referred the matter to her father, even though she was in charge. Even though her father was old.

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She didn't take matters into her

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her own hands.

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So this is what we need in our time.

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And that's what elevates women.

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When Allah azza wa jal said yeah Maria more in Allah has tofurkey Whopper hierarchy was perfect yeah Allah Anissa Illa Allah mean, Allah has chosen you, purified you and chosen you, above all the world's why? Because she was so pretty. She was celebrity because of her nudity, no because of her chastity.

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That's what elevates a woman.

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So, these are few simple things. In principle, it is haram. Whenever you want to interact with a foreign woman, with someone from the opposite sex, remember it is haram. What is the justification?

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You have a justification. Go ahead and it is limited to that you don't have stop.

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Why not?

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Islam says so. Allah says so that's why

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don't open Allah azza wa jal said Dr. Johann Medina Ave laughed at the Bureau what is shaytaan do not follow the footsteps of the shaman.

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Because the cost later, for not following that is very severe.

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We've seen the consequences.

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At the moment, the heat of the moment when the shaytan is in control, yeah, it looks nice. But then later when you regret it, then later when you see that this is happening to your own family, to your own children to your own daughters or to your sisters, then you would regret it all but it's okay my family they are chaste while the others they are not. So it's okay for them. Even if it's okay for them. It's not okay with Allah azza wa jal, you are a Muslim. So that's what Allah tells you.

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So, I don't have to talk much about this because it's very clear. And I told you before that we spoke about communication. And this is related to it. It's

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important not just in Dawa not just in volunteering, but for you as a Muslim. Listening is one of the essential qualities for every Muslim.

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Allah azza wa jal said, what can you do about the kuffaar What can you they said the kuffaar laukkanen s now nachal Not good enough as herbicidal the first reason for them to be in hellfire had we only listened hearing

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doesn't mean listening. We continue after the selection