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Episode Notes

Secrets of the heart
Moutasem Al Hameedy

The heart is the commander of the body

The heart therefore requires more attention. Nurture your heart and your body will be nurtured. So how do we get the heart to a good state and then maintain that peaceful state.

The heart has two functions:
Comprehension/ Knowledge – Light
Inclination/ Will /Ability – Life

If these forces are used justly – there will be happiness likewise if it’s used incorrectly misery and sadness will ensue. Use the heart for what is was created for!
The heart has been designed to Love Allah – loving other things as you should love Allah will bring you misery.
This realization and then action will lead one to Paradise.

When supplicating to Allah by reciting Surah Fatiha we ask Allah to strengthen our hearts functions and seek refuge against the plight of the Jews and Christians.
Jews – Had the force of knowledge (Incurred thy anger)
Christian – Had the inclination yet distorted the knowledge (Went Astray)


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The heart is designed to act like a heart for others, and people should use it for things that are not designed for them. The two major forces of the heart are the physical and mental, and the will and love inclination. The heart's success is based on finding the right knowledge and force, love for oneself, and finding the truth. The heart is designed to live with light and use it for personal growth.

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La Jolla.

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Isla de de sala de

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la cama De La Hoya cattle Welcome to the secrets of the heart, all praises due to Allah, we praise Him we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. And we send the Peace and blessings of Allah upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Welcome to this new episode of the secrets of the heart, a show in which we will try to uncover the secrets of a wonderful part of the creation.

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A very important

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part of our bodies of our souls of this life. It is the key to paradise, the heart, most of humanity have neglected the hearts have lived mainly for their bodies. And they neglected the heart, although the heart requires more attention than the body, although the heart is the leader, the commander of the body, so it's unfair for people to pay so much attention to the body, while neglecting the leader. And what will happen by that, the body will always go wrong, as long as the heart is neglected. So let's focus our attention in our hearts on the commander on the pivotal point on the center of life, we focus on that and the body will follow suit. So it will be already taken care of.

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Today, inshallah we have a beautiful aspect, a beautiful secret of the heart to uncover, which basically deals with the well being of the heart. How can we get a heart in a good state? What does it mean to maintain the well being of the heart? First of all, we have to know that the heart has two powers, it has two abilities, two major abilities that the heart has, or two forces. Force number one is the force of comprehension and knowledge. And I believe we've proven and we've spoken enough about the reality and the fact that thinking comprehension and understanding, decision making all these intellectual

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faculties or intellectual capabilities are a function of the heart, not the brain, the brain takes part in at a certain stage. But the reality is that all these are function of the heart. So we have to understand that. So the heart has two main functions, two main forces, the force of comprehension, the faculty of comprehension, and understanding the the faculty of possessing knowledge. That's number one. Second one, the second faculties second ability is the will and love inclination being inclined. So one is transitive, that talks about the heart itself, it can possess knowledge, that deals with the heart itself. The second faculty or the second ability is that all is

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trying is transitive, it affects other things, it makes the heart do some action.

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So the first one talks about what the heart can contain comprehension, the second one, which is transitive, it talks about the impact of the heart and other things the heart has the ability to decide, and to have the willingness to do something, and to be inclined to that, to be inclined to these two forces, if they are used justly, and rightly, you will have a happy right. But if they are used the wrong way, misery and sadness, frustration, will be the ultimate end and the inevitable outcome.

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So in order to get a real happiness are in order to, to have and cultivate a happy heart and a healthy heart, we need to use these two forces in what the heart has been created for, if we use it for something else, we will destroy it and we will have a disappointed heart broken heart and

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frustrated heart. So this is why we this is something that we have to learn. So the heart has two forces. If that are used correctly, you will have very healthy heart and you will have a happy life and you will attain the ultimate success. But if you use them wrongly, then you will have to pay the price. That's something inevitable and but basically this rule is true with all other things. For example,

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Your eyes been created to see, if you use it, you cannot use it for something else, you cannot use your eye.

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For example, to drink things because you either not, has not been created has not been designed to drink. So if you use it to drink if you use it, for example, for liquids,

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you will destroy it. If you if you put food inside you, it will destroy you is very simple. That's very basic. And even it applies to things that human beings manufacture. Let's talk about a car, a small car is not designed, for example, to carry a lot of weight or to carry, you know heavy things. But if you use it to carry that you will be destroying it, you will be harming it, and the heart will not be helpful, or the car will not be helpful. The heart, actually the car will cause you more trouble than the benefit that you wanted to get from it. And the same applies to the heart, the heart has been created

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to know certain things. This is why the heart is always searching. It's always pushing you to look for answers. And if people take

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off people have the courage develop the courage to listen to the hearts, they will come to know that at times when you have no commitments, when at times when you are not in that non feeling when you are not so preoccupied. And that often happens when you lose a dear person, or when when something that you have been working for. It's already gone and all of a sudden is destroyed. And you find this emptiness in the heart. And it's emptiness in your life. person always starts questioning what's the point of me being here? What's the meaning of my life? You see? So these are, these are cover ups these are layers of or shields that people try to shield themselves with from answering

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the questions, but they don't realize that these questions are meant to guide you to the straight path. They are meant to guide you to real happiness. So listen to the voice of your heart. When your heart asks these questions, listen to it, and try to find the answers. And by this way, many people are embracing Islam. Because they come to the point where the hearts are so inquisitive. The hearts are so adamant. They want to find the truth, they want to find out the truth. They want to know the truth. And the hearts keep nagging on them. They keep nagging, not pushing them to find the answers, and Alhamdulillah all praises due to Allah, they start searching for the answers. And once they come

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to read the Koran and learn about the son of the Prophet Selim, they find the answers so they heart feel the beauty and the coolness of the truth and the sweetness of certainty.

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So the heart has been designed to search for this knowledge and then comprehend it. So if you busy your heart with other types of knowledge that are untrue, or that have that carry and present no benefit, your heart will suffer. So this is why we say and in Islam seeking knowledge and obligation, many people think or seeking knowledge is to go to school and study physics, chemistry, sociology, history, etc. Not these are not obligatory on everyone to learn, but there is knowledge that that is obligatory on every single human being to learn. And this is the type of knowledge that you have is always searching for.

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And this knowledge has to do with reality of this world has to do with a creator, your heart has been created to love align worship, and it will not never find peace, tranquility and happiness, except by acquiring that knowledge.

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That's a reality that real Muslims know without a shadow of a doubt.

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So the happiness of the heart is in using the heart, or using these two forces that the heart has been designed for in the right direction, the faculty or the force of comprehension and knowledge, you need to provide the heart With this knowledge, the true knowledge about the reality of this world, the reality of our existence, the meaning of this life, and the next and the names and the attributes of Allah. This is the knowledge that the heart is always looking for once you give it to it to heart with find the peace and the rest and the happiness and the depth of a real life. And the second faculty is the force of the willingness and the inclination.

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And the the fact that the heart is tends to do things tends to materialize what it believes in.

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And this also needs action. So if you want to find out have a real

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happy heart, you need to

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Provide your heart with the knowledge, the authentic knowledge that it really needs, the knowledge that has, that the heart has been created to comprehend and live with. And then you need to use this heart

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or use the force of love and inclination that the heart has, in the right way the heart has been designed has been created to

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love Allah subhanho wa Taala. To love Allah, this is why the hardest be created for if you love other things, as you should be loving a loss penalty rather than this very thing that you love will bring you misery.

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And this is exactly what happens with most of humanity, who substitute the love of Las panatela with something else, the very thing they love will cost them so much pain because they will not because the HUD has never actually feel satisfied with that kind of kind of love. Because only Allah we feel the heart, only the love of Allah, we feel the heart because the heart has been designed to love the most perfect, the one who has control of everything, the creator of everything, the one who has power over everything, that all hearing the old saying, This is what the heart has been designed to love. And you will never find any creature, any part of the creation that possesses even the least

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of these qualities.

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You will love people and they will turn away from you. You will love people who will disappoint you, you will love things that you will not be able to achieve

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and you will be inclined to and so much attached to so many things in this world, so many people in this world, and you will never get what you really wish from them in full.

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So there's only a loss penalty. If you use these two forces of the heart, the heart of knowledge and comprehension, the heart

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and the force of law, sorry, the force of love and comprehension, and the force of love and inclination. If you use these two forces, the way it has been designed, then you will develop a happy heart and a healthy heart. And by that you will enter into paradise. Otherwise, Misery, sadness, frustration, will definitely be the description, and the summary and the some of the story of your heart of your life. So and this actually matches something that we said before, that the heart needs.

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full life and full light. Light is the knowledge, the right knowledge, and life is the love and the inclination. That's the real that's the reality of the heart. And this is how we can develop a real heart. And by the way, when we recite Surah Fatiha, we asked last panatela we supplicate we call upon Allah to give us these two things, the right knowledge and the right force of knowledge, the right force of knowledge to be used rightly and the right force of love and inclination to be used directly. Because we say Guide us to the straight path, the path of those

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who have not not the path of those who have incurred you anger who are the Jews, the Jews had the force of knowledge because they had the truth in the original Torah they had it, but they did not have the right force of loving inclination. So they were inclined to other than Allah. So they messed it up, and not the path of those who went astray. Those are the Christians, the Christians, they had the force of love and inclination, but they did not have the force of knowledge being used rightly so they messed up again. So hopefully the Muslims will have the force of knowledge used rightly. And the force of the force of love and inclination being used rightly so they have healthy,

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happy and strong and intact hearts. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us this and to help us achieve this high position and to give us the key to paradise. Until we meet inshallah, in the future with more episodes and more secrets of the hearts. I leave you in peace was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh