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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah were built in a similar house in Jannah. And we know the great reward that will not only be gained but rather, will fill your grave after your death. Whenever someone prays that whenever someone gives shahada in the masjid whenever someone learns something in the masjid, yes, that will be something that you will have on your scale.

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So I'm Ali Kumara, how much Allah here what I care to how are you guys doing? Recently, the CEO to Sapiens Institute Hamza and ressources

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has engaged in a debate with a Zionist sympathizer in Ireland, a country which for the most part has been onside

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with the Palestine issue, because they've suffered their own fair share of colonialism. I think there is a vicarious sympathy, though the Irish people feel visa vie the Palestinian issue.

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And the person who he was debating with presented notes but spurious and specious claims of a sophistic kind. Let's take a look at some of those exchanges. And come back and respond in Thailand. Let me ask you a question. Why are you racist? Let me tell you why. Because you're talking about October the sixth, where is your condemnation of the equivalent five October the seventh that were inflicted on the Palestinians from 2008 to 2020? Where is your condemnation of that? You talk about October the sixth as if everything was rosy and peaceful. Israel has an apartheid system around 65 laws, no less than 65 laws that discriminate against Arab Israelis and the Palestinians. You have

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illegal occupation? You're not saying nothing about what happened before October the seventh with regards to its reality? Where is your condemnation of the equivalent of five October the seventh since 2008? Where's your condemnation? Why the more asymmetry? Is it because you're racist, you're either ignorant or you're racist. As you saw with that particular clipping of the video, the entire video you can watch on Hamza Andrez, sources channel,

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which you can just write his name Hamza Zoetis, on YouTube, and you should subscribe to his channel

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is that someone may say of this is a very strong claim to state that or to suggest that this man is a racist, or that somebody who supports the Zionist cause is a racist. But I think that is an honest opinion. And I think that is a natural inference. And I'll tell you why. If one unequivocally and without any exception,

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agrees and supports the State of Israel, which is predicated on racial superiority, and the evidence of that is found clearly in the works of the Zinus, all the way from Hutsul and Wiseman and so on, to our present day. And which has as a country laws, which intentionally discriminates against Palestinian people, we've spoken at length about them, for example, apartheid laws, like the Law of Return, then this is a natural inference because it is a prerequisite for believing in these kinds of laws or supporting entities, which advocate and or impose laws like this, to actually believe or accept or acquiesce or placate.

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Somehow this idea

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of racial superiority or

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inequality of some kind, that's racism, where you are prioritizing and acts, you know, exceptional lysing one group of people over another because of their race.

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It was a shambolic performance, why design is sympathizer and a wonderful and fantastic performance by Hans and various sources. I'm sure you will be watching the debate. And I particularly liked his comment about why are you asking us to condemn October 7, when you haven't condemned the equivalent of five? October 7, since 2014.

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Was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Hey, you are you wasting your time on social media again, your brothers and sisters in Islam net from Norway are establishing a masjid a Dawa center. Establishing a message to convey the message of Islam is one of the best deeds a Muslim can do. There's a huge need for it annoying. Do you know this and I know this so that makes

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Do you even greater, so give generously and Allah azza wa jal give you even more