Joe Rogan – HG Wells’ predictions vs Prophet Muhammad

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I came across this video from Joe Rogan, where he was showing his absolute Buddha's moment and surprised at HG Wells and some of the predictions that HG Wells made. So let's take a look at the clip and come back and make a comment on this. Or in 150 years ago, phones, email and television, what is that real? In his ultimate reality? people communicate exclusively with wireless systems that employ a kind of commingling of voicemail and email like properties holy.

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People do not talk together on the telephone, he writes, a message is sent to the station of the district in which the recipient is known to be in there it waits until he chooses to tap his accumulated messages. Wow. Then he talks back to the senders and dispatches any other messages he wishes, the transmission is wireless. How?

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How, what I'd like to know if he did drugs back then, like citizens used wondrous forms of technology like the audio book, airplane, and television was enough, man.

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As you guys saw that, I mean, Joe Rogan was an absolute shock about this man, he was talking about these new technologies that were going to to happen in the future. Now, bear in mind, HG Wells didn't exist three 400 years ago, 500 years ago, 600 years ago, hey, HG Wells died in 1946

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that he saw the invention of the aeroplane and the television and the all of those things. So all of those predictions were very, like, it didn't take too much of a speculation.

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Now listen to this. If you find those predictions from a man who died practically yesterday in historical terms, and obviously I mean this exaggeratedly because there's going to be Oh, this person doesn't know what yesterday. People please understand the language. Then how would you react to a man 1400 years ago

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named Mohammed, who was the Prophet Mohammed,

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who in fact predicted where Islam would spread Exactly.

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The Hadith says Zhu Li will follow a two machete kohala horiba. We're in Almaty say Abu homolka mass de la mina. The Earth has been projected for me. And that I saw

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it's east and left saris east and west sides and that my nation ie the nation of Muslims will inhabit those areas What was projected on there for me.

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And he goes more specific, telling us where Islam was spread and an authentic narrations telling us where Islam would go even such as una land, you're going to go into India, and obviously we have a very healthy population of India Indian Muslims

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ascend, which actually is part of Pakistan now. Egypt.

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He said, alarm abetik Lennar for Yemen, in

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our Yemen. So in other words, the Muslims will inhabit Yemen, where shot me now, which is the Levant region, the Levant,

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and all of these different places. And there's more, I'm just giving you a little bit of a taster. You may say, Well, this is all kind of ancient history anyways, but the Prophet Mohamed predicted that there will be bare footed Arabs. Yet Ah, Luna filippone en barefooted Arabs competing for the highest buildings. Compare that with the HG Wells things that you are reading, with all due respect. Now the tallest building in the world is bush Khalifa in the UAE compare that with the HG Wells things that you were, we were citing

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that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam told us that interest would be everywhere that we wouldn't be able to avoid its dust.

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And now we have capitalistic systems of economy supply, supply side economics, which means that virtually governments have to set interest rates. The Prophet told us, the Prophet told us that there would be a spread of sexually transmitted diseases. As a result of lewd practices people would do and such sexually transmitted diseases would not have appeared in the past. In other words, there would be new sexually transmitted diseases.

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There is even a hadith in Sahih Muslim where the Prophet said there will come a time where you will be gliding on the earth with sewage, which basically is like an old Roman ship. And these old Roman ship had wheels By the way, and it's on the earth.

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That you'd be gliding, reclining on leather chairs listened to I'd seen reclining on leather chairs. You'll be gliding around on the earth reclining on leather chairs, such that when you open the door, women will come out Muslim woman to the mosques. That's how they'll be going to mosques. And they'll have certain hairstyles, which is like the hump of a camel, very specific. And many modern day scholars say this is talking about obviously cars. Extremely specific stuff.

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Now, if you're very amazed about HG Wells, HG Wells, who died in 1945, talking about certain technologies,

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talking about certain technologies, and I've just given you by the way, a taster. There's more than this ordered certain beignet this, count six things before the day of judgment, the prophet said this, Mo t my death for my third vital makdessi. After that, the conquest of Jerusalem.

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The Jerusalem was the crown jewel of the Roman Empire and the Prophet Mohammed predicted that it will be conquered by the Muslims and it was by Omar who hopped up and his time, which was only some five years some some five years after the death of the Prophet Mohammed Salah maybe a little bit more.

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How can he know all of these things?

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How can you successfully predict the future so precisely? So sophisticatedly so meticulously in this way?

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If you are impressed with HG Wells, and you think there's a little bit of question mark there, How did he know this information? Although he died in the mid 40s, my question to you Joe Rogan. My question to you is, what do you make of all of those predictions? And quite frankly, even if you try and shrug it off.

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We don't need your validation. The answer is already clear. Or Santa Monica monahans light workout.