Jew Confronts Muslim on Discrimination & Jizyah

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Hey, go

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see Muslims how to see, listen, Muslims have always helped.

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I seriously.

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Do you know at the time of the Prophet,

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one of the good friend of mine?

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Yep, yeah. A Jewish man came to Him. And He said to him, listen, I'm an old man. Yeah. And I'm an old man, and I'm someone who's not receiving a pension. So I said to him, listen, let this old man and everyone like him was a Jew, receive a pension. Okay. So in other words, the rights afforded to Jewish people in the context of Muslim lands. Yeah, were extraordinary rights, which is why, for the most part in history, you'll find that Jews actually prefer to live with Muslims than with Christians. There are as a general overarching historical claim I'm making but one which is substantiated with heavy evidence. Okay. Yeah. So I mean, I would agree, I would agree with you. I

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would say that Jewish people had a very, very, very bad time in Europe. And they did they did much better in Muslim countries. Having said that, I don't think it was it was far from perfect. I mean, I think the the idea of the jizya I think that is that is fundamentally unfair. Why but because you're charging a different tax to the lesson. Yes, it really is last time. So if I looked in, if I google it and look it up and

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forget about googling it, I'll give you the references

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of the video be up so I can just if you get the references I can I can. I can watch it.

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According to the majority of Mufasa actually the majority that I've read, okay, that one of the only places in the forum where the word jizya is mentioned is in chapter nine verse 29. Okay.

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This verse Yeah. Until they paid the Jews Yeah, yeah. And yet in

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their subordinates In other words, they are submissive to you.

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You will end up walking off

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to things are being said here.

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Number one, the jizya hear the word just Yeah. Okay, literally is a tax that Jews and Christians and others have to pay in the context of an Islamic governance. Yeah, that jizya Okay, according to the majority of hufa Sharon, they say it's like a little humble hoffa, Dinamo whatever. Now, whatever that is, is less than this. Okay? Because there's a cap according to the older folk, haha, okay, or the Jewish they say is 2.5% of the Super 5% that

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we have to pay an additional amount is different kinds of cat if you have, if you have animals, you have to pay the cat on the animals if you have, and there's a whole discussion on the calories you can't go into vice. Basically more, you have more obligation Otherwise, the reason why there's a change in what, why is this a cat for the Muslims and not as a cat. For the Christians and Jews, the ones that came? It comes from teskey first chemists purification, so really the same as stucco and

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stucco. It's like, charity doesn't mean literally charity, but it's the same. The same thing. The literal meaning it means righteousness, what it means in English, we would call it charity.

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That's good. So the car we have solid hot.

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soccer, soccer and soccer are two different things. Okay. For us, sometimes, to put on a soccer ball. That's a different discussion. I don't want to confuse everyone. point being is that comes from test kits, this kit means purification. Now why because from an Islamic perspective, the the the act of giving money in Texas is a purifying endeavor. So it purifies your wealth, right. As for the Jews and Christians, it doesn't have a religious functionality. It's more of a secular law, or works in a secular.

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Get to the source if you give the source. For example, I'll give you two or three sources. Chapter 929. If you look at the Civil Code, have a

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look here at the filter buddy oh three,

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all three of those, especially a code to be goes into a long discussion as to what is that? What is this is just yeah, who is that needs to pay the judge? And this is a discussion among galima as to who pays the judge? Yeah. Some say the Jews and Christians are definitely

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a part of that or not. That's the discussion. I don't want to go into too much. But I'm giving you some of the things they said the

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point being is that that's it and he says

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in less than

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5%. What he says in what

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we mentioned explicitly, is that he made he asked what is that what is the juicy what should it be? So he discusses himself the different opinions on that and he says it could be one dinar could be half a dinar whatever. When you calculate it economically, you find the actually comparable to this account.

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It's less

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if we consider also that Jewish people, especially old people, and young, and people that can't afford it will be given some kind of welfare system. That actually I don't see the I don't see where the controversy is. The only thing is that they've seen that this is how ridiculous the orientalist have become. The oranges have become so ridiculous that they've seen that it's a different name, but can ask you and it's okay. It's discriminatory like, well, I want that discrimination. If that's discriminate, that's positive discrimination. And I want that one I want I want nomination like dominance. And ask the question, do you have to go through long calculations to figure out that it's

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less like on the surface? Does it look like the Jews and Christians are paying more? And then when you look into paying less?

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Oh, is it immediately you look at the sources, right? And you can say, Okay, this was that was it was the top of the coin?

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Right, here's what wanking off. And there is 5%. And you can somehow figure out that that the dinner? Everything is everything you're saying? Is your sleep? Is it? Like that was not clear? Oh, no, it's not? Very it's not clear. Because once a percentage and once a dinner, I don't know how much it denies. Yeah, so obviously not even know already. There's something called convert or what they do. Obviously, the amount of today, the scholars of today will have to take that currency and try and take it through some kind of economic conversion. Yeah, just like with everything else it can you say? He says it's a bit you can't it's not clear, since one is a fixed amount and one's a

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percentage. He can't say which one's more is actually is that? No,

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it's not what's not fair. I tell you what's not a fair statement in the last Colonia in his in

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his own, always very the book that he is a compilation of others. He discusses just yet. Yeah. And he wants to get he says you can make can put just one like blockages Yeah, that everyone has to break up and stuff. Or it can be an individual thing. Whatever. taxes for Jewish people and Christian people in a Muslim land. Yes, in general, has not shown has not been shown from his own perspective to be any more than there's a cat the Muslims should pay. Okay. See, what you're saying is now that in practice in history, right thing is not as not been more. I don't know whether that's a different story.

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History is not

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a joke. Now let's talk about history. If your

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idea from the it's not as well, by the way, I'm not saying it's a terrible thing. I mean, throughout history, as many, many terrible things have happened. I'm not saying it's

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within this content, let's talk about history, history. We've got different kinds of empires, you know, this our best empires, made empires and our best empires. And within the best time I have the ayyubid Empire, then you have the fourth of eternity, you have the Ottoman Empire, which lasted from 1453 to 1924. You have Islamic Spain, which losses from 710 to 1493, from 710 to 1493. So when we talk about history, the question is why are we talking about? That's the first one because if you're asking me to make one comment about all of that history, you'd be asking me to do the impossible. Well,

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the millet system.

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In Spain, they had another system in, in the opposite California had the third system. Here's the thing, here's the thing, if it were to be and I haven't done any research, yeah, but if it were to be the case, that in most of those, most of those countries, right, and most of those Muslim countries, right, they had the Jews were forced to pay more than than Muslims. And it's also the case that you can't calculate it based on on the Quran or the Hadith or Quran where it says that you should pay the jizya

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amount that doesn't say the amount

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Yeah, so if from the hotties it's not it's not it's not clear. Which one which one pays more and in practice, right if I don't know if in practice, they always did pay more than you can't claim that you pay? I do not. I never claimed that they paid less I said they should pay there's a difference between this statement of shouldn't ought Yes, I ought to have should have a look

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at this before I say it again, I'm not here to represent the ultimates represent the Muslims in Spain, I'm not here to

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I'm saying I have no allegiance to any of those empires, because those empires did good and bad. So for me, I for me to say everything they did is good. That's not my position. You're right to say that there are biases did bad domains did bad to some extent. Would you call it the Muslims? The Ottomans did bad all of those

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was having this conversation is right. I wasn't saying that the Muslims were terrible. I was just saying that they those issues. Yeah. Okay.

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Those issues and then you said and that's when he started bringing back the grand ideas about that they should pay less right. So what I've just told you, sir, right. So really, if you're not took my practice and so we took that we took my in, in Muslim lands, right? We took my Christian as versus Muslim master. So you brought up about the Quran. I didn't I didn't read that.

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And is in practice, right?

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In practice, you haven't you haven't really done a discus which is

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nothing, nothing. Let me say something right.

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We continue, I just want to say that fashion By the way, when it comes to the what's the job? makeup? niqab? ash, I agree with you. I agree with you when it comes to the when it comes to these things don't mix. Don't mix politics with religion, right?

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So if you want to do the comparison, you have to be a fair one. Muslims have had empires from the time of the Prophet, right? We're talking about some significant times those Muslim Empire Islamic empires. I've named like five or six years ago, the Mujahideen blah, blah, blah, all these are empires, or at least civilizations or states.

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And in most of those empires, Jews existed.

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And they continue to exist. Yeah. in Muslim countries for that. Not today, not today.

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you will see Jews that Moroccan

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Jewish people that anyway, Jewish people in Morocco, Yes, I know.

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But if we were to do a fair comparison, say, look, look at Israel.

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Let's look at

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what is referred to today as Israel on the Mount was seen as Israel Israel. Yeah, go there. Let's see if the equality that you're espousing now is actually in place that would you agree that the equality that you're espousing, or you're speaking about is not in place, as it relates to the rights of Palestinians? In what is referred to as Israel? Well, I would say it depends where you are, by the way, I've never really like looked a lot into the Israeli Israeli thing, and speaker's corner because people ask now look, the middle of it. So. So it's obviously very limited my knowledge, it's not really my interest or forte, but what I would say is what it seems to me, is the

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way I understand it, is that if you're talking about if you don't like want to, for the purposes of discussion, Israel, right as not the West Bank, Gaza, right, then, as far as I know, they've got 100% equalize. Right? Is that what you think? Yeah, even in those areas where the settlements are being are being built, isn't that isn't that West Bank? Isn't that

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it's more than just the West Bank. Okay, so I'm not that's,

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for example, Jerusalem, Jerusalem.

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When I'm talking about like, as if you're not

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Arabs of Muslim Arabs living as Israeli Arabs, right. As far as I know, exactly the same rights as any other. Right. Okay.

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If you're talking about

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the West Bank, or I don't know exactly

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what I'm talking about the system in Israel so that's why I'm saying here is this

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is a national newspaper in Israel, yeah.

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courageously pushed forward on a regular basis the abuses that the Israeli government Yeah. Basically due to Palestinian Arabs, and they were left wing type newspaper in Israel, and they talk about how Arabs not just Muslim Arabs, Arabs from Christian backgrounds and Muslim backgrounds. Yeah, that they are frequently basically abused by the populace. Yeah, they're they're ridiculed the racial slurs.

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Within the Knesset, there's clear discrimination. The Knesset is the parliament in Israel. Okay. In the Knesset, you'll find that the laws have been passed in the past because the last 10 years, especially by the Likud party, yeah, well backed by the shots who are By the way, the shots are shots, the shots, okay, the shots are the ultra Orthodox Jews, the ultra Orthodox Jews, who actually are religious

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shots are those ultra orthodox representatives in Parliament, they're called shots. Okay, so those guys, because it's usually a coalition party government. In the Knesset, what happens is that the shots usually cover they usually form a coalition with with the Likud party, which is the reigning party now, and in almost all situations, whenever it comes to the rights of Arabs, generally, it's usually

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put underneath the feet of those individuals. Let's be honest