Macron Secularism never hurt Anyone

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The speaker discusses the claims made by Macron, including the use of military equipment and the use of military names in public spaces. They also criticize the claims, calling them "whoahmatull hadn't been allowed to say anything about the Hol Anything Conference." The speaker suggests that individuals should not offend the Hol Anything movement by mocking the event.

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Java 10 discount code for 10% discount on a wide range of products including premium Ethiopian blackseed products. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah what I care to how are you guys doing? Now already many things have been said about Macron Emmanuel Macron. And his inconsistencies and hypocrisy is have been outlined by many commentators, Muslim and non Muslim alike. Today, I just wanted to kind of highlight one comment that he made and the ridiculousness of that comment. That comment he put on Twitter, he said secularism never killed anybody. And this is a ridiculous comment on so many grounds. Number one is a historical because we can easily anybody, any beginner student of history

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can point to Stalin, and Lenin and Mao the obvious examples to point out the falsity of this claim. But more than this, France itself, and this should not be forgotten here. France itself had annexed Algeria for 132 years, in the most brutal colonizing enterprise of the modern era. In this time, 1 million people were killed and martyred from the Algerian population. So much so that historians refer to this as a genocide, where 15% of the indigenous population was killed, raped, tortured, so much so that a book could last question which was published and censored on my AdSense it from the French population outlines the tortures methods that these French colonizers employed, raping,

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pillaging, and killing

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a million people. 1 million people. Can you imagine?

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We already know that 24 skulls of Algerian people were were transferred to Algeria recently. But do you know that in books like last question, which was censored once again, from the French population,

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such torturous methods as putting military equipment in the private parts the penises of men,

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and mutilating such private areas? And, and shoving instruments into the private parts of Muslim woman was done raping,

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killing, torturing, mutilating.

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How dare he? How dare he, from just a historical perspective, come out with this claim. secularism has never killed anybody. Now, I might attribute this to the pure political philosophy which is referred to as secularism No, because secularism doesn't necessarily lead to these kinds of things. But my point is this secularism is not incompatible with authoritarianism, dictatorship or even nots ism. Now, this might claim secularism, which merely proposes a separation between church and state, between the religious order, and the political order doesn't necessitate that people were tortured and colonized in this way, in an expansionist,

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and power hungry way. But it does allow it it's compatible with these things. Because if one believes in a political philosophy, like Nazi ism, for example, and one is secular at the same time, then there is no contradiction in the minds of those authoritarians of those dictators of those brutal monstrous men, of which some of macrons predecessors are some of these monstrous men, colonizes secularists.

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They don't see any contradiction between coupling the political philosophy which is secularism, with those notions. So when Macron says secularism doesn't care, it hasn't killed anybody. He is he is vomiting nonsense. He is talking rubbish. And quite frankly, he needs to be educated more than he is. Now as the weasel that he is Macron the weasel.

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He is going back to those Muslim countries, asking them to stop the boycott, but we're not going to stop the boycott. I don't drink a vn.

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If yen anymore, I don't drink that. And I think the Muslims in this in the UK, the US and the West have stopped drinking again. Because the only evianne we remember is the avian conference in 1962 where finally the Algerians were allowed

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their independence 58 years ago. And that is what we will remind you of in terms of, if young. And moreover,

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I want to remind you of something else. It's already been demonstrated by in your legislation Macron. And yes, I know somebody out there is going to translate my English words

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to French so that you can hear what I'm saying right now.

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In your legislation, Holocaust denying, is actually illegal.

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This is well known. In fact, there is a legislation, the gates Act, which disallows Holocaust denying. Now, wait a minute. The question is, why is freedom of speech impeded in this instance, if your entire pretext here is that freedom of speech should not be impeded? and therefore the drawing of offensive cartoons should be allowed? Then what about offense to another minority group? Because if I asked you, do you agree with the fact that that doesn't legislative injunction, which stops people from denying the Holocaust? You would have to agree with the legislation? Otherwise, you'd have to oppose it? Now, do you oppose it? Do those individuals who are so proudly putting up

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pictures of the profit so called profit, which actually is a figment of their imagination? Are those individuals also happy to say yes, we will allow Holocaust denial. But not only that, but mocking the Holocaust as well? How about that? Because look, if you want to use freedom of speech as a pretext for all offensive actions towards minority groups, and not only minority groups, any group, then the question is, how far are you willing to push the envelope, those same individuals, well, picking up pictures that they are saying, as the Prophet Muhammad, and it's probably someone from their family, because that's what they remember, or something like that? Would they also have the

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guts and audacity to offend the Jewish community by mocking only denying the Holocaust, but by mocking the Holocaust, that's what I want to see that level of consistency with your principle of freedom of expression and freedom of speech. But you wouldn't walk the Holocaust. And you wouldn't stand like in this film, but I have three in Harlem with a sign saying, I hate niggas. The reason why you wouldn't do that is because you fear for the consequences. That's the reality.

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Well, unfortunately, for me and for you, those monstrous terrorists are creating consequences, which allows us all to fear for them. So what do you want the world to be like? Do you want it to be divided? Do you want it to what is in the best interest of our communities, both Muslim or non Muslim? If we provoke those extremists and radicals,

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or if we

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decide not to use symbols of disrespect, with a quarter of the world's population, I would say the latter makes more sense to me. But Macron

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you've made your grave you've done to grave Macron now you're gonna have to lie in it was Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh