Hollywood Actor Warns People about Doing LGBTQ in Gaza

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Come on, I gotta deliver. It's kind of hot out here, buddy. He's a comedian. His name is Michael David report on unprecedented access with Bert Zilla, better known as the Birdman Christianna cynics championship. Let's come

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Have you heard of him? I'm not sure I'm really bad with names.

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You take some fear into a

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sex store sex stores, or anything LGBTQ, do not go to Gaza and in the church that I used to go to, the pastor gave a sermon about why we have to support Israel and then they uncovered this CBS News investigation has uncovered a loophole that allows accused and convicted American pedophiles to escape justice by moving to Israel, show me what Christians have done to Jews in the last 1000 years and show me what Muslims have done to Jews in the last 1000 years and you will we know there are many benefits to the use of black seed according to the authentic statements of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon them. That's why use the black seed by Tasneem and 50% of the profits

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from your order will go towards establishing the deen center the masjid and mega Dawa center use promo code the Dean show 15% off sale on a con walk to the show. How're you guys doing? Welcome welcome. I have sighting guests here. He was with me online and now he's in the studio. This is the DJ

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to talk about

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how much respect I have for the faith of Islam Show. Welcome to the deen show. The Deen show.

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Very excited to have you mom, Tom. How are you? I'm good. I'm a little tired short on sleep like everybody. But it's been a good stay in Chicago. I was here for the massive conference, my first real time in Chicago and had a good experience. So I'm the 100 likes so we have a lot to talk about. This next clip. I wanted to unpackage it because before this, this whole

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would kind of steered us in talking to against the oppression that's happening in Palestine. We were actually I was talking a lot about and we were aligning with a lot of the Conservatives and others who were seeing the infiltration of the schools with much of the sexualization of the children the alphabet movement and imagine it was like three four months ago right? You remember that? That was the main thing going on? Yeah. So there's this famous actor

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Oh, come on. I gotta deliver. It's kind of hot out here, buddy. Come on.

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I found he's a comedian. His name is Michael David rent port on precedented axis with bird Zilla, better known as the Birdman Christianna cynics championship night. Let's cut

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Have you heard of him? I'm not sure I'm really bad with names. Yes, his face. Okay. Bring the bill. Yeah.

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You know, this whole crap with this canceled culture and shut off. So we're going to touch upon this topic because in his video, he brings it up but then he also brings up the plaza. Interesting. So I'm gonna get your reaction to this very interesting guy. He's an actor, comedian. And he's been very outspoken.

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I'm here in front of the infamous mash Sexton door right there right here in Tel Aviv. You take some you're into a

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sex store sex stores, or anything LGBTQ, do not go to Gaza. This doesn't exist. In Gaza. This does not exist in Gaza doesn't exist in the West Bank. Okay does not exist in Gaza. You go to *ing cancer.

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You start talking. You said where's the LGBTQ more? A Toss up in building your thoughts. So is that is he being serious? Or is he being facetious? Or what's his sort of like thing with that? Because I mean, like, is he joking, or Yeah, I mean, it seems like he's serious. But is he? I mean, because the thing is, and this is why it's interesting and important to notice how these, these different ideologies come together. And there's another related thing, and I'm glad that you brought up this this particular issue because, to me, the LGBTQ issue in the United States and the Zionist issue in the United States are very similar. They have eerie similarities, how why there's two ways one

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that's relevant to that video and one that's not mentioned but needs to be mentioned. The one that's not mentioned in that video, is that

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the institution

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Is that we have have been completely sort of hijacked top down. So if you, there's a disconnect between what the American people want, and what the government is doing. Okay. So if you look at, for example, when they were rolling, they were pushing through all these sexualization of curriculum and teaching, you know, gender fluidity in elementary schools and things like that bringing in very, very pornographic books and stuff like that the average American has against this. But the lobby, the movement that was for this, they maneuvered in such a way so that they basically were doing whatever they could do until someone told them that they had to stop. And so you see that there,

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they have powerful friends and powerful positions that know how to pull the levers and pull the strings. And then you saw the change on the ground. The same exact thing happens with Zionism. In the United States, you've got politicians we've seen in the last month or two to Michigan, Congress, people were approached by Israeli tide lobbies, with an offer of $20 million

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to stop their race that they were going to enter into and run against Rasheeda Talib. That's not any sort of endorsement for her. But we're just saying that this is something that there are politicians, the United States of America that are under foreign influence, they're in the pocket of a foreign government. And the average American would be against this, the average American is against this, how are we allowing this to happen? So I see a parallel, a really interesting and important parallel, that the United States government is not sufficiently in tune with the American people what they want. And the American government has been captured by special interests. In one

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case, the LGBTQ lobby, now we're seeing also with the Israeli lobby, and if people don't put a stop to it, then they're actually going to criminalize Americans for for being against this sort of stuff. They're going to criminalize Americans for if you're against LGBTQ by saying this is hate speech. And this is violence against LGBTQ people, which is ridiculous, which is sort of the conflation that he makes in the video. And then also, now they're going to say, if you're against Zionism, if you're against the State of Israel, you don't stand with Israel, then you're a terrorist, or you're a terrorist supporter. So they're trying to criminalize us both ways, and the

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average American person, they are smart enough to realize that we're not for the sexualization of young children. And we're against sort of the impositions of the LGBTQ movement. And we're also against our government, basically following the interests of any foreign nation. In this case, it's Israel. But if it were any foreign nation for Saudi Arabia, if it were Sudan, if it were any foreign nation, it would still be a problem. That's issue number one. Issue number two, what he's saying is that one of the things that Zionists are trying to use, is the dehumanization, and the vilification of Muslims, and Arabs, and Palestinians, and husbands in particular, in order to justify their

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slaughter. Right. So the, the person and this is crazy, because the person who is an IDF soldier who gets in front of the camera, and is asked about and brags about killing babies,

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or says how many of you killed that I only two or two, it was a good day, which we've seen clips of people actually saying this. This is met with nothing with no reaction whatsoever.

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And the possibility, not the reality, but the possibility the imagination, that somebody who's LGBTQ or whatever is going to be harmed. And because it hasn't happened, the possibility or the suggestion that it might happen. justifies killing 20,000 30,000 people. Tell me how that math makes sense. Right? So there's a deep, profound hypocrisy that's going on. And a lot of people like I said, the biggest thing I think, in right now, this moment for Muslims, the United States,

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they are going to attempt to criminalize us. They are going to attempt to come after us to intimidate us to bully us to scare us, just like they've done in the past with, you know, other people. It's the new McCarthyism, to try to say that you're a terrorist supporter, you support this, you support Hamas, whatever, no, we don't.

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We just want fairness. We just want the American government to be responsible to the American people. The majority of American people are against what Israel is doing, what the government is in the pocket of a foreign nation and their influencers and their money and their lobbies and their coordination. And it makes every single one of us who has a conscience sick, because that's my tax money. That's your tax money that's going to all these weapons and bullets that end up in the skulls of babies. Right, so I hope I answered your question, but it's really, really an important moment. Well

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about what I was thinking because he's Jewish. So you can, you can still be. So obviously he's ethnically Jewish. But he can't make the claim that God gave him the land if we go to that argument because he's obviously supporting something that even his if he's a practicing Jew, right, this is against the Bible. This is against the first five books. So that ship has sailed long ago, right? Because hurt Solon and the the founders of the Zionist movement where most of them are atheists. They were atheists, so they believe that God promised them the land, but they don't believe in God. So how does that square? Yeah, that was Ilhan Poppy. I think it was. He's a Israeli Jewish

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historian. He also brings us up that it's ironic that now they're atheists hartsel and the rest of the founders but they want to go ahead and capitalize off

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given them the land, but they don't believe in God. Yeah, of course. No, that's why they rely upon demonization and vilification of Muslims and Arabs, they have to make us and the people of Palestine seem like they're animals, bloodthirsty, violent, all the way to the end of it to justify what they're doing. I've seen some reports also where they have they've had people who have been convicted of pedophilia, and then fleeing and capitalizing on the right of return. And getting caught up. Have you heard of this? I have heard of that as well. Yeah, no, it just doesn't make sense. I haven't verified all that stuff and going into a deep but I'll play the I'm gonna play the

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play the clip. First of all, I'm very sad to say but Israel is a country which has a pandemic of sexual violence, people get to see it. The report where you have reporters, and then they uncover this CBS News investigation has uncovered a loophole that allows accused and convicted American pedophiles to escape justice by moving to Israel. So an LI has been following this for more than a year and he traveled to Israel for this investigation. Yeah, just the fact even like, even without that, just the fact that someone from Long Island can get hop on a plane and go to Tel Aviv, and to get citizenship, and an AR 15 and military training, and someone give them their house, stealing my

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house. And if I don't steal it, someone else is gonna steal it. Like, what world is this?

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And then and then he can kill babies, and then come back and resume his normal life in the United States. Like again, and this would be I would have this position. If this was any other country. This is not about Jewish or Muslim. This is not about whatever, this should not exist for anybody, is our slogan. Can we say? I mean, what Islam teaches us that all human life is precious. Yeah, of course, of course. And even the purpose of warfare because every society believes in warfare, the purpose of warfare is to establish a just peace. Yeah. Right. So that's, you know, if everybody understands the need to justify warfare, if not, then they wouldn't lie about these sorts of things.

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They wouldn't lie about weapons of mass destruction for Iraq, they wouldn't lie about, you know, the need to intervene, you know, in or Israel or the IDF wouldn't say that, Oh, there's Hamas in this hospital. There's Hamas in the here, there's Hamas and here, they wouldn't feel the need to justify it. If there wasn't an implicit understanding that you need to justify violence. Everybody agrees? How do you justify violence when violence is justified? Islam teaches that warfare has to be for justice, and just peace. It's only because there are people in this world that are going to trample upon the rights of others, and commit oppression and horrible things, if they're not stopped. And

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anybody who's a student of American history of the American Revolution and everything, you know, like they understand that. So would you be somebody who was

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because that's something I mean, even if you look at I think it was hard Harvard University to have a a verse from the Quran right isn't about justice? Yeah, I believe so.

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Yeah. And so being someone who's upon justice would you be as an Imam, a community leader if this was the roles were reversed right now? And you had what is it I think is 23,000 innocent human beings right now? That's yeah, of course. Listen, when if these were in the other side, these are Jews. Would you be out there to stop this when when ISIS was having a thing everybody was against ISIS? And we were talking about how honest nomic ISIS was? Yeah, right that this is a travesty and an abomination and and a rejection ism. And there's it's ironic because Israel has attempted to portray Hamas as ISIS. But the IDF resembles ISIS more than than the other side. We were against

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this type of behavior, whether it's being committed by Muslims or it's being committed by Jews, by secularists, or by atheists or by Christians. This is against our faith. And so it's not and that's that's something that a lot of people don't understand is that we're not we're not just being partial here. It's not just because our own people quote unquote, are you know in the crosshairs, this is something that is wrong period. It

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some moral wrong. And Islam teaches that you have to have the same standards for everybody that you have to actually be fair, you can't just have principles. Now it's all it was all about democracy and freedom fighting for Ukraine. And now with Palestine, it's the complete opposite, right? That's that means that shows me that you're a hypocrite, you don't have principles that you you believe in your principles when it's convenient for you, when it suits you. And then when it doesn't suit you, your principles go out the window, I actually believe in principle, if you're going to support Ukraine, if you're going to say that the Russian aggression against Ukraine is wrong, then you also

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have to condemn Israel in the aggression against Palestine. It's there, there are very similar things. Many people have drawn the comparison between between Bosnia, between Bosnia in the 90s, and Palestine, if you're going to condemn one, you have to condemn the other. Right? Don't be the type of person that you know, your sympathy and your justice only extends to history. Right? It's like we're going through something right now. Now is the time where people have to take a stand. And they have to be brave, because they're gonna attempt to paint you as a criminal or a terrorist supporter or sympathizer or something like that, which is not true. But you have to stand up. And you have to

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say, this is not right. I want my government to stop it. I don't support it. And it has to end. I've been showing this clip to many of my guests. And this is something we touched upon on our last program. But this is the narrative that's being pushed. And you'll see what I'm talking about in this next clip. And this is by former Congress, person, woman and also a dean of a Christian university. I want to get your feedback because this is really fueling the narrative that they're trying to create. We can no longer embrace this being Mr. Nice Guy, to the people who are in Gaza, because this is over 1000 years of mothers teaching their children grow up and kill Jews grow up and

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kill Jews. It's the mind every accusation is a confession. That's all you have to say. And that's one of the most efficient phrases that we've gotten out of the last few months. Every accusation is a confession. Have you heard this? Yeah. I've seen this. Yeah, yeah. So I mean, this is recent. Yeah, this was they had a big convention. And you have a lot of conservatives Christians come in. And now imagine that 1000s of people are there not just at the the hall, but also at the event, but also now going out in the media, and people are hearing this? Yeah, of course. It's just like Joe Biden getting up and saying that babies were beheaded and stuff like that, you know, once you spread

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the lie. And then what the right you have somebody in your own community here in Chicago, a six year old boy that got stabbed on flies to bump off of lies, that the damage is already done, right. So I mean, again, like this, they rely upon the vilification, the dehumanization of Muslims and Palestinians and Arabs, in order to justify the violence. But what we've seen is what's in their imagination, how do they come up with these lies? They take the things that they're doing. They say that this is what Palestinians are doing. This is what Muslims are doing. Go there's so much evidence online these days compared to 20 years ago, you can go online, you can see videos of the

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yeshivos. Right, and the schools in Israel and what they teach the kids and they have asked them point blank, like what does this make you want to do is it makes us want to kill Arabs? That's what they say. Right? So every accusation is a confession, like, you know, the Israeli state, from the Constitution from 1948. From its inception has been a racist state. It's been an ethno supremacist state. It's been an apartheid state. Hate is built into it. Hate is built into the entire national project of Israel. Right. And they need to project that hate onto Muslims onto Palestinians, in order to in order to keep on doing what they're doing and to try to excuse their own butchery.

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Now, if that was, I mean, that's coming from you now.

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Muslim me, Mom, you weren't always Muslim. You come from a Christian background? Yeah, I just want to go ahead and let the audience see this is a clip. This is actually from a former Zionist he was in the Special Forces, Israeli Special Forces idea of his father was Israeli general. And his great grandfather was somebody who helped to start the State of Israel. And this goes with what you're saying, coming from from him. Zionism is a racist ideology.

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The State of Israel is founded on a racist ideology.

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Israel is an apartheid, racist, violent regime that has taken over Palestine. That is how

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we need to talk about it. I didn't learn about Zionism in a college course. I didn't learn about Zionism from a book. My grandfather signed the Israeli Declaration of Independence. I

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I grew up in Zionism. I know, Zionism is.

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And I reject it completely.

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You have to reject Zionism. If you have a conscience to be proud of being a Zionist. Well, don't be proud of

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being a pedophile. I mean, what is next very important clip. And that's This is one of the things it's like for any rational, critical thinking person. You have so many people that are defectors from the IDF from Israel, Jewish people who have Jewish Voice for Peace, you have other groups of Jewish people that say, not in my name, right? It's like you can't use anti semitism to cover the crimes that Israel is doing. Jews are saying this, right? You have Jews saying that this is entirely you know, it's hijacking our religion. It's hijacking everything that's completely unjust.

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What do you see? Do you see these sort of similar defectors from Palestinians? Do you see how many Palestinians do you see come out and say that yeah, we were taught hate from day one, and only the one or two that they've paid a lot of money to, like, the one guy can't remember his name, who's, you know, but you know, look at the proportionality. Look at the wave upon wave of conscientious Jewish people and conscientious people who have experienced in the IDF who testify against its crimes against its racism against its, its its oppression. And you'd be very hard pressed to find any sort of equivalency when it comes to the to the other side. How does that?

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How does that lay with you when you hear Michelle Bachman when she's talking about for over 1000 years? So she's dating back before because this is relatively something new 100 years, right? So now she's talking about for over 1000 years, they're teaching so that means that you also she's talking about Muslims basically here hitting Jews, you, you, you obviously took a deep dive, you know, you you didn't, it's not the popular thing to go ahead and just become a Muslim. So you're coming from a background that she's your former Christian, right? Yeah, very intelligent. You know, you really looked at the evidence. Did you see any hint to that? No, absolutely not? Absolutely not. In fact,

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the opposite, you know, like everybody in in Palestine, who actually remembers the time before 1948 understands this as well. There's even Jewish people I saw one video where there was a Jewish lady she was approached, like in a hospital that and they were as she's like, very, very old 80s 90s. And we're asking to describe what it was like before 1948 What was the relationship between the Jews and the Muslims and she said, everybody got along. I met everybody got everybody got along. And I've met with, with with wild Haluk, you know, professor at Columbia University, who's a Palestinian Christian are from Palestinian Christian family. And he said the same thing. He said, it was like

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growing up, he said, We had no, there was nothing, there was no sort of animosity there was everybody, everybody got along, right. So this is an invention is another invention that, you know, Zionism has come up with in order to justify its slaughter, that they teach hate. They've always hated us, they are an existential threat. Right? It's the whole thing with with weapons of mass destruction. You know, this is a preeminent strike or a preemptive strike rather, right? That we have to to you know, take away and kick them off of the land or else they're going to come and they want to kill every single one of us, which is why they also go nuts with the from the river to the

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sea, Palestine will be free. Don't say that. No, because they think that they're gonna they can only think within their imagination. Again, every accusation is a confession, they can if in their understanding, and the Zionist understanding what would that mean? That would mean wiping out everybody and erasing everybody. But obviously it doesn't mean when Palestinians and Muslims say that we mean we want freedom for everybody, everybody who everybody. Yes, everybody do. Christian Muslim, everybody who's in between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. We want liberation for everybody. But liberation does not look like Zion is free from apartheid. Yeah, free from

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apartheid, free from a racist state free from Zionism. Zionism is bad for Jews to Zionism is bad for Jews is bad for Christians. And it's bad for Muslims and bad for everybody. It's only good for the few people who believe in the project and who are sort of trying to, you know, now you've got them systematically robbing houses and of us as they sort of destroy them and things like that. It's only good for the elite, and the people who have put all of their sort of self worth into this criminal ideology. But it's bad for Jews. It's bad for Muslims, and it's bad for Christians. So when we say liberate Palestine, from the river to the sea, we mean liberate Palestine and the Jews and the

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Christians and the Muslims from Zionism. Is it fair assessment, if you're somebody who's supporting this, because we're saying on one end here that all human life is precious. We're saying now that we are on the side of justice, truth. And if somebody you have the, if somebody was supporting this, is it safe to say that because a lot of masks are coming off, we're getting to see really like kind of what's in people's hearts.

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And when you see that human rights organizations Amnesty International, even Israeli human rights organizations they've labeled as a apartheid Yeah. So nobody would be on the side of

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apartheid South Africa. But when Jimmy Carter and Nelson Mandela, now they have at one time he was considered a terrorist now they have his statue in the UK is that right? That's interesting. So now you want to be on the right side of history. So you have a lot of rabbis Jews coming forward saying not in our name. And if somebody's insisting and they'll insist and they'll still be with this even though the evidence is overwhelming, you know, we have the International, UN and other organizations saying this is the these aren't oppressed people. This is what is occupied lands. Okay, so my question is now, can you really question is somebody really who supports this? And then I had to oh,

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just one more point. I had a rabbi who I just interviewed Rabbi David. And he relates an amazing story. So he's, he's 19 years old. He's lived been sold his Disney Dream like of Israel, and he goes there. And what really kicked it off for him was that he saw this young boy, he was hurt. He was bleeding from his hand. So he took him to the proper authorities there. He's like, get him somehow. And he spent he's fluent in Hebrew. So he's telling them Hebrew like, let's help this boy. And then the soldiers are pleased. I looked at him to get this Airavata here so I was like, imagine I'm gonna get this N word out of here. Right, right. Yeah. So that's what it's about and it's not a one off he

00:26:16--> 00:26:49

said, this was something that is just something that's normal. So are you racist? Now? Is this something that's that's coming out? If you support something like this? Can we question Are you really are you somebody who's for equal rights for all? Are you really for humanity? Are you really a hidden? Are you undercover racist? Yeah, no, I think 100% legit question. Yeah, no, it is I think if you're if you're a Zionist at this point, you're a racist. I think that's that's a foregone? Oh, there's no doubt. You know, I think that's it. I think, whether you admit it or not, that's a secondary issue. But, you know, and I'll give people you know, benefit of the doubt who have been

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indoctrinated. Like you said, a lot of people, you know, and the Government of Israel has worked really hard to keep that sort of hermetic seal on the indoctrination. You know, they've got the summer camps and they've got the birthright tours and they've got all these sorts of things that they just like you said, the Disney fairytale that they feed you about all of Israel is if anybody hasn't watched it Israel ism it was really nice documentary called Israel ism that was developed by a Jew also. Yes, I was. These are Jews putting together we commend them. They these has exactly what you're saying. I heard someone say, I don't know if it's an exaggeration, but it's telling they

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said, people, everybody's designed every Jewish Zionist until they actually go

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to Israel and or Palestine. And they see like the reality, right. And at that point, it's a moral choice that people have to make. This is why Allah says in the Quran, it's not the eyes that are blind, but it's the hearts that are people who have their hearts are awake and alive. And they see the reality. And they're like, they become very disillusioned. Some of them, they go and they hide, and they just go about their lives. And they just like, wow, it's like, it's just whatever. But others take it even a step further, and found these organizations such as Jewish Voice for Peace and other organizations and say that no, we are going to educate the world. We're going to show people

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what's really going on, and we're going to try to put a stop to it because they realized that they had been indoctrinated for their whole lives. My guest recently Sam Sammy Hamdi, yeah, he says, this morning, he says something very interesting. He said that, look, we can sympathize for the beginning. Yes. What started Zionism? Yes. And it wasn't the persecution of Jews by Muslims. It was actual persecution, by who? by the Nazis, and Europe, and the Christians, historically, Christians. If you want to go back 1000 years, if you want to go back 1000 years, no disrespect to those, anybody. But let's be honest, if you're gonna go down that route, yeah. Check your own, on the under

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your own finger fingernails, because the history of Christianity and Christians towards Jews in the last 100,000 years is not pretty is not pretty. Whether you go to Russia and Eastern Europe, whether you go to Western Europe, the pogroms, the you know, we language has changed, you know, genocide is a fairly recent term. But

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all these things that they that they have names for that they now weaponize in an unfair way such as blood Labelle and these sorts of things. You know, this was systematic in Christian history towards Jews, right that the dehumanization that the animalistic language you know, calling them rats and horrible this horrible thing horrible but that's the history of Christianity and well, let's say Christian according to Islam, unacceptable, unacceptable. You're an Imam, I want people to understand is I want the Michelle Bachmann's and the Christian conservatives and whoever's watching. You're actually a Muslim is like a priest. That's like a pastor. That's like, you know, that's a

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community leader for Muslims. Yes. So now you really did your homework. I mean, to come and this is another fascinating thing. You were former Christian who became a Muslim mom. Yeah, that's really deep. Yeah. Yeah. So continue on. Yeah, no, I mean, it's just like this. This is the history of Christians towards Jews and the the Nazi holocaust against the Jews, was simply the last chapter of Jewish oppression in Christian Europe.

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The history is deep and long. So if you want to any conservative wants to go back 1000 years, I will put the reputation of the Muslims anywhere from Morocco to Indonesia. I'll compare that put it up against the against the European Christian treatment of Jews for the last 1000 years, I will give you every single dollar in my bank account that I have to my name, I'll stake my reputation on I'll stake my life on it. I will challenge you. Show me what Christians have done the Jews in the last 1000 years and show me what Muslims have done to Jews in the last 1000 years. And you will, you will have to face the facts that Christianity and especially European Christians have had a very

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checkered history with the Jewish population, the Jewish community, and the relationship between Muslims and Jews has been much more amicable and much more mutually supportive when the Jews were pushed out of because the Jews were pushed out of of Andalusia of southern Spain before the Muslims were when you know, they quote unquote, unified Spain, the Jews were the first to be kicked out forced conversion Spanish Inquisition, who sent ships on his own dime to go save the Jews from Muslim Spain or formerly Muslim Spain on their own dime on their own dime. It was the Ottoman Sultan Basie the second, he sent ships, I believe, you know, it's this is in the late 1400s. So you know,

00:31:25--> 00:31:50

the numbers, you don't know exactly how many numbers but somewhere between 150 to 300,000, Jews were taken, aback saved, rescued refugees from Spain were taken to the Ottoman Empire settled in Istanbul. And they actually nowadays, there's still a strong Jewish presence in Istanbul. To this day. There's actually organizations that I read a little bit about about this, in the last few weeks that

00:31:51--> 00:32:32

document the history of the Jewish community in Turkey and in in Istanbul, in particular. And they say that, yeah, we were settled here, we were encouraged here, and the Ottoman Sultan voz de second, blamed Ferdinand and Isabella for their short sightedness. He said, You've enriched me and impoverished yourself when talking about how he came to save and to welcome the Jewish community from Spain, right, the Muslims were then the next to be kicked out. So you know, you could go again, I'll stake everything I own on this compare Chris, European Christians, last 1000 years, their behavior towards Jews and Muslims behavior towards Jews, I will, I will stake everything on it, you

00:32:32--> 00:33:12

will find that European Christians had a hard time dealing with Jews, they had a lot of animosity and hatred towards Jews, the whole Judeo Christian values, Judeo Christian values very, very new thing. It's a very, very new idea. If you go back into the history, the history is ugly, it's honestly it makes you sick to see how the Jews have been treated in Europe, by Christians, and by Muslims, non Muslims, by Christians, and the Nazi Holocaust was simply the last chapter in that story. So you can totally sympathize with the Jewish people when it comes to the raw deal that they got. But unfortunately, unfortunately, that was misdirected, that sort of oppression and the horrors

00:33:12--> 00:33:45

that they that they endured was misdirected. And now it was taken out, just like if you have a bad day at work, and then you come and you take it out on your wife or your kids. They came and they took it out on the Muslims and the Palestinians a tab attempting to establish some sort of imaginative, you know, nation state, that's just for them. It's a racist state. It's a Jewish state. Right. And, you know, it's ironic because the United States recently the congress passed that sort of, I don't know what technically the term resolution or whatever, Israel as a Jewish state,

00:33:46--> 00:34:23

without realizing that, that's racist, period, to say that Israel is a Jewish state and must be and has the right to be a Jewish state, in a land that is populated by not just Jews, but also by Christians and Muslims, right? If the roles were reversed if the shoe was on the other foot, and there was a place where let's say, like, like Kenya, or let's say, like, someplace in Africa that has like a population that's significant Muslim population, but also significant Jewish, and Christian population, and they came out and they said that this is an Islamic state, and that cetera, et cetera, et cetera, everybody will be up in arms. You'd see it on the news. 24/7. Right.

00:34:23--> 00:34:34

We're just asking people to be fair, just be fair, and don't lie. Be historical about it. The 1000 year animosity is between Christians and Jews, not between Muslims and Jews. So you gave some example you had the

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

Spain golden ages for Jews, and I just had a read by on recently, he also confirmed this. I mean, this is something that just well known document history. Jews flourished the most at this time, didn't they? Of course you had France. Any time the Christians were in charge of the Holy Land, we're talking about Palestine Jews were kicked out and not allowed to settle there as they did against every time that Christians were in charge of the holy land in Jerusalem.

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

Yes Jerusalem users Palestine and Jews were kicked out and not allowed to live there not by Muslim not by Muslims are the opposite. When Muslims were in charge, they repopulated, repopulate, and Jews were allowed to come and settle. Yeah, this is a historical fact. You can go look it up. Yeah. Like, the best thing for Judaism has been snapped when it talks about the Jewish community. And it's, it's, it's it's what are we gonna say its ability to survive as a community, the best the best ally that the Jews have had historically have been the Muslims you've had. Islam saved the jury. You've had David Ornstein and other academics I often always you know, quote this because it's very

00:35:34--> 00:36:13

important. In Bosnia, you had where my family's from you had the Bosnian Muslim Muslims, they're hiding the Jews in niqab. You had Muslims here in Bosnia, but they were actually helping tell us talking about the history they were helping to save the Jews going to the extent that even putting them in the cob where they saw me dress is that yes, yes, sir. During the war var to the Muslims and the bush dx. People in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina are protecting the Jews wearing the niqab who especially niqab Muslims will put this on the juniors to this way the helping

00:36:15--> 00:36:16

to hide the

00:36:17--> 00:36:58

house. So the Nazis wouldn't kill that. Yes, yes, yes, yes. To protect the Jews from the Nazis. And if you know about that, they were hiding them on the calm. You had you mentioned Turkey, France, the forging of documents is happening a lot now. So the Nazis couldn't get them to pretend like they were Muslim giving them from the moss, you know about this, right? It's so many countless examples. And then, so when Michelle Bachmann, she's pushing this, these lies out, there is dangerous stuff very dangerous. It's just as dangerous as genocide, Joe, telling everybody that, you know, the Palestinians, killed babies, beheaded babies, and then somebody comes and stabs a six year old, it's

00:36:58--> 00:37:18

just as dangerous. So the Quran tells us I mean, and we don't have a problem. You agree now if anything is confirmed, because you're following the Quran, verbatim Word of God Almighty, Allah, the Creator God, almighty and Arabic and Aramaic is instance thing that Jesus would say aloha. Interesting, right? So you say aloha. In Arabic, Allah is the Creator Allah.

00:37:19--> 00:37:58

And now, when you look at it, and you see that, okay, the creator is telling us that if an untrusted worthy person comes to us verify checking news comes to you, of course, don't just just accept the blind going verify it. So the sources for many of these things are people who've been exposed for lying. Yeah, no, definitely. It's you can't trust anything with the IDF says, at this point. They've been caught lying so many times. And I think I believe Christopher Hitchens has, like a nice write up on who has done journalistic work there. And about how the amount and the audacity of the lies actually, like takes you aback, right. It's actually surprising, like most people would feel shame

00:37:59--> 00:38:39

to lie so frequently about and so systematically about such big things. Even if okay, like whatever whatever side quote, unquote, that you support, just think in a context of war. Do you believe what the government's are going to put out about themselves? Everybody knows that in the in the context of war, they call it the fog of war. This is all propaganda. But atrocity propaganda is atrocity propaganda. Right. And so we've we've seen that, you know, many people have remarked that CNN and MSNBC and Fox News. They've become stenographers, they, for the IDF, they literally just whatever they're handed, they pass it off as if it's fact. And that's not journalism. In fact, in fact, one

00:38:39--> 00:39:17

of the things that we've seen, and this is another thing where the average American person understands that our we do not have a free press that we say legally, legally protections in the bill of rights that we have a free press, but de facto the reality on the ground is that our legacy media, or mainstream media is occupied territory by major corporations that are influenced by foreign nations. And we do not actually have a free press, the closest thing that we have to free press is the information that's able to be like shared freely on Twitter and social media, which is why the people who are younger, who get their nose, who get their news from Twitter and social media

00:39:17--> 00:39:54

have a very, very different take on things than people who are relying on traditional mass media. Right? So you know, we have to listen to this, like people don't understand and people are going to try again. And I say this and everybody has to pay attention to this and be aware of this. People are going to try to paint you and me as traders, people are going to try to paint you and me as anti American, it's going to be the McCarthy era all over again. They're going to paint us as terrorists supporters or terrorist sympathizer, whatever. We care about the United States of America, and we care about it doing the right thing. We want redemption, we do not want to see the United States

00:39:54--> 00:40:00

government or the politicians or the media in the pocket of a foreign country. That is something that every American

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

We can agree to except for probably a handful of cynical people that we want the free flow of information. We don't want wartime propaganda from one side. We don't want to be lied to. We don't want our government to be lied to, or politicians be handed propaganda from a foreign nation and get up and announce it as if it's fact. Yeah, this is absolutely ridiculous unexcusable and any society that's based on such lies is destined to fall, and I don't want it to fall. I want it to I want it to improve. Right? I think Oh, Tara, Tara, Carl, Towson. Yeah, him? Yeah, I think he'd agree with you. I think he was speaking almost identical. Yeah, they seem, you know, all these issues that are

00:40:37--> 00:40:43

happening at home, we spending all this money and putting these other things ahead of the

00:40:45--> 00:41:22

home base, right. But people will try to put you and me in jail for supporting terrorism, because we're Muslims, whereas Tucker Carlson safe. So you know, America has to reconcile with that as well, why people are going to weaponize and attempt to use these things in order to silence critics and to silence critique. And they have to reconcile themselves to the fact that when you critique your own country and your own homeland, it's because we want it to be better, I suppose, because we actually care that if we didn't care about it, if we didn't want it to be better, we would just be silent about this. But we're raising our heads and we're putting ourselves at risk, because we don't think

00:41:22--> 00:42:05

that it should go on this way that we we need to do better, we have to do better. And the longevity of this country depends on it doing better. So some of these, these things, these girl test, things that I put out there, I was looking at some investigative journalists, you have heard of the gray zone, and other independent journalists. They weren't covering that some of these relief organizations are coming from disaster relief groups that are fighting for media attention in charitable donations, these groups are in the business of raising money. And right now, atrocity fundraising is a gold rush, very wealthy, and very emotional. Jewish Westerners are opening up their

00:42:05--> 00:42:47

wallets to organizations and charities. And these organizations are jockeying for position as the best charity to give money to nothing raises money, like a good story. For example, Eli bere, the president of United Hatzolah went on a media tour around the United States telling audiences that babies were placed in ovens and baked to Death's little baby in the oven. They put them in these bastards put these babies in the oven and put on the oven. We found the kid a few hours later. This propelled him and his organization to the forefront of the media for several days earning tons of awareness for his organization's work, he was able to leverage this media attention into several

00:42:47--> 00:43:27

fundraisers where he managed to collect a whopping $50 million Railly reporter II che Cohen investigated and determined that the story wasn't true. Another Israeli journalist time Lenin said had this to say about ELI beer and the bull* of instore, like any good Jew who sees the rich he thought about the money and told a story that does not exist, that we're repeating some of these some of these things that were debunked with the babies and ovens and, and the mutilated bodies, and some really just disgusting thing that obviously, if it's true, if it's true, we condemn it 100% We're not going to believe it. When I say that these things happen. So this, so this is something

00:43:27--> 00:44:03

that obviously is something that Islam condemns, we would condemn, but what was interesting is that these relief organization out of the classified relief organizations, these people were repeating this, they were repeating this atrocity propaganda and what was happening, the more they were repeating it, the more money was coming. So they uncovered that at the end, it was debunked, but they made 49 million. There you go follow the money. All minority 9 million. There's there's money to be made in the weapons industry, which is why people and this is something that President Eisenhower when he was leaving office in the in the 50s, I believe he warned the United States about

00:44:03--> 00:44:27

the military industrial complex. You know, the there's money to be made in weapons, there's money to be made in tragedy, there's money to be made in these ludicrous claims, right. But at the end of the day, the truth has to prevail. We have to speak the truth. And the people that are trying to stop us from speaking the truth. They want to keep the money train coming. They just want to keep on lining their pockets and making money off of these things. Okay, last

00:44:28--> 00:44:59

video here is by the same former Congresswoman, and I want to get your interpretation of this way. It's time that Gaza ends, the 2 million people who live there. They're clever assassins, they need to be removed from that land, that land needs to be turned into a national park politicians like that. I don't how would you interpret that? I don't believe that politicians like that actually believe that. I believe that they don't have any values that they're just snakes that try to play to an audience and whip up a crowd. Or how can she be she's a D

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

Even at a Christian

00:45:04--> 00:45:32

I think Christian University Listen, one of the things that pushed me to Islam, I think it was in 2006. And there was escalation in Palestine around that time. And in the church that I used to go to, the pastor gave a sermon about why we have to support Israel, against the Palestinians. And I asked her after, you know, I went up to her, I said, How could you possibly say that, like, I don't like this doesn't make any sense. And she said to me, well, the Jews believe in the same God that we do, and Muslims don't.

00:45:33--> 00:46:10

Now that's someone with a master's degree from a divinity school, and I was a teenager, and I knew that this person has no idea what they're talking about. So you can have all your pomp and circumstance, you can have all your degrees, you can have all your institutions, it doesn't reflect quality doesn't reflect truth. Right? And actually, there's an entire system of this fluff that passes a scholarship that passes as you know, as rigor, that in reality, it's just a castle made of sand. I think it's very important that Christians really look into this a little further with this con man who had a pastor, and I think we touched upon this last time, but I think it's so important

00:46:10--> 00:46:52

this con man as Saira Scofield, who learned from someone who knew John Nelson Darby, he got all these fringe teachings from Christianity. It got supported by the Zionist organization they printed this in Oxford printing press, they pushed his Cyrus Cyrus Scofield Reference Bible into into a million copies for free. And then this is what is the modern modern day now with the interpretation of certain verses connecting it to Israel, like this is the bread and butter, whoever blesses D is bless her Christie's curves, the modern day Israel with classical Old Testament Israel, that the Jews have to be in Israel for the second coming of Jesus, the rapture, 1800 years of Christianity

00:46:52--> 00:46:59

had nothing to say, but this is all false. This is all this fake prophecy pushing

00:47:00--> 00:47:08

is something that's not really part of authentic, whatever you have of the true teachings of Christianity, this is

00:47:09--> 00:47:42

false. So that's an important point why religious literacy is important. Some people they make the mistake and say, Oh, you religious guys, you know, you guys are all responsible for violence and stuff like that. And it's actually the opposite. If you don't have good religious scholarship, look at what comes about Christians. These are no this yes, they don't feel guilty not supporting this, this has nothing to do with their religion. Oh, no, check this up. You just need to actually follow your faith and not follow the modern ideologies that pretend to be representatives of your faith. Last question before we conclude, why did you What did it for you that you find that you actually

00:47:42--> 00:48:18

accepted Islam? There's a common push out there now within conservatives, and I commend them for that to have more kids family and that, because they feel like okay, Muslims are having more kids. And that's why Islam is growing. But you're, you're an example of Islam is growing, because people have investigated or sincerely looking for the truth and ask the creator, the heavens and earth, God Almighty to guide them. And you're one of those what did it for you? Yeah, definitely. I mean, two things. I think one that's like methodological is that I just always I investigate, you know, I don't take people for their word. If it comes to we're talking nation states, or anybody else I

00:48:18--> 00:48:56

read, and I study I try to understand, right? So if somebody is going to come to me, and tell me that the to me, 2 million people, and those are all assassins, or mercenaries, I'm gonna go investigate that I'm not going to believe that, right? Because I'm not stupid. And I know that people lie, and people have agendas, and people are paid by people, etc. And then the second thing, once I went through the process of sort of investigating about Islam, I found that Islam was the only religion faith system, whatever you want to call it, that had Guidance for Every aspect of human life, that it had guidance for, you know, how to use the bathroom, how to structure an

00:48:56--> 00:49:31

economy, how to conduct a business contract, how to treat your family, how to leave your inheritance behind, right things that honestly Christianity doesn't have, right? Christianity has a lot of things that has to do with being a good person treating people, right, and these sorts of personal qualities, but it doesn't have much of a vision for society and isn't. And it historically, that's not what the disciples were concerned with. They were an oppressed minority. They were getting slaughtered by the Romans. Right? They weren't thinking about how to build and how to govern. Right? So that's why there's there's basically nothing there in Christianity to instruct you how to govern.

00:49:32--> 00:49:47

And then, you know, other sort of non religious ideologies. You know, they talk a lot about politics and economy and things like that, but they don't, they're not going to make you into a better person. They're not going to make you into a more generous person, a more honorable person and more virtuous person, a kind of person.

00:49:48--> 00:49:59

And Islam as the only faith system, whatever you want to say, that combines both, it will both guide you how you should structure your individual life. Your

00:50:00--> 00:50:42

Family Life your community your society your economy everything beautiful a complete system way of life yeah and I'll I'll built on the worship of how many gods just one just one can that be three in one or one in three file three just oh no no fancy mathematics or when you say one that's it we actually mean one pure monotheism, not one real one here monotheism beautiful thank you so much. It always pleasure Allah bless you to sit on the Coronavirus. If you're like me, you've been watching the deen show for now almost 20 years I love preserve our men Eddie and continue his work he is Allah has opened for him a new door. We went from the deen show to the deen center which is going to

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